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Days Of Our Lives Spoilers.

Friday, September 12 2014

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Weigh in. Friday's Days Poll: Who is Paige's daddy?

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Week of September 8:

Monday September 8:

Watch today's Days Recap: Breakage and Spillage.

Clyde makes a pitch to EJ.

Kate pressures Sami to back up her lie to keep Stefano out of Salem.

Jordan decides to talk things out with Rafe.

Will gets a new job offer.

Tuesday September 9:

Read today's Days Recap: Twist in the Knife.

Sami and EJ have a major breakthrough in their relationship. They share a kiss.

As JJ and Paige start their first year at college together, Eve plots to break them up.

Wednesday September 10:

Paige is a little uneasy when JJ hints he would like to be more intimate with her.

Jennifer is hurt when Daniel isn’t quite as ready to reconcile as she thought.

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Thursday September 11:

Read today's Days Recap: Heavy Artillery

Daniel and Kayla inform Brady they have a drug that could cure John.

Theresa is horrified by Kristen’s news.

Will attempts to patch things up with Sami.

Friday September 12:

Days Recap: I Don't Cotton To Threats.

Someone figures out what Theresa has been hiding!

EJ is blind-sided by an unexpected arrival of Chad. (Billy Flynn is the new Chad DiMera recast)

Brady and Marlena wait anxiously to see if the experimental drug will bring John back to them.

Week of September 15:

Monday September 15:

JJ and Paige’s first college party goes awry – thanks to Eve’s devious plan.

Tuesday September 16:

Nicole tries to offer comfort to Eric over the sacrifice he’s making for John and Marlena.

Abigail is stunned when she runs into Chad…

Wednesday September 17:

Read today's Days Recap: Frowny Face.

Hope makes a difficult decision regarding her future.

Thursday September 18:

Clyde asks Kate out to dinner.

Friday September 19:

Things heat up between Sami and EJ as they continue to reconnect.

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Fall previews from Ken Corday:

When Chad returns to Salem, he and EJ and Kristen have some heated moments, especially with EJ, which gets physical.

Chad is ready to find his place as a prominent member of the DiMera family.

Jordan is confronted by a man from her past and Chad comes to her rescue.

EJ too will be confronted by someone from his past who has been keeping tabs on him. They're not happy with what happened with Abigail.

EJ's more determined to win Sami back no matter what and if it means taking a more drastic stand against the family, he'll do it.

Nicole considers taking a job outside of Salem. She's curious how Eric will feel about that.

Tension between Daniel and Nicole eases.

Hope and Aiden kiss, and finally confront their feelings for one another head on.

Hope makes a decision regarding Bo. Executive Producer, Ken Corday says, "We felt the time was right to address Bo's absence so we could move Hope's story to another level."

Brady and Theresa's relationship takes another turn. They won't be able to stay out of each other's lives.

Clyde expands his sketchy business into Salem while he pursues Kate.

Will moves on to his next story with the DiMera family in his crosshairs once again.

JJ gets into trouble after a college party as Eve plots to break him and Paige up.​

Coming Up:

James Scott leaves Days of our Lives.

Sweeney leaving Days of our Lives nearing the end of 2014.

Melissa Archer is joining Days of our Lives as Serena, a woman with ties to Salem. She'll first appear December 5.

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