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    Days Of Our Lives Poll! New Storyline Ideas!

    Monday, March 02 2009

    Last week, polled you to find out which couple you were rooting for on DOOL. The highest votes have gone to Sami and Rafe. Second best comes EJ and Sami, and then Bo and Hope. The results were from only 2077 readers. This means several thousand other readers didn't vote! What a shame! We really do want to hear your opinion, and you can still vote!

    This time, we're polling for your wish list storylines. In the past, we’ve seen all the family storylines, stories that were fun, romantic, boring and adventurous. We also saw zany storylines such as Marlena possession, we’ve met the Gemini Twins, and we went along with Sami while she was on death row. Somewhere in between, we were locked in the secret room and stuck on Melaswen for a spell. We've been taken on a ride! Soap writers have a difficult job and we wonder what more they could possibly write for us? You be the judge.

    Other than our ideas that we put together with this poll, such as they are, we’d also love to hear your carefully thought up storylines. Where should the writers take us next?

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    Posted by daysfan2582 at Monday, March 02 2009 06:50 AM

    Ok if days wants ideas for new storylines...why throw the option of "An Affair or Two" up there...haven't we seen ENOUGH of affairs, i mean i have been watching this show for over 20 years and I have seen enough affairs on this show to last me a lifetime...especially the Lucas/Chloe/Daniel affair...I am personally sick of seeing two men after one woman...I really think there needs to be a balance of characters on this show...

    My idea for another storyline is...for Days to bring in maybe one character from the past and then 2 new females...WHY...I want to see the men/women characters to have more of a balance...right now we have lucas, daniel, brady and then theres rafe...rafe i suppose can be excluded from this since he is involved with sami. I would like to see lucas, brady and daniel in better storylines. I want to see them have more options when it comes to female characters. I think ultimately that Nicole and Brady may end up hook up but for now Brady is stuck being a lag dog for Nicole and anyone else for that matter. Poor Lucas has been very unlucky in love and since Sami is tied with the baby storyline and rafe, i dont' see them getting back together anytime soon (if ever), so it would be nice to see him with someone that honestly loves him and vice versa. Then theres daniel, March 4th will be a year since he came to the show and we still don't know much of anything about him. Now that he has resigned, i think its time that they expand on his character by bringing some history to the character. He was the best when he was with Chelsea...i will adore their pairing but Rachel is leaving and he's staying...theres no way they will be reunited at least anytime soon. I personally, want his character redeemed, the writer's have really done a number on him. I want to see him in a better storyline than kate/chloe and having affairs with women or becoming involved with his patients. I want to see him with a new female, one that isn't currently on the show!!!

    I want to see romance with Bo and Hope. I would like to see what develops with Rafe and far the writing for them has reminded of the old days...the days were build-up to the story occurs, a friendship is formed, theres major chemistry, flirty banter and classic I would like to see where that develops however, I do want sami to get her real baby back and soon!!!

    I would like to see more humor in the storylines and i would like to see "a romantic journey for once" has to be with pairings that actually make sense...meaning...couples that have been thrown together like chloe/daniel, kate/daniel and a few others DO NOT have anything romantic between them...the type of romance i'm talking about is what bo/hope have, what daniel/chelsea had, what sami/rafe could potentially have and some of the other characters...but having sex all the time and saying you love someone within a week DOESN'T constitute having romance!!!

    Posted by garfield54 at Monday, March 02 2009 08:26 AM

    Ok, how about a romantic story line without all the bed scences for once. The Daniel/Chloe/Kate "thing" is for the birds. Ever since Daniel arrived its been from one bed to another. I would like to see Sami & Rafe in a courtship romance without all the SEX. I agree with daysfan2582 that having sex all the time & saying you love someone within a week does not constitute having romance!

    Posted by Joy-Faith at Monday, March 02 2009 08:55 AM

    I love the idea of romance. There isn't enough on Days. I recall times when it was enjoyable to watch the antics of Jack and Jenn, priceless!!! Although it wasn't on the edge of your seats, wondering who was going to ddo it with who, it showcased love at it's best.

    The amount of supercouples have depleted over the years plus add in that one super couple is gone and another is going to be out the door. I want to see another Patch and Kayla love. Personally, I love the chemistry between Sami and Rafe.

    Sure, I know there are the ones who want Sami with EJ or Lucas, but its time to move on and take off the broken record. Regardless of what many believe, as a rape victim myself, I find the pairing of EJ and Sami distasteful purely based on when she needed EJ's help to save Lucas and he demanded sex. Rape comes in all forms and regardless of any chemistry that developed between them later I can't get that moment out of my head. Nor have I forgotten how much the playboy EJ was. I am not convinced his wild oats have been sewn.

    Lucas and Sami were always an OK couple. In my opinion, the best part of their pairing was that they turned into good friends. Of course with their history they know so much about each other, so their friendship isn't earth shattering. I never saw anything between them that was special, not if you compare them to Kaylas and Patch or Jack and Jenn.

    So yeah, I'm a Safe fan. During the past several months, Rafe and Sami have had a chance to prove to viewers that they do have chemistry and most of all, together they are so funny! He is on his toes where she is concerned but he adores her none the less. Passion between them is something not proven yet, only a type of sexual tension, however I fully believe that once they have a chance to explore their relationship we're going to see a fair bit of heat. My only concern is that I hope they lose what they had in the start as a result because I LOVE the way he SEES her but wants her.

    Sami is a fan favorite regardless of who you want to see her with, so to mate her with someone who can be that next IT couple makes sense.

    For some reason I keep seeing Rafe as a private eye in Salem, and Sami helping him to solve cases. There would be so many opportunities for some Jack and Jenn type antics. Whoever she ends up with, I'm ready for Sami to have love. She has grown up alot and it's time for her to have one steady man of her own. Besides, the next generation of Salemites don't have a supercouple. They need one.

    Posted by Chrissi at Tuesday, March 03 2009 06:47 AM

    LOL Days doesn't want new ideas for storylines, daysfan! This is just my little poll, for fun!

    Cool ideas!! Thanks!

    Posted by bigtimesoapfan at Tuesday, March 03 2009 02:15 PM

    I have 2 ideas
    1. Mia wants her baby back and Nicole sneaks into the convent to get her(unbeknows to her someone is watching)a. Stefano- he gets curious and does some research and finds the truth, What will he do? As of now his grandchildren are in his house if the truth came out it would change. Wouild he keep silent? The possibilities are endless
    2. Grace is really Wills and when Sammi has her tested as E.j.s the test fails and Lucas appears to be the daddy(worked on Y&R and on Passions and with 1/2 siblings)What would happen next? especially when Mia(Martina lets hope)shows up. The possibilities are endless!
    3. When Nicole visits the convent to see Grace she is suppoesed to check up on her and Stefano follows and has the place investigated? Will the cops take Grace? What happens if they make her take a test? if it's not Wills she'll fail and she'll know something jappened to her baby, but who will believe her?
    This s/l if done right could be amazing! Their are so many interesting turns it can take!

    Posted by Granny Candy at Tuesday, March 03 2009 05:17 PM

    If Day's goes to a gay/lesbian transgender storyline I would never watch Day's again. This idea is really revolting. I am also noticing the language that has been popping up more and more on Day's. What I am ready for is for some of these storylines to get cleared up before they start with something else.

    Posted by Lumifan4life at Tuesday, March 03 2009 06:39 PM

    Have the Alamains come back and Jamie Caldwell they would be so interesting with everyone's dynamic on the show.
    I'd love for Jamie Caldwell to return with Secrets of her own and a haunted past. I'd love for her love interest to be Lucas Horton. But for her to be working for A powerful Alamain. Jamie has changed over the years she's not the so sweet and semi innocent girl who left Salem and somehow she gets taken in by a powerful power player who just can't help but be in love with her and for her to kinda be his #1 go getter when it comes to business. Why is she in Salem to feel everyone out and test the waters.
    She's would have ties to just about anyone of importance. Plus its just time for a change I'm sick of the story lines.
    And I would love for her secret to do with Mia maybe being her daughter.

    Posted by firebird85 at Tuesday, March 03 2009 07:08 PM

    Bravo daysfan2582! You pretty much summed it up for me!

    Posted by foxrocks at Wednesday, March 04 2009 05:25 AM

    I have written this many times but I still love the idea of having Maggie's youngest daughter come back I think her name was Noel or something like that. She would be perfect for Max, Brady, or Philip. We need to get someone new on the show to get the romance flowing right now there is no chemistry.

    Posted by bghwme at Wednesday, March 04 2009 11:42 AM

    I would like to see Philip put in a situation where his money and power will be of no use to him, or at least be inaccessible.

    It will be an adventure story line where he must discover his inner self, his survival instincts, and his sense of right and wrong in order to survive and help those who he cares about survive long enough to get home or be rescued.

    It doesn't necessarily have to be in a different country. Perhaps in the wilderness where he and his friends meet an old native American who knows about inner spirit, kind of thing.

    Or..perhaps it could be Philip alone. Maybe he could get lost in the wrong part of town and someone mugs him and steals his I.D. There he is in the world of the homeless where no one knows him and no one believes he is who he says he is. He meets an old guy who was once rich and successful like him, and walked all over people to get there. Then, a business deal gone bad caused him to lose everything..his job, his family, etc.

    You know, he has regrets and if he had it to do over, he would do things differently. He has learned that his wife and family should have been put first. Perhaps he would still have people in his life that cared about him. Instead of destroying people, he would use his money and power to be a good friend to the people that he destroyed.

    Some kind of a story where Philip can learn something, and choose the kind of person he wants to be.

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