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    In our 'Days Of Our Lives' News Room, keeps you up-to-date with the latest Soap Opera news on the net. We also feature interviews with the soap stars, as well as local appearances by the actors and actresses.

    Days Of Our Lives Weekly Blog.

    Friday, October 25 2013

    Romance. (NBC Universal Inc.)
    Deconstructing "DOOL" from October 21 - 25:

    The Jennifer show continued this week. Monday’s show was boring but things kicked up Tuesday and the rest of the week had us glued to our seats with secrets revealed, a major confession, and a few Salemites with frogs in their throats. Just where were Nicole, EJ, and Jennifer frolicking anyway!

    Chad confessed, Abigail got angry, felt humiliated, and now she wants neither man around her. Oddly I couldn't care less either way. I agree with Chad. We suspected she was going to choose Cameron in the first place so Chad was the runner up.

    I don't know why Kristen just didn't tell Brady to begin with that she did some dude when they were broken up. It's not cheating when you're broken up! Course we all know it was far worse than cheating. She was hilarious smashing that doll's head into the piano!

    Let me guess. Will's going to go away to Berkley for a week and when he returns, he'll look completely different? Finally we got some sexy guitar music playing and the two are going to go off for a bit of romance.

    The date rape drug.
    There was a time when GHB was known as the date rape drug but a few years ago some started using it recreationally. It’s making some viewers uncomfortable as it should. It's been a good PSA without being remotely overt. This may bode well for JJ's character. Maybe we'll see a softer side but it looks like Theresa's got an uphill climb ahead of her. Sadly, Jennifer is going to be the one hurt over this whole thing.

    You raped me!
    Nicole and Father Eric rocked their emotional scenes with the reveal of Nicole’s love for the priest and his accusations of rape. Some of the dialogue was iffy. It’d have worked for me more if Nic didn't say half the things she said but instead focused on wondering why he thought she or anyone had raped him. Maybe she was just in shock. Some felt her dialogue against God was harsh but you have to admit it was spot on. Nicole’s always had a tenuous relationship with Him.

    Lucas wants Allie to move in with him - or for Sami to move out of the mansion. What should be done? Vote!

    Bleeding ears.
    Jennifer and Theresa’s arguing at the hospital rather loudly was mortifying. Jennifer’s the adult and I realize she’s walking a thin rope but she should get a hold of herself. She’s spiraling out of control, threatening to murder Theresa and she then made it worse by using her whiny voice to beg Theresa to ‘please give JJ a fighting chance’. She wonders why she gets no respect from co-workers and from JJ, and Theresa? I’d ask how Dr. Dan could even look at her but he’s cut from the same cloth. Sometimes being ‘too nice’ is a bad thing! It was shocking Jenn once again gave JJ an ultimatum to either stay home or risk never seeing her again. Didn't she learn her lesson the last time when she was sick with worry over where her son was going to sleep at night? This woman’s exhausting.

    The rumor mill. (NBC Universal Inc.)
    Let me lie down and you can walk all over me.
    It’d have been easier if JJ pulled down his pants to make it easier for Daniel to kiss his arse when Daniel morphed into Jennifer and told her son he wouldn't testify against him if his case goes to trial. Since he didn't see JJ throwing chairs through the window of the book store, he’d have no reason to testify but if by chance he was summoned he’d have no choice but to testify, so why say anything at all? Worse – Daniel told JJ he won – he doesn't need to worry about him because he's out of Jenny's life for good. Gah! It’s no wonder JJ doesn't respect him. Not just JJ but Anne Milbauer. Anne was insubordinate to the head of surgery yet wasn't reprimanded? Then again, Theresa and Jennifer didn't get a reprimand after fighting in the hospital, either.

    Oh Abby...
    Matt [of Matt’s Musings] pointed out how mean Abigail was to Rory. She blamed Rory and Bev for the mess JJ’s in just like Jennifer. Yet another one who can’t or doesn't want to see that JJ’s responsible for his own actions. Does she not know he was booted out of school for dealing drugs far before he met Rory and Bev? If anything, those two are the ones being taken in! I thought it was sweet to show they cared about him when the writers could have made them fair-weather friends. Nicely done. JJ will need them when things get worse.

    Alison Sweeney directed Tuesday’s episode of "Days" – incredible job.

    Feel free to let Ali Sweeney know just how much you loved her directing. Maybe if enough of us do, she'll direct more episodes!

    Best Lines:

    Jennifer, "I have been so distracted that Anne Milbauer is almost right about me."

    Read this week’s Venice The Series season finale recap to find out if Lara (Nadia Bjorlin) marries Ani.

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    - Christine Fix

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    Posted by allmylovingdays at Friday, October 25 2013 11:34 AM

    Thanks for sharing Ali's tweet with

    and love EJ & Sami's kissing picture. now I need to read the blog, I know it will be a good one because this week was aye there was some good and then we had material that you just had to laugh at

    Posted by allmylovingdays at Friday, October 25 2013 11:37 AM

    I just loved it when Hope was all 'how dare you gossip here in the open get to work' and she tossed out her -my sister in law is chief of staff and I'm a police officer hahahaha
    Lets see now if they take this next part of being auntie to Teresa and have the discussion behind doors instead of there at the nurses station.

    Posted by stjarna at Friday, October 25 2013 11:52 AM

    The photo showing Ejami kiss and underlined - Romance! Great, lovely- that is what we want in a soap opera, and good we have it at least with Ejami!

    In general, a lot of storylines are actually badly done, sorry for having to say this, but it's true-
    in the end JJ and Jennifer have actually become exhausting, and I gave up on it last week already- Jennifer is like her voice! and I fought and fought not to completely give up on her- but there is nothing- she is not evolving - she is actually regressing into a zombie! ok, LOL I am already in Halloween, or maybe cos of watching too many vampire series- LOL
    second exhausting and agrevating s/l is Kristen-Eric and Nicole. Rape is an extremely bad and serious matter and they are tossing with it in soaps like it's a minor offence. It just puts me off altogether.

    Seeing Lucas made my day. I like him, and just hope they don't destroy him like Jennifer's character. I know that he would be angst for Ejami and that is very realistic one- I actually think that Allie should live with his father- I know it is not nice to be uprooted from your twin- but all kids can hang with Lucas most of the time. Anyway,... looking forward to more of Lucas and really hope they throw romance his way too.

    Stefano - well- can he really change -hm, not convinced! LOL

    Last, but not least- Chad and Abigail. Ok, may I express how much I am ticked off that it all turned out the way it did once again, I know I am a bit overbearing with this- but why oh why could they not gives a romance with Chad and Abigail - I know it is all over now and it's stupid to cry over spilled milk!
    But Abigail is also not miss Innocent here- cos the minute Cameron said he is not going to be with her- she chose the runner up- Chad.
    If Cameron really falls for Gabi, which would be great, I will be cheering. I am mean, I know.

    So, Chad is on his way to Boston. He may, or may not return. I hope they take care of his heart. EJ will miss him, am sure, as he seemed the only one that he could truly have an open conversation with.

    Posted by stjarna at Friday, October 25 2013 11:55 AM

    yes, Ali Sweeney, excellent work!

    Posted by Chrissi at Friday, October 25 2013 01:10 PM

    You're welcome.

    Yeah that was so funny with Hope and the gossipers. I like how Jenn held her head up in the face of gossip but oh I'm not looking forward to more crying when she starts to think Dan is doing it with Theresa. As if she really needs more issues.

    There's so little romance these days - real romance in our soap that I thought we needed a pic. I didn't get one of WilSon or I'd have posted that too but maybe Monday they'll show that.

    I think the writers really did a number on CHad, Abby and Cameron. The story just stunk and I am glad the truth is out so they can start fresh. Sadly, we'll lose Chad and Cam - that really sucks since there is really nobody else for Abigail. At least it's left open ended for Chad to return. I'm not sure about Cam either way.

    Ali did so well. I was blown away. I hope we get to see more of her directing.

    Posted by Heather4CU at Friday, October 25 2013 08:35 PM

    I believe Ali Sweeney also directed Monday's episode as well as last Friday. It was definitely more than once this week.

    I don't consider a rapist and abuser kissing his victim to be romantic in any way. EJ was grabbing Sami's neck on today's episode while he was talking to her. That's not romance. I don't know any couples who communicate like that and certainly no other ones on this show. I used to enjoy reading these weekly blogs because it was one of the few Days blogs that has been extremely objective about the show. Maybe I need to reconsider that.

    Posted by Doris JJ at Saturday, October 26 2013 09:48 AM

    The confession by Chad surprised me. I really didn’t think he would do that. But then Abigail reacted over the top. Didn’t think she needed to slap Cameron and holler at him. She is just so annoying and becoming her mother more each day. I’m not a big fan of Chad so don’t feel sorry for him; still think he just wanted to be her first. Is he going to die on the table or just let him stay on the East Coast? Same with Will, he is going to California for a week for this class? Is he coming back or a new guy coming back? Thought his contract didn’t run out until December?
    Is the drive still on Dr. Dan’s desk? Hope they end this soon because it is really getting boring. Didn’t like the scenes with Nicole and Eric and especially was upset with him accusing her of raping him. The look on her face should have told him she didn’t because she was really surprised. It would have been great if the writers would add in that a nun was with Nicole and can tell Eric she wasn’t with him at the time. We all know that this is going to be solved and I hope that Nicole tells both Brady and Eric where to go. She is trying to defend and help both of them and they repay her by calling her names. She really needs a good guy!
    JJ is just a nasty character. No matter what happens he is always the victim. I do like his two friends but not so much him. And Theresa is so over the top. Are her parents coming into town now because of what happened to her with this overdose?
    I would like for Allie to move in with Lucas. He has more sense then Sami. Besides, he is correct, I wouldn’t want her around Stefano. Sami has 2 others why can’t Lucas have one? He has more common sense then Sami.
    I didn’t get Dr. Dan arguing with Anne in the middle of the floor. At that time he could have gone to the administrator and had her fired. How will he explain being at Theresa’s apartment and saving her life? Why is he trying to be this big brother to JJ? Everyone needs to stop babying JJ and let him correct his own mistakes.

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