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    Days of Our Lives - NEWS ROOM

    In our 'Days Of Our Lives' News Room, keeps you up-to-date with the latest Soap Opera news on the net. We also feature interviews with the soap stars, as well as local appearances by the actors and actresses.

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    Days Of Our Lives Weekly Blog!

    Friday, September 25 2009

    These are the "DAYS" of my week for September 21-25:

    This week was full of themes and laughs, drama and overall, was very enjoyable to watch. We had three arrests in Lucas, Nathan and Melanie and two marriage proposals in Stefano and Kate and Daniel and Chloe. One even lead to a wedding! Let’s break it all down!

    Speaking of break-ups, the week started out with Bope breaking up. I really felt for Bo and realize... » Read More

    Days Of Our Lives Video Clip: Threats!

    Thursday, September 24 2009

    While Sami tries to convince Lucas to go to rehab by using threats, Philip and Stefano threaten one another at the manse!

    » Read More

    Days Of Our Lives Video Clip: It's all About Rafe.

    Thursday, September 24 2009

    Just when Sami decided to go after Rafe, he's in Meredith's clutches!

    Rafe's the only person in Salem, aside from Stefano and Nicole and Brady, who knows most of the truth! Will somebody else now figure it out and spill all or are we in for a long wait, with this twist, to get the baby storyline wrapped up? » Read More

    Days Of Our Lives Video Clip: Guilty!

    Wednesday, September 23 2009

    Today...Kate's not exactly being forthright about why she's marrying Stefano, but Philip can read between the lines.

    What are your thoughts on the exchange between Philip and Kate? » Read More Talks to Days Of Our Lives' Mark Hapka!

    Tuesday, September 22 2009

    Originally from Buffalo, Mark Hapka was raised in Rome NY, with two younger brothers, Joshua and Jonathan and his older sister, Amy. They lived in Syracuse for his post high school years and now Mark resides in Los Angeles, where he came to pursue his dream of acting in film. He points out, "Movies are the reason I chose this career path. They’ve comforted and entertained me my whole life." Mark joined DOOL June 16 as Nathan Horton, son of... » Read More

    Days Of Our Lives Video Clip: EJ's Big Reveal!

    Tuesday, September 22 2009

    On DOOL today, EJ finally admits something shocking to Nicole about their marriage!

    How will Nicole take it? Do you feel sorry for her or only contempt? » Read More

    Days Of Our Lives Video Clip: Lies Unraveling.

    Monday, September 21 2009

    Nicole's secrets are starting to unravel more and more and will Brady's slip up cost Nicole her marriage?

    Do you think Nicole's character can be redeemed after all of her secrets are out? » Read More

    Days Of Our Lives Video Clip: Hope Leaves Bo!

    Friday, September 18 2009

    This week, Hope does the unthinkable and makes the decision to move her and Ciara into Doug and Julie's summer house. What'll become of "Bope"?

    What are your thoughts on this turn of events? Are you upset to lose these two as a supercouple or do you think they'll find their way back to one another again? » Read More

    Days Of Our Lives Weekly Blog!

    Friday, September 18 2009

    These are the "DAYS" of my week from September 14-18:


    I’ve found EJ to be underused and lately, I found myself missing EJ of old, before he and Kate set up that business - Mythic. He had a lot more canvas time and was involved in a lot more plots. He’s a lead actor, not a supporting, so I wonder why the show is treating him as such. I didn’t like him much in his scene in the park Monday, with Brady.... » Read More

    Days Of Our Lives Video Clip: Kate does the Unthinkable!

    Friday, September 18 2009

    To tease you...Today, Kate does the unthinkable and goes to the man who tried to have her son assassinated for help with her little problem of attempted murder. Will he help? Will it come at a price?

    What would you like the price to be? » Read More

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