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    Friday, November 08 2013

    Here comes the... (NBC Universal Inc.)
    Deconstructing "DOOL" from November 4 – 8:

    Like sands through the hourglass, so are the "Days Of Our Lives." Happy 48th Anniversary Days!

    This week was the lead up to the non-wedding. One man-sized moron (so mean!), Dominatrix Barbie and said moron’s ‘bride of the 90s’ stood by in horror as the sex tape finally aired for half of Salem to see. It was a long wait but worth it. Well. To us. Half of Salem won’t be thanking Victor or Marlena anytime soon for the lack of sleep that’s sure to follow when the images of the man of the cloth, boffing Brady’s intended invade their heads. What a week!

    Move on, Kate.
    Kate spent the week baking a nice double batch of her special brownies for her new friend Jordan to sample instead of revealing to Rafe that she’s still in love with him, getting the ‘we’re just friends’ speech and then moving on. Rafe has moved on as was made clear in that scene with Hope, and it’s official; Rafe really is as dumb as a stump about women. He told Hope he thinks the reason Kate hangs around all the time is because she feels guilty. Hope even alluded to Kate having feelings for him and he either chose to ignore her or didn’t catch on. Oh boy! He’s in it deep. Even his White Knight Complex has kicked in and though he doesn’t know it, I bet Jordan does need protection. We finally saw a spark of chemistry between Jafe when they argued over cookies in the park. After almost three lengthy months we saw the human side of Jordan. Maybe we can even start rooting for them. Matt says, "Who knew that it would take cookies to make Jordan seem like more than an android with a decent wig and a pair of Dollarama glasses? Did JJ bake some Ecstasy into them or something? Radan's darting glances and desire to chew on a chocolate chip cookie was a sexual metaphor that was about as subtle as that weeklong episode of Carrie fanning her glistening cleavage until his eyebrows crawled across the room to sop up the sweat."

    It was great seeing Lucas catch on to Kate’s scam but she’s so far gone she won't listen to anyone tell her to move on.

    Beating the dead horse again, and again, and again, and again.
    Jenn has every right to feel hurt over what she thinks Daniel did but it was difficult to hear her whine to Daniel about shutting her out when she demanded that he, her ex-boyfriend with whom she dumped, explain his reason for moving on with Theresa. Even though it hurt poor saintly Daniel to tell her off, it was so wonderfully validating to hear him say, "Now you know what it feels like." It’d have been too easy to simply tell her Theresa called him while a drugged out mess and asked for a shoulder to lean on.

    Moving Nicole into his apartment is going to probably land Daniel in a little more hot water with Jennifer. Let's see. Two jilted people feeling lonely. There's a recipe for naughtiness.

    Father Eric and Nicole used the same scripts three or four times this month to rant at each other about his accusations and her desire to clear her ‘good’ name and I found myself wanting to knock their heads together repeatedly until they both canned it! Matt (of the defunct Matt’s Musings) says he wrote to the show and they informed him that some of their writers were eaten by zombies so past scripts had to be recycled. That’s Hallowe’en for ya.

    Oh the hypocrisy!
    Really? Sami was rocked to her core that Gabi had sex with Nick, "After everything that he has done to her?" Hilarious! Sami’s got to be the biggest hypocrite in all of Salem next to EJ, who was "horrified" that his sister drugged a priest and had sex with him. Really? Disgusted? Oh please! He’s only disgusted because Sami (too obvious with the foreshadowing) sees Eric as a hero. If it was anyone else he’d be elbowing Kristen and snickering at the sheer brilliance of it all. It wasn’t a surprise that he chose family loyalty over Sami though. That was fitting. He is a DiMera and should be written as such.

    Dazed and confused. (NBC Universal Inc.)
    The main event.
    Our brains almost exploded with aggravation this week waiting for somebody - anybody, to open that confounded video file. At least it didn’t take as long as it took Hope to open that infernal envelope last year. Once it was decrypted, Victor enjoyed watching the sex video until he saw Eric’s face but instead of showing Brady the DVD in private, he cruelly had Marlena of all people set up the DVD switch. This means Marlena’s may take the rap for the sex tape being shown at the wedding! How juicy. And mean. I was hating on our victim, Brady. I couldn’t help myself. He was a poor excuse for a friend, he already ditched his best man Daniel without his knowledge and then went one step further and promised his whack job of a fiancée that he’d uninvite Daniel from the fiasco...I mean wedding, altogether. Brady’s daft. He needs his friends close especially now. Oddly, and without explanation, Jennifer decided to attend. One highlight was Marlena accidentally tearing down the walls to that little room. Classic. I loved how fast both Maggie and Sami turned to their spouses, wondering if each had anything to do with Kristen's schemes. Oh boy things are going to be rough in Salem for a while.

    Obviously Dr. Shyster... I mean Dr. Chyka is no Dr. Rolf. He’d better be on a plane destined for some remote country where he can have full facial reconstruction before Kristen gets to him.

    Wonder what Kristen’s password was? Let’s play ‘guess the password’...

    I tried to keep them as tasteful as possible considering. Thanks to Amy for #3 and Matt for #14. Matt had a slew of naughty ones we decided were better off left unsaid!

    Best Lines:

    Maxine tells Kate Jordan grows on you. "So does flesh eating bacteria," Kate snipes.

    Kristen asks EJ, "Samantha's family loyalty is about as changeable as her nail polish. What about yours?"

    Victor to Brady, "Maybe you'll give out false teeth as wedding souvenirs. Better yet, you should pass out antacids."

    Victor to Marlena, "You want a more graphic description? It's Kristen, sweating up the sheets with another man."

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    - Christine Fix

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    Posted by everlena1973 at Friday, November 08 2013 11:41 AM

    Great post, thanks Crissi. I print these out for my mom. She watches the show, I've also started printing out the spoilers for her.

    Posted by littleguysmom at Friday, November 08 2013 11:51 AM

    Good blog Chrissi you had me laughing through the whole thing, and tell Matt thanks for adding his take on the show too.

    Posted by Chrissi at Friday, November 08 2013 12:54 PM

    Aw thanks guys! I appreciate the feedback! I will tell Matt and everlena that's really cool. Hope your mum likes them. I felt kind of mean in this one. I dislike name calling but lol it just fit!!

    Posted by stjarna at Friday, November 08 2013 01:51 PM

    Yes, Happy Anniversary Days!!!!

    I don't know how it came about that I called Kristen, Medusa, the Gorgone- and yet she turned out to be the worst for men- uh- and her head rolls!
    Still - poor Eric!

    Moving on to Kate! Yeah, move on Katie, there were so many signs- and the insecurity this time will bite her big time (I hope LOL)and makes her terribly pathetic! Ah, it's not like she doesn't deserve it for all that she also had been dishing out through the years!

    I love Rafe and Jordan- it's new and refreshing. I loved him with Carrie, and Jordan sort of at times reminds me of her- and I guess she actually is Rafe's type- and she knows stuff about football- so they can talk about something besides therapy- what was there he and Kate could talk about- can't remember that they did much talking LOL- but there must be more to relationship than just bed and someone mothering you!!! Jafe will have a rocky road ahead of them-
    Will Lucas be thrown in the mix somehow- him trying to protect Jordan from the evil doings of his mother??

    Jennifer is written so poorely, that I just can't swallow it anymore- first it was Nicole, than it was Chloe and now it is Theresa- I so wish this is the end of daniel and her cos it is such torture to have to continue induring- I know- why don't I just ff it?!
    I so want and wish that Daniel and Nicole find their way to one another- I so enjoyed them together - they were so natural- just great! Two lonely people- ah- come on- get together- and rekindle what is really deep down in your hearts! You are both in love with the wrong people!! I wish!

    Since the Holdiay Season is upon us soon- I guess they will use this time from now on to recuperate- ...

    Still- Salem is going soon to be free of a real big bad villains...or not?

    Posted by Florentine at Saturday, November 09 2013 09:15 AM

    good comments Chrissi,

    I know it was great entertainment, but I hope Victor and Marlena get some hell, for Using A church, with Marlena's son working there, to air a Sex tape....
    That's not the way to expose somebody, you do no use God's House, period... but it was exciting.
    Hope Maggie goes after Victor for what He Did, at least Marlena did not know, what exactly was on the video, But, She Knew, it was Not appropriate to be played in a church....No matter what, did they forget how many people would be seeing that... Marlena, poor judgement, and Victor, well let's face, Once a scumbag gangster, always one, it's in his blood. Maggie, you got your work cut out for you, to forgive that Sin he committed, In Church, LOL

    I hope the Kristin will get hers, but question, I had read that a Look alike Kristin will show up, what could that mean. To create doubt, that maybe it was not Kristin on the Video,.. of course we all know it was, but what could the plan be, for a look a like...

    I enjoyed Dan and Nicole together... she would be a wonderful Step Mom to Parker, she has always been a very good and hands on "Mom".
    Maybe she needed to spend her time at Church/convent to become a better person for Dan ???
    I am so sick of Jennifer, no matter what, that woman is so annoying, so all over the place...
    She has not an ounce of faith in the Man, she claims she Loves.... They do not belong together, ever, because at every turn in the road, Jenn will throw Dan away....

    Another annoying thing to me.... Hope calling Jenn.."Cuz". I am so sick of that, just like John calling Brady "Son".
    They have names, please at least half the time call them by their names.
    Enjoy Rafe much more than I used to, still keep wondering if Jordan will turn out to be the love of Rafe's life.. Emily. Maybe she did not die in that Accident on the day of their wedding. Stranger things have happened on DOOL.

    Poor Eric, what will happen to him now...Where were the
    Bishop and Father Matt, thought they would be there...

    However, I thought Kristin looked beautiful in that dress, very classy look.
    Seems to me, there is an open door, Kristin could be pregnant, and maybe some day she might return or whatever.

    Brady just has no luck with women ...Somehow, I do not feel to sorry for him. He is after all a grown man, and he is making his own choices. Kristin could have been "reformed" and things could have worked out. Look at Maggie, she took a big chance with a Former Killer, Gangster, Drug Lord, etc. didn't she now.
    Not excusing Kristin one bit, but look, yes she tried to hold/and possible kill Marlena, but who in Salem has not done similar things, trying to kill people,... Like Nicole/Victor, like Brady/EJ, like Sami/EJ, like Kate/where do I start, of course Stefano, however he never did it himself...
    sure I am forgetting a lot of people.....
    Looking forward to watching all the fall out from the video next week. At least .. Nicole will be cleared....Later, like all the comments by you ladies..

    Posted by kayhan at Sunday, November 10 2013 04:32 AM

    It was a fantastic show for the most part. Especially the wedding and aftermath. Cameron/Jordan scenes and Cameron/Abby scenes were a waste of time. Abby needs to get her facts straight before accusing Daniel of having an affair with Theresa. Abby sounds just like her mother. A broken record without a shred of evidence to back up her claims. So annoying those Deveraux women are. Looking forward to the coming weeks of Kristen/Nicole/Marlena confrontations. Also looking forward to seeing Father Eric trying to apologize to Nicole and she rejects him. Also the story with WilSon/Nick/Gabi looks interesting.

    Posted by Doris JJ at Sunday, November 10 2013 11:06 AM

    Congratulations Days for 48 wonderful years! Great Post Chrissi!

    Hate to see Kate go back to her old tricks. Agree with you when Lucas asked his mom about Jordan. I was enjoying her and being this nice person but now she is going back to her old ways and investigating someone. Wouldn’t Rafe recognize Jordan if she was his girlfriend Emily? She could have plastic surgery but wouldn’t the voice be the same? Don’t know what they have in store for us, will have to wait and see. I just want Rafe to be happy and have a great life.
    Jennifer and Abby are getting ridicules. It’s like they are the manners police and need to go around and tell people what they are doing wrong. She was very clear with Daniel that she wanted nothing to do with him and to please leave her alone. And Ann is over the top as well. I’m now in favor of her firing!
    I agree with you about Sami. When she was talking, I thought she needs to look in a mirror. I wish the writers would have made Nick’s character back into a nice guy instead of what they are doing.
    I had to laugh when Marlena was trying to get the music started then the video. It so reminded me of myself; I have no ability to get those things going even if you put a big sign that says push this to play.. Pushing those buttons and getting all worked up was hilarious and finding the plug to get the video, it was just great. It was almost convincing of Kristen asking if Marlena got actors that looked like them. That was a good one! Didn’t think Brady needed to punch Eric but he was angry and had to find someone to take the hit.
    Hope Marlena doesn’t have to take all the blame for that, Victor wouldn’t let her see the tape before so Maggie will take care of him. So glad the story is out there; now we have a few weeks of Sami forgiving EJ and Maggie forgiving Victor.

    Posted by holdingonfordearlife at Monday, November 11 2013 05:39 AM

    Hi sure keep the blogs rocking!!
    Way to go are the best!

    Victor was very mean in that he didn't give Marlena
    a chance to decide if she wanted to expose her son
    or John's son like that.............I hope Maggie
    sets him straight!!

    I didn't expect anything less from the evil
    DeMiras..................and him trying to stop
    Eric from remembering............and saying it
    looked that way!! Lies on top of more lies....

    Posted by Chrissi at Monday, November 11 2013 07:44 AM

    Thanks again for all the great feedback!

    Emily. Wow I hadn't thought of that. I suppose it's possible. I'm finally curious about Jordan and am so glad. I hated being in limbo. I feel bad that Kate isn't being shown stronger - like it'd work better for me if they showed her in the boardroom as the take charge kind of woman that she is and then show her love life as differing.

    I feel bad that I keep harping on Jenn but unless the writers stop writing her so easy to rant about what can one do!! I miss old Jenn.

    Posted by Florentine at Monday, November 11 2013 10:23 AM

    Thanks Chrissi, I enjoy when you come back on and respond to some of our thoughts...
    Emily's story was never resolved, Rafe would Not talk about it, period, so maybe Jordan could be her...
    So many characters have come back on soaps after facelifts, and they were not recognized, even though you would think the voice, etc. would give it away. But maybe that is, without realizing it, what drawn Rafe to Jordan, something about her.....

    You keep on harping about Jenn and Abby, Yes, they are both terrible and annoying to watch anymore. Men, stay away from those two women, that Never know, which Man they want,
    and If they really want and love the one that's right there for them and loves them.

    I enjoy reading all the comments on here, food for thought, and it helps seeing the plots and characters in many different ways... Later

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