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Days Of Our Lives Spoilers.

Thursday, February 26 2015

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Days Rumor Mill: Updated February 13.

Dishing on Sweeps in Deconstructing DOOL!

Video! Kristian Alfonso Interview discussing Haiden and more.

Week of February 23:

Monday February 23:

Days Recap: Brainless billionaire Brady.

Theresa unexpectedly comes to Brady’s rescue.

Serena learns Eric has given away the statue – and she’s desperate to figure out who has it.

Melanie makes Nicole an offer she can’t refuse.

JJ freaks out when he fears Paige knows the truth about him and Eve.

Tuesday February 24:

Billy Flynn Video Set Interview.

Days Recap: It Never Would Have Happened If...

Eric agrees to get back the statue for Serena – but then hits a snag.

Melanie tries to persuade Daniel to forgive Nicole.

Theresa tries to reach Clint – but makes a surprising connection with someone else instead.

Paul’s mother, Tori, arrives, and she has a strange reaction when Paul introduces her to someone in Salem.

Sabotage. (NBC Universal Inc.)
Wednesday February 25:

Read today's DOOL Recap: That Creature.

Desperate to save his marriage, Will pleads with Sonny to forgive him.

Tori urges Paul to come home with her.

Hope recalls a painful incident from the past.

Kate sabotages Chad’s relationship with Jordan.

New! Soap Stars: Where Are They Now? Baby news/photos, new book series, playing a former First Lady, primetime roles.

Thursday February 26:

That Useless Distraction.

A vengeful Chad asks Stefano to help him destroy Kate.

Jordan has a surprising realization about Clyde.

Jennifer suspects something is amiss when Daniel tells her of his encounter with JJ.

JJ introduces Paige to his new “girlfriend.”

Friday February 27:

Paige asks Cole out on a date.

Week of March 2:

Monday March 2:

JJ and Eve’s affair is discovered!

Tori panics when she recognizes someone in Salem.

Tuesday March 3:

Eric reaches out to Nicole and makes a surprising admission.

Wednesday March 4:

Hope and Aiden get the stamp of approval from someone unexpected.

Thursday March 5:

Melanie bristles when Brady defends Theresa.

Friday March 6:

Jordan makes a life-changing decision.

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Chrishell Stause leaves Days as Jordan Ridgeway March 2015.

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