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    Days of Our Lives - NEWS ROOM

    In our 'Days Of Our Lives' News Room, keeps you up-to-date with the latest Soap Opera news on the net. We also feature interviews with the soap stars, as well as local appearances by the actors and actresses.

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    Days Of Our Lives Polls: EJ and Nicole's Wedding!

    Monday, April 06 2009

    Since the event of the season is upon us, that being Nicole and EJ's wedding, this is the perfect time to find out how you all feel about the upcoming nuptuals as well as Sami, Mia and Dr. Baker's part in all of this sordid tale.

    Will EJ and Nicole's wedding go off without a hitch? ( online polls )

    Should Sami come clean at the wedding? ( online polls ) » Read More

    Days Of Our Lives Video Clip Preview: Secrets and Lies.

    Saturday, April 04 2009

    As Nicole and EJ's wedding approaches, Nicole's lies close in on her. Will her secret come out, before she can say "I do"? Will Sami blurt out to EJ that Grace is his? EJ being EJ, he'd ask for a DNA test, and they'd find out she's not. Just how this is all going to go down is anyone's guess. Stay tuned by watching, daily, to find out what comes next!

    What are your thoughts? Will Nicole's secret come out before... » Read More

    Days Of Our Lives Weekly Blog!

    Friday, April 03 2009

    These are the "Days of my week” for March 30-April 3:

    What did you think of the week as a whole? I thought the pace was good. I polled you all last week about the fuel project storyline and though only 3% loved the fuel project storyline, and a mere 4% of you said it was growing on you, the majority didn’t care for it, and it seems to me as it has come to a close. Good. We’ve moved on to Mia meeting Grace, Dr. Baker returning... » Read More

    Loukoumi’s Good Deeds Giveaway!

    Tuesday, March 31 2009

    Matt Purvis of gave a four star review of author Nick Katsoris’ second book in the Loukoumi series, Growing up with Loukoumi , which all of us here at adored. The books follow the story of a little lamb named Loukoumi. A very important message was heard throughout the second book, as Frank Dicopoulos (Frank, Guiding Light ) suggested, "The most important thing a child can have is dreams." Dicopoluous, just one of the many... » Read More

    Days Of Our Lives Video Clip: Tony Leaves EJ A Clue!

    Monday, March 30 2009

    With Tony incapacitated, will Nicole's secret stay safe or will Tony leave EJ just enough of a clue that he'll be able to figure out the truth about baby Sydney? Watch the video clip of what's going to happen this week! » Read More

    Night and Days: An Evening with Kevin Spirtas!

    Friday, March 27 2009

    He used to wander the halls at University Hospital in Salem, but now, has learned that ex- Days of Our Lives star, Kevin Spirtas (Craig Wesley) will be bringing you an unforgettable theatre evening of music at the Annenberg Theatre in Palm Springs.

    Kevin impresses audiences no matter what event he participates in and this evening will be no different. Saturday April 18 from 8:00 PM – 10:30 PM at 101 Museum Drive in... » Read More

    Days Of Our Lives Weekly Blog!

    Friday, March 27 2009

    These are the "Days" of my week, for March 23- 27:

    The theme of the week "disowned". Victor disowned Philly, Kate disowned Victor, Stefano disowned Tony. Overkill. That being said, I thought they had a decent week, overall.

    What stood out this week was Tony’s accidental fall, and Sami asking Rafe to be Godfather to Grace. My formatting for this week’s column is a little different. We’re going from Monday’s... » Read More

    Days Of Our Lives Video Clip Preview: Tony Dies!

    Saturday, March 21 2009

    Two powerful families have gone to war. When Tony DiMera is killed, who is to blame? Is it Philip, who wants the alternative fuels project back? Is it Nicole, who doesn't want anyone else to discover her secrets, is it somebody else in the family, or an accident? Watch the clip and stay tuned for next week!

    Leave your thoughts below! » Read More

    Days Of Our Lives Weekly Blog!

    Friday, March 20 2009

    These are the "Days" of my week for March 16-20:

    Disclaimer: This week, my blog holds two spoilers. I felt the need to spoil a few things while discussing other items because I didn’t feel I could discuss them otherwise. On to the blog!

    Stefano’s getting a few more steps closer to finding out Nicole’s secrets, and this new butler, Alfred, I believe his name is, is said to see all and hear all, just like a... » Read More

    Video Clip: Days Of Our Lives Actors at World Kidney Day Event

    Thursday, March 19 2009 has learned that March 12 2009 marked World Kidney Day Event, which was sponsored by the National Kidney Foundation of Southern California. The cast of Days of Our Lives was out to support World Kidney Day along with George and Ann Lopez, who were there to support those actors without SAG cards, who do not have the insurance to get checked out on their own. At the World Kidney Day Event, actors could get checked out for no charge. » Read More

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