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Days Of Our Lives Spoilers.

Tuesday, April 28 2015

In danger. (NBC Universal Inc.)
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Days Rumor Mill: Updated April 20.

Days Rant! "Victor knew right away what she was up to and boy did she look embarrassed about it. That she bawled like a baby when Lucas (without words) disowned her again was ridiculous."

Week of April 27:

Days Poll: Is Eve obsessed with JJ?

Monday April 27:

Chad pulls Abigail into a kiss!

At Kristen’s lair, Brady and Melanie find themselves in a dangerous situation.

Theresa realizes she’s walked into a trap!

Adrienne and Kate have a major confrontation.

Tuesday April 28:

Days Recap: Justice Will Be Served.

Brady and Melanie attempt to escape from the dungeon.

Abigail is unsettled by Chad’s confession.

Clyde sternly warns Will not to write the article about him.

Kristen comes face-to-face with someone else from her past.

Abigail is unsettled by Chad’s confession.

Wednesday April 29:

Theresa is finally reunited with her baby.

Aiden and Hope clash over Clyde.

Things get tense for Danicole. (NBC Universal Inc.)
Thursday April 30:

Rafe offers Eve some friendly advice.

Nicole and Daniel have another blowup over secrets.

Friday May 1:

Nicole shares a nice moment with Eric – which causes her to change course.

Week of May 4:

Monday May 4:

Abigail is stung when Chad pushes her away.

Tuesday May 5:

Nicole tries to get to the bottom of Serena’s secret – and sacrifices Daniel’s feelings in the process.

Adrienne and Lucas give in to their feelings, not realizing Justin has returned to Salem.

Wednesday May 6:

Clyde surprises Will by insisting he write the article about him – and levels a chilling threat if he doesn’t do as Clyde says.

Thursday May 7:

Nicole and Xander get closer, each with their own agenda.

Friday May 8:

Melanie struggles to figure out her place in Brady’s life now that he has a child with Theresa.

May Sweeps!

Clyde is not pleased when he learns he will be the subject of Will’s next article, which lands Will and his family firmly in Clyde’s cross-hairs.

JJ confronts Eve over her latest scheme to wreck things between him and Paige. A confrontation leads to a big reveal.

Theresa brings Christopher home and decides to use him to drive a wedge between Brady and Melanie.

Kimberly returns to Salem to visit the baby. She and Brady are at odds.

Lucas and Adrienne fall for each other.

Justin returns to Salem to ensure Sonny winds up with the right man.

Justin’s return to Salem has ripple effects on Lucas and Adrienne’s burgeoning relationship.

Tensions arise when Lucas gets a job offer that puts him at war with Kate. Kate, meanwhile, is forced into a close working relationship with someone unexpected.

Will and Sonny try and repair their tattered marriage, but Paul’s return may prove to be its downfall.

Stefano and Marlena's feud heats up after something dramatic happens.

Nicole plays a game with Xander which could cost her Daniel.

Nicole discovers her suspicions about Serena were correct as more information comes out. She works to save Eric from getting hurt.

Abby is drawn to Chad.

Hope and Rafe work to uncover dirt on Clyde. This causes issues between her and Aiden since Clyde's his client.

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