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Days Of Our Lives Spoilers.

Friday, July 25 2014

Jenn spies Dan with Eve. (NBC Universal Inc.)
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Last Friday's Deconstructing DOOL. About the gala: "Eve’s really a strange one. She’s so overt in her intentions with Daniel and you can tell he sees it and enjoys the attention. I still haven’t made up my mind about her!"

Week of July 21:

Monday July 21:

Days Recap: Your Tacky Dress.

Daniel gives Brady grim news about John.

Eric has a favor to ask of Nicole – which leads to a fraught moment.

Jennifer spies Daniel and Eve as the two grow closer.

Theresa fears her lies are about to be exposed.

Tuesday July 22:

Jennifer angrily confronts Daniel and Eve.

EJ makes another heartfelt attempt to get through to Sami.

Eric and Nicole find themselves in a moment fraught with sexual tension. Will Eric finally forgive her?

Paige admits to JJ she’s starting to wonder if she knows him as well as she thought she did.

Wednesday July 23:

Ben makes a big confession to Abigail.

Hope is flustered when Kayla realizes she has feelings for Aiden.

Caroline presses Sami to answer a tough question, and Sami finally breaks down.

Jennifer blasts EJ over his affair with her daughter.

Ben makes a big confession to Abigail.

Thursday July 24:

Days Recap: Abigail's Cupcakes Are So Good.

Jordan is deeply shaken after an encounter with Clyde.

Sami and Will have a major fight when he demands she drop her revenge against Abigail.

Rafe realizes Kate’s feelings for him may be deeper than he thought.

Hope is horrified when Ciara invites Aiden and Chase to join them on their vacation.

Friday July 25:

Days Recap: Totally, Totally Destroyed.

Deconstructing DOOL.

Brady informs Maggie he’s making a major life change.

Eric meets with the bishop and learns drastic measures must be taken to clear his name – and it all depends on Nicole.

Brady informs Maggie he’s making a major life change.

Theresa realizes she’s quickly running out of options and makes a desperate decision.

JJ and Paige’s romantic night takes a horrible, unexpected turn.

Ciara invites Aiden on holiday. (NBC Universal Inc.)
Week of July 28:

Days Spoilers on Soap Opera Fan differ from those you see below!

Monday July 28:

Eileen Davidson returns to Days as Kristen.

Kristen demands answers from Daniel.

Brady's fate is decided.

Tuesday July 29:

A vengeful Sami drags Kayla into her mission to destroy Abigail.

Wednesday July 30:

Kate floats a mysterious proposal to Victor.

Thursday July 31:

Rafe is curious when he catches Jordan with Clyde.

Friday August 1:

Sami drops a bomb on Jordan.

Summer reveals by SOD and Ken Corday:

Kristen kidnaps someone.

News: Alison Sweeney will be directing on General Hospital.

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