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    Alison Sweeney To Exit Days Of Our Lives.

    Thursday, October 30 2014

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    Posted by dedee at Wednesday, January 29 2014 04:26 PM

    do not kill off Bo he needs to come back and fight for his family, Hope is just drabby, she could have had many afairs, but acts like little miss polly anna the police officer, don't know why they made her a cop she does no good at it.she should have shut hotti man up when speaking so rude to a police officer, chase him down and give him a few tickets, charge him with harrassement, she could have been more tough than she was, she should just play a house wife, that would be a good part for her. without Bo in her life she is so drab. bring Bo Back.

    Posted by dataclerk at Wednesday, January 29 2014 08:52 PM

    no Allison, I have watched you grow up on the show, we are going to miss you, hope you make guess appearance like the rest of the brady's

    Posted by Daysfan47sd at Wednesday, January 29 2014 09:54 PM

    Alison, you have to stay, your fans all love you and want to see DOOL make the 50 year mark. We've been watching a long time, and we've also grown with you and you've become the leading lady for most fans. Now that things are finally right with EJAMI, we need to see it to the end. The chemistry with EJ is super and there is no way the story will be the same with out the both of you together.
    Please don't leave!!!

    Posted by oldtimer88 at Thursday, January 30 2014 12:00 PM

    some people watch dool for certain characters, it would be sad to recast Sami but I probably wouldn't watch if it weren't for Sammi and EJ. Dan should find a new girl because Jenn just bugs me. EJ and Abbs are just sick. Abigal should just turn out to be a bad girl. I leave the room when Anne comes on. There, I said my peace for the month.

    Posted by WhisperTMe at Tuesday, February 04 2014 11:09 AM

    Allison is taking off for time with her "real" family, and it is about time!! I know we will all miss her and her antics. She's a great actress, and needs time for her children now.
    Allison, I wish you all the best for you after you leave DOOL, You've made the show what it is today, and I am sure you will pop in from time to time, to see how things are going. Thank you for 21 years of your life decicated to DOOL. You WILL be missed.

    Posted by DisneyBrideDebra at Saturday, February 08 2014 05:48 AM

    See ya, Sami! Kill off the character-- just pleased it means the end of love scenes where every mole is visible (in HD!)
    After all the uproar -- way back when -- about Austin (Peck, the good-looking, more talented one) having to wear body makeup, I find Sami unwatchable due to the distraction. Marlena and Hope carry the show, I will watch them until the Very End. Brady deserves better writing & a New love, he is So Easy on the eyes. As is Rafe, we got both of them from "Passions" Bravo to Days for scooping them up! The new Will can't fill the shoes of C. Massey, bad re-cast, do-over. I've watched for so Many years, have been hoping for better "Days" that never come! I miss Tony DiMera (now that's talent) & Original Philip Kiriakis, also. I am certain, if she isn't killed off, we can find a replacement for Sami, if absolutely necessary, so the little boy who plays her youngest son (Johnny) can stay on, he is a cutie.

    Posted by Aireen at Thursday, February 20 2014 04:37 PM

    I'm sooooo devastated to hear Samantha Brady go...I've been watching DOOL since late '70s and Sammi IS the show now....The day she leaves, I will No Longer be watching DOOL.....Especially with the writing of EJ and Abigail's Affair.......disgusting....I may continue to watch, only if EJ and Sammi leave Salem together....finally married and as a family....that is all

    Posted by Pocket713 at Saturday, February 22 2014 07:27 PM

    Recast the role. I cannot believe that was not considered

    Posted by Sugs at Saturday, March 01 2014 12:08 PM

    If Sammy leaves DOOL then EJ should go also. Sammy and EJ is what makes DOOL.How long will DOOL last when Sammy leaves the show? Sammy and EJ are the ones that make the show!! Sammy and EJ should get married , take their children, leave Salem for awhile and live a happy life. Abbey Gail needs to grow up and leave older men alone. Anne needs to be booted out of the hospital. She is a mean and evil person that doesn't want anyone to be happy. If EJ and Abbey Gail get together it will be goodbye DOOL for me. Abbey Gail and Theresa are just alike only in different ways. Abbey Gail is going to end up breaking Jennifer's heart. SAMMY PLEASE RECONSIDER AND STAY WITH DOOL. YOU and EJ ARE THE BEST. You and EJ can not be replaced. We all love you both.

    Posted by Farfalla Bella at Friday, March 07 2014 06:07 AM

    i mainly watch Days for Sammi Brady - this makes me sooooo sad.

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