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Days Of Our Lives Spoilers.

Friday, October 24 2014

An accusation. (NBC Universal Inc.)
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Weigh in. Friday's Days Poll: Where will Sami go?

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Week of October 20:

Days of our Lives spoilers from October 20 - 24 differ from those you see below.

Monday October 20:

Days Recap: Make Her Fix Her Shirt.

Paige is upset and confused when JJ rejects her advances.

Will informs Chad his editor wants a new angle for the article.

Kate and Lucas try to convince Sami of the severity of her situation.

Tuesday October 21:

Days Recap: Praise The Lord.

Kate and Sami receive help from an unexpected source.

Ben walks in on a nice moment between Abigail and Chad.

Kristen manipulates Eve and Anne in hopes of getting the goods on Theresa.

Wednesday October 22:

Days Recap: Salivating For Sami.

Clyde makes a horrifying accusation against Jordan.

Eve warns Theresa that Kristen is gunning for her.

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Thursday October 23:

Chad forces Sami and Kate’s hand.

JJ prepares to tell Paige the truth about his dad.

Gunning for Theresa. (NBC Universal Inc.)
Will admits he feels Sonny doesn’t respect or support him.

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Friday October 24:

Nicole and Sami manage to share a warm moment over drinks, and Nicole gives her long-time enemy some advice.

Paige and JJ go on a frantic search for Jill.

Chad accuses Abigail of being jealous of his interest in Jordan.

Week of October 27:

Days of our Lives Spoilers from October 27 - 30 differ from the ones you see below.

Monday October 27:

Lucas and Sami share a warm moment as she makes plans for the future.

Chad kisses Jordan for the first time.

Tuesday October 28:

Kristen drops a bomb on Brady.

Wednesday October 29:

John puts the screws to Theresa.

Thursday October 30:

Sami bids an emotional farewell to her family as she and the kids leave Salem.

Alison Sweeney's last airdate is Thursday October 30. Read more about why Alison Sweeney is leaving Days of our Lives...

Friday October 31:

Brady’s shocking discovery leaves him hurt and angry.

Marie Wilson to DOOL as Bree, an acquaintance of Hope's who as it turns out, has a connection to Aiden and his dark past.

Melissa Archer is joining Days of our Lives as Serena, a woman with ties to Salem. She'll first appear December 5.

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