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Days of our Lives spoilers

Tuesday, July 07 2015

Week of July 6:

Monday July 6:

Days Recap: Clyde enlists Kyle's help signing new dealers

Eric has a surprising request for Serena.

Hope and Rafe start to figure out what went down between Victor and Clyde.

Paige stirs up trouble for JJ.

Nicole is shaken by an encounter with Xander.

Tuesday July 7:

Days recap: Paige dupes Eve in a shocking way

Paige executes her plan to get revenge on Eve.

A guilt-ridden Nicole turns down Daniel’s offer to move in with him.

Despite his anger, Eric wants to team up with Serena to get the goods on Xander.

JJ is stunned when he learns who’s been spying on him.

Wednesday July 8:

Abigail is jealous when she learns Chad has invited Zoe to the summer picnic.

Thursday July 9:

Lucas wonders if Adrienne wants a divorce from Justin after all.

Theresa is unhappy to find Brady bonding with the new nanny.

Friday July 10:

Adrienne and Lucas find a way to reconnect.

Week of July 13:

Monday July 13:

Abigail freaks out when she learns she’s pregnant!

Tuesday July 14:

Eric confesses he’s in love with Nicole!

Wednesday July 15:

A vengeful Eve slips drugs into Jennifer’s drink!

Thursday July 16:

Paige blasts JJ for interfering in her life once again!

Friday July 17:

As Adrienne prepares to sign divorce papers, she and Justin look back on their relationship.

Stefano finally reveals to Chad why he wants his son to be with Abigail.

Summer previews:

In a July interview SOD conducted with Ken Corday, the executive producer said this in regards to bringing back the dead: "From September 1 on, when someone dies, they are dead."

Find out which soap stars are returning to Days of our Lives this summer and fall for the 50th anniversary.

Marlena and John work their way toward reuniting.

Hope and Aiden enjoy romance.

Rafe starts having feelings for Hope.

Serena stumbles upon a secret about Nicole and Eric's encounter that could destroy Nic and Daniel's relationship.

Nadia Bjorlin returns to Days of our Lives as Chloe returns to Salem. She has a really big issue with Nicole being around her son Parker.

JJ does his best to move on from Paige but when a new drug dealer in town is interested in Paige, JJ tries to keep her safe.

Theresa tries to win Brady back.

Thaao Penghlis returns to Days of our Lives this September as Andre. Fans will see a face-off between Andre and John.

Late August is when Dena Higley and Josh Griffith's writing begins to air.

"Days" writer tweets a teaser!

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