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    Deconstructing DOOL Weekly Blog.

    Friday, July 11 2014

    Married?! (NBC Universal Inc.)
    Salem Shenanigans from July 7 - 11 :

    Wow what a week, fraught with scheming and revenge and even a little budding romance. Good times.

    Double trouble.
    It didn’t take long for Theresa and Eve (Teve) to team up after bonding over their hatred of Jenny Prissy-pants and Dr. God. Last week while I was on holiday Dustin Cushman deconstructed DOOL. He summed Eve and Theresa’s union up perfectly by saying, “If the show wants the viewers to give this recast of Eve a chance then pairing her up with Theresa is the wrong way to go.” The writers need to give fans a reason to care about these two because just loathing a character doesn’t make people want to tune in even when the actresses are amazing.

    I’m assuming that this lawsuit of Eve’s is just a scam to get moola from Jenny Prissy-pants but if not then she is entitled to half but taking money from vets leaves a pretty bad taste in my mouth. Guess not hers! It was good at least to see Eve and JJ come to some understanding. It'd be a shame for Paige and JJ to have their budding relationship cut short over this lawsuit.

    Theresa and Brady got married in Vegas which doesn't bode well for poor Brady who is now even deeper in her clutches. Interesting twist.

    Ejami wedding and aftermath.
    I don’t even know what to say about the wedding. There were mixed feelings about Sami’s wedding gown which was an unusual choice and more suited for the gala. The grey colour reflected her mood well but what was with the hair extensions and necklaces hanging in her hair? Did you find it um...peculiar that nobody seemed to notice the nasty snarling looks that flashed across her face over and over?! Fast-forwarding to this week...I want to keep an open mind about Sami’s revenge since there’s more story to tell but who marries a man out of revenge especially with their children to witness it? It just makes me feel sad for the lot of them. If the kids ever find out why she married EJ, they’ll be scarred for life just like she was when she witnessed her mother banging John in the board room three hundred years ago. Sami also screwed around on Rafe so while this whole revenge plotline is deliciously fun because of Sami and Kate’s fantastic chemistry; it also feels a little hypocritical. But fun. More fun than anything. Viewers are having a hard time believing that Kate and Sami are going to get away with taking over DiMera Enterprises for 6 months without Stefano stepping in. Sami’s confrontation with EJ and Abigail was brilliant. It made me wonder why the writers chose to write that fake confrontation when this one is so much better. But what comes next? When all is said and done, Sami’s revenge is taken and EJ and Abigail are humiliated amongst other things, will Samanther really be happy? Without EJ? Money and power don’t keep your bed warm at night. I can’t help but think after Sami has stripped EJ of everything she’ll still be hurt and still in love. Is she hurting herself here? Maybe there will be room for forgiveness at some point. We’ll see.

    The big questions: Do EJ and Stefano know what’s going on? Does Stefano at least? Because Sami and EJ haven't consummated their marriage, couldn't EJ annul it? Couldn't he get word to the board... I don't know. It just seems to me there is a loophole that EJ and Stefano could use to get out of this situation.

    Nitpicking: Isn’t it a little old fashioned in this day that Stefano couldn’t have done a video conference instead of forgoing the meeting? I mean worst case scenario he could have gone on Google Hangouts. Duh! And what’s the arrest warrant out on Stefano for? It’s a bit confusing.

    The gala.
    My expectations were pretty big. I have no idea why but I assumed most Salemites would be in attendance. Maybe there's more coming Monday but I'm doubtful. I suppose this really was a way to further Hope and Aiden's story which worked really well. I'm looking forward to more and to learning more about Aiden's wife. What are your thoughts on these two?

    Revenge! (NBC Universal Inc.)
    The lone wolf.
    EJ really has lost his touch. Even he can see it now. Even though it appears as though she’s still attracted to him in a way, Abigail can’t seem to stomach him. She told him, “You know it’s really sad, EJ. You could have turned into someone so unique, so special. Your brains, your drive, you could have done so much good. Instead of turning into who you are.” Um she doesn’t have a clue. This is what EJ was brought up to be. He didn’t turn into anything. EJ never had a chance. I think it went against everything he was taught to try to be a good man so her words were that much more powerful. I can’t help but feel for EJ. He screwed over Sami, he certainly doesn’t have a friend in Abigail, he treated Nicole who could have been an ally like complete dirt, Will might not want anything to do with him once he finds out about his affair with Abigail, when Chad hears about this he’ll probably be disgusted, and Stefano will likely disown him for being so stupid to get himself in this predicament. There’s just one person who might still be on EJ’s side. Kristen!

    Weigh in. Days Poll: Did EJ deserve Sami's wrath?

    Boring conversations.
    All Abby and Ben talk about is how Ben is so exceedingly astute that he figured out EJ DiMera is a bad dude. He could have Googled it. All Jordan and Rafe discuss is how once he’s done work, she’s going to fill him in on her big shocking secret... that her name is really Tammy Sue.

    Come listen to a story about a man named... Clyde...
    Jethro strolled into town, twangy music a-playin in the background with him, a-lookin for his kin. Next week Jed and Ellie May are gonna turn up. This ridiculous story has cinched one thing for me. Kate must still be “in love” with Rafe to go through all this trouble. Kate’s so jealous she doesn’t even care that Jordan’s on the run obviously from something or someone terrible. Oy. If anything happens to Tammy Sue and Ollie it’s on Kate’s head.

    Best lines of the week:

    Kate, "Men are only as faithful as their options."

    Eve, "In Hollywood they have to Google integrity just to find out what it means.”

    Sami, "I was there in that room while you did her."

    Sami, “Abigail was probably promising God she was ‘arriving’ sometime soon...”

    Sami, "The humiliation's just beginning."

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    - Christine Fix

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    Posted by holdingonfordearlife at Friday, July 11 2014 12:06 PM

    What can I say!!!

    Posted by holdingonfordearlife at Friday, July 11 2014 12:08 PM

    I think Sami took it way too far!! Considering
    her history!!!

    That was a close call with Hope and Aiden....
    something is in the works there.....

    Posted by Chrissi at Friday, July 11 2014 12:15 PM

    Haha I know, right? Yeah Sami was being Sami and I loved her for it but I just can't help but feel bad for them all. Call me a sap!

    I love Hope and Aiden though I feel guilty about Bo. Hehe

    Posted by holdingonfordearlife at Friday, July 11 2014 12:18 PM

    It would be nice if the writers would either go or
    get off the pot where BO/HOPE are concerned.

    I don't feel anything for Sami............I think she
    needs to look deep into the mirror and get a good
    look at her inner self............she is not a gem!!!

    Posted by stjarna at Friday, July 11 2014 12:41 PM

    Samantha Gene Brady, ladies and gentleman! Her wrath- so Samantha!
    Although I love Ejami... EJ had it coming!
    And so did Abigail- the prissy princess!
    And this is why people can't stand Jennifer anymore! And we knew she would react the way she did...and Samantha will be the bad guy....and then she hugs her daughter- instead of telling her ....but I guess, this is why Abigail is the way she is- because Jennifer's upbringing methods taught her that she can do whatever and someone will clear things up for her! like that sentence to Samantha- you won't tell anyone- yeah, right....Samantha always had very public types of humiliations and not just one- so why should Abigail be spared.

    Samantha said in one sentence in her fury...."EJ, the man I love"- so, there is a glimmer of hope....since she didn't use past tense! LOL

    Waiting for Kristen to arrive!

    Chrissi, you were so spot on about EJ- loved it! And yes, he at least got Kristen on his side!
    I believe Stefano has got something up his sleeve....

    Gala is a huge dissapointment so far!
    Bope is gone with the wind, I am affraid- here comes Haiden!
    I am not a fan of Haiden...just to be clear!

    Theresa and Brady could have stayed in Las Vegas, doubt they would be missed greatly!

    Jordan- Kate-Clyde- meh!

    Have a great weekend everyone!

    Posted by everlena1973 at Friday, July 11 2014 12:47 PM

    I see some sparks flying between Hope and Aiden. NICE!! Bo is going to lose out big time on this one!

    Posted by holdingonfordearlife at Friday, July 11 2014 12:49 PM

    NOPE....LOVE is not....bring the law down on your just
    married spouse.....throw him in jail so you can reap
    havoc on him....cause you don't think he can touch you
    while behind bars..........don't put all your eggs in
    one basket................and don't count the chickens
    before they all hatch.............the egg sucking dog
    hasn't finished with her yet!!!!!! WOOF! WOOF! If I
    were her..........I'd watch my back....and my mouth!!!

    Don't know why Abigail is the one being faulted here......
    and Wells put on a pedestal!........He followed her
    to the cabin..............she made a comment....he
    acted on it..........she is naïve......he is suppose
    to be the "engaged" person.....nobody is suppose to
    be "tempting" to him.............REALLY!!!!!! He
    is a sex hound!!!!!! Always has been.

    Sami should remember how he got her to have sex with
    him the first time....second time....and on down the
    road time!!!!!!!

    Posted by ScrubsAlltheWay at Friday, July 11 2014 01:06 PM

    Are we really saying that a grown woman, Samantha Brady, who has been in various relationships, the mother of four children, can't go on from this wreck of a relationship with EJ and enjoy a happy life?!! She can't find someone that will respect her, not steal her child and pass them off for dead, not someone that will turn the blame around on her when they decide to cheat?!! Not someone that would court her respectfully instead of hold a gun to head to get in between her pants?

    Really?? We are saying that her happiness doesn't exist without that? That just makes me smh.

    I also hate reading that Sami is to blame for this. No. EJ stuck is wee wee in Abigail. Abigail opened her legs. EJ is most at fault because he was in the committed relationship and Abigail is also at fault. The women in me hates to read "well Sami kicked him out her bed." You know what? Before he acted on his sexual attraction he should of went to his precious Sami and told her he was done and THEN put his wee wee in Abigail.

    I'm a Kate Mansi fan and I'm rooting for Abigail despite all of this mess. I'm glad she's getting called out. I hope it gets things going more with her and Ben and a next story can start up with this Clyde/Jordan/Ben situation. I enjoyed the chemistry with Abby and EJ but can't see them returning to that. Gosh, they were so good and unexpected though.

    Posted by mylinda5 at Friday, July 11 2014 02:11 PM

    What and we say about sami this is your life feeling so bad this the beginning of the humiliation sami sami .

    Posted by ShellySmd2013 at Friday, July 11 2014 02:42 PM

    Well, here are my thoughts:

    We all know that Sami's no saint. She's not perfect, nor is she a "gem". But IMO, Sami never claimed to be ANY of those things.

    People want to bring up Sami cheating as if that makes it okay for it to be done to her...Well, it doesn't. One affair doesn't even BEGIN to justify another. As for her past, if I remember correctly, Sami never got a free pass for all her transgressions, so WTH should she give one to EJ, or Abigail, or anybody else?

    I wasn't the least bit surprised at Jennifer's reaction; in fact, it was as I expected from Miss Morality Police. I knew she would blame the affair entirely on EJ, accusing him of taking advantage of her precious daughter!! Well, last time I checked, affairs were a 2-way street, and no matter how "young and naive" Abigail was, it doesn't change the fact that she was a willing participant! I must have missed the part where EJ put a gun to her head and said, "sleep with me, or I'll shoot you!".

    People talk about Sami, but almost everybody in Salem knows what she's capable of. They treat her the way she behaves, while they act like Abigail wouldn't harm a fly or can do no wrong in their eyes. I'd be pissed off too if Saint Jennifer was looking down on me when her "perfect" daughter was screwing my man!!

    As for EJ, he's getting exactly what he deserves. How long did he think he could keep his affair with Abby a secret and Sami not knowing anything about it? People are quick to blame Sami, because she kicked him out of her bed, but that's ridiculous!! First of all, Sami's no more to blame for EJ's affair with Abby than Rafe was for hers with EJ. Second, she wouldn't have kicked EJ out of her bed in the first place if he had been honest with her about what Kristen did to Eric. And yes, she told him to do whatever it took to keep Abby quiet, but I don't think she meant for him to sleep with the girl. So as far as I'm concerned, both EJ and Abigail had it coming in spades!

    And speaking of Kate, has it ever occurred to her that maybe there's a reason why Jordan and Ben kept their past a secret or why they've been on the run? Clyde is bad news, and I get the feeling that once he finds his kids, all hell's gonna break loose. And the bad part is now that Kate's opened this Pandora's Box, she has no clue about what she's unleashed, and she doesn't even care. All she cares about is breaking up Rafe and Jordan, and she thinks that "going through all this trouble" is gonna make him leave Jordan and come running back to her. But what she doesn't get that even if she succeeds in breaking up the couple, she can forget about him getting back with her, because if he ever finds out that she set this in motion, he'll never want anything to do with her ever again. And if anything happens to either Jordan or Ben, it's all on Kate, and she'll have to deal with the consequences of her part in the situation.

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