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Days Of Our Lives Spoilers.

Friday, May 22 2015

The proposal. (Howard Wise/JPI)
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Days Rumor Mill: Updated April 28.

Deconstructing DOOL. "Another cringe-worthy bit was Stefano's henchmen trying to throw Marlena out of that window. I mean, do they even lift, bro?"

Week of May 18:

Monday May 18:

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JJ lays a trap for Eve.

Paige confronts Cole about framing JJ for drug dealing.

Nicole starts to put the pieces together regarding Serena’s secret.

Will is stunned by the sight that greets him when he arrives home.

Tuesday May 19:

Days Recap: I Wouldn't Cross The Street With You!

Eve gets a horrific surprise.

Jennifer has second thoughts about keeping secrets.

Serena fears Nicole will soon figure out the truth, so she tries to get Eric out of Salem.

Will manipulates an explosive situation with Paul and Sonny.

Wednesday May 20:

Days Recap: I Slept With JJ.

Eve and Paige have a major confrontation.

JJ arranges for a surprise for Paige.

Nicole has to talk her way out of a tight spot.

Adrienne is furious when she overhears Justin’s phone conversation.

Nicole has to talk her way out of a tight spot.

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Thursday May 21:

Stefano lays into Marlena for destroying Kristen.

Paige’s surprise birthday party is a huge disaster!

Chad starts to wonder about Stefano’s true intentions.

Paul rips into John regarding his father’s past.

Friday May 22:

Days Recap: Mommy Dearest.

Days of our Lives rant! "I didn’t see that coming. I love how she grabbed her mother’s hand and pulled her in and told her, 'I know.' Chilling. The acting was superb."

Paige and JJ’s relationship implodes.

Eve vows revenge on Jennifer.

Brady proposes to Melanie!

Kimberly arrives with unexpected news for Theresa.

Theresa's new plan. (Howard Wise/JPI)
Week of May 25:

Monday May 25:

"Days of our Lives" is pre-empted today.

Tuesday May 26:

Theresa realizes Kimberly has given her the perfect opportunity to come between Melanie and Brady.

Melanie gives Brady an answer to his proposal.

Wednesday May 27:

Serena realizes Nicole may be in grave danger.

Thursday May 28:

Kate is livid when Victor forces her to work with someone unexpected.

Friday May 29:

Eve and JJ clash as they blame each other for Paige getting hurt.

May Sweeps!

Will’s next article about Clyde lands Will and his family firmly in Clyde’s cross-hairs.

JJ confronts Eve over her latest scheme to wreck things between him and Paige. A confrontation leads to a big reveal.

Kimberly and Brady are at odds.

Justin’s return to Salem has ripple effects on Lucas and Adrienne’s burgeoning relationship.

Will and Sonny try and repair their tattered marriage, but Paul’s return may prove to be its downfall.

Nicole discovers her suspicions about Serena were correct as more information comes out. She works to save Eric from getting hurt.

Hope and Rafe work to uncover dirt on Clyde. This causes issues between her and Aiden since Clyde's his client.

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