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    Friday, February 20 2009

    Did the kiss mean anything? (
    These are the “DAYS” of my week for February 16-20:

    I really enjoyed watching the show this week and my blog shows. It’s 95% positive! Seriously! Victor was a grouch again, which caused some laughter. Let's see what else happened.

    Chelsea and Max:

    Chax. Melsea. Does it matter anymore? Knowing Rachel Melvin’s leaving the show makes me wonder why they’re pairing these two off and strangely makes me just want them to end her stay, early. That sounds bad but you all know that I love Rachel’s work and love the Chelsea character. With all the change that the show has been through, I just can’t take it anymore! I long for the day when they have their full cast and we don’t have to worry about who is next on the chopping block. (Even though she elected to leave for her own reasons.) I digress. Chax has been gone from canvas for a while, last seen together February 5. That leaves a lack of flow to their budding relationship that started New Year’s Eve or maybe before that. I can’t recall. I’m curious as to how they’ll wrap up her storyline. Did you like how they wrapped up Steve and Kayla’s? Did you even realize it?

    Goodbye Stayla:

    Their last airdate went by already, earlier this week. If you missed out, you can read about their firing and then read their last episode as well. Some are offended by the terrible send off. I was surprised by it but strangely unaffected. Since they had another kid, I’ve been bored with them. I like the actors and would have liked to see them utilized in more of an adventurous way, instead of being the couple who watches TV and stops to change diapers and supports their friends who have lives. Hah! They were wasted is all I’m saying.

    Philly, Steph and Mel:

    Philip is losing his marbles. It’s really amusing. I know some of you are annoyed by it and I can understand that, though I am not annoyed by it. His inability to separate his emotions from his work is getting him into hot water and it’s keeping me interested. We’re seeing the DiMeara’s and Kiriakises go to war. The word vendetta hasn’t been used yet, but that’s where we’re headed. I think it’s a good way to go. Did you love or hate Philly’s make-out session with Melanie? Melanie has rubbed many the wrong way, I realize, but I’ve warmed to her quite some time ago. She’s an odd character and intrigues me, still. I love their scenes together, but saw a great vulnerability on Mel’s face when Philip leaned in for that kiss. I think she’ll get hurt. She may be what they call ‘street smart’, which just means she’s a bad arse, but she’s not heart smart. Then there’s poor Steph (Matt calls her Stuffy Steph – Matt’s the Guiding Light news writer.) who witnessed the demanding kiss and (*Spoiler alert*) gives Mel a smack she won’t soon forget. But wait. Why didn’t she smack Phil? How did she even know that he was at Maggie’s place? Didn’t she break up with Philly? So many questions. Seems to me she’s got no claim on Philly. I can’t remember. Are they on again or off again, today? I like where this story is going! Is this going to be a case of not wanting him but not wanting Mel to get her paws on him? I don’t know but I love it. Great fun! Wednesday and Thursday’s shows were great!


    Just not into this storyline. Leave Bope together and give them an adventure. Give them romance and sex. Give them another troubled teen to move in with them, after Chelsea leaves, but don’t break them up again. That’s tired and stinks of Jarlena break-ups. While I think Hope should be upset about what Bo did, I am sure that once she comes to her senses and slowly gets over some of the guilt she feels, she’ll realize she needs to be home.

    Chloe/Daniel/Lucas... and Maggie:

    I felt for Chloe this week. She’s obviously tortured and though I originally thought they’d have her in love with two men, I also wondered if she was just in love with the excitement, passion and uncertainty of a new relationship, as she mentioned in her off the wall, chance meeting with the old priest at the park. Though I found it very strange (and I admit I was bored stiff) that she’d meet with a priest in the park and he’d let her cry on his shoulder, the chance meeting was good for her. The prayers were weird and more strange was it that she didn’t even know how to pray. *snort* As if. The show has incorporated a lot of prayer lately, haven’t they? Reminds me of the early 1990’s on the show. Chloe was able to talk out her feelings to somebody who wasn’t going to judge her or force her to make any decisions she wasn’t ready to make. Though some may think she’s a tramp, everyone makes mistakes. She got caught up in something she was missing from Lucas, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Boy, I’d hate to see her after a few years of marriage! She’s got the seven year itch and it’s barely been seven months! A little role-playing and they’ll be as good as fresh… I’m joking, of course. Sorta.

    Stayla's last scene and I didn't get a shot of Steve! (
    Kick a man when he’s down, Mags! I’m not sure if Maggie’s timing was right to spill about Claniel… Danloe... Chloe and Daniel! Couldn’t she have waited until after he had sobered up? He was so funny drunk. I’ve met Bryan (Lucas) at a few events and he’s totally funny, charming and nothing like Lucas, who can be a drag. It was nice to see him so playful, but a shame he fell off the wagon. After all these years, too! Anyway, perhaps if Maggie had waited until Lucas was sober, before telling him about the affair, he’d be able to deal with it with more dignity, instead of pounding on Daniel’s door…oh, I can’t watch! Oh that's right. I already did. Watch Monday. It's good!

    One thing to add. The kiss between Kate and Daniel was a surprise. He kissed her back, and passionately. What does that mean? Does it mean anything? To me, it does.

    Ecole and Brady:

    Does Brady love Nicole? I must be blind because I didn’t even consider this until Dr. Baker pondered it earlier in the week. It’s a very good possibility. I mean, why else is he putting up with her? Can’t use that AA excuse that he has to help others forever, right? Boy. Did the show do a lousy job of creating hints about this, or is he really not in love with her or do I truly suck at seeing what motivates a character on this show – or any show for that matter? (Not rhetorical… I truly would love if you could tell me!!) I’m going to pull a Lucas and blame somebody else! (*Spoiler alert*… Lucas’ll blame Sami for his drinking… uh boy. Cause she put that drink into his hand and all…) Back to Brady. He denies being in love with Nicole, but I wonder... would this be a good pairing? I mean you have to know EJ will dump her butt once he finds out my poor dear Nicole was a bad, bad girl. I wonder if it will be a case of goodbye Nicole, hello Samanther. Higley did, after all, say that they'd be together. Just not quite yet. My feelings on it? I'll let you know if it happens!

    Mia isn’t leaving the show yet so I’m assuming she’ll cause more issues to come. What more can I say about Ecole except that the show sure likes to use dreams often. What a nightmare, Nicole had when she dreamed EJ found out about the baby. I shudder to think of his reaction when he really does find out. Look at how we’re seeing foreshadowing with Melanie. If she doesn’t give him what he wants, “…there’s no happy ending for her.” What did you think about that scene on the pier with Melanie and EJ? What was with him caressing her? Show of dominance is all I could think of. It was creepy and ugh… sexy all at once. I am truly sick. I know. I do love their scenes together. They’re unusual. I’d like to see Nicole and Melanie together more, too.
    The er… romantic scene on Tuesday made me laugh aloud. Nicole asked EJ to make love to her but EJ reminded her it was too soon since the baby. She awkwardly explained that there is more than one way to satisfy your partner other than intercourse itself. I was embarrassed for them, but then realized they were only together once, so really, this is their relationship growing once again.


    We haven’t seen them at all this week. I want to take this chance to remind all Safe and Ejami fans on the message boards that there’s room for you all and I hope that you can all agree to disagree on who Samanther should be with. I’m still on the fence and will be until she picks one. Then if it’s not who I want, you’ll know! I’m vocal, just like you!

    Lexi, Abe and Theo:

    Labe. Labraham, Thexi, Thalexandra… they don’t have a name, do they? What can I say to sum up their time on the show this week? Lexi moaned about how she’s a bad parent again and then Theo showed her that she’s a good mother. That was good to see some growth, though I wouldn’t mind seeing more of a balance between the cast, for a better flow.

    I notice we’ve some newbies with us and wanted to welcome them! Glad you’re here! For those who want to know what’s coming up, check out my spoilers for the next little while. If you want to know who’s coming or going, this is the link where I post ins and outs! If you want to have a good laugh, check out this thread Mollymommy made called ‘DOOL Characters on Facebook. It’ll make you giggle.

    Addendum: Friday, Stephanie called seeing Philip make out with Melanie her own personal screening of "The Postman Always Rings Twice." I’ve never seen that show but have heard my parents discussing it in the past. Since Stephanie’s younger than I am, I found this a strange quote coming from her!

    Happy Friday. Here’s wishing you a happy weekend! Maybe I'll chat you up on Facebook in between photography exhibit and the Royal Ontario Museum exhibition 'Mysteries of Ancient Ukraine.' Woot! Interesting.

    - Christine Fix

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    Posted by bghwme at Friday, February 20 2009 08:02 AM

    Hi Chrissy. I am glad you are feeling more positive about the show, and there were some good moments this week.

    I am getting an "out with the old, in with the new" feeling. It's kind of like they have retired old characters and story lines and are starting fresh with new characters.

    Although some of the younger characters are not new, they are giving them new personalities, and they are writing out part of their history. For example, Philip's artificial leg is gone, which could mean that the Sami/Stan thing never happened. I guess they think that their new, younger audience never saw it, and that the older, long-time audience can just forget about it.

    The Tony and EJ versus Stephano thing is not going to happen, and it is going to be DiMeras vs Kiriakis' instead.

    I get the feeling that they are going to dump a lot of Sami's history and focus on just her history with Lucas and EJ instead.

    I believe Maggie will be the one character who carries on the heart of the show. She is a strong, loving woman who made a lot of her own mistakes in the past and knows what she is talking about when she gives advice. She really does know the pain and the torment those that she loves and cares about are going through. Because of her own experiences in life, she tends to be more honest and supportive than judgmental.

    I think Melanie really loves her, and I hope they develop the relationship between these 2 characters into something meaningful and good for Melanie. Melanie never really had a there is a good opportunity there for a great story line.

    I'm not sure if Maggie chose the wrong time to tell Lucas. I think he would have reacted the same way drunk or sober. She really thought she was going to take him home and help him through it. There was really never going to be a good time to tell him. It's something Chloe should have already done instead of breaking up with him and letting him think he did something wrong or that there was something wrong with him.

    I am loving both Victor and Stephano. They are too funny. Their sons, instead of trying to be like them or win their approval, should maybe ask themselves why their fathers ended up alone and lonely? Victor and Stephano have power and money, but they do not have a loving family or a wife by their side.

    I wish they would just give the Stephanie character more class and dignity. Going around slapping teenagers in the face is not the way to do it. As annoying as Melanie is, I do not enjoy seeing her getting abused by anyone. It just made Stephanie look stupid and immature.

    I would like her better if she just walked away with her head held high instead of letting Philip and Melanie bring her down to their level.

    The way EJ caressed her face reminded me so much of a young Stephano, but I think it was more of a warning to Melanie than anything....and it really did scare her.

    I don't think Brady loves Nicole in the romantic sense. I think he loves her as a friend. Right now, he thinks she's a good person with a good heart who is making some mistakes; but he doesn't know everything yet! LOL

    I hope they bring in someone new and dynamic for Brady.

    Posted by LUMIFOREVERANDEVER at Friday, February 20 2009 08:20 AM

    The show still isn't good enough for me to start watching yet.

    Stayla leaving like they did burns me up.

    Chelsea and Max, I could care less about.

    Mel/Phil/Step could be interesting...and honestly Melanie is the one who is interesting me the most, her kiss with Phil and the creepy scene with Ej looks to be good stuff.

    Bope is no good when they are seperated. When I was a little girl Bo and Hopes love was what I wanted for myself...they shouldn't be apart. They are great with romance and adventure, like you said and that is how the characters need to be written, romantic and adventurous. The vision thing with Bo is just off for me. It doesn't fit...not with Bo.

    I wanted Ej and Nicole to work out so bad but I know it's not going to. They two are two peas in a pod and could be AWESOME for the show, but alas, Dena and I don't see eye to eye on a lot of things. May I also ask, where has creativity gone? These storylines are not interesting or creative in the least, IMO. So much could be done with this pairing but here we go again with Ej and Sami. I hate Ej and Sami..if you couldn't tell by now...LOL

    I think I would like Brady, if I were watching, but just by reading the updates, he is not interesting enough. I loved Kyle playing Brady and I am sure Ethan from Passions is doing a fine job..(I can never remember his name..sorry) but the character is not interesting to me..when he totally could be...he is a recovering addict..let's see him walk the line, so to speak...something other than being Nicole's lap dog. How about Brady making it his life mission to punish the Dimera's for all they have done to John. Maybe, Brady can make a vendetta of his own First, he can set his sights on Ej...killing the "golden child" or ruining his career, anything to stick it to Stefano and twist the knife..make it hurt, ya know...sorry, I am rambling now.

    Abe/Lexie/Theo, I don't care about and their story bores me.

    Safe...could work for me if I didn't love LUMI so much, but what is the point of getting excited about them when Dena said (I still don't think she said it..she said long haul, she never point blank said that Sami and Ej will be together..atleast I have never seen it) that ejami would be together?

    Also, speaking of Ej, ******spoiler talk********** He is supposed to be evil Ej again..that I have seen, and I just don't believe that Sami would love him if he were acting like his father's son again. I just don't buy it. So how is this going to work, Evil Ej and Sami together?

    Lucas/Chloe/Daniel...I just roll my eyes at this. Daniel kissed Kate passionately this week, again, said he loved Chloe and poor Lucas is drinking again (AGAIN..ugh). I just don't like it.

    ************Spoiler talk************
    I am very excited to see Kate and Victor team up to take Chloe down!

    I think I am going to start watching the show again next week. We have Will returning, so that is going to give me a LUMI scene or two and I do want to tune in for sweeps. I hope it gets good

    Thanks for the thoughts Chrissi!

    Posted by at Friday, February 20 2009 01:24 PM

    I love, love, reading all your comments! bghwme, you've watched the show for years, and it's great to see your perspective! I do think Philip's artificial leg is still there and saw him struggle when he and Chloe were together, but haven't thought of it the past few months so I will look for that!!

    LOL @ poor LUMIFOREVERANDEVER. I feel for you. I promise the show has been really good the past few days, but if you want to just read, that's cool with me! Loved reading your thoughts too and I wanted Nicole and EJ together as well but they're really a bore now, aren't they? Not to mention all her lies! Brady really isn't an interesting character. You're not missing a thing.

    Posted by Tesstellthetruthalready at Friday, February 20 2009 01:25 PM

    Chrissi, great read as always I think it's funny how every time you are discussing Sami, you spell her name the way EJ says My daughter has a friend Samantha, and my husband put her in his contacts as "Samanther"
    My husband is a huge fan of EJ...

    Posted by firebird85 at Friday, February 20 2009 02:31 PM

    I enjoyed reading everyone's comments.

    I must have been one of the few that missed Steve & Kayla's exit.

    I am still on the fence regarding Sami & Rafe. I will decide once Rafe interacts with other characters.

    I find Brady interesting. He's becoming more involved in the Dimeara & Kiriakis feud. In the meantime, Victor is creating tension btw Brady & Philip regarding Titan. I also look forward to seeing how Brady deals with Melanie.

    As for Melanie, I find her refreshing, challenging & charismatic.

    I am all for Maggie taking over the older, wiser parental side of the show but it would be nice to show her husband too.

    Posted by firebird85 at Friday, February 20 2009 02:40 PM

    Chrissi, I do have a question that you might be able to answer.

    Who was the actor that portrayed the bartender at the Cheatin Heart during this week (believe it was Thursday & Friday)? Thanks.

    Posted by 2boyzrule at Friday, February 20 2009 03:01 PM

    Chrissi, thanks for the update! I thought the show wasn't bad this week. Had a lot of good/funny moments!

    I must admit I had no clue Stayla would be gone so quick.

    Chelsea and Max, hmm..All I can say is Chelsea is related to every single man except Max and Daniel, just not enough options for my gal! Loved her scene with Stephanie, she just kept saying the Kitchen Table> funny.

    Bope are just best kept together, yes I so agree. My favorite vet couple being apart for such a silly reason- Bo's visions. I will miss Chelsea not being apart of their family, they all work so well together.

    Lucas/Chloe/Daniel/Maggie- I enjoyed Lucas and Maggie this week, SR really was terrific! Maggie has always been one of my favorites and I hope she does have more involvement with Melanie as well. I'm liking these two red headed gals!
    BD played a great Drunk. Poor guy, gets a raw deal everytime. Just wished Chloe could have been the one to tell Lucas about the affair, she's being a coward. Her convo with the Priest gave me a great laugh! Now, where is she living since she broke it off with Lucas? Daniels? Now, where is he going to live? Yet no one else was affected by the explosion and that alarm didn't go off? Please.

    Daniel, professes his love for Chloe, twice now (teling her) can't keep track of all the times they've done it like rabbits on the leather sofa but, its gotta be love when done on the! Can you tell I don't like them?Anyway, he kissed Kate or returned the kiss to Kate with passion? Did he forget about Chloe? Perhaps that the new tonsil exam. Could there be a Date reunion? And then today, Daniel acted all giddy that he got the girl, did anyone else think he acted 12?

    Brady/Nicole- Not sure I'm going to for them as a couple, gosh Nicole's in deep you know what but I like Brady is by her side, will he be when her learns what she really did?
    Nicole has been amazing to me. I use to love to hate her and now I'm liking her. Not liking the baby switch stuff but overall Nicole just wanted the child she lost, she truly loves EJ and just went about getting the baby in such a bad way.

    I for one love new Brady. He's delish! Let's pray Days finds him a great gal, I could think of one but they are related..but, this is Days so when does that matter!

    Ej- Please find your man jewels and get a better haircut!
    Your precious Samanther will be coming home soon, that I can't wait for.

    Safe- I'm liking their frienship but not seeing them romantically. I'll have to wait and see.

    Melanie, had some funny moments, especially with Lucas, calling him a jerk and his quick banter back, Hey I heard that, I have ears. LOL. I like the spice between her and Phillip, they never bore me.

    Things must be looking up, March could be good!

    Posted by LUMIFOREVERANDEVER at Friday, February 20 2009 03:07 PM

    oh, I will be fine...disappointed, but fine

    Posted by at Friday, February 20 2009 04:29 PM

    Above link is Lori's thoughts on Soap Opera Fan, my other site. She has differing thoughts than me, so I think you might like it!! I did!

    Tess, that's really cool that your husband likes EJ! Mine loves John and the eyebrow!

    I agree with firebird. I'd like to see Mickey more often as well. I don't know who that bartender was. The show is on holiday right now, so I can't find out yet. I don't think he's in my comings and goings! I don't even know his character name!! He caught me off guard!

    2boyz, you're welcome. Yeah it was a good week for the show. I am thrilled not to feel so negative about it! Chelsea was cute with that kitchen table scene, I agree! I too like Mel with Maggie. Hoping they grow closer.

    So where is Chloe going to live and where does Stephanie live and where will Sami live?! All good questions!

    Daniel and Kate's kiss was odd. I figure either there are still feelings there or just attraction, or he got caught up and it's nothing. Hard to say just yet.

    Posted by firebird85 at Friday, February 20 2009 04:56 PM

    Re: The Postman Always Rings Twice reference

    There are two versions of the movie, one in 1946 & a remake in 1981. Either one, I am guessing, was before Stehanie's time?! It is a strange quote but (and this is just my perspective) I am into my 30's and always enjoyed watching older movies. I remember watching them when I was in high school. I watched the Lana Turner & John Garfield version and the remake with Jack Nicholson & Jessica Lange. I prefer the 1946 version. I read the James M. Cain novel during my teens. It could be possible that Stephanie is into that type of thing. Either way, the quote brought back some good memories.

    Thanks Chrissi for responding to my question. I am probably the only one that noticed that bartender.

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