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    In our 'Days Of Our Lives' News Room, keeps you up-to-date with the latest Soap Opera news on the net. We also feature interviews with the soap stars, as well as local appearances by the actors and actresses.

    Deconstructing DOOL Weekly Blog.

    Friday, July 18 2014

    Miss Suzy Cream Cheese.
    Salem Shenanigans from July 14 - 18 :

    This week was a short one. Salemites saw some tragedy, some mighty big lies, humiliation and more scheming. Let's get to it!

    Hope and Aiden.
    The auction never did go anywhere on Monday’s show. It was disappointing in a way, but they raised a lot of money for I don’t know… the school? That really wasn’t the focus. The focus was on Hope and Aiden’s feelings for each other surfacing. It’s intriguing. Hope’s torn about the realization that while she’s missing Bo, she has a thing for another man. Aiden’s trying to be a gentleman by staying away from her – or is there something else going on with him? There’s more to the story about his wife’s death. I’m hooked!

    No redemption for Theresa?
    John’s poor noggin. He’s already been banging his head on a brick wall trying to reason with Brady over his love life but having Theresa strike him over the head with a fireplace poker just brings him back where he was seven years ago. In a coma. If this doesn’t make Brady get help I don’t know what will. Theresa's lies already seem to be unravelling and Daniel's already suspicious. Of what he may not know yet but hopefully he'll get to the bottom of this. There’s a distinctive feeling that Theresa’s the new Nick. Many say there’s no redemption for her now but we know soaps. No matter what they do to a character, soap operas have ways of redeeming. Look at EJ. Wait. Nevermind. Some don’t feel much for Brady but annoyance because he refuses to listen to his friends and family warning him away from Theresa. It’s understandable but we have to remember he’s an alcoholic and his disease makes all of the decisions. Poor sod. No matter what, he doesn’t deserve what Theresa’s doing to him. It’s Kristen all over again. As for Marlena, this could bring back memories of love for John. How do you feel about a Jarlena reunion?

    Our wish: Maybe Victor has security cameras installed inside the Kiriakis mansion. Or maybe the SPD will do their jobs – already we’re seeing this. Otherwise this story’s gonna drag out for months.

    Odd bird.
    Eve’s really a strange one. She’s so overt in her intentions with Daniel and you can tell he sees it and enjoys the attention. I still haven’t made up my mind about her!

    Sami Brady can be scary vicious!
    Cross Sami and she’ll ruin you. Ruin. Sami has been pretty entertaining this past week if you like the bitter vibe. She was also wicked to have hurt innocent people such as Ben and HRH Jennifer. Why burn bridges that way? It’s easy to see why she’s ruining EJ and Abigail, but there’s no reason to hurt everyone else who gets in her path. It’s hard to tell if she’s screwing EJ over because he screwed the sweetheart of Sigma Chi or because of that and because he kept those photos of her throwing Nick into the river and other evidence which is admissible in a court of law. That he kept this proves his intentions with her weren’t honourable. For that, surely, he should pay, but now that she has the documents and is rid of him, why waste more energy on him? Like I said last week in Deconstructing “DOOL,” When all is said and done, will Sami be happy? Or will she realize revenge is a recipe for misery?

    Many are angry that nobody’s sticking up for Sami, the victim in all this. It’s likely because instead of acting like a victim for real, not faking people like Ben out, she is spouting off all over town, treating people like dirt and seeking revenge ‘for as long as they both shall live’. It’s hard for many viewers and for Salemites to feel for her when she gets this way but just wait until she breaks down. Her family will be there for her and hopefully not say ‘I told ya so’.

    Will Daniel unravel Theresa's lies?
    Taking responsibility.
    Good for Abigail for taking responsibility for doing another girl’s man. It’s the least she could do! Her joke about Sami and Carrie having something in common hating on her was pretty funny. It’s taking the focus off her and putting it directly upon the couple where it should be. Though... did you all smirk watching her make that scene with Eve in the Horton square? She was out of her right mind. Wait until Eve learns she had an affair with Sami’s fiancé. Eve will have a chance to throw all that back in her face.

    Miss Suzy Cream Cheese’s family sure sees her as a victim. Will mentioned Abby being “mixed up” and “in mourning” but most don’t think of her being vulnerable because she really didn’t play it that way and the story didn’t dictate. I’m still unsure if I see things that way and would love some feedback on how you see Abigail.

    Tammy Sue and Ollie reunited with Pa Clyde.
    Though Jordan’s more lively than we’ve ever seen her and it’s plain to see she’s fearful of Clyde, I’m still not afraid or creeped out by Clyde. Yet? He’s no Trent or Curtis but oddly, his scenes with Kate are enjoyable. They have – dare I say - a bit of chemistry which I know sounds ridiculous. Plus, they’re in different worlds.

    Kami’s manse.
    It’s going to be fun watching Kate and Sami as roomies, which is completely original. Already their dialogue and cutting remarks are entertaining, but it’s hard to believe Kate isn’t concerned Sami will spill about her fling with Rafe to Jordan before it’s time.

    Best lines of the week:

    Jenn, “It’s not going to be easy fighting the wrath of Sami.”

    Sami, "My husband cheated on me with the sweetheart of Sigma Chi."

    Sami, "I didn't know you were banging Miss Suzie Cream Cheese."

    Sami, "Just your pointy hats and brooms?"

    Rafe, "I almost feel sorry for EJ DiMera."

    Sami, “You and Rafe had a booty call?”

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    - Christine Fix

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    Posted by holdingonfordearlife at Friday, July 18 2014 12:06 PM

    Pretty good there Chrissi............Pretty dog gone

    I love Abby and I see her pain. She knows she did
    wrong....but she wasn't the one engaged.....He
    is the one.....and he thinks he will get sami back....

    I don't know...but like Abby said....they do belong
    together.....and good luck with getting her back....

    Ole Wells got some ear piercing comments thrown at
    him today...........Will did a fine job on him also.

    Posted by holdingonfordearlife at Friday, July 18 2014 12:11 PM

    Oh and yes....I want John and his Doc back together more splits....

    And I wish our Bo would/could come back if only to
    free Hope way or the other....

    Don't know what's going on with Aiden.....they come
    to town with so much baggage....all these new faces.

    And Clyde.....hope he doesn't think he is going to
    get a ride on Humpy............not in this lifetime!!!

    Posted by lemonade890 at Friday, July 18 2014 12:49 PM

    Abigail still wants EJ. Hope they don't go to bed with each other again. I hope that Sammie will soon forgive EJ,and that they can move past this.

    Posted by holdingonfordearlife at Friday, July 18 2014 12:56 PM

    Is October here yet?????...............Maybe it will
    grow wings.....

    Posted by LuvBoHope at Friday, July 18 2014 01:51 PM

    The GREAT majority from what I've read about Hope moving on with Aiden is everybody expects her to move one, BUT not until Bo's absence is explained a WHOLE lot better than what the writers have done to this point. I don't care HOW LONG it's been Bo/Bope deserve proper, acceptable, believable, & pleasing closure BEFORE Hope devopments romantic feelings for anybody. Bo would NEVER choose to stay away from Hope & Ciara this long -0 VERY shabby explanation and a divorce either way would NOT be favorable to their fans from this incredible love story OR true to character. Not asking much & should be done so ALL would support Hope with Aiden or any other man!

    Posted by stjarna at Friday, July 18 2014 02:20 PM


    My most favourite line this week is Sami to Kate, "Just your pointy hats and brooms?"

    This week.... I just can't stick Theresa! Marlena was great!

    There is honour in revenge - someone said in a show! Hm...maybe- but with Samantha Brady DiMera it is a given! And knowing her, and I have watched her for the last 18 years I think- this is not a surprise that she would go to all the lengths she has taken. She will/is hurting herself, but she is still super mad so she is on the roll- that is who she is and I have not expected her to react otherwise- and I think even when she breaks down- she will pick herself up and continue with her mission. After all- she has got herself and the kids! So, she will be fine! Women a tough creatures!
    (As an Ejami fan- I am very disappointed what they have done, as with this they have killed Ejami....and I know that loads of viewers are rejocing it- I just wonder who will keep us entertained after Ejami goes come October?!- well, remains to be seen - maybe we will get Danicole! )

    Re Miss prissy Abigail.
    Abigail has serious emotional problems, and I have stated that many times in a few threads. She feels a void and emptiness in her life, and I can see that- only her mother Jennifer- doesn't see it- and there is a sadness about it- because she is not helping her daughter but enabling her to continue doing the same mistakes to fill the void with bad
    choices- (I have been harsh with Jennifer- as she really peeved me off- and I still harbour some contempt towards that character- that with her HRH attitude has crippled Abigail immensely- there was a moment when Abigail looks at her and apologizing and taking responsibility for her actions- and explaining to her that she got into the affair because EJ made her feel better about herself- and Jennifer doesn't even look at her- but then does hug her- but it's more like- 'let's shove the painful stuff away' and everything will be fine- Jennifer is not helping Abigail- she is the one who thought her to be self-rightous and act the way she does-
    and so, we have Abigail say all those words about taking responsibility and she owned the action- in words...but not in acts- as after her brief talk with Ben and his question whether she is/was in love with EJ- I think she denies it- but then runs to jail to see him- hoping that there is something there for her- she still wants him, and would have been with him when he gets out of jail- but he says clearly what he wants and that is his wife....
    Saying the words don't cut it- you need to act on what you say - otherwise they fall through.
    Her actions have shown that she is a hypocrite - I am afraid.
    She put her needs first, and didn't think of those kids, who she knew so very well. For a person with high and mighty attitude in public and with others, I expected that she had more sense to stop herself from following the bad EJ DiMera, and then some of us would have been more lenient with this character. She gets the support of her family and friends, because they didn't see what we have seen.

    Samantha will get the 'I told you so'- because that is what her family is like- they have done it before- they will do it again. Samantha is the bad guy,even when she is not in the wrong- but because of all she had done in her life she doesn't get sympathy! She gets it from me, this time, she gets it from me!

    I don't know if I had expressed myself the way I wanted to- and it is a long one-
    And it is only a soap- so why get so into it- LOL-... I don't know....but...there it is....

    And someone somewhere wrote that Days is now mostly about doom and

    I just wish we got a real Ejami wedding- the romantic one- since this is a soap and at least here we can enjoy some romantic moment with the couples we so love- because life is so full of doom and gloom on a daily basis... why couldn't Ejami fans get one bubble wedding.... I think that they should do it- even if it is a dream sequence!

    Take care everyone!

    Posted by dianexlynn at Friday, July 18 2014 03:33 PM

    Between Abby and EJ...Abby is guilty, she practically forced herself on him, he turned her down in the beginning. But, between EJ and Sammi...EJ is guilty, Sammi has every right to be mad, at him and Abby!

    Posted by DawnD13 at Friday, July 18 2014 06:03 PM

    I have no sympathy for Abigail. She's done this before (with Austin) and is a big girl--she clearly learned NOTHING when she messed around with another married man. All right, he wasn't married yet then, but the concept is the same. But calling her "Suzy Creamcheese" was pretty disgusting. Sweetheart of Sigma Chi" is ok but I really detest the term "Suzy Creamcheese". I mean, yeah, Abby is a such a tart, but really--no need to get so graphic. I think this is Sami going out in a blaze of glory now that she is leaving the series. And sending EJ to jail gives him a great "out" as well. Now, I hope "Kami" can conspire to keep Stefano away. He's just a drag. I think Eve is back to stick it to Jennifer because Jack is Paige's real father. That would also explain Eve's keeping Paige and JJ apart if they are bro & sis.

    Posted by lilyofthefields at Saturday, July 19 2014 02:47 PM

    Stjarna you stated Abby's situation beautifully - I couldn't have said it any better and was looking for the right words. The scene you mention with her and Jennifer and Jennifer's total lack of insight as to what was really going on is spot on. She is a tragic character indeed. Her behavior is a cry for help and no one recognizes it. And while this may cause me to be empathetic towards her I can't because she is such a hypocrite as are the members of her family. So funny Jennifer treated Daniel so badly when she had thought he had slept with Theresa and if I recall there were several "public" outbursts when she blasted Daniel, JJ went after Eve when she treated his mom so badly, Abby went after Eve - also a manic outburst in public as well and yet no one seems to understand why Sami would be so angry and upset especially when Abby remained so close to her and the kids while all of this was going on. Sami knew of course but Abby didn't know that. Talk about real betrayal. Wow, wouldn't any of us go ballistic if that happened? Abby herself kicked Chad to the curb when she felt she had been lied to and has proven time and time again through other relationships to have no tolerance for those with any flaws. And I do believe she would jump right back into bed with EJ if given the chance. Jennifer does have her head in the sand with regards to Abby and it makes me dislike them both immensely.

    Posted by LumiStill at Saturday, July 19 2014 03:29 PM


    I read your posts all the time. They're great...keep it up! I just wanted to ask what you thought about this: The rumors say Kristen is returning to kidnap someone. Any chance that someone could be Theresa? Do you think she'll have it out with her over Brady?

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