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    Days of Our Lives - NEWS ROOM

    In our 'Days Of Our Lives' News Room, keeps you up-to-date with the latest Soap Opera news on the net. We also feature interviews with the soap stars, as well as local appearances by the actors and actresses.

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    Days of Our Lives Video Promo: Upsetting Revelations.

    Thursday, July 08 2010

    "Nothing, just leave it alone!"

    While Sami demands to know what happened to Will's face, Nicole comes across something upsetting during her snoop through EJ's bedroom. Watch how it all happens through the video promo below… » Read More

    Days of Our Lives Video Promo: Stefano's Warning.

    Wednesday, July 07 2010

    Just the person I wanted to see…

    Stefano approaches Nicole with a warning that EJ has the goods on her. She better act fast and leave Salem or it's only a matter of time before her world comes crashing down. Watch the video promo below for more... » Read More

    Days of Our Lives: Eric Martsolf In Unscripted Hollywood Dream Role!

    Tuesday, July 06 2010

    Come out and see Eric!

    Fans of Days of Our Lives' Eric Martsolf (Brady Black) who are in the Los Angeles, California area this Friday night may want to stop in at The ACME Comedy Theatre at 135 N. La Brea Avenue. Eric will be performing on July 9 in the company's "Unscripted Hollywood Dream Role" starting at 9:00 PM.

    Please visit ACME to purchase tickets today. If you can't make the show feel free to catch the... » Read More

    Days of Our Lives Video Promo: Carly's Insecurities?

    Tuesday, July 06 2010

    Hope will always be a big part of Bo's life…

    Carly thinks back to a conversation with Jennifer after she finds Bo upset over a visit from Hope. Watch the sneak peek to Tuesday's episode below. » Read More

    Days Of Our Lives Novel: Salem's Secrets, Scandals and Lies.

    Tuesday, July 06 2010

    John and Marlena are back!

    SourceBooks, Inc. is introducing a novel in time for Days of Our Lives ’ 45th Anniversary this year called "Salem's Secrets, Scandals and Lies," which is written by former DOOL head writer Sheri Anderson.

    Many fans will be pleased to learn from the book what has been happening with the characters Marlena and John, Belle and Shawn, Steve Johnson and Eric Brady since they’ve left... » Read More

    Days Of Our Lives Weekly Video Promo: EJ Revealed.

    Monday, July 05 2010

    You'll pay!

    Nicole overhears and records Stefano and EJ's discussion. She learns that EJ was the Sydnapper! » Read More

    Days Of Our Lives Saturday Teaser Poll: Who Comes To Blows?

    Saturday, July 03 2010

    Saturday Teaser Poll!

    Welcome back to's Saturday teaser poll, where we're asking you who you think comes to blows this week in Salem. Could it be that nobody does and we're merely teasing you, or is there somebody who lets their anger spill out enough to start duking it out?

    Please don't share the real answer in the comment section below, as we don't want to spoil what is to come, but rather discuss who you... » Read More

    Days Of Our Lives Poll: Who Is Hotter?

    Friday, July 02 2010


    We saw Sami getting hot and heavy with two guys this week. EJ and Rafe were both hot for petite blonde, but who, in your opinion was hotter? Feel free to vote in's poll! » Read More

    Days Of Our Lives Weekly Blog.

    Friday, July 02 2010

    These are the "Days" of my week from June 28-30:

    We spent a short week in Salem this week. The theme of the week was 'romantic entanglements'. We saw some romantic stories moving ahead after Alice’s memorial storyline ended and most folks went home. Let’s have a closer look…

    Hot 'n' Heavy.
    It was obvious that Sami was thrilled to have Rafe back in Salem and Rafe’s return had Sami on edge and hot to... » Read More

    Days Of Our Lives' Alison Sweeney Hosts NBC Fireworks.

    Friday, July 02 2010

    "I'm really excited to host it."

    DOOL fans will get a kick out of seeing Alison Sweeney (Sami Brady) hosting NBC's Macy*s Fourth of July Fireworks Spectacular with Nick Cannon this Sunday night at 9:00 PM EST. Ali's husband and son will be with her to watch performances by Justin Bieber, Enrique Iglesias and LeAnn Rimes.

    For more information about where to watch the fireworks in person, please check out » Read More

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