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    Friday, September 06 2013

    Creeper alert! (NBC Universal Inc.)
    Deconstructing "DOOL" from September 3 - 6:

    This week dragged on just like the week previous and then got a wicked jump-start Friday with Sami's trial about to start and Jennifer looking at her son without those rose-coloured glasses. Let's break things down.

    Lonely heart.
    Sonny found a condom wrapper at the apartment and flew off the handle at Gabi for having sex with Nick of all people. Can’t blame Sonny but he should be thanking his lucky stars she had the foresight to use a condom so she doesn’t have yet another unplanned pregnancy. I get that Gabi’s lonely. It can’t be easy to be in her shoes, even though she does have Sonny and Will’s help, but Sonny and Will are right. For many reasons, she shouldn’t be with Nick but foremost, he hasn't been through and has no intentions of going through intense therapy so he's going to make the same mistakes. Poor messed up Nick. And as if he wasn’t creepy enough, what’s with the story he’s writing about Gabi – as Gabi? Matt says, "Maybe he'll start wearing her clothes." Oh one can only hope... "Maybe," Matt says, "he'll make a telenovela about her life using his computer cam and play all the parts."

    Sonny brought up Gabi committing a felony which makes me wonder if we’re going to revisit everything she did to Melanie soon. Will Gabi get hers? It appears we’re seeing a change in her demeanor suddenly what with her ferociously protecting her unhealthy relationship with Nick by threatening Sonny. I hope he tells Will.

    Seltzer and Hitler.
    Marlena was pretty funny toying with Kristen and spritzing her with seltzer in order to hack into her cell phone. Deidre Hall admitted the Cheney crack was ad-libbed. It was a bit shocking that she went there!

    The jailbird’s inappropriate attire.
    It all became clear why EJ was sending those tight cute mini-dresses for Sami to wear during her court appearances. He was tired of seeing Samanther in that fugly wife beater and needed some eye candy. He missed his fiancée. The letter he wrote was very sweet and heartbreaking. I feel for the guy but he's truly not thinking lately, is he? He’s screwing up her case the same way he’s screwing with her wardrobe. I don’t like seeing him this way. Justin needs to get him to step away from Sami’s case and have Marlena bringing Samanther’s outfits. She needs to portray motherly innocence right now not bodacious babe. And what’s with the pretty locks? Do they have a stylist in prison? Remember when Kate was having chemo for lung cancer and she looked runway glamourous? Ridiculous.

    I watched the scene after Sami shot Rafe and noticed a girl in scrubs kneeling on the floor talking to Kayla. She took something from the floor and wrapped it in a tissue before running toward the bathroom. It looked as though it could have been the razor.

    Are the writers trying to redeem Adrienne in everyone’s eyes now? Is that why she’s the one who learned of the extra cash in tiny Tim’s savings account or is this too going to backfire for her once EJ gets wind of it and gives her the ole ‘stare down’.

    Poor Rory. (NBC Universal Inc.)
    Dannifer break-up take ten.
    This back and forth garbage with Jenn and Dan has gone on way longer than anyone can stomach. Please, either put them together or keep them apart. Our heads are spinning and as for JJ goes, if viewers can’t respect Jennifer, how the heck can he? Jennifer’s plaintive whining to her son was the worst this week. The worst. It’s even more irritating that 19 year-old Abigail stuck her nose into her 46 year-old mother’s love-life by going to Daniel to beg him to reconsider breaking up with her mother. One, she doesn’t know the whole story, two, she’s too inexperienced to even understand an adult relationship, and three, it’s none of her freaking business. Doesn’t the doctor get enough of this crap from his mother?

    Friday wasn't Jennifer's day. She found out about JJ's arrest and got in his face, calling him out for every misdeed he's done since he returned home. I think she hit rock bottom and it was just awful to watch. JJ should be thankful he doesn't have a mother as harsh as Rory's. I felt so bad for the kid. If Rory's mum kicks him out, it'll only get worse for him.

    Shame Theresa wasn’t there to share in the arrest... I'm still miffed with her for throwing Vargas under the bus.

    Mysterious Jordan Ridgeway.
    At this point I couldn’t care less about this character but obviously she’s not who she appears to be or Daniel wouldn’t have had that ‘omg wtf’ look on his face when he recognized her surname. And with Kate already complaining to Kayla that Rafe has regressed in his therapy already, um after two days, should we be worried Rafe’s in danger from this physiotherapist? Who is Jordan? Vote!

    Kate’s guilt over Rafe’s predicament has been weighing on her for months and making her overprotective side shine. This usually means danger for whomever she feels is threatening. She went after Kayla, blaming Jordan for Rafe’s therapy so-called off canvas um..."setback." When Kate heard Stefano was able to just waltz in and pay Rafe a visit. Kayla could have lashed out but she was very thoughtful and calm. She was sensitive to where Kate was coming from and didn’t let Kate walk all over her. She firmly told Kate the proper channels she could take in order to get what she wanted, and Kate respected her for it. It was one of the better moments of the week and didn’t stop there. Maxine also took a moment to lend support to Kate which was very sweet. It’s nice to have others acknowledge this side of Kate.

    It sure feels as if cigar savoring Stefano is on his way out what with all the threats directed towards him. Without our biggest villain, there's sadly nobody to take his place. Kristen's leaving, EJ's a pussycat. The one thing that has always separated "Days" from any other soap is the great villains. Maybe they should bring Ian back.

    Best lines:

    Nicole to Brady: "We were all so excited when you finally found your brain. Too bad it didn’t last long."

    Nicole, "You're Sami's mother. You must have a scheming bone in your body."

    Stefano to EJ: "You have the look of a weak little puppy."

    Please let me know your thoughts on the week and have a great weekend.

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    - Christine Fix

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    Posted by stjarna at Friday, September 06 2013 12:55 PM

    It's getting too slow motion!
    They should have had Marlena trying to use similar Kristen tactics before- it would have been interesting to see the cat and mouse game with these two! Still think that the password is Marlena- remember when Kristen got in the room and said "Marlen"- and Marlena had the phone! LOL or Marlena's birthday!
    Anyway, Please no more Dannifer please- the telenovelas don't have so many break ups!
    Want the real Jennifer back!

    The S. Brady trial should move along now!

    Kate has become a guard dog of sorts - and I don#t really get why she is guilty? Wasn't Rafe been hit on the had by the ex con guy Jensen?! Can't remember if Stefano also put him up to it?! Anyway- she is annoying thought with demanding things, and I for once loved the way Kayle managed to put her into place politely! It was done with great finess. I think Rafe is going to regret getting involved with Kate- as she will start controlling all soon.
    Jordan is a dark horse- all the better- this could be very interesting, if it is written properly! Big IF! Time will tell!

    I had hoped, as I had mention numerous times that Chad and Abigail get the romance of the summer! Look how that got messed up- it turned out as a filler- so unimportant that it didn't even make into the weeks musings! Shame! I know I am doing an overkill with this- but - it's a shame! We could have had such fun seeing those two do some Vegas escapades- and they had them as a middle aged couple going on a candle light dinner date! ok- rant over!

    What will be JJ's punishment I wonder too! Slap on the wrist!
    Have a great weekend!

    Posted by stjarna at Friday, September 06 2013 12:57 PM

    Oh, forgot two things- Gabi needs to get put down a peg or two!

    And, yes, we need a big bad wolf a villain- like Ian or Stefano but worse- someone new!!!

    Posted by Chrissi at Friday, September 06 2013 01:26 PM

    Yeah I like when it was a fast pace. That really worked well for them and it was good almost every day.

    I want real Jenn back too. Maybe now we'll see her now that she's distraught over the real JJ. I hope her and Dan are friends for a while and don't do anything drastic until they know for sure what they want.

    LOL yes Kate's Rafe's guard dog. She feels guilty because she spilled to Stefano that she and Rafe were lovers and if he didn't know that he'd never have sent Bernardi to do something so unspeakable. Kayla was great!! I wanna see more of that Kayla.

    Yeah that's how I feel with Jordan. Now I'm not interested in her but it could change.

    Hmm so true about Chad and Abby. Chad always gets the shaft and even now. I actually forgot about it so that's why it didn't make it in. I guess I don't have much to say about it because nothing new has really happened. Next week I will because of what's to come.

    Posted by Chrissi at Friday, September 06 2013 01:36 PM

    Someone new is good by me. I like having someone - guess I'm used to having a villain. Someone super dark and it sort of looks like EJ's maybe not going in that direction?

    Posted by Heather4CU at Friday, September 06 2013 02:40 PM

    I think Jordan actually works for EJ not Stefano. I think EJ is pissed that Sami put herself in this predicament because of Rafe and so a lot of EJ's are being done to both make Sami suffer and to keep her and Rafe apart. He knows they still love each other. So maybe he is the future villain.

    I would like to know who Stefano's mole is.

    Also, this would be a great time to bring back Austin and Carrie. EJ supposedly works for Justin but neither of them could step away for 10 min to help JJ?!? And I'd love to see Carrie rep Sami. Austin can help with the forensic accounting. As long they keep Austin and Carrie together, there are plenty of other stories to get involved with.

    Perhaps if Stefano is heading offscreen for a while, Kate can go with him.

    Posted by Doris JJ at Saturday, September 07 2013 08:38 AM

    I think Gabi should move into her brother's apartment. I know they won't do that but I'm not a fan of the three living together. Don't really care for Sonny. I had the different thought, it is none of their business who she is with.
    Didn't like Stefano being able to go into Rafe's room without any problems. Are they building up a big ending for him? Never liked him so don't mind if he goes.
    I want the s/l with Kristen and that darn tape to end. It has gone on long enough. Hope that Marlene and Nicole bring her down. That would be good.
    And for heaven's sake so tired of whiny Jenn! I just don't believe that JJ could do all that and she not notice it. I raised 2 kids and you can tell when they are trying to hide something from you but the drug mess is hard to believe she didn't notice. Now he is acting like the poor negleted child. I thought Rory's mom was kind of funny. In real life wouldn't but on the soap she was. But she also has been bailing her son out for years and that would get tiring.
    Will Sami be found guilty? Or will some new evidence come out just in time to end the trial? Can't believe they will send her to jail again but don't know.
    And I do think that Chad will be Abigail's first. At least I think that is what he wants anyway. I have never been a fan of Chad's either but don't like the way he is treating Cham. Are they setting him up to be with Gabi?
    Does Vargas know that his money is gone?

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