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    Days of Our Lives - NEWS ROOM

    In our 'Days Of Our Lives' News Room, keeps you up-to-date with the latest Soap Opera news on the net. We also feature interviews with the soap stars, as well as local appearances by the actors and actresses.

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    Gordon Thomson headed to Days Of Our Lives!

    Wednesday, May 13 2009

    As reported late last month, Canadian born actor, Gordon Thomson is heading into Salem this spring/summer.

    Thomson is well known for his portrayal of evil Adam Carrington on Primetime soap, "Dynasty," and when the show wound up, he went on to play in other daytime dramas such as the now defunct "Santa Barbara," " The Young and the Restless ," "Sunset Beach," " Passions ," and "Ryan’s Hope," as well as additional... » Read More

    Angry Angel (Chelsea Brady) on MySpace! (Updated)

    Monday, May 11 2009

    Originally posted December 8 2007

    Calling all you 'My Spacers'!

    More than half of Days of Our Lives fans say that they love to hate Chelsea more than any other female on the show! She's even giving Sami a run for her money!

    On the show, we are watching closely as Chelsea starts her own online blog and video diary. She meets and falls for a guy online, who calls himself, "Lonely... » Read More

    Days Of Our Lives Video Clip: Stephanie's Abducted!

    Sunday, May 10 2009

    It's all about retaliation this week on Days of Our Lives for the Kiriakis family. The family celebrates Philip and Stephanie's engagement but Owen the gardener has his own agenda for the day and kidnaps Stephanie. He imprisons her in a most gruesome way. Watch now!

    For those who can't view this video, please visit our sister site Soap Opera Fan . What do you think will happen to Stephanie? » Read More

    Days Of Our Lives Weekly Blog!

    Friday, May 08 2009

    What a great week, overall! Very focused. The show went up a point, likely helped along by this new blood feud. I polled you about what Philly should do about the hit on himself and 46% of you said Philip should retaliate against the DiMera’s for putting a hit on him and 48% of you are on the Kiriakis side in the feud, including myself!

    The theme of this week or theme of the past few months perhaps is "Interruptions!" The writers... » Read More

    Days Of Our Lives Mother's Day Poll!

    Friday, May 08 2009

    Mother's Day is upon us Monday May 11. It's a day of appreciation but not usually celebrated in soaps. This year, we've taken all of the mothers who have been on the show in 2009 and would like to poll our Days of Our Lives readers to find out which mother is the best? Once we find that out, we'll likely see the pattern forming of the not so favored mothers! We added Alice, though she has not been seen in a long time, but she's honorary!
    ... » Read More

    Alison Sweeney House Tour on Access Hollywood!

    Thursday, May 07 2009

    Alison Sweeney (Sami Brady, Days of Our Lives ) did an interview this afternoon with Access Hollywood. It wasn’t just an interview, but the actress opened up her new home to AH and allowed them a tour! She held baby Megan in her lap while she was made extra beautiful for the cameras and then showed off a kitchen, which boasted shiny dark grained floors to set off the antique cream kitchen cupboards. They made a trek into her boudoir, where Ali... » Read More

    Days Of Our Lives Video Clip: Stefano is abducted!

    Monday, May 04 2009

    This week, the blood war between the DiMera's and the Kirakis' comes to a pinnacle, when the Kirakis family abducts Stefano!

    This is a first, for Stefano, who is usually the one taking prisoners. What are your thoughts on this turn of events? For those who cannot view this video, (Canadians, etc.) please feel free to view it on our sister site, Soap Opera Fan .

    Photo credit: Chris... » Read More

    Fan meets Days Of Our Lives' Kristian Alfonso & Peter Recklell in...

    Sunday, May 03 2009

    It was March 28 when reported that Peter Reckell (Bo Brady) and Kristian Alfonso (Hope Brady) were headed to Castle Hill, Australia , in order to host a meet and greet, at a local mall.

    One of’s Australian readers, and Days of Our Lives fans promised a full account on what took place while at this event, and recounts the excitement of her day, below.

    Mel Clayton says, "When I... » Read More

    James Scott on Fraudulent use of Myspace.

    Friday, May 01 2009 reported that Alison Sweeney is into Twittering, but we also found out Sweeney also Whirrls, in addition to that. Many of the daytime stars are getting connected with fans by social networking; however, wants to give everybody a heads up, that not all actors are technically savvy. Not all of them use Twitter or Facebook. In the case of James Scott, (EJ DIMera, Days of Our Lives ) for example, Soap Opera Digest has... » Read More

    Days Of Our Lives Weekly Blog!

    Friday, May 01 2009

    These are the "Days" of my week from April 27-May 1:

    Well, well, well. I was a skeptic, I was afraid the show was doomed, but there have been a few changes that were necessary in order for the show to move forward, that have been interesting and made for an enjoyable week. It's not just the writing, either. It's all encompassing. Let's see if it brings up those ratings!

    Seeing EJ with Brady this Monday reminded me... » Read More

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