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    Friday, September 13 2013

    Fight! Fight! Fight! (NBC Universal Inc.)
    Deconstructing "DOOL" from September 9 - 13:

    Things are still moving quite slowly in Salem with some repeated dialogue sprinkled in with the humour. Trials aren't usually a fan favourite yet this one isn't bad. Jennifer has finally smartened up while Nicole's still getting involved in everyone else's lives because there's not enough drama at the convent, Theresa's getting dumber and more desperate by the day, and we may have thought JJ would be scared straight but somehow it doesn't seem to be the case. On with the blog.

    Bloody insufferable.
    This character desecration of Nicole stinks. Kristen yelled something that doesn’t seem to compute with Nicole these days: "Mind your own business!" We’re all yelling it. Even though Nicole is right about Kristen, the nagging and meddling has reached Defcon 1 in severity and is only causing me to root for Kristen. That’s not supposed to happen. What a complete turn off that so many of the female characters are being written like Naggie-Maggie. Has Stefano recently been working with Rolf to create a new version of Stepford Wives? I miss the old Nicole and am getting a sinking feeling that Father Eric will remember sex with someone and think it was Nicole. Gah. And how gross would it be if Father Eric was under hypnosis with his mother and detailed his sexcapade with Kristen? Ew!

    Could we all be foiled?
    A new poster on the Soap Opera Fan forums, whtrabbit, emailed us to say, "I think Bernardi is alive. Stefano has him tucked away and Marge knows about it." Anything with Stefano is possible. Wouldn’t that be a kick? A nice twist is needed right now and this would work. What do you think? Could he be alive? Vote!

    Weird. Just weird.
    Daniel doesn't have a baby monitor and Parker we assume, sleeps in a cage. He rattled his ‘cage’ to get Daniel’s attention instead of calling out, "Daddy," and Daniel told Kristen that Parker does this to get his attention when he wakes up. Uh. Okay?

    Daffy Gabi.
    Gabi questioned Abigail about Cameron saying he had no time for Abby considering he had all the time in the world to strip. Um yeah genius. It was for work, to pay the bills from his student loans. Wait until she tries to make ends meet when the loan officers come-a-calling!

    Overreacting before knowing the facts.
    Will and Sonny acted like sanctimonious hypocrites when yelling at Nick for telling Kate Sami pulled a gun on him. We can’t blame a victim if someone pulls a gun on them and it’s certainly not his fault it came up in court. Even Sami knows she’s lucky Nick didn’t file a report with the police when she stole his money and property and then pulled a gun on him. Because she doesn’t think before she acts, Sami put herself in this predicament, not Nick. There’s nothing Nick can do but tell the truth on the witness stand just like everyone else. When Nick takes the stand it’s going to go just like everyone else’s testimony. Not well.

    Creeper not creepin'?
    Nick's sending Gabi's resume out in order to help her get a job? His heart is in the right place but no matter what he told Gabi, it's still a touch controlling and really not up to him.

    The actress who plays DA Melinda Trask is doing a bang up job of getting in everyone’s face and making them all hate her. I think this is the best DA Salem has had. Even Woods didn’t make me shake in my boots the way this DA does! Once Timmy’s inflated bank account is addressed will Justin urge Trask to check Bernardi’s cell for calls from Stefano? Likely by then Stefano will have paid someone off to cover his tracks if he hasn’t already.

    Jenn being assertive. (NBC Universal Inc.)
    Love letters.
    Egads. It’s never easy to listen to someone else’s private words but since EJ’s letter to Samanther was so adoring and sweet, my expectations for hers were pretty high. Sami poured on the extra cheese into her love letter. It was a little creepy but the one good part was this, "...for once I honestly hurt more for you than I do for myself..." which was pretty unselfish and loving. That’s all she should have said. The rest hurt my brain, though I finally truly felt her loneliness. If she had one or two more issues such as that death threat in jail, it'd perk up this otherwise sort of dismal storyline.

    Chad’s illness.
    Cameron asked Chad what treatment protocols the doctors were using to mange/kill his cancer and Chad started stammering and said he couldn't remember. Seems to me someone going through treatment for the big C would make it their business to memorize all they can on the subject. Unless he’s in denial, or as I’ve suggested in past blogs, isn’t really sick!

    JJ was a minor when he was busted and surprise, the next day magically turned 18. Apparently though we’ve never seen this before, Abby baked him cakes for his birthday, even when he wasn’t home. Their brother/sisterly love was touching but five seconds later he was filling her head with lies and Jenn was suddenly trying to assert herself. Talk about too little too late. He threatened to leave and then did, but unless he’s been selling loads upon loads of dope, the dope has no cash to go anywhere.

    She’s as dumb as JJ. Desperation and the need for attention sure can make a person act wickedly. Misappropriating discretionary office funds from the hospital for personal usage? That was almost as brilliant of an idea as she had sparking up a doobie in Jenn's office. As for Jenn, if she finds Theresa so useless, why not just let her go? Honestly...

    The fumble.
    Marlena should have just grabbed the phone from Kristen's purse, dumped out the contents to cover up taking her cell, and then ran. She could have returned the cell somewhere at the square, later and actually got the evidence they needed. Then of course there would be no drama. It was irritating to have her shrink Nicole in the pub by telling her she has 'impulse control issues' especially when she was the one doing the enabling. Victor should have teamed up with Nicole to get the information they need. You know the job would have been done.

    Best lines:

    DA Melinda Trask to Chad: "Nicely done, Mr. Scorsese."

    Will, "I hate secrets."

    Justin to Sami: "Are there no limits to what you will do?"

    Victor to Nicole: "All your life you've been one strap and a buckle away from a straight jacket. Shouldn’t you be off electrocuting someone?"

    Nicole, "Oh snap. Rush me to the burn unit, I've just been scorched."

    Kristen to Eric: "Don't let Nicole operate any heavy machinery today."

    Read this week’s Venice The Series recap with Nadia Bjorlin (Chloe) as Lara, Shawn Christian (Daniel) as Brandon, Crystal Chapell (ex-Carly) as Gina, Judi Evans (Adrienne) as Logan, Galen Gering (Rafe) as Owen, Wes Ramsey as Van, Michael Sabatino (ex-Lawrence) as Alan, and Valerie Wildman (ex-Faye) amongst other soap actors.

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    - Christine Fix

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    Posted by Florentine at Friday, September 13 2013 01:37 PM

    Chrissi, I so agree with you about "this Nicole". She is getting more and more annoying, and I am starting to root for Kristin.
    I hope Kristin ends up prego, and Dool will bring her back in the future... read that Eileen D. thinks that door might be open...
    Wow, Bernardi being alive, had not thought of that one..
    Maybe he will be the surprise witness I read about...
    Very curious how Sami will be cleared ???
    Checking Bernardi's Cell phone should have been done already, one would think, but this is SPD, but Justin could have insisted on it, and have the results,,, yes.. no !?

    Dr. Dan and Jenn, please ... no more, help, boring.. and JJ, how will it all end with him....slap on the wrist... innocent victim.. or what...
    Teresa, another one, maybe a future "Sami".
    Sorry, but I just can't warm up to Marlena.... she should just let Eric and Brady live their own lives, and butt out... but being a soap, that will never happen, would be to much logic and no drama.
    Don't trust Nick, think there is more to it, than just sending out resumes...for Gaby....
    Wish it would have been addressed that the Gun was unloaded, and Sami knew it, when she pointed it at Nick, but I agree, in this instance, Nick testified as he had to..

    Chad and his illness, don't know what is up with that...
    nothing about it sounds right... What is he up to, and why will he be leaving Salem...

    I did enjoy the love letters between Sami and EJ, but I have always been an EJami fan.

    Stefano, have a feeling, that guy will bring out a few big surprises.. can't image, that Our Villain is just smoking cigars and walking around the square with His Arm Candy... LOL
    I still enjoy Stefano, even though they have made him so much less likeable in spite of his evil persona.

    Tschau, will the other site Ever open up again....what is so hard to fix... can't they find a good computer person to get that Site moving again.... so many bloggers/so many comments out there, that need to be shared, even some of the arguments among the ladies was entertaining. LOL

    Posted by Florentine at Friday, September 13 2013 03:16 PM

    Been thinking about that Bernardi thing, trying to make sense out of it....
    I am sure Stefano has, or knows where the Razor is, no doubt...must have somebody working in the Hospital on his payroll.
    Another thing, Kayla thinks that Bernardi did not die of the Gunshot wound.. so what happened....
    what makes a cop dirty, no money, but him and his family seemed to live pretty good...
    maybe Bernardi had a girlfriend, that could make a cop go dirty, wanting and needing extra money, also open to blackmail,... with Stefano, ha, ha.. whatever.
    Whoever works in the hospital and is on Stefano's payroll has the razor/gave the razor back to Stefano.
    That leaves, who killed Joe Bernardi....
    This is wide open, maybe Bernardi had a girlfriend who worked at the hospita, maybe a nurse, or whatever...
    Trying to make some sense, looking for logical possibilities...
    Will Stefano in the end help EJ get Sami free, or what, something will have to give, or Stefano would for sure be out, if found out and exposed. Don't think that will happen, maybe EJ will find a way to clear Sami, having the razor, and exposing Bernardi.... who knows. Hope that Sami's bullet did Not kill Bernardi after all, and she will be able to go home to her kids and EJ. The man does love her very much, I think he would sacrifice a lot for her.
    He is/has made irrational mistakes by trying to put up fake evidence, hope he will learn it does not work, only makes things worse in the end.

    Does anybody out there have any ideas how Sami might get cleared, IMO, there is/will be just more about Bernardi to come out than what we know so far, and maybe even Mrs. Bernardi will have to find out, that Her "Honest" Joe really was not what she thought, poor little boy Timmy, he will be the real victim in all of this... Always the children...

    Posted by Sugar Bear at Friday, September 13 2013 05:56 PM

    Where can I find the dress the blue dress that Jennifer Horton
    wore on September 13th?

    Posted by novagirl2727 at Friday, September 13 2013 07:53 PM

    A few months ago, at the hospital, someone, I can't remember who, gave Abe a bag of something that was found there while the case was still being investigated. He took the bag but never looked inside it. And nothing has been mentioned about that paper bag or its contents again......maybe the razor?

    Posted by novagirl2727 at Saturday, September 14 2013 08:51 AM

    Maybe Abe will be the one to help Sami. Maybe he finds that bag in a drawer in his office, opens it up and finds the razor with Barnardi's fingerprints on it.

    Posted by Doris JJ at Saturday, September 14 2013 09:27 AM

    I agree that they need to make Nicole like the old Nicole self sufficient. This one is always butting into other peoples business. I did think that Marlena was unfair to Nicole. After all, she did help her to get the purse but Marlena was the one that couldn’t finish the mission. Why didn’t she have the device ready to go before she got the purse then talking that way to Nicole. Not nice!
    Is Eric going to have his mother hypnotize him? He is going to the room and I’m sure he will have all these visions flying in and out of his head. Why doesn’t Nicole want to go with them? She was very nervous when he was asking her what happened when she arrived at the hotel. Is there something I forgot about that day that Nicole doesn’t want anyone to know?
    Do you think Bernardi is alive? Does his wife know? She is all over the place irritating everyone she comes across. I would love to watch her taken down a bit. I do feel sorry for her son. Sorry that Adrianne and her are no longer friends because they are alike, both annoying! Wouldn’t be surprised if Stepano doesn’t have him hidden somewhere. Can’t believe they can’t find where the money went unless he made up a new name just for that.
    I thought that was crazy about the baby monitor, he rattles a cage? I will be glad when Chloe comes back. Sorry it is for such a short time. I do like her with Daniel. I really have had my fill of Jennifer. She is such an annoying person and the drama with JJ. JJ needs to really be punished for his crimes. I assume he is now going after Daniel; but will Daniel let him get by with whatever he does or will he call the police? That is the question, I’m going with he won’t do anything.
    When Sonny and Will went after Nick, I thought the same thing, if he lied in court he could go back to jail. I was waiting for Justin to ask if the gun was loaded but he didn’t. Wouldn’t Sami tell him she didn’t have bullets in the gun? The writers need to watch more cops and robbers shows because they need to make these stories more believable.
    I will say the DA is a very annoying person and you want to avoid her but I’m hoping that Justin will bring in some evidence that will sway the jury like the autopsy showed her bullet didn’t kill him.
    I wonder about Chad’s illness as well. Read on another site that they don’t think he is sick but then we saw the X-rays for his head unless someone switched them for him. Just wondered! Why isn’t he checking into things and asking questions. I was just diagnosed with CML, a form of leukemia and my husband was on the computer looking up everything he could find. We asked question after question of my doctor to get as many answers as possible and Chad has worse then me, a brain tumor that will kill him in a short time. [I know this is a soap but still he should show concern.] I think it is a plan to get Abby and be her first.
    One last thought, why do the ladies run around during the day in clothes that look like cocktail dresses or clothes you would wear out at night? Sami is way too sexy for court and Jennifer with the blue dress and the cut out in the front didn’t seem right for the office.

    Posted by Doris JJ at Saturday, September 14 2013 09:30 AM

    I forgot to ask, does anyone else wonder if Marlena now has the drive that has Eric and Kristin on it? She almost threw it away but now she is going to give it to Victor? Will he look at it or what?

    Posted by Florentine at Saturday, September 14 2013 12:20 PM

    Doris JJ...
    Like what you said....agree a lot..
    I would not surprised if it turns out.... A "Kingdom" returned for the woman He loves.....
    Stefano might hold some cards, and Our EJ might have to make a choice,between keeping the DiMera Empire... or returning it to his Fatha Stefano, for the Freedom of Samantha.....
    Wouldn't that be a kick, EJ proving once and for all, his great love for Sami, and Stefano back in the saddle again...LOL
    Stefano has to have something up his sleeve, after all, He is Stefano...can't go on walking around the Square forever...
    Have a feeling, the Potrait of the Master will be hanging again on the wall...and "Pinky and Blue Boy" will be gone.

    And yes, where is the Money....and who actually Killed Bernardi... if it was Not the Gunshot wound, as Kayla
    Marge Bernardi is very annoying, like Adrienne...
    and as I said before, poor Timmy in all this mess.

    Did not like the blue Dress on Jenn... and where is the scar from her Heart surgery... Jenn's chest was to boney for a dress like that. The dress was nice....but for somebody else...

    Posted by Florentine at Saturday, September 14 2013 12:22 PM

    Does Marlena have the drive or the "thingy" Victor gave her...??

    Posted by Heather4CU at Saturday, September 14 2013 04:51 PM

    Chrissi, I was looking forward to your comments on the trial witnesses, especially Rafe. I think the show made it clear there is still something between Rafe and Sami.

    I don't think Nicole is the only character being written poorly. I think Sami is too. As is Jennifer. Lots of inconsistencies with show history.

    No need for both JJ and Jeannie Theresa to be bad. Redeem one of them or write them off.

    I could have sworn another character recently wore Jennifer's dress in another color. I'd like to know who designed Sami's black dress.

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