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    Friday, March 20 2009

    I just like this photo. (
    These are the "Days" of my week for March 16-20:

    Disclaimer: This week, my blog holds two spoilers. I felt the need to spoil a few things while discussing other items because I didn’t feel I could discuss them otherwise. On to the blog!

    Stefano’s getting a few more steps closer to finding out Nicole’s secrets, and this new butler, Alfred, I believe his name is, is said to see all and hear all, just like a butler should! I wonder if when Tony dies (I mean you all know it’s coming, right?) if Stefano will find out about Nicole from Alfred. But wait… if this butler knows all and sees all, how come he didn’t even know where Tony was, when Philip came calling? With Tony being the Godfather, don’t you think the butler of all people would know they were all at the church for the Christening? Is that a blooper or was he lying to protect Tony? Not that it matters. I’m just saying… Tony was great this week. I also enjoyed Rafe and Brady. Everyone else does very little for me these days. Maybe except for Melanie.

    Melanie’s wheeling and dealing this week put her right back to square one. The girl is young, naive and greedy and doesn’t think before she acts, but at least she’s proactive. I’ll give her that, and I like when she’s on my screen. She’s very theatrical. I prefer that to stone faced actors. Not saying there are any on Days, of course… just saying! *grin* Oddly, her and Rafe are about the only things that interest me right now. Rafe, with his mysterious past, is intriguing to me. He told Sister Agnes that what happened [with that woman] before isn’t going to happen again! What happened? He obviously has this knight in shining armour thing going for him and likes a damsel in distress. Sami fits that title, perfectly. Even Brady is starting to interest me.

    Moving on… Is Hope changing? She’s happier, bubblier, and we learned she does volunteer work with kids, at the hospital. She’s trying to befriend two good looking guys, Daniel and Rafe, innocently, while Bo looks on, with jealousy seeping through every pore. In the message boards, many things have been suggested to excuse Bo’s odd behaviour. You guys are smart viewers. At this point, I don’t understand these visions either, but I do know they’re not what they appear to be, which means we’re in for a surprise. If you don’t know by now, (SPOILER ALERT) Roman is the man in bed with Hope. When we saw the latest vision, I first thought they were on a police investigation, under cover, but she spoke, and talked about fooling Bo and being in love with somebody else, before moving into the man’s arms. Very strange indeed. Is she Princess Gina? What is going on? Hope was insulted on Thursday, by Bo’s jealous demeanor, when he approached Hope linking arms with Dr. Hands. If Bo knew that Daniel has bedded half of Salem, he’d be absolutely unreasonable. Maybe Hope should put herself in Bo’s shoes and see how jealous she’d become if the tables were turned, though if she’s Princess Gina, she wouldn’t care.

    The Chloe/Lucas wedding was so bloody annoying. I didn’t write Monday’s recap, instead spending that time in the hospital with my husband and his cracked rib! (He’s fine!) I got to watch the show without writing, later, which was harsh. I like the distraction of writing while viewing. The JP annoyed me. He was moving so slowly, because we had to ensure the wedding didn’t go by too fast, so Kate could try to make it there. Yawn. At the wedding, when Chloe and Lucas were asked if there was any reason they shouldn’t marry, Chloe says, "I thought that was just part of the ritual." I smirked. Ritual. Interesting wording. At basically that same moment, Daniel thought about Chloe, and said her name, which in soap world, means they may have a connection, the way Bope does … or did. Anyway, I wanted to say to the JP, "Just marry them, you fool!" Then he took a call (from Kate, no less) during the ceremony. WTF?! They were very accommodating, but I thought it was a little rude! Then we saw poor Daniel fantasizing about marrying Chloe, during the ceremony.

    It wouldn't be my column if I didn’t mention Chloe’s wedding day 'do'. I’ll try to give it a rest after today. A person made a comment on Soap Opera Fan, saying they thought Chloe’s hair looked like Elvira’s hair, on a good day. I wouldn’t go that far. It’s not a horrible tangled mess. It’s very pretty. Just a little big for my taste. My husband was running on the elliptical (home gym) and saw a commercial for something called "Bump It", (keep in mind he dislikes the Elvira look as well) he found the website and gave me a link, wondering if perhaps this is what’s used to get that bouffant on the back of Chloe’s head. check it out!

    Forget Chloe’s hair. This show loves to give us more babies by the dozen. SPOILER ALERT… Watch for Chloe to consult her calendar soon, as we’ve all done at one point or another! Could there be another horrible 'Who’s Yo Daddy?' storyline coming? Sigh. I felt my shoulders slump! More babies? Ugh.

    Reminiscent of Nancy Wesley! (
    Kate was in full psycho mode this week. She told a complete stranger (did this stranger remind you of Nancy Wesley?) her problems on the flight, calling Chloe every name in the book and even told the stranger about Chloe supposedly driving Brady to drug abuse. Classy lady. Not only is that last part about Brady incorrect, but I thought she was already over that? How could she bring that up at this point? Do you think that something’s seriously wrong with her or is this just classic Kate, being Kate. If it were Y&R, I’d say she has a tumour, like Jana. Of course it’s DOOL, so we should assume she’s on some medication that automatically makes her insane, like Ava? I did like the flight attendant telling her to sit her arse down. What about watching the video at the JP’s office while Chloe and Lucas…Got. It. On. Oh please. I had trouble with suspending disbelief on this scene. It’s time Kate left Chloe alone, but that won’t happen!

    Max played big brother with Melanie this week, who messed up again. I hope Max gets more of a leading role in the future, but knowing his series, Blue Mountain State was picked up, premiering this summer, I wondered if he’d be sticking around. I asked him, and if I hear back, I’ll let you all know. I’d like to see him return to his roots as a race car driver and get a meaty story, along with a new girl. Just where is that Abby?! Unless once Chelsea’s gone, the show will go with a Philly/Steph/Max threesome.

    Philly should be headed toward the unemployment line soon; after all, Philly screwed Titan’s biggest fish – the fuel project. At least he has Stephanie, who is there to comfort and support him. I almost forgot they weren’t married, watching them together this week. She’s a wife in training. I thought it was cute when Victor busted them kissing on the sofa - this first time, before he checked his email and talked to Brady. It was also good to see Bo looking out for Stephanie, when he asked her to be careful around Philip, since he’s in a bad place. Was that forewarning? I don’t know, but I thought it was a nice added touch, since her parents are not around to do that.

    Sami and Will shared what the spoilers called, a touching moment, when she promised her son not to be 'weird' anymore. I didn’t find it touching, but it was needed. Samanther then shared what I’d call a tender moment or three with EJ, in the church, with their daughter. While I rolled my eyes at EJ telling her Sydney looked ‘right’ in Samanther’s arms, (I threw up a little in my mouth. It’s an asinine statement and wasn’t needed. Sami saying she felt a connection sufficed.) I found it strangely nice to see them together. Another oddity, I think I felt sorry for Nicole for a minute, at the church, during Tony’s confrontation! Tony’s right. Nicole does feel love for Sydney. I think she loves Grace, too. Sure, her love is a selfish one. One might say it’s not love at all, but underneath her schemes, she has grown attached to the baby and it’s going to hurt not to see the child once the truth comes out. It’ll cause Sydney pain, being separated from Nicole, too, I imagine, but of course Sami has such a fascinating connection with Sydney, that I’m sure the kid will be fine. It’s good that Sami gets to spend time with Sydney. Then again, she is keeping her baby a secret from EJ, who’s the one who is really going to be hurt. I don’t believe in Karma, because it doesn’t exist and all, but if I did, I’d say it’s coming back to haunt him. And what were your thoughts about Sami’s phone call to Sister Theresa, saying she’ll pick up her baby, Grace? Oops! EJ now knows she’s ‘adopting’ a baby, and he won’t like it.

    We saw Mia’s return (check out her bio here) and an uber awkward exchange between Mia and Will, at the pub, that left me cringing. Mia didn’t give her last name when Will asked for it Friday, which left me pondering once again, just who she is or who the show will write her in as. Maybe Will is going to be the one to find out that Sydney’s not Mia’s kid, but his own sister. Dum dum dummm. That’s all sorts of soapy goodness! I did enjoy seeing Caroline take care of Will. Since his parents can’t seem to get their “you know what” together! Poor kid. So when did he get his name changed to Horton? How many names has the poor sod had anyway?

    And that’s all I have to say. If you’ve got something to say, by all means, I’d love to hear. Just remember, this is all in fun, and I ask that everyone respect each other’s opinions, including mine. If you want to read more Days Thoughts click that link to read Lori's Last Word!

    Have a terrific weekend. I’ll be enjoying the fantastic Toronto spring weather, hanging out on Bloor St. West shopping, visiting my All My Children loving Dad, and poking my head in Facebook once or twice.

    - Christine Fix

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    Posted by bghwme at Friday, March 20 2009 04:54 PM

    Hi Chrissy.:)

    About Alfred. He was there when Philip was looking for Tony, but there was no sign of him when the family returned from the Christening. Nor when Sami burst in.

    It was kind of a subtle first appearance, don't you think? He looked more like inspector gadget or Sherlock Holmes than he did a butler. Made me wonder if he is a secret agent or spy working undercover. Hmmm...

    I think Max should be taking a more active role in guiding Melanie in the right direction. He is full of warnings for her and tells her what NOT to do all the time, but seems like he has no suggestions for what she SHOULD do. Also, he knows his sister well enough by now that he should have known that telling her the project was in the safe was practically an invitation for her to steal it.

    Melanie kind of reminds me of Polyanna. Nothing keeps her down for very long! LOL

    Max has always been a pretty smart perceptive kind of guy. Why are they making him so dense now?

    I noticed the change in Hope too. I think I described her in almost exactly the same way in one of my posts. Happier, bubblier, friendlier, more self-confident. Bo, on the other hand seems to have lost his cocky, rebellious, full of himself but lots of fun confident guy type personality. I kind of credit that to growing up and to the new job..but those visions are making him miserable!

    Everything about the Lucas/Chloe wedding including Daniel's daydreams made me want to barf. I think maybe Will feels the same way about it.

    Speaking of Will. How interesting he has become. He's 16, and like typical 16-year old guys, he likes to hide his real feelings behind a "whatever, I don't care, it's not my business anyway, I am just gonna sit here and chill out" kind of attitude.

    Best not to try it with Grandma Caroline. She can see right through it.

    He called Mia a jerk! I was kind of taken aback by that as was she. But, now I think he just did it to get her attention so she wouldn't walk away so fast. It did stop her in her tracks! We are all gonna have to learn how to speak Will's language.

    I thought the moment between Will and Sami was kind of touching. Will loves his Mom, but is concerned that she is in trouble again; and he's just a kid and can't do anything to help her. Will was smart enough to leave the Christening ceremony when he found out his brother wasn't going to be there, but Sami was not. I think she intended to leave, but it was Nicole who talked her in to staying.

    I never see any moment between Sami and EJ as "tender" anymore. To me, anything EJ says to Sami is just a way for him to trick her or manipulate her into doing something he wants her to do. I think EJ wants both Sami and Nicole under his control. I don't trust him at all. Sami somewhat does, still cares about him, and even feels a little guilty for keeping Grace from him. She blames Stephano for most of her troubles. She needs to quit looking at EJ through those rose-colored glasses and see him for what he really is. His father's son!

    I felt no sympathy for Nicole at all. I think she is going to end up killing someone. She's nuts or as Tony put it, "mentally ill."

    Will's Name:

    Maybe Will used the name Horton as a tribute to his grandfather? It would be cool if Will embraces his Horton roots and decides he wants to be a doctor.

    I thought it was kind of funny that EJ overheard Sami's phone call. What was she thinking making a call like that right in the middle of the DiMera mansion?

    Sami's comment about Sydney being the only one in EJ's family that she likes was kind of cute too.:)

    Posted by ConLou at Friday, March 20 2009 09:02 PM

    While Hope may seem different, she can't be Princess Gina again. Those of us old-timers remember that after Princess Gina died they did blood testing to make sure it was her. Even though we all know that no one is ever really dead on soaps, I do hope the writers are not bringing back Princess Gina or any of the other dual characters. I rarely watch Days anymore because of the same old tired story lines and the loss of any real love story lines (Tom and Alice, Julie and Doug, Marlena and John, Jack and Jennifer, Mickey and Maggie, Bo and Hope, etc.) There are no good people to root for and the switched babies have been done so many times on Days that it is boring. And speaking of boring, try EJ and Nicole, Lucas and Chloe, Daniel and Chloe, Brady and Nicole, Philip and Stephanie, and anything to do with Kate. No reason to watch. I'll check in every couple of weeks or so to see if the writers have wised up at all.

    Posted by Granny7 at Saturday, March 21 2009 05:52 AM

    There seems to be a mystery surrounding Mia. Could she be Chloe's little sister?

    Posted by firebird85 at Saturday, March 21 2009 08:47 AM

    I enjoyed everyone's comments.

    Liking the Rafe character & finding out more about his background.

    I do believe in karma & hope EJ gets 'his'.

    Lost interest in the Kate/Chloe/Lucas s/l.

    Would like to see more of Roman & Caroline. Loved the scenes with Roman & Sami.

    Also liked Brady meeting up with Rafe.

    Posted by bghwme at Sunday, March 22 2009 03:43 PM

    I thought I should mention that little Sydney gets the actress of the week award. LOL

    She is such a pretty little thing, and she seems to smile that cute little baby smile at just the right moment. She also puckered up and cried when mean old Stephano touched her head. And, the way she laid her head on Sami's chest when she was holding her. How precious was that?

    What a perfect little natural born actress!

    Posted by Chrissi at Monday, March 23 2009 06:41 AM

    Hi bghwme,

    It was a really subtle apperance by Alfred. (If that's still his name.) I agree. Max should guide Melanie more, but she's 18 and they've really only just met last summer, so I was thinking perhaps he feels he's doing all he can, short of following her around! Haha

    ConLou, I think Hope could be Princess Gina or anyone. Stefano's in the picture, so who knows what he could have done?! Blood tests don't matter. He brainwashed her before!

    Granny7, I don't think Mia could be Chloe's sister, because she's living with her parents.

    Posted by 2boyzrule at Tuesday, March 24 2009 02:26 PM

    Thanks Chrissi for the recap! I'm so happy you put the photo up with Sami and baby Sydney. That had to be the best moment of the week for me, just melted my heart and everything else about that week was a blur.

    I will say I'm looking forward to this gal Irene...and hope she becomes a part of the cast. I can't take much more of the Danloe storyline, Daniel's fantasy about marrying Chloe had me running to go throw up...gag..those to just drive me nuts together! Poor Lucas, he is clueless! Nothing new, but still poor BD..he is a great actor and goodness how I use to love LUMI in the day!

    I would love to see Max play more of a big brother role to Melanie, she needs some help..poor gal is all over the map. But she makes me laugh and I do like MB- she's doing a great job. All in all I think most of the actors are really brining it right now- especially Ali Sweeney, gosh she really rocks EJ (James Scott) to the core.

    Phillip and Steph bore me, please let them move on but Phillip (JKJ) is doing an outstanding job with his Dark Phillip side- what a range of emotions he's been pulling out! Kudos to him..and those could I not mention those cute dimples!

    Still hoping for some better things but one day at time with this show/these writers!

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