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    Friday, October 09 2009

    The face of a concerned wife! (
    These are the "DAYS" of my week from October 5-9:

    The week started out with a murder and a mystery when Carly stabbed her husband Lawrence. Before he died he said, "You’ll never find…" I thought it was sheer perfection. Find what? Find who? That was on our minds all week. I’m anxious to learn more about what has been going on between them all these years and what it is Lawrence is hiding from Carly. That’s well done by the show, because I didn’t watch DOOL 16 years ago, when their storyline was on front burner.

    Bo is angrier at Hope more than ever this week. Since he has been off canvas this week for the most part, it helped me to visualize how he’s been stewing in his anger at Hope for not allowing him to talk to Ciara. That surprised me. It’s unlike Hope! Then on the same day Carly killed Lawrence and tried to call Bo, Ciara called to tell her daddy she loved him. Many are turning against Hope, surprising me. I’m not against her. I just disagree with her.

    From his rehab room, Lucas sent Chloe annulment papers. Likely, Uncle Mickey had them drawn up. When she received them, Chloe felt guilty. Understandable. I would have felt the same, but Daniel’s right. Lucas a decision that’s good for both parties. It showed initiative, showed Lucas growing up a little. Chloe’s embarrassment at being caught by Philip, wearing Daniel’s engagement ring was spot on, too. I was glad that Philip understood her. I’m surprisingly looking forward to moving on from their marriage fiasco. It was good also, to see Chloe and Daniel on a date for once and I’m now glad they’re not having sex just yet. I want to see their relationship develop – sans sex! I did find Chloe’s balking at taking care of her best friend Nicole’s baby very un-friend like! When Nicole needed Chloe the most, she pawned off Sydney on Sami of all people, and ran away! My first reaction was to roll my eyes and call her a flake. That’s only because she usually stares blankly at everyone, so I can’t pick up any tell-tale signs of life inside her head. So I had to dig… I remember that when she was with Lucas, she was very uncomfortable around his kids. Then, after she left Nicole’s place, she had a conversation with Daniel, on the phone. Remember? "Back at the hospital, Daniel talks to Chloe on the phone. He notices she’s upset. She’ll tell him what’s going on once she gets there." Since Chloe’s jobless and isn’t allergic to babies that I know of, I am going to assume that either she’s just very upset about what her friend did or perhaps there is another story behind this.

    Kate Kate, Kate. Is she trying to get Stefano to kill himself? Her revenge for his part in Philip’s shooting? Stefano married Kate and in their pre-nup, he agreed to give her controlling interest in DiMera Shipping? Are you as surprised as I am? Are we up for another Phoenix "death" or what? Is he losing it? He’s just as bad as she is, eating all of that rich food, filled with sugar, all the while, knowing it could lead him to many issues due to his diabetes. I’m very confused over all of this. It’s like he has a death wish or is trying to set her up.

    Baby allergy? (
    Now, I understand why Chia is together. I guess somebody had to hit me over the head, and that somebody was Mia. Mia explained to Brady why she and Chad were together – so he’d stop looking for their baby. How ridiculous. Very old school soap. Will knows Mia cares for him and he’ll soon learn the truth - that Mia’s only with Chad because of the kid. It’s a shame that this storyline is still a little flat and that the writers still haven’t had Chad come off as very likeable in other scenes.

    EJ and Nicole’s scenes again this week were good as was EJ’s with Lexi, and Sami. EJ wasn’t over the top as much as he was with Sami, when he learned he was Grace’s father, after she died, but he did go nuts on Nicole. Let’s take a walk in EJ’s shoes and learn what he could be feeling. He’s a DiMera. He’s not like regular folk. He’s not as forgiving, but he still cares and he hurts. He already went through something similar with Sami, and he showed his anger and hurt by trying to take Johnny away from her. If it weren’t for Nicole, he probably would have succeeded. He’s still angry and bitter and hurting over Grace and now he learns his kid Sydney, really isn’t his. He just lost two kids, though I think Sydney’s still his kid, adopted or not. The woman he loves (and make no mistake - he does love Nicole) has been lying to him about being pregnant all those months, about not being able to have sex, about having his child… the list goes on. He’s in shock! The guy is disgusted with her! His first instinct seems to be getting rid of Nicole and Sydney. Hoping for ‘out of sight, out of mind’, possibly, but it won’t work. Nicole, is a fighter. When kicked down, she comes up fighting. Again. She’s not going to let Sydney go, which means we could be in for another twist. Highlight? I laughed at how Nicole threw Stephanie’s abduction in EJ’s face. After all, lest we forget who EJ really is! Now there’s only one more thing that he needs to learn about – that Grace wasn’t his and that Sydney is his with Sami. We’ll learn that before Arianne (Nicole) goes off on her maternity leave. So what does everyone think will happen once EJ and Sami learn that Sydney’s their kid? How will Rafe fit in? Hey, either way, at least Sami’s still looking for a job! That’s what I want to see.

    Co-dependent- recovering-addict-Brady has lost his mind again and is back in love with Nicole, apparently. I hope we’re not into another triangle with Brady, Nicole and Ari. I’d like to see Melanie talk sense into him. Nicole’s a mess and I don’t want to see her with anybody right now, least of all Brady. She’d only hurt him!

    Just as Nathan and Melanie are starting to get a little closer, it’s not Stephanie who barges in on their date but Philly, who just realized what Stephanie has known, that they’re not meant to be together. (Thank goodness!) Many seem torn on who my Melanie should end up with. I’ve always liked her with Philly, as you know. They’re a lot alike, but I do think she could bring Nathan out of his fuddy-duddy shell! She still has great chemistry with Brady but we know they’re not going to go with a Brelanie pairing. The only problem with a Mel/Philly pairing is that it would leave Nathan wide open for a pairing with Stephanie, who is just as dull as he is. Don’t get me wrong. I like Nathan, but that’s a fact, as our old friend John would say... though I may take that back after watching Friday's peep show when Nathan pressed Melanie's strategic buttons right at Cheatin' Heart! There's a bit of naughtiness to him after all. Me likes.

    It was good to see Stephanie with Maggie, this week, working on the hospital fundraiser for AIDS. Well done! How ironic. Those living in the town of Salem don’t know what condoms are. Hello, Mia, Sami, Nicole? Not one of them has ever had an AIDS test to speak of. I’ll digress there. I don’t want to get started…

    I’d rather dream about the long holiday weekend that I’ll be spending with those I love! Cheers to my fellow Canadian friends who are celebrating Thanksgiving Sunday or Monday and to everyone else who isn’t, have a wonderful weekend anyway!

    Gobble Gobble!

    - Christine Fix

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    Posted by Danielle at Friday, October 09 2009 11:49 AM

    I also do not like the way Hope is acting. I am not exactly against her but if she does come back and eat a little crow pie, before Carly finds Bo, I think she will deserve it if Bo moves on. I am thinking with Lawerence saying you will never find... I think Bo and carly have a child out their and that was what the fight was about, she wanted to find her child. Maybe Lawerence had some dirt on Carly and blackmailed her into giving the child up. Who knows this is Days. I just do not want to see Hope going back to Bo because another woman is around. You know how it is, a child seeing someone play with one of their toys so they want it back and this is true to Hope form.
    I also think Chloe pawning her best friends child off on Sami, in her friends hour of need was childish. I know Chloe had that pregnancy scare and it came back negetive but maybe with the chemo chloe had when she was a child supposedly left her sterile. The negetive pregnancy only confirmed that she couldn't have kids. I know when I was told I couldn't have kids, I didn't want to be around them and I convinced myself I didn't want them. There is something their (possible story line) I had a friend that had leukemia when she was a child and she was told because of the treatment she wouldn't be able to have kids but she did. Proving drs are not allways correct.

    Posted by Danielle at Friday, October 09 2009 11:55 AM

    Supposedly rafe is going to have amnesia (duh, true soap form) and carly fishes him out of the river (possible later pairing). I think somehow Rafe will comeout of it and Rafe and sami will get back together but E.J. and Sami will get closer so out of jealousy Rafe will not tell them because he doesn't want Sami and E.J. having that connection. Sami finds all of the information that Rafe has collected, realizes that Syd is hers and E.J.'s runs to tell E.J. and her and E.J. run off to find Sydney (after she breaks up with Rafe for not telling her) with Rafe a day or two behind them. Do not worry, Grandma Caroline will watch the kids. LOL

    Posted by bmes at Friday, October 09 2009 11:55 AM

    I've said it before, but I wish there was some kind of twist, and we find out that Hope is actually Gina, which would make me feel better and understand better her behavior.
    yep. from Canada here!!! Happy Thanksgiving to you. got the whole family coming here for turkey dinner!! YUM YUM!! time to gain 5 pounds in just one weekend!!

    Posted by Bwarner24 at Friday, October 09 2009 12:46 PM

    Hey Chrissi!
    I do like your comments and I think you are right on with them! I believe DAYS has gotten "good" again and they need to keep this momentum going! October is usually a slow month anyway for soaps because of Nov. sweeps so I think it will be even better in November.
    I am one who likes Melanie with Philly also. I just think they click together! Mel better watch her back, though, if she picks Philly because Moma Kate will be standing by with the syringes if she messes up at all!
    I couldn't believe Stephano put that in the pre-nup either and gave Kate controlling interest in Dimera Shipping if something happens to him!! Maybe he's playing his game of chess with her, though--I guess we'll just have to wait and see! I'm personally still ticked that she's not behind bars for good!
    EJ and Nicole's scenes this week were awesome! James and Ari rocked them as usual, I might add! They always give excellent performances!!
    Interesting thoughts from Danielle, wouldn't that be something if somehow Carly and Bo did have a child and Lawrence stole it all those years ago and it's alive somewhere! I can't really remember--it's been so long ago but I'm going to look at old storylines and see if there's any way they could possibly have a child together. I believe Lawrence and Jennifer were together briefly, too, and maybe it was against Jenn's will at some castle in Europe. I do remember that and remember Jack coming and saving her. I remember Matthew Ashford being just hilarious in some of those scenes and, at the same time, just brilliant when he was saving Jenn!! All this has me curious now and I'm going to quit and go do some research!!! LOL!
    One more thing though---Someone please get sexy Rafe out of the river. I am sure he is super tired from treading water for what, a week now!! As many times as goofball Meredith hit him in the head, you just know he'll have amnesia and of course, this will only prolong what we've all been waiting for---his telling Sami about Sydney being hers!!!
    And of course, you know I am a SAFE fan, so it's way past time for a SAFE reunion!!!
    I hope you have a fantastic Thanksgiving, Chrissi and may you and your family be blessed!!

    Posted by DOOL1965 at Friday, October 09 2009 01:17 PM

    Another lack luster week for Days, there is only so much ranting and raving I can take from EJ.

    Victor was good this week, with Kate and Philip and his one-liners.

    I can’t wait for Rafe to come back, so he and Sami can move on with their lives. I don’t see Sami and EJ as a couple, too much has happened to both of them. Besides all the Brady’s hate Dimera’s and Stefano hates all the Brady’s, it just doesn’t make sense to put them together. What’s EJ, Sami and the kids going to do, live in a cocoon how boring is that. I think EJ and Nicole will get back together in time.

    They are bringing in all these new characters, and they are not going to stand on the sidelines. I think in time it will be Rafe, Sami, Brady & Arianna against EJ, Nicole, Stefano and possibly Kate. So the Brady Dimera feud can continue for all eternity.

    Happy Thanksgiving to all Canadian DOOL fans!

    Posted by firebird85 at Friday, October 09 2009 02:10 PM

    Hey Chrissi! Interesting comments.
    I am enjoying Carly & the mystery surrounding her life with Lawrence. I am also curious about Rafe & his status.
    I also believe that we will be waiting a while before the whole truth about Sydney is out.
    I am still not totally involved in Bo & Hope's marital problem. I find the whole issue lame.
    I loved Nathan & Melanie on their date. I didn't care for Mel's disappointed look when Philip left.
    Overall, Days rocked this week!James & Ari's performances were awesome. I felt compassion for EJ & disgusted at Nicole for blaming everyone for her lies.
    For my fellow Canucks - Have a Happy & Safe Thanksgiving Weekend! For the rest of my DOOL posters, Have a great Weekend!

    Posted by 2boyzrule at Friday, October 09 2009 02:41 PM

    Nice Update Chrissi, thanks!

    Unless I missed something, Daniel and Chloe had a very short date which no food or drinks where involved just the key convo which was actually funny we saw these two having money sex/while she was cheating on Lucas and now that she is free so to speak she wants to wait before they hit the sheets again...What a joke! And whatever they are trying to sell here, I'm still not buying the danloe love stuff!! Nope, not now or ever. Besides, did you see the way Chloe handed off Sydney to Sami, Chloe isn't ready for children although I'm sure we get some Danloe talks about weddings and family coming up...yuck!

    Nice to see a Phloe moment this week, but it is rather tacky to wear another man's ring when your not yet divorced or "technically" free from another man- just made Chloe look Cheap! Where oh where is the Chloe Lane that I onced loved with both Phillip and Brady, Loved loved Broe but I don't see that coming around again...phooey!!

    Please no more babies on this show right now, we don't need anymore.

    Loving Kate, no she didn't try to Kill Stefano, he's a grown man and she had told him he needed to stop with the drinks and sweets but he didn't listen. So, please no more blame on Kate!

    Bope is my favorite couple but this is beyond lame, I'm so sick by this.

    Brady, why can't you see Nicole is no good for you?

    Melanie and Nathan are great together, I'm not sure why Nathan gets so much grief...he's a Horton and all or most Horton's are stand up people and I like Mark, he's not only a hottie, he's very talented so he's just not their for the eye candy! I don't want Phillip and Melanie together because they are too much alike and I'm sure they would get boring. I still don't think Steph/Phillip are over, nope...a quad we will have but I think Melanie will find Nathan is the man she wants in the end- I would be SO happy to hear that!

    James, Ari and Ali rocked their scenes this week and I really enjoyed them- just could they change clothes a bit more often, that's my only complaint.. Nicole had that outfit on for a week, not my favorite.

    Posted by bghwme at Friday, October 09 2009 03:04 PM

    I'm not against Hope. I just think there is more to her story than what meets the eye here. Something is going on with Hope that we do not know about yet...

    Carly is going to turn out to be one cool lady. I think her story will take center stage when the baby-switch thing is over.

    I don't think EJ should have thrown Nicole and Sydney out of the mansion like that with no money and no place to go. That is kind of mean.

    Posted by landofoz49p at Friday, October 16 2009 07:23 AM

    When will it come out,again,that Johnny is really Lucas' baby. Remember E.J fixed the records. Talk about a lie!

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