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    Days of Our Lives - NEWS ROOM

    In our 'Days Of Our Lives' News Room, keeps you up-to-date with the latest Soap Opera news on the net. We also feature interviews with the soap stars, as well as local appearances by the actors and actresses.

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    Deconstructing DOOL Weekly Blog.

    Friday, September 19 2014

    Salem Shenanigans from September 15 - 19:

    Salemites spent the week making a conscious effort to get what they want. There were a few surprises. Let's get right to it.

    Let’s get on with it.
    Eric’s really hating/getting off on fantasizing about having angry sex with Nicole. Hair pulling, face eating...why fantasize when he can have the real thing? This story is staler than the bread found in King Tut’s... » Read More

    Days Of Our Lives Spoiler Video: A Proper Thank You.

    Thursday, September 18 2014

    "It depends on your definition of okay."

    In Thursday's "Days of our Lives" video, Lucas asks Ben about his sister, Clyde tries to show Kate his gratitude, and Abby tells her mom that Chad is back in Salem. » Read More

    Throwback Thursday Days Poll: Alice Horton Helps Roman.

    Thursday, September 18 2014

    Alice to the rescue.

    In this week's Throwback Thursday poll, takes readers back to 1983 when "Days of our Lives'" Alice Horton helped Roman Brady in Salem...

    JJ Deveraux was drugged in Salem this week by Jill, a girl hired by Eve Donovan to set him up in an effort to come between JJ and her daughter, Paige Larsen. Back then, Roman was drugged by Alice, but she was trying to help him out. Roman had been... » Read More

    Days Of Our Lives Spoiler Video: Sleeping With The Enemy.

    Wednesday, September 17 2014

    "Did something happen at the party?"

    In Wednesday's "Days of our Lives" video, Hope and Aiden arrange to meet, Paige deletes JJ, Rafe runs into Jordan in Salem, and Kate questions Sami's choices. » Read More

    Ex-Days Of Our Lives' Casey Deidrick Cast In Eye Candy.

    Wednesday, September 17 2014

    Heading to MTV.

    We're still getting used to Billy Flynn around Salem as Chad DiMera on "Days of our Lives," but for those who miss Casey Deidrick, they'll soon be able to catch him somewhere else. The actor has been cast in the new MTV thriller "Eye Candy." Victoria Justice ("Victorious") will be starring in the series that follows a woman who believes that one of her online dates is a dangerous stalker. Ten episodes have been... » Read More

    Days Of Our Lives Poll: Medical Miracles.

    Wednesday, September 17 2014

    Back from the brink.

    While everyone rallies around John and the new experimental drug that Kristen promises will bring him out of his coma, we can’t help but think of all the other totally outrageous medical miracles we’ve seen in Salem over the years. From thought-dead Roman’s return to town as the bruised and bandaged Pawn, to Chloe beating cancer, nothing is impossible when it comes to recovery.

    Of all the... » Read More

    Days Of Our Lives Spoiler Video: Frowny Face.

    Tuesday, September 16 2014

    "I can't wait to see you."

    In Tuesday's "Days of our Lives" video, Chad startles Abby in Salem, Nicole asks Aiden for a favor, Eric fantasizes about Nicole, and Eve is eager for her plan to work. » Read More

    Days Of Our Lives Spoiler Video: I'm Home.

    Monday, September 15 2014

    "Not too great a time."

    In Monday's "Days of our Lives" video, Chad wallops Elvis, Jenn fantasizes about Daniel, Eve plows ahead with her plan for the Salem U. party, and Kristen tells Daniel what Theresa did. » Read More

    Days Of Our Lives Saturday Teaser Poll: New Assignment.

    Saturday, September 13 2014

    Close to home.

    Will's last writing assignment caused upheaval around Salem, friction in his family and fighting with Sonny. Since his husband got him the gig, it also left Will wondering about his own talents. Next week he gets another assignment, and this one means digging into the life of someone he knows as well. Who is he asked to write about?

    Vote in's "Days of our Lives" poll to let us know who Will... » Read More

    Days Of Our Lives Weekly Spoiler Video: Hope's Heart.

    Friday, September 12 2014

    Next week in Salem...

    As Hope says goodbye to Bo, Sami prepares to let EJ back into her life. Check out this sneak peek at what's ahead and let know what you think. » Read More

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