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    In our 'Days Of Our Lives' News Room, keeps you up-to-date with the latest Soap Opera news on the net. We also feature interviews with the soap stars, as well as local appearances by the actors and actresses.

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    Thursday, July 04 2013

    Robbing the cradle.

    JJ meets Theresa, Jenn dumps Daniel and Abby tells Gabi about her boy problems.

    Take a trip back to another Horton scandal in's Throwback Thursday DOOL Poll: Mike Horton. And then find out why Alec Baldwin has sworn off Twitter.

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    Header Photo Credit: NBC

    - Matt Purvis

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    Posted by colebug at Friday, July 05 2013 03:11 AM

    JJ is a rotten BRAT to the CORE & I'm sure it is because Jack was never around & when he was everything to him was nothing but a big joke. Jack finally grew up at the end of his life when he had lost Jennifer. The fact that Jennifer took him back because of the kidshive us all a break. People get divorced & chilhdren adjust Jack was still a big jerk until he got Abagail out of the elevator. I don't care what JJ reasons are Jennifer should never have allowed J to speak to her the way he does Jennifer should have slappeded his face and not only put him on restriction she should have told him for the rest of summer school he would bevtaken & picked up & brought home. No friends no Tv no computer & no games. When he was done with homework every day she should have a list of chores for him to do everyday. She should not have told him to use the libaray computers as that gives him excuse to get with his friends. She should have told him he would do it when she was home & in front of her. Jennifer has allowed him to get away with murderer & had allowed him to make herself feel guilty about moving on in life & finding some happyness.Once he told her about what he said to Daniel she should havegl grabbed him by the ear make him apology to Daniel. Both her & Daniel understand that he is having a hard time about Jack's death however he uses that as an excuse for everything. He really is not that broken up over other just knows he can get away with whatever & break up Jennifer & Daniel up he could careless about his mother & anyone else except for himself & as long as it benefits him.Jennifer needs to get him into therapy if he is supposedly so broken up so he can grow up & want his mother & means it. As he is on the road to disruption if not jail. This idea of having Jennifer breaking up with Daniel is stupid, if she really loves Daniel then she owes him an apology & that they are going to deal with JJ together.Jennifer. & Daniel should either live together or get married. There are a lot of couples in this day & age are in the same type of family problems & have a United front with their kids.its time they have Daniel settle down, be married & for heaven sakes he's a doctor he needs to dress like one instead of always looking like a BUM always in those big sweaters, shirts they make him look he can't afford to dress nice.
    Daniel & all the men on DOOL needs to SHAVE.
    This story line with Kristen & Father Brady is disgusting, they could of had her get her revenge another way. They need to ha e her decide to change her mind about posting on the net of the two of them.There are plenty of other ideas out there. The writers & everyone who wad in on procedure should be pistol whip for going in this direction. If they wanted him to no longer be a priest then they could accomplish thatvin many other directions.I couldn't & still can't stand to watch it, I have to fast forward whenever they show it as it makes me highly. Sick to my stomach.
    I agree Abagail belongs with Char, I can't. Stand the newthiscnew Cameron. He can't act worth beans & has ZERO personality, he always looks like a lost puppy the other oozed of personality & had chemistry about himself & always seemed like he was sure of himself. Breaking Bani & Nick was dumb, yes he made mistakes but so had she, they really loved each other & should be goo.g to counseling.
    When are they going to get a new Bo? I also think they beef to have Doc & John divorce & have Roman & Doc get back together as I think the chemistry between them is a great story line to ho with as I think there none left between her & John anymore
    Please don't break up Sammie &EJ they are pure dynmite together. Get Rafe & Kate married therebis such a great story
    line they could go with.
    it's time to get Nicole. & Brady Nicole expecting & Krizten up to no good. There is love between them& they could do a whole stir line on them in what a web Kristen could do.
    I love the fact of EJ kicking his father out of the family e I just hope they also can put away for life. Stefano needs to be gone for good, sick & tried of Stefano. The story needs to come up with a new priate & new story lines,,there is lots out there to do.

    These are my thoughts on DOOL as started watching DOOL the first day it came on.

    tstory line there with them & Kristen.
    I love DOOL I have watched it from the first day

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