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    Days Of Our Lives Poll: Unwelcome.

    Wednesday, February 05 2014

    (Nikki Nelson/
    Go away.

    You could almost hear the collective groan rise up when Nick walked into the church for Arianna’s christening, tempered only by Julie’s wildly enthusiastic joy. Quite a few people would have preferred never to see Nick again, but in Salem, you can never tell who from your past will turn up again and again like a bad penny. In fact, chances are the more you detest someone, the more likely they are to pop back into your life.

    Of course, Nick is only the latest to darken Salem’s door with a less-than-welcome arrival. Jordan is dealing with Cheryl's sudden appearance from Atlanta, putting a crimp on her secretive reinvention, while Kristen's return last year put Marlena's life in a total tailspin. Vote in our poll about which resident's arrival was most memorable, and if we missed one, post it in the comments.

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    - Hollie Deese

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    Posted by dedee at Wednesday, February 05 2014 04:39 PM

    I really don't think Nicks return from the dead was't that important,we could all see that the bump on the head, water washing him away, as well as a perfect stranger showing up to talk about birds by the river to Kate/Sammi and Gabi, is the dajavu mystery," is he dead? or not,well we see this so much on Dool,I knew from the begining he was going to show up where there was a crowd, the christening was a perfect place. I think they should have left him in the river, took him off the show all together,he over plays the devious, revengeful character, thinking he can mess with all of Salem's most highly educated criminal minds,Ej,Sami,Victor,Kate, as well as Rafe an FBI agent, playing head games with Will,Sonny,Gabi and all his own age is one thing, but making all those actor's look beneath him in Crime, just can't be happening. these actor's have many years of experience in destroying anyone who underestamates, or underminds their power. who is Nick Falon? a psychotic excon, who is still wet behind the ears,with a dream of fighting the most highly experienced in crime. I just loved how Victor and Sami talked to him, not scared, not afraid of his malicious threats. wow how one punk can think he can shut down all powerful people of Salem. well I should hope Dool will definately find a way to end this sherade with a great comeback of showing who the true character's of crime are,Nick gets what he has coming. I can't wait to see when Ej runs into him and to find out Nick will try to black mail Him and Sami with the pictures of Ej and Abigale,will Love to see how Ej gets daddies thugs to kick Nicks behind, maybe even put him in the river for sure, I don't feel sorry for Abigale she is so trashy, but love how they set her and Ej together, it is hot, with Sami leaving the show, it is probably good for Ej,Abigale listens when Ej speaks where Sami never goes without a fight,going to miss Sami,when she leaves, but EJ/Abigale is hot. hope Nicole and Eric get together, they make a great couple. Daniel needs to get together with Hope if Bo is not coming back, this new guy is to winy, can't wait for Kristen to return, will be hot. will love to see Marlena and John back together. JJ that was awsome what you and your friends did to Teresa, she deserved it. I love it. you are hot. need a young girl for JJ, and to see him become a cop or something, that would be awsome. can't wait to see what Nicole and Daniel will do to Dr. Chycke. Brady needs to grow up,he is acting like a real jerk to Maggie, hope Victor puts him in his place soon. Would love to see Stephano do something to Nick, Stephano/Victor and Ej as well as Sami will take him down, he is messing with the wrong people of Salem. we want to see him squashed, taken out. but tortured for all he is doing, they let him out of prison, Julie is nieve, she thinks he does no wrong,she should go back to Doug, stay away, she is an old Gossip. I am getting comfused on who will be the best candidate to follow Alice Horton's footsteps in becoming the next legand on Dool, will it be Maggie? would love to see one of these Character's carry out her legacy.

    Posted by dedee at Wednesday, February 05 2014 04:54 PM

    Come on people we all know there has been so many returns from the dead on Salem, but we do know that Stephano's is the best for the Phinex will always rise, whether it be from the dead or other Stephano is the greatest of all. Nick's return was so expectant, we could all see that a blow to the head, falling into the river washing away with the tide, they always come back, but ya gotta admit there Stephano has returned from the dead many a time, and each and every time it was awsome, as well as John Blacks,it was awsome when John was supose to have died in that Car blast, and then returned.THAT WAS AWSOME.

    Posted by wow elvis at Thursday, February 06 2014 07:59 AM

    any notice yesterday in the shower scene the tatoo on the left i believe upper arm on ej was noticable. make up tried to cover it but if you paused the shot you could see it.

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