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    Days of Our Lives - NEWS ROOM

    In our 'Days Of Our Lives' News Room, keeps you up-to-date with the latest Soap Opera news on the net. We also feature interviews with the soap stars, as well as local appearances by the actors and actresses.

    Interview with Crystal Chapell & Peter Reckell!

    Monday, November 02 2009

    Carly and Bo ( and other reporters participated in a conference call today with Crystal Chappell and Peter Reckell, (Carly and Bo), regarding their two characters.

    Q Do each soaps give a different feel and how does it feel to be back on DOOL?

    Environment is always different but the process is the same, with the exception of Guiding Light, during the last year. "I’m having the best time I’ve had in years."

    Q Soap audiences are changing. Is the future of soaps on the net?

    "I think Daytime will adapt but will have to change to the viewership. I don’t want to see it go away because I find comfort in it. With the internet, it’s immediate."

    Q Talk about Carly and Bo, and her first reaction to Bo 19 years ago.

    "Peter’s just a kind guy, so it was very easy to work with him and we’ve a nice, easy energy with each other. We learn to trust each other. Bo’s a classic hero, the guy you want around as a friend and romantic partner. He’s that perfect guy."

    About Carly... "She killed someone, but that’s not who she is. He basically held her captive so that was the only way for her to get out. Bo and Justin were the two people she thought of (for help).

    About playing Carly these days..." I love that she’s come back and she’s not perfect. She’s great at being a doctor and a total loser when it comes to relationships. I appreciate that about her!"

    Peter arrives...

    Q Easy to get back into character?

    Peter... "Tell the truth!"

    Crystal..."I had to get my legs for a bit but everyone’s been great." For Peter, having Crystal back as Carly... "There’s two levels. Bo and Hope have been together too long and the writers have had difficulty making it interesting so bringing Carly back makes it much more interesting." Neither woman was on DOOL at the same time in the past. "Working with two amazing actresses makes my life fun!"

    Q Are you worried about becoming the most hated woman?

    First of all, who could hate me? (laughs) I spent ten years on Guiding Light never getting the part. I played a nasty character on there. I’d rather be the one who loses, the one who stirs the pot. They know that ultimately Bo and Hope will be together but this just gives it story.

    Peter..."It’s the circumstances more than the characters."

    Crystal... "Bo and Hope are fighting their way through something anyway so it’s just the timing of it."

    Q Will they play ramifications of Carly being buried alive? Why do people want to harm her?

    Crystal... "We do talk about the buried alive thing and the Vivian and Carly storyline is so delicious."

    Q Do your current fans remember Carly? Fan response…

    Peter... "The news came out when I went to New York on a publicity tour for the Emmys. Almost everybody I spoke to was really excited about Crystal coming back to the show because it’d bring some interest back to the show. (About Viv’s return) Lots of fun."

    Q Who is the one person who has the most influence over your character?

    Peter... "My daughter because I want the best for her."

    Crystal..."I’m not quite sure yet. She’s been isolated for a long time."

    Q Who would Bo turn to for advice?

    "Nobody. I’m helping Carly so… today we’re doing scenes where I feel good because I can help her but am frustrated because I usually go to Hope but we can’t talk anymore. So right now I’m up in the air, in limbo. I’m kind of leaning towards Carly right now."

    Q Could Carly and Hope become friends?

    Both... "Sure."

    Peter... "They’re both powerful women."

    Carly... "There’s no evil interloper. It’s just the circumstances of their lives."

    Bo Flashback! (
    Each has admitted they’re still confused about what their relationship was in the past. Peter… "I’ve got a DVD here to remind me!"

    Q How much does he ride his bike?

    Peter..."Riding my bike, I don’t do it as much. I had quite a bad accident when riding to work so I stick to trying to get out a few times a week. It’s only once a week I ride my bike to work."

    Q How would you characterize Bo’s relationship with Cary and Hope?

    Peter..."That relationship started when we were really young. The Carly relationship was more of an adult relationship. There’s the first love and the love that comes after that."

    Q What was it like killing her husband on camera?

    "It was weird. Nothing that had ever crossed my mind. He’s such a good sport about it. I would never let my kids… If my kids saw that it’d scar them for life."

    Q Rumours about the show being renewed?

    Peter..."First I’ve heard."

    Carly..."I’ve heard nothing."

    Q One thing happens in soap but never in real life?

    Peter..."I never mix reality with what we do on TV. It doesn’t even come into my thought process. That gives me the freedom to be human and the only reality as far as I’m concerned is being a human being. The circumstances of what we do doesn’t come into my conscious."

    Crystal..."I’ve kissed more people… we touch upon little real things, you know, relationships… it heightens it. It’s distorted and hopefully makes for a better story than real life."

    Q If you had your wish what would you like to see happen to Carly for the next six months?

    Crystal..."I don’t know! I like telling a love story with conflict. Maybe some adventure. I wouldn’t mind going back to Mexico. I have a big budget, you know, in my imagination!"

    Peter... "Right along the same lines. We used to do some pretty cool things like Bo and Carly going to Chiza Nicza."

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    Posted by LadyDi50 at Monday, November 02 2009 11:37 AM

    Thanks Chrisi for the interview. I am so interested in seeing what the writers do with these two. They were so good together in the past. I do want Hope to have to fight to get Bo back... so hopefully that's what the writers are working on. Thanks again Bo and Carly... I enjoy both of you and your work... great actor/actress. Keep up the good work.

    Posted by firebird85 at Monday, November 02 2009 01:49 PM

    I loved the interview! I am also enjoying Carly's return to Salem. Great stuff!!

    Posted by Enigma85 at Monday, November 02 2009 03:45 PM

    I'm personally pro-Bope shipper, yet I never grew up with the Bo/Carly story and wouldn't mind seeing the development. Also it is a completely new woman Hope has to be familiar with and compete with for the love of Bo. I'm glad this storyline is happening, because I want Hope to finally fight for Bo; since Bo is usually the one always trying to fight to get Hope's love back. It's going to be worth the watch indeed and I can only hope that it will be interesting enough where down the line Bope will be with each other again. So bring on the angst!

    Posted by BopeHistory at Monday, November 02 2009 07:47 PM

    I too hope this is a story in the end about Bo and Hope. But I don't understand the posts that Hope needs to fight for Bo. If it weren't for Hope fighting for Bo in the very beginning they wouldn't be together. She's fought for him plenty. To many times to count. They need to fight to communicate and see what the issues are and they do have issues and they aren't just in Hope's head. I can't believe people think she hasn't fought for him, when she's done it so much, even when he picked other people over her.

    This story should be about them facing problems head on. Not about who fought for who, because Hope has done her sharing of fghting just like Bo has.

    Posted by Bizzie Fan at Monday, November 02 2009 09:25 PM

    I am with BopeHistory. They should be letting Bo and Hope face this problem together as a couple instead of breaking them apart. Can there not be one couple on a soap that works out their problems without breaking up? Then again, I am not a Carly fan. I didn't like her the first time she was on DOOL. I hadn't watched DOOL in a while. And when I turned it on to start watching it again, Bo and Hope were apart and Carly was back. And from the way it sounds, Bo and Carly could end up together for awhile, while Bo and Hope are working out their problems, so maybe I will just read the updates until Bo and Hope are back together.

    Posted by biancarosa at Tuesday, November 03 2009 01:05 PM

    That was a good interview. I am so glad to see CC back on DOOL. She is a remarkable actress and I think her connection with Bo is going to be very exciting. Hope will be challenged which is a good thing.

    Posted by Bekka655 at Tuesday, November 24 2009 06:50 PM

    I was so excited to see Crystal Chappell back as Carly. She was one of my favorite all time characters. I want HER to be with Bo. Hope is acting like a spoiled brat who does no wrong. The fact that Melanie OR Mia is her daughter gives things and awesome twist! Best storylines in years!

    Posted by mama rosa at Friday, November 27 2009 11:24 AM

    i'm really glad Carly has come home. She has seen the Light. Great to see you back where you belong!!Carly really belongs in Salem. Sorry you had to kill your husband to get there.{hee hee } I am really sick of the way Hope has become so unbalanced as a wife and a cop opps she's not a cop anymore ...cause she cant cope. Carly show her what stand up is. I love that about Carly push her and she'll push back Dont take Hopes crap.

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