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    Friday, August 14 2009

    Arianne Zuker's baby bump?! (
    These are the "DAYS" of my week for August 10-14:

    Things were a little slower paced for us last week and early this week I didn't see much of a change. We've been hearing about Bo's visions of Ciara since May, waiting for this story to take off already, and 'SLAM!' the end of the week put us right into the middle of a kidnapping storyline. I'm still not interested. Rafe and Sami broke up and then Johnny's cough came about. Segue way into another storyline or twist for one already happening? Keep watching and we'll find out!

    These two provided the week’s eye candy at the Kiriakis pool. Arianna spoke with the ex again and was pleased to hear that the big bosses are happy she’s doing so well with moving the merchandise. Have you any thought as to who the boss could be? Stefano? Victor? EJ? Somebody new?

    We had a Lumi moment, which was fun, as usual. Their banter made me laugh and I love how Lucas still maintains that EJ deserved to be shot in the back and to have died. I’d love to see some Lucas/EJ conflict scenes again.

    Oh the drama with these two! Rafe left Sami again. Sometimes I think of this as their dance. Every couple has a quirky way about them. EJ yells screams bloody murder at Nicole and Rafe takes off when he feels cornered. EJ is an energetic, passionate and expressive kind of guy. He’s scary! Rafe is the strong silent type. Not as excitable. Confrontation, expressing himself and communicating is difficult for this guy. So he leaves when things get overwhelming. I think we can agree that neither man is perfect, that screaming and walking out are both annoying!

    It was hard to watch Safe break-up. Rafe feels she doesn’t trust him and that’s why she’s demanding the truth, and won’t let up until she knows. I don't support that. I do think that Sami trusts him and I do think that she deserves to know the truth about his past. It seems to me that he is the one with gigantic trust issues and can't trust in Sami. He worries about how she’ll react to his story, and he must think it's really bad, because he refuses to budge, even when his sister, Arianna pushes him.

    It was nice to see Sami have people in her townhouse after the break-up with Rafe. Usually she’s alone, but she had a visit from Stephanie and Maggie Friday. Good to see and I’d like to see more of these relationships develop.

    Nicole’s getting too close to Sami. Fans are enjoying their scenes and it’s brilliant because the pay off will be even greater when the baby switch is in the open.

    Monday was the first time I’ve seen Nicole finally get a backbone where EJ is concerned. She’s slowly realizing that he doesn’t want to be happy, that like any good DiMera, he loves to wallow in sorrow and pain and without a vendetta, he’s not quite sure how to live his life.

    EJ was broody again and suspicious of his wife. I realize Nicole deserves him to be suspicious, however, there is truly no reason for him to mistrust her so and to follow her every move. She let him know she was off to the pub to get food for Johnny and when EJ returned home to find her still gone, he ranted about it to Stefano and called her cell phone. Short leash. I don’t see what motivates him other than she seems to be very emotional about Grace’s death. I’d like him to catch her at something and really have cause for suspicion. Then, I will accept the short leash.

    I got a lot of gratification with the scene between sister and brother, Lexi and EJ. That’s what I want to see. Family helping family. He opened up about his feelings for Sami. He didn’t really say he was in love with her, but what he did say gave us insight into feelings he has for her that he probably shouldn’t, considering he’s with Nicole. So does this mean that once he finds out Nicole switched babies, he’ll dump her and go to Sami? Will Sami, who we know loves Rafe, even want EJ? We know how EJ feels about betrayal, so it’s safe to say he’ll do something to Nicole when he finds out. Whether or not he’ll put her up in the secret room, dump her or something worse, remains to be seen, but we know it’s bad. When he finds out Sydney’s his daughter and Sami’s the mother, will it make him feel that parental bond much more than he already feels it? Will Sami and Rafe stay split up long enough for EJ and Sami to get close or is this all temporary and will Nicole get caught much sooner? The wheels are spinning!

    Theo watching Ciara go with "Creeper." (
    Stefano’s tears in front of Lexi were disturbing this week. He’s so emotional lately that I don’t recognize him. He made one of his classic mystery calls. That’s intriguing. I think it’s about Dr. Baker this time, not Rafe. I can see Stefano putting a hit on Baker, but if he does so, it’ll be bad for Nicole and I think for him as well, if EJ finds out he knew about this baby switch all along.

    Dr Baker:
    When did I really start to love him? I’m not sure. I’d forgotten how fun he and Nicole were. We all should remember that Dr. Baker wrote that letter about Nicole and her baby switch. On Friday, some thug came to him, demanding his money. It worried me, because if this guy kills Baker, and the letter is found, the cops will assume Nicole had him killed. I do want the storyline to wrap up, in a sense, but not sure how I want to see it happen or how it will occur. I’m not sure it’s possible for this to happen, but I’d like to see Baker stick around Salem. His chemistry with Nicole is great and if he is killed off or leaves town again, we won’t see that.

    Finally, we’re getting somewhere with Bo’s vision. He started having this vision about Ciara losing her Tommy Bear May 11. It hasn’t caught on with many, because the writers have only given us a glimpse of this vision every other month. They rarely even show Bope, so this storyline isn’t as engaging as I’m sure they were hoping for. Let’s recap. The mystery man saw Hope’s name in the paper. She donated a large sum to charity and unfortunately, it wasn’t anonymous as she had wanted it to be. So Mr. Mystery Creeper reads about it and figures he can make five million dollars from a police officer and a police commissioner. Is he on something? Not only are they the cops but they’re far from rich. So he lured Ciara away, thanks to Ellen, who obviously had too many charges at the carnival.

    Theo saw the mystery man, ("Creeper") kidnap Ciara. I watched his gaze when Lexi was tending to Tracy and he saw the whole thing. Finally! This cutie gets something to do that doesn’t have to involve just his Autism! He wrung his hands and said he saw Ciara, but will he be able to share more about the napping?

    Chia/Wia et al:
    Good to see Mia and Will’s relationship kicked up a few notches. We’re seeing more of Mia and Will’s relationship heating up with the kissing and hand-holding. I think that Mia must have feelings for Chad still, but for now, Will is her guy. Chad and Kinsey are delicious brats, trying to break them up and again, it reminds me of the past story of Shawn, Belle and Jan Spears!

    Kate’s getting stranger by the day. The fantasies about Daniel are still very sex driven. Many fans seem disgusted by them. I’m not. I find them both attractive people and am enjoying this dirty side of Kate.

    This week he tried to save Chloe, but Abe’s citizen’s arrest (way over the top) put a crimp in Daniel’s plans. Abe’s head almost blew straight off his neck when he learned Daniel wanted Lexi to take the drug that poisoned Chloe and inject her with it in a smaller scale. That’s understandable from Abe’s point of view, but he still annoyed me! Though this week, Chloe had a little increase in brain activity, she’s not going to wake up soon.

    Justin’s return:
    I didn’t watch him back when, so this is my first time getting to know him. He seems as though he could be interesting. I’d like to see him do a few bad deeds. He seems like he could have more appeal bad, rather than good. Obviously, he’s a great lawyer. Kate should be aware. The fact that they live under the same roof could make for some interesting times at the Kiriakis compound.

    One of my pals on Facebook said she was happy to see another hot 50 year old guy on the show. She’s over the puppies, she said. That surprised me. I didn’t consider him as hot because he’s older, but how silly of me. Age shouldn’t matter, right? He looks great, as does Bo, and my pal made a good point. We’ve loads of younger cute guys on canvas. It’s nice to see an older guy around.

    No real thoughts on the new DA, Mr. Woods, except it seems as though he has the potential to really cause troubles for Daniel and Justin.

    Either she can’t catch a break when it comes to dating, or she simply can’t catch a break with Nathan. I don’t want her with Nathan anyway, so am glad that it’s not working out with them. Stephanie seems awfully intrigued by the serious young doctor-to-be, though. He as well seems interested in her. What did he say Friday? He toasted to an uncomplicated relationship. Was I the only one thinking… friends with benefits? Hey, you saw the suggestive look on Stephanie's face!

    To wrap things up for the week, I still haven't felt that engaged with the show. I realize many are hoping that bringing back past characters will help push the ratings up but good acting isn't the only thing that'll help the show. Fans won't stick around unless the story is compelling, filled with drama, sex and adventure. Speaking of adventure, I'm off for one this weekend. Cheers and please feel free to leave a comment about your thoughts for the week and follow us on Twitter @soapoperafan!

    - Christine Fix

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    Posted by Bwarner24 at Friday, August 14 2009 11:55 AM

    Good rant this week! I agree with ya! The show is definitely not as interesting as it once was! Stories move at too slow of a pace. The only real "romance" going on was SAFE and now they have broken up. The kidnapping and harming children or children dying stories are getting really old! And depressing!! As I said on the daily update today, they need to come up with some good old romantic storylines that involve mystery, danger, and most of all tender love scenes!!! It's a shame those are not a part of this soap opera anymore it seems!! Have a great weekend and be SAFE!!

    Posted by bghwme at Friday, August 14 2009 01:57 PM

    Hi Chrissy. My take on the show is just a little bit different than yours this week, and I did enjoy it more than usual. Little Johnny's cough really had me worried and I was glad to see Sami took him to the hospital. I think a scene where she was way more worried was warranted, but maybe that just means it's nothing serious.

    I will Start with STEPHANO:

    Take a cue from Sami and never ever trust anything Stephano does or says. He often means the opposite of what he says and feigns emotion as a manipulation tool. He is criminally insane and very dangerous as he is also cunning and filthy rich with "dirty" money.


    I am very concerned that Arianna might be bad for Brady. Since his Dad and "Mom" who love him are not in town I feel a bit protective of Brady. I do not like him in the clutches of Victor Kiriakis nor do I like him in the company of a possibly shady woman.

    Really hope she is working undercover trying to find a way to get to the "big guys" in the Salem drug ring. And, I think that would be the DiMeras. If they would deal in "blood diamonds" they would deal in drugs. Also hope that her reasons for wanting to bring them down has a lot more to do with her and Rafe's past than it does drugs. I think the Brady's were not the only ones Stephano had a vendetta against.


    Their scenes are always excellent, and I think Lucas is the only one who hates EJ more than Rafe does. I think there is more behind Rafe's hatred for EJ than just jealousy over Sami.

    I did not like the way Lucas treated Maggie, and I hope he apologizes real soon.

    Safe: Although I think that Sami and Rafe belong together, I was glad that he left. I always thought Sami should be on her own and gain some independence before she got too involved, so it's a great way to pause things and let them find their way back to each other later.

    It's kind of sad, though that after promising her that he was going to be there for her "no matter what" and never leave her, he up and left just like that. I don't think Sami really believed him anyway. She has come to expect the ones she loves to abandon her. It's the story of her life.

    I don't think Sami wanting to know about Rafe's past has anything to do with her not trusting him. Consider how many people in Sami's life turned out not to be who they seemed to be. Sami NEEDS to know who he really is. If he really was listening to Sami's story, he would understand that.

    And, it was nice to see Sami interacting with some other characters. And, it was fun to see Rafe and Melanie meet. Hopefully, Melanie will use her matchmaking skills on the two of them some time.

    Speaking of MELANIE:

    It seems to me that Nathan is more interested in Stephanie than he is in Melanie. Maybe there will be a Philip/Nathan/Stephanie triangle and Melanie will wash her hand of all of them.

    Then, someday Prince Charming will ride in to town and swoop fair Melanie off her feet. Perhaps one of Justin's sons..

    I can't stand the Daniel/Kate/Chloe story...except for the effect the whole thing has had on Lucas. I hope it doesn't make Lucas bitter and angry all the time. Just that he doesn't trust women. Why should he?


    I think it would have helped if the writers had explained where Hope got $5 million to donate to charity in the first place. Maybe it wasn't even her money. Maybe someone else sent it to her to donate to the charity anonymously, and the donor wanted to remain anonymous. The takers up and printed Hope's name as the donor. I don't know. I just think that's a lot of money for a cop's wife and it should have been explained.

    Other than that, I think all the characters did a good job with their scenes including the one playing Cierra. Corday needs to quit picking on the children in this show and just focus on them more. They might just save the show for him and he won't have to bring in every single past vet except for the ones we want in order to save his wretched ratings.

    Posted by racingfan at Friday, August 14 2009 09:08 PM

    Actually I think hope got the money that she donated from a trust fund the only thing I wanted to comment on is that the kidnapper so came off like a pedafile he didn't make me think for a second that he cared about money he was absolutely creepy and rafe absolutely needs to tell sami the truth she deserves to know she has kids and he shouldn't just walk out everytime things get a little uncomfortable for him

    Posted by Chrissi at Monday, August 17 2009 07:37 AM

    Hi - great thoughts, guys.

    Posted by nygiantsgal at Thursday, August 20 2009 06:35 AM

    bghwme i really liked your thought process in regards to the Rafe/Arianna situation. i never really thought about WHY they were orphaned. Very perceptive, boy do i hope you are right! Maybe if Stefano turns his attention to Arianna that is where Brady and Melanie go on their 'next' rescue mission.

    Posted by 2boyzrule at Friday, August 21 2009 04:14 PM

    Hey Chrissi!

    Nice update. I can agree with you on a few things but the major one is Kate and Daniel. I've totally loved Kate during this, yep she's a bit wacko and I honestly believe the old Kate would never go to extremes for a man, esp not Daniel but this is a show...but I find Kate and Daniel just twisted but a sexy twisted. I think SC has given some great performances with LK lately, I've also enjoyed him with Peter and Kristian. I'm an old Dansea girl but I must give props to those who are deserving and for me, LK has been great through Danloe- she's the reason I've survived it all! lol.

    Take care! Poor Melanie...that's all I will say.

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