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    Deconstructing DOOL Weekly Blog.

    Friday, June 20 2014

    Sami knows! (NBC Universal Inc.)
    Salem Shenanigans from June 16 - 20:

    Fans have been complaining that the show hasn’t been overly exciting for a few weeks but it turns out it was the calm before the storm. Suddenly, this week, everything exploded. Three huge reveals knocked our socks off. Let’s discuss!

    Love how they’re showing Will and Sonny having a hard time coming to terms with losing Gabi to 10-20 years in prison. It’s so authentic.

    Theresa’s a bad influence.
    Brady, when high, is pretty funny but when he’s with Theresa it’s as though he stepped into a spot of bad weather. It’s disconcerting that he admitted he trusts her when we know her feelings for him aren’t as strong as the ones she has for his wallet. Without her, it’s easy to see Brady might be able to gather some willpower and refuse the nose candy.

    Oh ye self-righteous ones.
    Eric went to Bishop White with the evidence to clear his name and it was rather low-key, much to my dismay, the way it was when Eric learned Nicole kept the truth from him. Eric’s lacking passion for anything other than the church. The only time he’s really noticeable is when he calls people out on their crap. He tells it like it is in such a way that we can see he receives no joy from it but whomever it’s directed at hears him loud and clear. Sami was at the other end of his honesty this time when he told her he knew EJ knew what Kristen did to him yet Sami chose EJ over her own twin brother. She must have felt pretty stupid, considering EJ wasn’t nearly as loyal to her.
    Does anyone think Eric will go back to the priesthood if he’s able? Maybe a better question is do you even care anymore? Weigh in with your thoughts and vote on the Days Poll: What will Eric do? Maybe Eric and Jenn will get together with Marlena and go off with their self-righteous selves and bore each other to death.

    The shrink needs to shrink herself.
    Last week I mentioned how Marlena did what she did best and looked down her nose at Kate and Sami and nothing changed this week. That glow in the dark suit Marlena had on this week woke us up better than any cup of coffee could have. It was a good choice. Anyone seeing her coming could have run the other way. Matt says, “Is her outfit supposed to be as obnoxious and misguided as her personality?”

    Jennifer Rose needs to give it up.
    Tuesday’s show gets top marks for being most boring. Jennifer’s hanging on to something that we all saw was dead months ago when she stopped believing in him when he saved Theresa’s life. Daniel moved on fast after finally cluing in that she never has faith in him. It’ll never change. She’s too sanctimonious. It’s priceless that the kooky ‘snow leopard’, Eve of all people, is interested in him. Talk about history repeating itself.

    The shocking two-timer!
    Fans everywhere are either throwing up or yelling, “You idiot!” after do gooder Rafe cheated on Jordan. That came out of nowhere but Rafe was probably at the lowest point we’ve ever seen him. Kate, on the other hand, was just randy. Dare I admit nobody’s happier than I am that this came to pass? Maybe slumberous Jordan will find out and take a hike for good. She’s just as passionless as Eric. Before the end of the week, this scene made no sense to me considering we thought Kate was back in Stefano’s good graces, where she wanted to be. I couldn’t figure out why she’d put Rafe’s life or penis in jeopardy. It made sense after we learned she’s in cahoots with Sami and isn’t really into Stefano after all.

    Cake fight! (NBC Universal Inc.)
    The secret affair ain’t so secret!
    It’s always fun to be surprised but some viewers had already suspected Samanther knew about EJ’s affair with Abigail. She is Sami after all. Not much gets by her. Everyone’s very curious as to when and how she discovered the truth and what her plans are going forth. Another twist this week was Kate and Sami working together. I had issues finding it believable that Kate and Sami “suddenly” disliked each other. When I started this column at the beginning of the week I wondered if they were working together, perhaps to takeover DiMera Enterprises or something along those lines. With the board meeting coming up it is the only thing that made sense!

    Aiden and Hope.
    Aiden needs to be seen more than he is. He’s so much fun – so cute. It’s great that he didn’t mind digging up the dirt on Howell in order to secure the Salem Ballroom. I’m looking forward to this gala.

    Paige and Eve:
    Some viewers are wondering at the possibility that Paige could be Jack’s son, considering Eve and Jack were married and we don’t know who Paige’s father is. It may be more likely that Frankie’s her father.

    HRH’s wardrobe mishaps.
    It all makes sense. Jenn’s been up in Alice’s attic looking for her old yearbooks. She must have stumbled upon the box marked ‘old ‘60s and ‘70s clothes’.

    Feel free to leave me a comment or two about your thoughts on the week, feedback about mine, or anything else “Days” related. See you back here Sunday while we cover the Daytime Emmys.

    Best lines of the week:

    Brady, "What? No, turn this mother out. It's a good thing; it's an expression. Don't get all toasty."

    Brady to John: "What are you doing here? Did you hear the superhero siren go off? Did the John siren go off? Cause you got the wrong address, pal. You don't need to be here. You're a superhero now? You shouldn't wear the tights or the, uh, spandex at this point, but you've got the leather jacket. You've got the low voice. Super Dad!"

    Theresa, “Do you really think that I care about your artificially sweet teen romance?”

    Nicole, “You can forget about being momma of the priest. You’re just gonna have to settle for being the b**** who unleashed Sami to the world. And Eric can kiss his holy orders goodbye."

    Victor to Kate: “I don’t think anyone who twitches their behind for Stefano DiMera has a right to call anyone else low.”

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    - Christine Fix

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    Posted by eviegus at Friday, June 20 2014 01:47 PM

    What is with the clothes lately. Will had that dorky sweater all buttoned up over and untucked shirt. Sami's black and white, criss cross dress was also weird.

    Posted by cab313 at Friday, June 20 2014 02:12 PM

    Those floral pants Sami wore recently were bad, and Jen looks like she's ready to go to a 1970's outdoor rock concert.

    Posted by stjarna at Friday, June 20 2014 02:21 PM


    Love the deconstruction this week. So good!
    Matt was spot on with his comment- yellow jacket -ewwww- hurt my eyes!

    I loved Kami! and the surprising cake fight and all the time it was too odd that Samantha was sooo nice with Abigail...yes, what is coming next?!

    Rafe surprised me (writers surprised!)- I am kind of for the whole Jafe thing to go away...unfortunately it is dull! (Not cause I am a Cafe fan } come on, who is interested in her secret, really? Ok...I'll be nice...pair her with Lucas, so Kate can really be peeved off!

    Daniel and Jennifer- please let it be over for good! And again she cried over this break more than she ever cried for her late husband! It's all stretching into such oblivion of boredom, and it is not doing both characters any favours!
    It's long overdue for them to move on!
    Jennifer's wardrobe is now such a joke, that actually it's turning into the thing that you wonder what is coming next- what did she get out of the magic wardrobe of hers?!

    EVE! She is here...let's see what they have done with her sl- I hope it is good, but if it turns out to be another Dannifer thing- I will scream!

    Nicole... She was lost for a day, but she is back on her feet! No surprise there! She needs to move on and so does Eric, but don't put him back in the church. But they probably will do it. Eric and Jen... I say hmmmmm.
    Although, Chloe should be the one for him!

    Posted by salemite1 at Saturday, June 21 2014 06:43 AM

    Just wondering...I guess I'm just not sure why there is so much dislike for Marlena's character. I love our resident trouble makers and all of their drama, but I think Marlena has a legitimate point of view, too. It just seems to me that, overall, she's been treated quite unfairly. When Kristen came to Salem and stirred up so much trouble, Brady and John didn't believe her and immediately sided against her. John's self-righteous, unforgiving behavior toward her is downright abusive. And of course she's unhappy with Sami and Kate for their involvement and cover up of the whole Nick Fallon escapade (even though it was a great story and fun to watch). And she did not know the graphic content of the video shown at the wedding. I kind of see her more as a strong, smart woman who is the voice of reality to balance the drama and criminal behavior of the others. I don't think that makes her a goody-goody. Love her relationship with Will and the chance of reuniting with Roman. Same perspective on Eric...he is kind of the perfect priest. Loves the church, kind of naive, etc. That doesn't have to make him boring. How about a story where he hears a murder confession, etc. There's room for him in Salem and his cuteness will always create a challenge for some women. Just another point of view...

    Posted by daysforever at Saturday, June 21 2014 03:16 PM

    One of the funniest comments this week was made by Victor about Kate's possibly sleeping with Stefano was that she was exchanging "tat for tit." Oh, Victor is a scream! Re: an Eric and Jennifer relationship is really dull, dull, dull. Actor Greg Vaughn is a truly gorgeous man, so why put him in a goody-two-shoes relationship? I'd rather see him with Nicole. I don't believe that he will return to the priesthood, but become involved with Chloe. Chris, your comment about Jennifer raiding her grandmother's closet was priceless. I too, am beginning to warm to Aiden's quiet charm. I can't' wait for the sparks to fly between him and Hope.

    Posted by daysforever at Saturday, June 21 2014 03:20 PM

    I agree that Sami's black and white dress was quite a construction, but perfect for the events of the day. Actually, I loved that dress and wish I could wear it.

    Posted by Doris JJ at Sunday, June 22 2014 12:11 PM

    It was a great post! I missed all of last week so it was nice to read your post and find out what happened.
    I’m not a fan of Brady now, but hope he comes to his senses and drops her like a hot potato. He can’t be that dumb to believe Theresa. She always has a pick up for him. They still have been writing dumb lines for John. He needs to kidnap Brady and go to that cabin the Brady’s own and get him off drugs.
    Loved Nicole and what she said to Marlena. When the church called and Nicole said no, I was very happy. Eric shouldn’t have told her to take off the ring. Marlena isn’t a very good shrink or mom for that matter. Jennifer and Eric should be together. They could bore each other to death. I want Dan with Nicole, they are good together.
    I’m one of the few that likes Jordon. I would love for her to be with Rafe but the writers need to spice up their stories. I don’t like the idea he slept with Kate.
    I remember EJ putting that picture of him and Abigail in the middle draw of the desk in their den. They are always putting important things in there and locking it. Maybe Sami went into the desk and found the pictures. Maybe Stefano sent them to her since he doesn’t want them to marry. It was a shock to see her and Kate fight then later hug. It was a surprise to me!
    Not liking Eve! I wondered if Paige was Jack’s daughter. That would be one way to keep her and JJ apart. Was Eve with Frankie at that time? Since JJ and Paige are the same age that would mean that Jack cheated on Jennifer so I don’t think that happened.
    I would love for all of this mystery surrounding Jordan and her brother come back and knock Kate off her feet. With her past, she shouldn’t be throwing stones! Is Kate still fired from her company?

    Posted by Becky3jc at Monday, June 23 2014 02:00 PM

    I loved the reveal that Sami knows about EJ & Abigail! I did not see that coming! I was wondering why Sami was suddenly all buddy buddy with Abigail. I thought it was over the top for Sami to ask Abigail to be her maid of honor & help plan the wedding. But now it all makes sense. I missed half of Thursday's show because of the president speaking, so I didn't know that Kate & Sami are working together. That sounds really exciting!

    Is Shane Eve's dad too? He doesn't seem old enough to be.

    Posted by Chrissi at Friday, June 27 2014 09:14 AM

    The clothing has been bad for a while but wow some pieces just take the cake. Makes for a lot of laughter watching though!

    Yeah many have thought Jordan and Lucas could be okay, Stjarna. I don't know that I'd like her with anyone. I just don't find her interesting I guess.

    Wow good point too about Jenn crying more over Dan than Jack. Yikes.

    Hi Salemite1! I think the reason Marlena's getting so much discussion in a negative way is because the writers suddenly changed her from the good Marlena who didn't judge, who was supportive and caring to someone who is a regular person. They wanted to inject her with some normalcy but many liked her the other way. Especially since she's a psychiatrist and knows human behaviour. We figure she shouldn't be so hard on people. You make some great points about how Brady and John sided against Marlena though. That was sad and made me feel for Marlena. She's not usually a goody goody. Just this week. Each week we all change our tune on how we feel about any character!! But I have to disagree on Eric. Though he is cute!

    Hi Daysforever! Yes that whole scene was amazing between Vic and Kate. I couldn't take my eyes of Sami's dress. It was very interesting.

    Hi Doris JJ! Yeah Brady's been almost annoying now. It's time to end this story, right?! I like your idea about kidnapping Brady! Hahaha Good idea about where Sami might have found the photos, too! Yep Kate's still fired.

    Hi Becky3jc! Haha fun right? I didn't see it coming either and I was so proud of Days for hiding it! I had thoughts now and again that she might have known but truly put them out of my head, thinking she didn't seem to know.

    Posted by fadingrose at Monday, June 30 2014 03:03 AM

    Salemite1 thanks for your accurate analysis of Marlena. I've been a fan of hers for years and believe she's often been treated unfairly by many DOOL fans. Lately it seems that many viewers tend to cheer for the "bad guys" and boo the ones who at least try to be good. I guess the sneaky characters are more exciting to watch (?)

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