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    Friday, September 20 2013

    Reunited. (NBC Universal Inc.)
    Deconstructing "DOOL" from September 16 - 20:

    Lots to rant and rave about this week. On with the blog!

    What the heck?
    Kayla’s been hanging around with too many cops and the once highly respected Chief of Staff at University Hospital changed all that in one dense move when she opened her big yap to Chad about his health issues and sent him into shock that she knew of his "tumour." Not that he has one but the consultation she had with Cameron was confidential. Since Chad’s not her patient, she should have kept it to herself. Who he tells or doesn’t tell about his "illness" is none of her business. Not that he has one, but it doesn’t matter. On to Chad...

    Bad to the bone!
    Chad’s flying his DiMera flag high which makes for an entertaining story except it’s going to hurt poor unsuspecting Abigail. The DiMera’s no smooth talker like his big brother EJ, but his post-sex banter was amusing and cringe-worthy. Here, he asks if she had an orgasm and if he was good in bed. Oy. "So. Did you um... was I ah? Was I?" Then when she replied, "Yes, and yes," that he was all that and a bag of chips, he called her a "total pro." Gah. It didn’t end there..."It’s not like you needed an instruction manual." Holy crap. Just shhh! On to his lies: He misled Cam, making up this elaborate lie about the tumour in order to throw him off so he could what? Get the girl or get the girl into bed? Either way, dude’s got nothing upstairs. He didn't think it through. He should have asked EJ for advice on such a big falsehood. Eventually Cameron's going to figure out he's not sick and then the jig's up. I guess he didn't read Stefano’s "How to trick people and become an evil DiMera the right way" handbook.

    Though what Chad is doing to Abigail is sick, it's a little hard to care. She’s been acting way too much like her mother, trash talking Jack’s memory and telling JJ he’s just like their father, abandoning them, and she was stringing both Chad and Cameron along for months before Cameron had to choose Chad for her. It’s hard to respect such a waffler. And I’m with Gabi. Abby shouldn’t tell her mother she had sex with Chad. It was enough we had to sit through her telling the Gabster.

    Meddling Maggie.
    Does she really think Daniel doesn’t have a life without Jennifer? She blathered on and on about Daniel and Jenn and he didn’t snap. Man’s a freaking saint.

    Stefano told Kate it was a beautiful day – for him, after he got his family back, but she disagreed with him since Sami’s in court and Rafe’s in therapy because of him. Rafe’s actually not in therapy because of Stefano. That’s because of Jenson. "I wonder if you ever really knew me," he said. How’s that?

    Jordan is human?
    I like Rafe. I’m getting to the point where I’m not sure he and Kate really could make a go of things. Out of bed they’ve really nothing in common. She’s almost too much of a woman for him. He needs to wear the pants in the family and nobody wears the pants, except maybe for Stefano at one time. There’s no touching, kissing and she hasn’t climbed into his bed. At this point I’m not sure why they’re still together. I still don’t know how to feel about Jordan. She’s boring, she’s snarky, and she’s really got no personality. Sure, it was funny to have her make a joke, but at the expense of her patient’s girlfriend? It made her look unprofessional, and immature. Rafe was worse. He was disloyal. I’m so over this storyline.

    Tag team.
    Nicole’s decision to help Marlena get the dirt on Kristen came back to bite her in the rump, and now meddling Maggie and Brady think she’s got a problem with alcohol. Great. We can see where this is going. If Father Eric thinks he had sex with Nicole, and it appears that he does, she’s really in it. Victor and Marlena better step up their game and find out who Kristen was calling out the night Eric was ill.

    Did you love Nicole and Krissy's catty scene? See the photo of Nicole hissing and clawing at her.

    Nic hissing at Kristen. (NBC Universal Inc.)
    Sami’s case.
    Sami was so brave even after Trask dug up with FBI agent Edward Craig who blew EJ’s ill-planned scheme out of the water. Sami’s courage broke my heart. Marge was put on the stand, which was pretty emotional, and then Roman. I had a lot of respect for Roman who obviously hated having to testify against his own daughter. He really dug his heels in and talked about Sami being railroaded like this in the past. If Sami wasn’t so upset, she might have laughed. It showed a lot of love. EJ learned that Stefano had been doing his own scheming but he’s the master – as I’ve said in the past, nobody can go up against Stefano for too long. He righted the wrongs EJ did to him and oddly not for revenge, but because he wanted his family around him. He could have had anything he wanted. Nobody can doubt EJ’s love for his Samanther. He did the unthinkable and gave up everything for her. He even got down on his knees and kissed Stefano’s ring – and gave his word as a DiMera that he would hand over the company and mansion. It’s probably one of the most romantic things a man could do. It worked. As it turns out, the nurse Bernardi was cheating with offed Bernardi because he wouldn't leave his son for her. Of course Stefano likely gave her the money and ticket to get her arse to Morocco fast. Case closed and thankfully, Sami's free.
    DA Melinda Trask is the scariest, hardest working DA Salem has seen. Some love her, some hate her, some love to hate her. What side are you on? Vote!

    Best Lines:

    Jordan, "My guess is Miss Roberts is berating the barista because the foam on your latte is not fun enough."

    Kate, "This barista, I swear she couldn't even spell her job title. I don't know what is so difficult about a no-foam, low-caf latte. It's not quantum physics."

    Hope, "Can you spell, ‘suppressing evidence?’"

    DA Melinda Trask, "Can you spell, ‘there goes your pension’?’"

    Nicole, "I live like an expletive deleted nun."

    Nicole, "I'd rather see Brady with Lindsay Lohan."

    Read this week’s explosive Venice The Series recap which has many of the "DOOL" actors pulling double duty.

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    - Christine Fix

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    Posted by holdingonfordearlife at Friday, September 20 2013 12:34 PM

    Love it have a way of bringing
    it all to life!!

    Could have done without the sex scenes..........that's
    all they do when they are together...isn't it!!!

    Have a great week-end Chrissi....

    Posted by stjarna at Friday, September 20 2013 12:36 PM

    Ah this week!!! LOL... why.. because it was full of upsides and downs... well the other way around...
    ok, Chad, well- it was kind of interesting that he was not a typical DiMera, but I guess since EJ is mush now according to Stefano- someone has got to be the bad one.
    Anyway, I am disappointed in the whole lets-get-the-viriginity-s/ now over and done with. Turned out really so insignificant - a rando afternoon thing... I loved Chad and Abigail before, now- my denial is over.

    EJ, ah EJ- when a man loves a woman!! That's all I am going to say about this business of EJ succumbing to Stefano! Love that one of the posters suggested it's all now due to EJ's plan to give Stefano over to the DA- not a bad idea for a twist!!! Uh, that would be such a touché on EJ's part!!! Keep your ennemy closer EJ!

    Although Melinda T. really annoyed me with her mission to put Samantha away and throw the key, and Hope actually highlighting the personal vengence quest of the DA, she as a antagonist was great! Love to hate her!

    I loved what you wrote about Maggie, the naggie! Even Daniel is over the whole Jennifer thing, and it was refreshing to see it, but we know that ufortunately they will glue Dannifer back together! MMaggie, can you spell busybody?! Ah, she even wanted to know details why Daniel is going away to help Eric! This needs to stop, cause there is little about Maggie now that is not cringeworthy!

    Rafe and Jordan! At least it is good to see that they are starting to form some kind of closness - bonding over the oh-so-overbearing Kate! Even Rafe has had enough of Kate, who is now like a hawk! She has latched on and doesn't see that he actually is not really interested in her anymore, now that he is willing to make jokes on her expense! Wake up Kate! Fling is over!!!
    My preminition is that LOL- Jordan has dark skeletons buried in her closet!
    Refreshing to see Rafe involved in something different than Ejami!!! Happy about that!!!

    Jennifer and JJ- only this remark- well, Jen was a runaway herself- she should know where JJ would hang out- and maybe as her brother Mike once could have gone and checked out what this kid is up to! But we will not see this kind of Jen! Now more than ever Jen should spy on JJ! I don't know, I guess I am totaly out of the loop here! I so would love to see her in action again!!!

    Kristen and Nicole made me laugh with their soapy cattiness!

    Posted by stjarna at Friday, September 20 2013 12:46 PM

    Oh, and the whole Kate and Stefano exchange- maybe Stefano thought Kate would figure things out about the nurse etc- and follow up on it!
    But Kate was happy to have Samantha behind bars! Hm...
    and therefore Stefano is right- she doesn't know him at all- or Kate really doesn't care?!

    Posted by Undeniable Truth at Friday, September 20 2013 04:50 PM

    I caught myself doing a gargantuan eye roll when Sami thanked Marlena for being there. Jesus.
    I also could have done without seeing Sami and EJ do it five minutes after she gets home. I would have rather seen them spending time with the kids and him comforting her while she bawled from the relief of being home with them.

    All in all, I didn't find much about this week that didn't repel me. I'm usually not like that either. I mean, I have several storylines that I detest but I generally don't feel disgusted by an entire week worth of episodes.


    Justin's scene with JJ today.

    EJ's initial anger when he found out Stefano had the blade.

    Eric's finally going to be hypnotized so maybe that story can go somewhere.


    The chad and Abby sex scene. The music summed up the lameness of it all.

    Everything Jennifer and Daniel related, particularly that awful blue dress. I hope to God Monday is a new day and she's wearing something that doesn't make her look like a tranny fail.

    Pretty much all courtroom dialogue.

    And...I hate to say it because I actually adore James Scott and EJ's character, but I hated everything but his initial scenes with Stefano that day. The rest of his acting turned me off during those scenes.

    Posted by Florentine at Friday, September 20 2013 06:40 PM

    What a boring finale today in the court room...
    I hope there is some satisfaction coming up for us viewers, I like to see Marge Bernard eat some humble pie, or maybe not, she will find out soon enough about her great and honest cop I said last week, poor Timmy...
    and of course all the smug cops that made Sami's life in jail a living hell, at least for a while...So the Salem PD solved the crime, again NOT, it was handed to them by Stefano, but they don't know that... they are still as "dumb" as ever, With Their Help... ha, ha, Sami would have gone to jail, for sure...
    Long live the Master, Stefano.....
    Hope EJ finally proved to all.... that he truly loves Sami...
    Again, the story about Sami went on to long, and the conclusion was to quick, expected more, much more...

    Nice to see Rafe getting a SL of his own...hope he gets out from under the Hawk.. Kate, she is just to much, to old, to much evil/dirty mileage under her Hood.
    Jordan is a puzzle, maybe she is Rafe's Love Emily, that did in a car accident/or not, or whoever she is, but it looks like there will be a pairing of "Jordan" and Rafe coming up, one way or the other.
    I am starting to like the character of Rafe, without Sami, that's what the character needed, before.. with Sami I could not stand him...

    OH my God, Abby and her virginity...the big deal, give me a break, it was about as exciting as taking out the trash on Wed. night... And on Chad's behalf, it was not him, but Abby kept pushing for it, and well... why wouldn't Chad, or any other healthy young man, not finally give the girl what she wants..... So lets not make him the bad guy here.
    Granted, he is not really sick, but come on, Abby... does she not know by now, who she is in love with....who she wants... and it stinks, when you can't have one, oh well then I just into bed with the other one....Great, and then talking about telling her Mother all about it... give me another break, .. is anything private least for a little while.

    Nicole going over the top, every chance she gets .. about Kristin and's getting old, she is as much a busy body anymore than Maggie...
    and her strange behaviour every time Eric wants to talk to her about the time in the Capitol Hotel, he will surely thing the woman in his dream/memories is Nicole... wow. how will that play out.
    Looking forward to Dan and Parker going to visit Chloe, Parker's Mommy.... so sweet. I truly wish that they all could end up together....
    Don't want Jenn to become Parker's Mom... she does not have a clue, and Parker will be in Boarding school in no time...
    I am just soooooo done with Jenn and Dan,,, get the hint, you are not meant to be together.

    I called it last week, a kingdom for the woman he loves...
    and yes there had to be a girlfriend, that's why so many man go bad... Lol, and Stefano had to "help" solve the crime, that created in the first place... LOL, got to love it...
    I will miss Kristin, she brings so much to the show, more than boring Jenn, Maggie, Adrienne, you name it...
    I like to see, that the doors stay open for the character of Kristin, just like they did for Bo, they are powerful characters, and the show needs them, IMO.

    I thought it was great when EJ and Sami got to hop into bed, lordy, lordy, after all this time being apart, they needed each other more than anything, ... sex is still well and alive and a big, big part in any relationship, so why not show some as part of the Story.
    Chad and Abby, forget it, they gave Sex a bad name....LOL

    P.S. Who is Jordan, what's her story...
    and what will JJ do to Dan's apartment while he is going to crash there... Later..

    Posted by Doris JJ at Saturday, September 21 2013 09:25 AM

    Great Post Chrissi!
    I agree about Kayla saying something to Chad about how he is feeling. Then Chad had to blame Cameron. They are in the same family right?
    That’s funny that you said he was flying his DiMera flag high and after Chad showed the tape from the doctor and deflowered Abigail he showed his true colors and I said out loud that he is a true DiMera. I didn’t care for the whole scene of them and had to laugh when they showed Abigail’s hand squeezing the blanket or sheet. That made it cheesy.
    I also agree that Abigail is like her mother. They both string men/boys along then when the guys stop, they start up again. I hope Cam finds some nice girl and tells Abigail to fly a kite because you know she is going to get hurt and run to Cam.
    I love what you said about Daniel being a freaking saint! Whether it is Kristen, Jenifer, Maggie or Nicole, he never loses his composure. I chalk it up to just being a soap because in real life, you would have to go ballistic just once.
    I have a different thought about Stefano and what he wants from EJ. I don’t think he is only concerned to have his house back and be the head of the companies. I’m not a fan of EJ as I have said many times but during the scene when he had to get on his knees and kiss the ring I really felt sorry for him. If Stefano was such a loving father and grandfather and wanted his things back, in my opinion, he wouldn’t have done that to EJ. He has other things that he is going to make EJ do because now he owns him and can make him do them. He could do all kinds of things to him now and EJ will have to do them. My thought Stefano will take his grandkids and keep them under his control. He knows that will kill EJ and I feel that Stefano is just beginning to pay EJ back.
    I like Jordon and I did think what she said was funny, especially for her but waiting for the background on her. My first thought when she appeared was she is working for Stefano. Don’t know yet if she is not.
    I think the scene with Nicole and Kristen was a little over the top. But as I said before, if Marlena wasn’t a little faster she almost ruined the whole thing then she says mean things to Nicole. Not liking Marlena in recent weeks! And was any one else shocked to see Victor having coffee with Nicole?
    It felt like Sami’s trial just ended! I knew she would get off but didn’t know how. I was happy she did for her kids but loved that the DA had to back off. I too would like to see Mrs. Bernardi eat crow. It ill be a real blow to her knowing that her husband had a lover. Wondered if EJ was going to try to now get dirt on his dad and give to the DA to pay him back. I also thought them going to bed was a little fast. It would have been better to be with the kids and see what they had done and have dinner then EJ could have the bedroom with flowers and Champaign, etc and have it set up for romance. But not a fan of them anyway so skipped over that part. However, I will say the face Sami made looked like she was in pain not ecstasy. Was I the only one that noticed that? I rewound and watched it again and had the same thought.

    Posted by Florentine at Saturday, September 21 2013 11:40 AM

    What surprised me, Nobody... Judge, DA...police...wanted to know or asked, Who was Bernardi working for..........

    I hope EJ has already a plan, how to keep Stefano in line... but it's a soap, and we need new high drama coming up, specially with Kristin leaving the show.

    Doris, Sami's face, I agree, but in her situation, her face would show so many emotions all at once. She has been through a lot and faced a lot, so she prob. didn't know what she was feeling at any given moment.
    Having Sex, they could have waited, and had dinner first,
    but they saw the kids, spent time with them, saw family members and then their feelings for each other must have been overwhelming... so I can understand why they took some time out...
    I am sure that afterwards they spent all the time in the world again with their children, had dinner, tugged them in. etc. I guess on a soap, they can't show every minute.

    I agree about Abby, like Mother and daughter, stringing two men along... hope she ends up with nobody.. Hope Cameron moves on, but with Gaby ??, she has so much dirt on her Melanie....

    One thing just occurred to me, Stefano still holds all the cards about Will.. shooting EJ, and also Sami shooting EJ, his son....
    EJ, Sami and Will are still in deep d...., and at the mercy of Stefano..

    Wonder how they will write out Chad, or will he be replaced... Later

    P.S. Great posts from all you Ladies, incl. Chrissi
    I enjoy reading all the thoughts and opinions...

    Posted by Chrissi at Monday, September 23 2013 05:34 AM

    Nice posts, guys. Some great thoughts. Thanks for the feedback as well. It's helpful!

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