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Days Of Our Lives Spoilers.

Thursday, April 24 2014

Dirt on Liam. (NBC Universal Inc.)
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Last Friday's rant! Deconstructing DOOL.

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Week of April 21:

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers for April 21 - 15 differ from those you see below!

Monday April 21:

Read today's Days Recap: This Is A Betrayal!

Today is must see regarding EJabby and the photos!

Marlena and Jennifer share their concerns about the DiMera family.

Tuesday April 22:

Days Recap: One-Way Ticket To Texas.

Nicole digs up dirt on Liam and uncovers startling information.

Daniel’s career is on the line as he faces a disciplinary hearing at the hospital...

Heads up! Daytime Emmys set for June 22.

Wednesday April 23:

Days recap: Yanking My Chain.

Jennifer investigates the evidence she found against Daniel.

JJ gets upsetting news about Paige.

EJ angrily confronts Kate.

Nicole is stunned when she meets Liam’s ex-wife.

Thursday April 24:

Throwback Thursday! When Sami saw Marlena cheating on Roman.

May Sweeps begins: April 24 to May 21.

Gabi and Nick meet with Aiden to draw up their own custody agreement for Arianna.

Theresa fears the Liam situation is getting out of control – will she get caught?

Friday April 25:

Nick threatens Sami.

Discovery. (NBC Universal Inc.)
Week of April 28:

Take a peek! Days Of Our Lives Spoilers on Soap Opera Fan differ from those you see below!

Monday April 28:

Will freaks out when he reads a draft of Gabi’s custody agreement for Arianna!

Tuesday April 29:

Nicole races to Smith Island – will she rescue Jennifer from Liam?

A desperate Theresa makes a surprising confession!

Wednesday April 30:

EJ receives new evidence to help him determine who sent the incriminating photo of him and Abigail.

Thursday May 1:

The jeopardy on Smith Island comes to a deadly conclusion.

Friday May 2:

Kate drops a bomb on Jordan.


Eileen Davidson returns to Days as Kristen.

Kassie DePaiva on DOOL as Eve Donovan.

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