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    Friday, June 21 2013

    Basically rape. (NBC Universal Inc.)
    Deconstructing "DOOL" from June 17 - 21:

    Admittedly, it’s been a surprise to see the show is still on a roll with another really good week of fine writing, loads of surprises, and no filler. Much to our delight, "Days Of Our Lives" won a Daytime Emmy for best show Sunday after 39 years.

    Marlena and Adrienne’s great chemistry.
    The writing for Marlena has been driving us all mad for months, but she made a comeback with Sami’s arrest, and we now see the woman she was before Kristen turned up in Salem. The catfight between Kristen and Nicole last week was fun but what a delicious bit of drama to behold, seeing an adult argument between two strong women standing their ground and protecting their own. This is the kind of family drama the show has been missing. It was difficult to take sides and in the end, I couldn’t. On one hand, Marlena eavesdropped on a private conversation between mother and son which was none of her business, but calling Adrienne out for attacking her family, especially Sami, like a good mama bear, was priceless. On the other hand, Adrienne presented facts. Sami – actually the Brady’s are known for having chaos and danger in their lives, but often it’s the DiMera’s fault! Still, Adrienne’s fiercely protective of Sonny and who can blame her? She’s right. Since Sonny and Will got together, he has had issue upon issue to overcome. At the same time, it’s his life, he’s an adult, he’s in love, and Will is not Sami. Adrienne must forget she’s part of the Kiriakis family, who used to be just as bad – okay, almost as bad as the DiMera’s!

    Both women protecting their families made for good soapy drama with good arguments on both sides. Give us more of that.

    Manning up.
    Adrienne’s argument didn’t end with Marlena. It continued with Justin, and was incredibly refreshing to see the lawyer keep his cojones when generally the men of "Days" have none. Justin not only defended William, but told his wife she couldn’t dictate Sonny’s partners or his clients. Exactly! If she doesn’t figure this out soon, she could stand to lose them both.

    Nu-Rolf? (NBC Universal Inc.)
    The cop-killer.
    Marlena found some of her missing strength and took charge, not only supporting her daughter, but hypnotizing Sami, who now recognizes she saw a razor, not a knife, in Bernardi’s hand. Still, it’s "missing" (stolen) and since she can’t tell the police that Bernardi was in Stefano’s pocket, will this matter in her case? What’s worse is the shortage of cops in Salem. Not that SPD has the world’s greatest detectives but with Rafe in a coma and Bo MIA, Sami’s in even worse shape. Thankfully, she has EJ on her side and Marlena asking him to "make it go away."

    Return to Bricole.
    Brady and Nicole fell right back into their previous relationship. Their chemistry is so good I all but forgot about Kristen and Eric. Nicole has chemistry with all of the men she has been with and it’s been enjoyable to watch no matter who she’s with. It’s also very realistic having these two crawling back into each other’s beds. The only issue is, they’re both lying to each other and themselves if they think it’s not rebound sex! That’s utterly ridiculous. They’re both in love with someone else. Salemites often seem not to understand the concept of rebounding. Sadly, Brady didn't keep this from Victor and Maggie, and we had to listen to the same old lecture to a man in his 30s. Gah! Were you as surprised as I that Eric spotted Nicole’s purse at Brady’s? He noticed her purse but can’t tell that she has feelings for him. Kristen can be thankful he notices inanimate items more than he does her in disguise.

    Speaking of which...
    Kristen's mysterious plan is shaking things up. It's exciting and frightening all at the same time. What's in those vials? After she injected him, it appeared as though she had him under her thumb. Could it be similar to the drug called scopolamine or 'The devil's breath'? That drug is used to erase a person's memory and make them incapable of exercising free will. Eric could be Kristen's puppet. Vote! What was the drug Kristen gave Eric?

    Wheelin' and dealin'.
    The addition of JJ to Dannifer's life has taken the focus off how bland they are. JJ sure knows how to play on Jennifer's guilt which is maddening and makes Jenn look even more pathetic and JJ more of a little bastard!

    Sami laying the boots to Bernardi. Video at 11.
    Chad shared a video for Sonny to see June 5th which he called, "Vintage psycho Sami." It was a little confusing, since none of us knew it was Sami beating on Bernardi, and it came off as a random scene. Now it’s turned into evidence - deleted evidence, but if Chad saw the fight, who else could have seen it and him recording it?

    Abigail’s so much like Jennifer, which is why it was really surprising she actually agreed to keep this video from the cops. Sonny and Chad had to bring out the big guns and remind her Jenn almost went to jail when bystanders "saw" Jenn push Nicole down the stairs, when it never actually happened. There’s something almost poetic about a DiMera and a Kiriakis begging a Horton to keep evidence from a murder case from the SPD.

    Happy Friday!

    Read this week’s Matt’s Musings on DOOL. A taste: "Double J managed to swipe a load of laxatives from Doogie's office, pretty much the only thing they had at the hospital. Proof that Salemites really are full of it."

    Hear about what it'll be like when Gabi moves in with Will and Sonny in Camila Banus' Daytime Emmys interview, check out Lauren Koslow admitting who she'd like to return to DOOL.

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    - Christine Fix

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    Posted by stjarna at Friday, June 21 2013 01:01 PM

    Hi Chrissi-

    There is stuff that I really liked this week, and yet some that were in the basket labeled as 'whatever'

    Marlena- refreshment! The way she stood next to Samantha, the way she spoke straight to EJ, but with a strange whiff of an approval of the fact that those two love eachother!
    The scene with Adreienne- great!!! Mama lionesses at their best, I agree!- But Adrienne needs to back off- she cannot tell both Sonny and Justin what to do!!!

    I don't like Bricole- so I will skip this altogether- as I have skipped the scene anyway- lOL
    Kristen- uh, the crazy is back! No Nicole to the resque- or I have missed something! She nearly had it all with Brady and blew it again, so I am now a bit in the 'whatever' zone with her!
    Also Kristen and EJ- the phonyness of those two was funny and both fishing for some kind of info from oneanother- hm- at least that's how I see it- (I know that word doesn't exist, but bear with my little language indiscretions-lol)

    JJ and dannifer- well, true- he has brought some colour there in their 'perfect' life- It's a know fact that I dislike Dannifer a lot- so, ahm, JJ is wrong at all he is doing- but I see it happening - and it is a pretty real situations with kids like him lashing out- I don't condone it- but I get it- and Jennifer is in a really awkward situation- stuck in the middle of a lot of things- and imo- Maggie is not really helping, as she only sees again her son- and not Jennifer and what actually is brewing in Jennifer- so let's see what will Jennifer do when she blows up- as she has bottled so much- and I am still waiting for the house of cards to come crushing!!!

    Ah, yes, Chad and Sonny - priceless!
    Not happy how they write Abigail- a little bit too goody- does she have her parent's genetics-
    Kiriakis and DiMera, both young and old under one umbrella!!!

    Well, not going into the detail thing about Samantha and the shooting, and the vanished razor- 'whatever'!!!
    Ejami cute as ever! OK, I am very subjective there- so I will leave it.LOL

    Must say- very surprised that Days got the Emmy for outstanding drama! But very glad indeed!!!

    And, of course, sad to hear that Casey Deidrick is leaving Days! Outstanding young actor!!! Goodl luck to him!!
    Done musing!

    Posted by Chrissi at Friday, June 21 2013 01:40 PM

    Hi Stjarna!

    Thank-you for your comment.

    I am in the 'whatever' zone with Kristen too as far as Brady's concerned. I had thoughts that they might work things out but now I just can't believe (odd I know!) what she did to poor Eric!

    EJ and Kristen are fun together! I too have enjoyed those scenes with them fishing!

    I love hearing your thoughts about Dannifer. It's good to know I'm not alone in seeing that they could actualy have potential. JJ coming between them was a good idea.

    I always get after Maggie though I admit I do like her. It just bugs me that she gets into their lives. My parents and aunts don't do that so I can't imagine!

    Sami and EJ - I agree this arrest may even bring others who didn't care for Ejami into their court at least a little. It's easy to see how he cares about her so much when he's been all about helping her.

    I totally flaked on talking about Casey leaving. I think he wanted to leave but boy is it a bummer. Always liked him and Chad is a great character if given half a chance!

    Posted by bburkel at Monday, June 24 2013 08:33 AM

    I'm betting Adrienne has the Sami video, since Sonny "shared" a video of Will and Arianna with her phone. $10 says it's the Sami video.

    Posted by salemite1 at Tuesday, June 25 2013 04:19 PM

    You make great points as always, Chrissi. Also loved Brady and Nicole and agree that their rebounding is very realistic. It's a good twist that Father Eric's fall is not of his choosing rather than the predictable move of falling for Nicole again. I think the writers actually do a good job of portraying him as a priest and think it would be a fun challenge for them to have him stay the course. Tempted maybe, but able to keep his vows. Overly involved mothers and boundary issues are the foundation of soaps and it was great to watch Marlena and Adrienne posture. I hope they keep Marlena strong and provide a good storyline for her. And why isn't Roman more present in Eric's life? Let's see at least a renewed friendship between Marlena and Roman too. Maybe a Hope and Justin pairing at some point? So good to see a veteran like him have an interesting story. So sad to see the young actor leaving who plays Chad. He did such a good job and I felt that his stories were never developed enough. We know the Dimearas have a story of betrayal brewing but I hope the writers lend it some depth by including ambivalence and remembering that Family is the holy grail to them. Would love to see more scenes of them all together once in a while. Congrats to Days on the Emmy! I'm looking forward to watching each day lately!

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