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    Alison Sweeney To Exit Days Of Our Lives.

    Thursday, October 30 2014

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    Posted by kayhan at Friday, January 24 2014 07:04 AM

    Well, she certainly gave plenty of notice, didn't she? I hope they really give Sami a good exit story. I wonder how long Ali will be off the show before she decides she wants to come back? I give her a year, if that. Maybe she will come back and direct some episodes. I get tired of Sami always being involved in everyone else's storyline. It always has to be "about Sami" so I won't mind that she leaves for awhile. She can always come back. Even if they have her murdered, she can always come back - look how many times Stefano has "died" and he is still around. I think I ready Ali tapes her last scenes in May 2014 but will air til around December so hopefully they give her a good send-off.

    Posted by youareloved at Friday, January 24 2014 03:56 PM

    Alison Sweeney: Good luck to you. You will be missed.

    Posted by linda1029 at Friday, January 24 2014 06:18 PM

    I have been a Days fan since it started. I was very disappointed to first hear this news on Biggest Loser!

    Posted by salena1221 at Friday, January 24 2014 10:21 PM

    I really hate to see Sammie leave ,its by her own choosing to do this so dont blame the show for her leaving. I wish Samie,s and EJ could have her last year on the show to be together and for once have a loving and lasting happy marriage that they both have wanted for so long then have them have a accident or have her get a fatal illness that will cause them to have a beautiful and rememerable ( To Fans) ending to their love story!

    Posted by bluetears at Saturday, January 25 2014 12:08 AM

    If she must leave, then replace her. Bring in someone who looks alot like her and continue the story. The writers think we are so hum drum to except a new Will, then why not Sami!

    Posted by Winnipeg girl at Sunday, January 26 2014 01:35 PM

    I have to agree, Sammy, when you and EJ are either fighting, or in bed... it makes the show, your sense of humour is amazing, although I like Abigail and EJ too
    will be interesting to see how the write you out, my fav couple is Eric and Nicole...time to say good bye to Maggie and Victor it has rin its course Stephano too where is Kristan???

    Posted by SJSterl at Monday, January 27 2014 08:08 AM

    Sami, I'm going to miss you sooooooooo much! But congratulations you deserve a break! I'll still watch the show every day when my son naps. Maybe they shouldn't kill you so you can come back and visit Salem once in a while like Carrie does. Good luck and enjoy your kids!

    Posted by Hargis2005 at Monday, January 27 2014 06:34 PM

    :( one of the only reasons I watch is cuz mu sis n I grew up with sami lol --- sure will miss Alison but sending my best wishes to her

    Posted by colebug at Tuesday, January 28 2014 01:36 AM

    I wish Alison Sweeney ( Sami) the best, she will really be missed. I hope
    they don't replace her, as we have seen her grow up & mold Sami into a wonderful character. After all these years they finally get her & EJ together & was just making them great couple become a fun loving pair & they were to become the next great HORTON pair for the show.
    Please please get off this JJ & Theresa kick can't t stand her please kill her & Annie off & have JJ tell Jennifer what reallyhappen & get Daniel. & Jennifer back together they are the next Alice & Tom couple.

    Posted by dedee at Wednesday, January 29 2014 04:17 PM

    oh wow ugmug Nick comes back acting like he owns the world, and now Sami leaving, well I guess this is a good thing for Abigale and Ej,her and Ej can get together.,. as for ugmug Nick I hope Stephano hangs him by his testicles,for messing with Kate. he is so ugly, and looks like a idiot. he is not high power material, kate will chew him up, but I would love to see what Ej does to him, how about Stephano kate, Ej and sammi getting together and destroy him for good. putting a hit on him, kill him off for good., that would so awsome. love to see more of Stephno getting involved with this and see him and Kate back together, kristin coming back is interesting but I hope its not dajavu all over again, lets see some real action and kill off Nick Falon, getting very boring of his ugmug, who's stupid idea was it to think he can come bact to Salem and run the place, come on Stephano/kate and Victor, runs Salem, they now how to b the best malicious on Dool, nice to see Hope getting involved with a handsome man hope they get together,looks hot. Will Sami exit the show leaving it open for her return as a different revengeful Sami? that would be awsome. want to see Ej, Stephano and Nick go at it, maybe Stephano can ship Nick off to a deserted Island like he did to Tony his son, and make him disapear. would love to see that, and soon. what will happen to Will and Sonny, Gabi is leaving the show, what will happen to Ariana? and Ceria will she become Hopes biggist worry bcause of her behavior, will Bo come back and be in compitition for his wife? how will JJ get rid of Teresa, Ann Needs to disappear, she is so dajavu all over make no wonder the good characters are leaving, these cheesy character's like Ann Milbower and Teresa definately gotta JJ, he is hot,Brady needs to get over himself and be the man John Black created, the part he is acting is so lame. come on Dool bring on some hot and interesting scenes.

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