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    Friday, January 10 2014

    Hot! (NBC Universal Inc.)
    Deconstructing "DOOL" from January 6 - 10 :

    I’m back! Special thanks to Dustin Cushman for blogging for me while I was on holiday! Salem’s sure been a hotbed of scandal and mayhem, just the way any good soap should be. It’s not even sweeps and there’s so much soapy goodness. I'm caught up on what went down in Salem while I was on holiday and will only mention two things: EJ and Sami's confrontation, which was so chalk full of emotion I found myself feeling as though I was sitting in the DiMera living room with them and experiencing their heartache. And those scenes with our resident druggie, Brady? So intense. All of the actors were killing it in their scenes. Brady looked sickly, skeevy, and his demeanor as an addict was spot on. The big fight between him, his brother and Daniel was shocking and I felt so much for Brady in the aftermath - despair, pity, and even annoyance. Nicely done.

    On with this week!

    This is how we like our soaps – with soft porn music playing in the background and the smell of desperation and sex in a rustic old cabin in the woods. It’s so deliciously good to shake things up in soaps. Otherwise we’d be bored numb. EJ and Abigail were freaking hot. So hot. Abigail who is normally quite the bore with a stick up her bum - much like her royal mother, flew her freak flag for the second time since she made it appear as though a very much married and older Austin Reed got busy with her. Obviously it feels pretty good to have a handsome older man attracted to her and she appeared to be vulnerable after getting that text from Cameron. But wait... why is she vulnerable again? She and Cameron really had nothing. They just started to date and she wasn’t even that into him. If she was she wouldn’t have strung him and Chad along all those months. She made a colossal mistake and if Sami finds out oh boy is she in for the catfight of her life. In a fight with Sami vs Abigail I’m pretty sure we can all agree Sami would win!

    As for EJ, desperate times call for desperate actions. Or do they? Though EJ has done just about anything to clean up Sami’s messes did he really do Abigail in order to keep her from going to Hope about Gabi’s reaction to that "Nick" text? Could it be that if EJ had been getting some from Sami he mightn’t have strayed? I’m not excusing his behaviour but merely suggesting that he was vulnerable, horny, and had sex with Abigail because she was difficult to refuse. Three times he tried to walk away but she kept insisting. If he and Sami weren’t on the outs, he may not have been taken in. We certainly saw this coming. He and his intended’s cousin have been bonding and he is lonely. He’s not even 10 years her senior so it worked. Course... it was a mistake. This is a huge hurdle for EJami to overcome and they’re not yet married. It’s doubtful it’ll be their end and for those beside themselves with grief over this, sadly, that old school thought that supercouples still exist really doesn’t apply in today’s soap operas. Sure EJAbby was bloody hot but as soon as it was over her whining turned me off. "You took advantage of me," she whined to him. Holy. He walked away three times and she launched herself on him yet accused him of taking advantage of her?

    I think EJ and Sami will survive it eventually like some of the best couples in soaps have in the past such as Bob and Kim on "As The World Turns," Nora and Bo on "One Life To Live," and so on.

    Course as Matt says, "Then there’s the whole pregnancy thing. EJ’s seed is so magical that if he shot it into the clouds you could make it rain in the desert." Worse. If Abigail is pregnant, which brother’s baby would it be?!

    Nu-Will is a hit? (NBC Universal Inc.)
    Weigh in on your thoughts about the rendezvous with our Days poll: EJ and Abigail: Hot or not?

    Chandler Massey's gone and his last scene was nice. The show couldn't have given him much more of a send-off considering he was being recast. I liked Massey as Will and though it's still early, I'm already keen on Guy Wilson who seems to be a natural.

    Rewriting history.
    After that whole storyline where we learned Colleen Brady was John’s mother and Santo DiMera was his father and all those horrid fake accents, we now learn John’s not even her son? Gah! Either they needed a good reason to bring John Black back or they wanted poor Brady to find a love that wasn’t his actual cousin like… Theresa. That one’s pretty obvious. He always hates the girls he eventually falls for.

    Dan and Nic Nic.
    Daniel and Nicole still have that old attraction for each other. It’s understandable. They’re good together but she’s in love with Eric. Daniel finally has Eric's test results and was about to call Dr. Chyka when he arrived... to do what? Stefano told him to clean up his mess and asked RicardBo to do 'something' to Dan. What does it mean? It's all so mysterious. It reminds me of when Dr. Rolf was on the show!

    Best Lines:

    Sonny to Gabi, "EJ could talk a dog off a meat truck if he wants to."

    "You then hop on your bat boat or your phoenix boat or whatever it is that you DiMeras keep on hand," Abigail tells EJ.

    "Any woman with a pulse would want to sleep..." Abigail says to EJ.

    "Don't you talk smack to a woman with a knife," Nicole says to the drug dealer.

    "I just wanted someone else to be on my misery train with me I guess," says Brady to Nicole.

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    - Christine Fix

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    Posted by stjarna at Friday, January 10 2014 12:13 PM

    Welcome back Chrissi, and Happy belated New Year!!!

    I think that Nicole makes herself in love with people when she gets out of a failed relationship. So, Eric returned to Salem, and she saw the sun shining, and she remembered that she once was in love with him. Sorry for being mean. I had hopes for Eric and her- but as the Eric's s/l folded and unfolded and now I am not convinced in her being in love with him, it's like she is dreaming of something that once was and he is so confused about his calling and his feelings. I know it's a soap - and there will be Ericole all lovely, but something tells me they will fly high and come crashing down hard.
    Whereas Daniel and Nicole now seemed to actually have a very good ground and what I have seen they both really want eachother, and keep away from kissing, shaking hand etc LOL- and the chemistry is amazing, and really they should be given a chance for a real love story, as they are realizing they have so much in common, and she is safe and recognized by him. Go Danicole!!!

    Love seeing so much of Lucas! More of Lucas!!!!

    EJ and Abby- momentary lapse in judgement on EJ's behalf! I am an Ejami fan- and this was madness! Ejami have weathered many storms, this is like the arctic storm, I guess this time!!!!

    Need to get used to Nu-Will... I really like CM! Miss him, but it will be fine!!! Go GW!!!!

    Kate, Rafe, Jordan- uh... Kate won't give up!!!!LOL

    JJ, Theresa s/l now- boring!!! I want more of Rory and Bev!!!
    Take care!

    Posted by jendays at Friday, January 10 2014 01:48 PM

    Agree with stjarna - More of Lucas, love him! I'm liking the whole Jordan/Sheryl mystery. Hoping they keep Lucas in the middle of this. He needs a love life big time.

    Also like EJ/Abby, this is going to shake things up for EJ and Sami. I like EJ but I'm getting tired of Ejami. EJ can be with anyone and it would be great. Would like to see Sami gravitate back to Lucas, if not as lovers then as friends again (maybe with benefits). JMO

    Posted by sickofsami at Friday, January 10 2014 01:56 PM

    Ok, I so hoped the new Will would be a smooth fit but he seems complete detached. When he's with Sonny, Gabi and the baby at the apartment he's more of a visitor instead of one of them. He's even detached from his own baby. It's like he's dropping in on his friends and their baby. They need to fix this fast.

    Posted by BobbiNJ at Friday, January 10 2014 02:01 PM

    Best thing is that all this terrific storytelling is paying off in the ratings!

    Posted by Florentine at Friday, January 10 2014 02:48 PM

    I so agree with you about EJ and Abby, you took the words out of my mouth. Looking forward to see the fall out between Sami, EJ and Abby.
    Hope Sami will learn, that she can not just treat EJ "her" way, he is a full grown sexy man, like Abby sort of said.. every woman's with a pulse..dream.
    You do not lock a man like EJ out of your bedroom, and expect him to not be tempted when some young good looking lady, offers herself to him on a Silver platter..
    Wake Samantha, make up your mind, .. I thought you did, back when you gave EJ that great speech of how much you love him and let the rest be ...not that important..

    Good to have you back...

    Posted by lmb1315 at Sunday, January 12 2014 12:39 AM

    I have become an Ejami fan this go around. I think Sami has some valid points but I feel for EJ. The thing with Abigail was super hot...Loved it! This is a great development with a lot of potential.

    So tired of them pushing Dr Dan and Saint Jennifer. When they were together, they were like watching paint dry. Now she starts conversations with him, insults him, and walks away. I like Daniel with Nicole, but then again, Nicole has chemistry with everyone. just love her!

    Posted by Doris JJ at Sunday, January 12 2014 09:47 AM

    Welcome back Chrissy, hope you had a wonderful vacation! Dustin was a great!
    I might be one of the few that understand why Sami is still upset. EJ did lie to her and still hasn’t told the truth about his sister. However, EJ wants’ Sami to come clean to him about everything and he doesn’t do the same. Until he is completely open with her, they might have a rocky relationship. I really don’t want her to go back to Lucas; I want his relationship with this new girl to flourish.
    Trying to understand what happened between Jordan and her friend, (forgot her name) it didn’t sound like something big but they will take their time before we find out.
    I would like for Dan and Nicole to become an item. I don’t want Dan back with Jennifer, she is judgmental of everyone and don’t think he needs that.
    End this story about JJ and Teresa; it is going no where.
    I do feel like EJ could have controlled that situation and should have but since it is a soap we needed drama; but to be with Abigail? She is Miss Blabber Mouth of the Mid West in 2013 and now 2014? What was he thinking! Never mind, he wasn’t! Yes, either she will tell someone or Sami will overhear them talking. People tell their most private moments in the town square, or in their condo and someone is in the closet, and then everyone knows what happened.
    Poor Kate still has to find dish on someone to bring them down to make herself feel better. I hope this blows-up on her. It normally does!
    And Mr. Stefano (that has turned nice) couldn’t touch Daniel since he saved 2 of his sons but still having someone else do something to him. As long as his conscience is clear that is all that matters.
    I know we only saw 5 minutes of the new Will but he didn’t seem to fit and he was kind of rude, IMG, but time will tell. It will be interesting to see how the baby is with him because she was great with Chandler.

    Posted by Florentine at Sunday, January 12 2014 08:40 PM

    Good posts by all

    Posted by Chrissi at Monday, January 13 2014 06:08 AM

    Hi! Good to be back. Great posts!!

    Posted by gamblngal at Monday, January 13 2014 09:22 AM

    Agree more Lucas! I also like Daniel and Nichole together!

    My favorite line of the week-- Kate & Lucas at Pub:
    Kate: here she comes look busy
    Lucas: We're in a restaurant what do you want me to do start bussing tables?

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