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    In our 'Days Of Our Lives' News Room, keeps you up-to-date with the latest Soap Opera news on the net. We also feature interviews with the soap stars, as well as local appearances by the actors and actresses.

    Deconstructing DOOL Weekly Blog.

    Friday, April 11 2014

    (NBC Universal Inc.)
    Salem Shenanigans from April 7 – 11:

    This week's theme: Stuck. Gabi's stuck on stupid, and Nick's stuck on Gabi, Liam's stuck on Jenn, and a few couples are stuck on snore. It was an 'okay' week. Nothing to write home about but we did get further in a few stories. Let's take a look:

    Will and Sonny’s wedding lasted three days real life from beginning to end but as of Tuesday it was still the same day in Salem which confused many viewers. Maybe the wedding was before noon or something. At any rate, Sonny and Will spent their wedding night talking about Nick. Not the best start of a marriage but they've never been all that exciting to begin with. Thank goodness Will has Sonny, because he needs him to fight this battle against Nick.

    It's always nice to see Julie but her return just to meddle in Nick's life and yell at Sami for no reason was a downer. That she was surprised Nick wasn't invited to the WilSon wedding was too unbelievable after all Nick did.

    What was it all for?
    JJ, Abigail, and Jennifer made such a huge deal about those boxes for the wedding but nobody even opened them. It’s like starting a joke and never telling the punch line.

    Dropping the ball.
    Well they certainly dropped the ball on the Abby/EJ possible preggers storyline. EJ started practicing his Lamaze breathing until Stefano let him know Dr. Garcia didn't lie and that Abigail isn’t pregnant. It’s almost disappointing – not because viewers wanted Abby to be pregnant but because some had expectations for this upcoming story to have an explosive impact on EJ and Sami’s relationship. With the actress’ departure nearing the end of the year it’s surprising they didn’t go there. Not to mention that’s as soapy as it gets.

    Dropping the jaw.
    Stefano DiMera is known for being refined. A little grappa, classical tunes on ah...the ole phonograph, a classy dinner and a gorgeous dame at his side... Then he said this: “As long as Samantha doesn't find out you've been banging Abigail Deveraux." There are no words.

    We got a double dosage of boredom with Jafe and Dannifer scenes. There was more blathering about Jordan’s secrets and not even one hint as to what it’s all about. What a rip off. Jordan compared Rafe not wanting to discuss his sister’s death with her own secret. It’s hard to even wager a guess as to what her secret is about and it feels like we've aged ten years since the story began. It’d better be bloody good once the story is out which from the speed it's being written may be sometime in 2016.

    HRH and her royal subjects.
    Her Royal Hortonness peed her royal panties with glee that JJ’s perfect new girlfriend Paige wants to go into pre-med like the other perfect Hortons. She then did something not so perfect and judged JJ’s friends, calling them “potheads.” It almost makes some want to root for Liam to take her out...

    "Back To The Future."
    Liam spent the week eavesdropping on Jenny and getting ideas on how to be creepier like Ian McAllister from reading an old “Days” 2012 recap from Jenn Jenn’s email where Ian spiked Brady’s protein shake in order to make him look bad in front of Madison. Great Scott! Watching that storyline all over again so soon is going to be rough. Maybe worse because Liam doesn't have those quirks Ian had like the fun dialogue, the cane, and that smooth accent. He does, however, know how to clean up his crime scene.

    Though it's annoying that Maggie can't be around Brady for two seconds without mentioning his addiction or fling with Theresa, she did get an answer to a burning question - why Theresa? We thought it was just because she was easy to downward spiral with but it turns out he doesn't feel pitied by her. Hmm it's understandable. This should be interesting once Kristen returns.

    Moving on.
    Abe's scene with Jennifer about his guilt over moving on with Maxine was touching. Jenn understands the guilt and helped him close that chapter of his life. Well done. It makes it more exciting for him to move on with Maxine.

    (NBC Universal Inc.)
    Extra! Extra! Read all about it!
    Lucas disowned Kate...oh wait. That’s old news, too. What is this the fifth time? Poor Lucas never learns and now he again loses the girl. Sucks.

    The slap.
    Sami needs to learn to count to 10 before running off at the mouth, especially to the mother of her grandchild. Obviously Gabi lied about being with Nick that night. Anybody would rather than be the brunt of Sami's wrath. Gabi finally got a back bone and gave her baby's Grandma a smack. Who can't wait for Monday to see Sami's reaction?

    Eric sure is enamoured with the church guidelines. Some viewers find it difficult to believe considering he has only been a priest for about 9 months of his 30 some years. He has spent more time in bed with Nicole. He explained his dedication to the church and it made perfect sense but in the end love won out. Shame Nicole's got that monster secret that will ruin them.

    Bo, Hope, and Aiden:
    Bo’s name has come up a few times this week since his mother and father expressed sadness that he wasn’t at WilSon’s wedding. Peter Reckell mentioned “Days” on his Twitter feed this week. He said, “Going back to 'Days', I don't think that will ever happen as a long term commitment. Going back to close out Bo's story in a respectful way??? I would do that for you. You deserve better than what they have done to Bo. You have been very faithful and dedicated for years, decades!”

    That'd be sad to see but would be better than keeping Hope hanging on to something that viewers know will never be. It’d feel bitter-sweet if Hope and Aiden get intimate while she’s still married. Who wants to see yet another relationship built on lies and deceit? Vote. What to do with Bo?

    Just be happy Bo's not there to see Hope squeeze out her tea bag with her fingers like some sort of animal the way she did when she and Ciara were dining at the pub Thursday. What's next? Licking the knife after spreading preserves?

    Best lines of the week:

    JJ, “I haven’t mastered the afternoon snack yet.”

    Lucas, "She won't go away. She's like Malaria. She never truly goes away."

    Stefano, "As long as Samantha doesn't find out you've been banging Abigail Deveraux.”

    Kate, "You can do better than a simp like that."

    Maxine about Dannifer, "Who wouldn't root for them?"

    Julie, "Illegitimis non carborundum."

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    - Christine Fix

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    Posted by stjarna at Friday, April 11 2014 12:52 PM

    First of all, have to say thank you for this witty Deconstruction blog for the past week. Cheered me up immensely. I was so down, and haven't watched last two episode...still not sure if I will continue. Yet wanted to say few things...
    Maxine about Dannifer-"Who wouldn't root for them?"- well, to Maxine aka writers - ME. and not because I was JacknJen fan, because Dannifer haven't got it. They are boring, dull, tedious,tiresome, lifeless, monotonous, stale and generally uninteresting...
    HRH and her royal subjects- so true...too perfect all of them making it nauseating to watch.

    I don't know what to do with Bo...and if/when he returns, I think he will meet a similar faith as Jack did.Maybe not literally...but- maybe he should have stayed with Carly years ago....

    I completely forgot about the drink spiking by about recycling...also, I think Liam sl is a waste! Ladies love this actor, and they should have made him super grey, and it would be interesting to watch him tantalize Daniel slowly if he was to be the villain - now it is too black and white and actually waiting for the blow up and him to depart and Dannifer can be so perfectly content. Who will be the next in line wishing to break them up? Eve Donovan?

    Moving on.
    Having Stefano say a line like that proves actually that these writers do not know the characters well at all! JMO

    I think that Lucas has the worst luck...why can't he get a break?!

    Jafe- what's up with this sl? Rafe is a copper- shouldn't he investigate- just so we have some conflict there- love and his wrong doing...something to move something with those two. Sorry, but I think that it was a mistake to let CC go - Carrie and Rafe had loads of baggage to deal with- if only she got pregnant with him...etc. having Kate on their back cos Carrie messed up with her precious son- would have been far more interesting..Ok- again I am dwelling into an area which has no future.

    I don't if/when I will return to watch the show again- but I will certainly read the Deconstruction blog as it is great fun!
    Have a great weekend all!

    Posted by kayhan at Friday, April 11 2014 06:01 PM

    I cannot believe they only gave WilSon one day this week for their mini-honeymoon, and a whopping 5 minutes of airtime at that! Treating them just like any other couple, huh? Why does Brady and Theresa get love scenes galore, and EJ/Sami, Daniel/Jennifer, etc. but Will and Sonny get a 30 second kiss at the end of the episode and the rest of the time they are talking about Nick and Gabi? I wonder how much was filmed vs what actually aired?

    Julie was so annoying today. If she only knew what her precious Nick has been up too lately she would not be so quick to praise the little twerp.

    I wonder how long it will take them to figure out who actually drugged Dr Dan? Will Theresa ever fess up to what she knows? That she gave Liam a key to Daniel's apartment. That he had access to his apartment to do his dirty work? No of course not. Unless they threaten to send her back to LA if she doesn't fess up. Nicole is on the case - she'll figure it out - but then Liam knows what she was doing the other night when she dumped her trash by the side of the road.

    I cannot believe how little privacy there is in that hospital. Gossiping nurses, gossiping Anne & Theresa, everybody knows what is going on and tells everybody else right there in front of the nurses station.

    Posted by Euskadi at Friday, April 11 2014 07:56 PM

    In real life everyone at Salem University Hospital would be out of a job due to their violation of the HIPPA Laws and as an RN who used to work in a hospital, trust me many of the doctors don't get along that well with the nurses nor are they on a first name basis.

    Posted by LuvBoHope at Saturday, April 12 2014 05:49 AM

    I'd planned to vote to bring Bo back for closure but changed & voted for "Other - back to forums" because I don't trust how they'd close him out. What they've done so far is SO far OOC already! I'd prefer him die off than come back for a divorce or something bitter and disrepectful as that!

    Posted by Florentine at Sunday, April 13 2014 03:55 PM

    Hi Chrissi, good stuff, you are getting a bit more ..>>xxpow, and I like it..

    Gabi, ... is it over yet, is she gone, can't take to much more just plain stupid... Will it ever come out about Mel before she leaves...
    Another spiked powerdrink.....boring. Somebody talk to Brady, he could help solve the mistery.....

    Why is everybody pushing Hope and Aiden Jenn, the priest.....She is married to Bo.
    Bring Bo back, but only if the writers will give him a great Write out, that the character of Bo deserves......

    Abe ... from Lexie to Maxine, but what the heck, if she would be good for him, why not...

    Jennifer and Dan, help please.... Nicole and Dan, Jenn and Eric would be a much better fit. Getting bored with that SL..

    I agree, Stefano's line to EJ about Gaby.. was so out of Character for him. Do the writers really know their characters...

    Still don't get the Abby/pregant?? line yet. Is she or isn't she... Why was Stefano involved, for what reason... puzzled..

    As much as Brady drinks, he never looks/or acts it....just how much can he hold...LOL

    Rafe, Jordan.... another sleeper, I am not even curious anymore.

    Sami getting more annoying by the minute... what is the plan, make her so unlikeable that we'll be glad she is leaving... Not to thrilled with some SL's right now....

    Posted by Chrissi at Monday, April 14 2014 12:27 PM

    Stjarna I'm so sorry to hear you were down this week and am really glad that my blog cheered you up a little. I loved your thoughts.

    Kayhan, I know. They never let WilSon do anything fun for more than two seconds. It's a travesty. They're young and in love. They should be hanging from the chandeleir!

    Euskadi - Haha you are so correct! They'd need all new hospital staff. It's terrible!

    LuvBoHope - I understand your point about Bo completely. I'm just not sure what they should do. I'd rather they bring him back but the actor doesn't want to return long term so part of me wouldn't mind a recast even though those don't often work out the way we'd like. I just feel so sad for poor Hope.

    Florentine - Haha xxpow! You can tell that I'm getting a little testy. Great thoughts. It sounds like Abby's really not pregnant. I have a hard time trusting Stefano but I guess it's true. I just don't get why the scare was written in. I figured it'd be huge if Sami found out. It's bad enough that EJ cheated but to have a kid? Whew! I'm also starting to wonder if somebody else knows about EJAbby.

    Thanks for the comments! Most just read without commenting which is totally fine but it's also nice to read your thoughts!!

    Posted by Florentine at Monday, April 14 2014 03:30 PM

    Thanks Chrissi for replying to all of us...that makes it more interesting...
    To bad the comment site is still closed.
    Hear Liam's wife is coming around... that should get interesting.

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