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    Friday, May 24 2013

    Eavesdroppers! (NBC Universal Inc.)
    Deconstructing "DOOL" from May 20 - 24:

    Not a bad week. Sweeps was upon us and "Days" didn’t disappoint. Friday's cliffhanger was fantastic.

    Stefano’s jealousy.
    Stefano knows Kate and Rafe were an item and now has RicardBo following her in order to keep tabs on how much time she spends at Rafe’s bedside, I guess. He smashed one of his prize cigars when RicardBo told him Kate was visiting Rafe and then ran over there to eavesdrop on her telling Rafe what a perfect lover he is. Stefano had to shove his fist into his mouth to keep from a) throwing up b) laughing or c) screaming. Obviously he’s intolerably jealous but for what reason?

    He knows he made a mistake dumping her and is still in love with her?
    He’s raging that her lover is no other than Rafe, a man he loathes?
    Though he doesn’t want her, he doesn’t want anyone else to have her either?

    What do you think? Vote on what Stefano's thinking!

    If he’s still in love with her, do you think he's too late to do anything about it? If Kate's in love with Rafe, Stefano could be out of the picture for good.

    Summer triangle.
    Abby and Chad are quite playful together, and seem to have a lot in common while she doesn’t seem to be able to be herself as much with Cameron. He’s more serious and somewhat of a fuddy duddy. It’s pretty clear who she should be with if only so the audience doesn’t become bored.

    The kid needed some weed after talking to Dannifer. Oh the irony. At least Abs is pretty understanding about his woes. Jenn was right. She should have brought him to Salem when Jack died. Should have, could have... meaningless words, really. She was in mourning and as she said, JJ loved boarding school. All she can do now is be there for him and help him cope. And he needs to stop being a big baby and breaking Daniel and Parker’s sh...tuff.

    Who gets high and vandalizes? Usually those high on weed are in a state of relaxed bliss.

    "You smug son of a bitch."
    Hurling insults at each other sure seems to get EJ and Samanther off. Whatever floats your boat, eh? After being inundated with people who think – or – thought that EJ was involved in Rafe’s beating, Samanther finally asked EJ if he did it. While it’s not the sweetest question ever asked, EJ is a DiMera and not three months ago, he was offering to get rid of Nick Fallon, so EJ’s ‘hurt’ over Sami’s allegations that he was behind Rafe’s attack, genuine or not, doesn’t dispute that the questioning isn’t far-fetched. And EJ knows it. Justin knows it. EJ’s fun when he’s devious and though we now know Jensen was Rafe’s attacker, could EJ have been the one who got him out of prison on a technicality? It’d be just like him to do this. He does hate Rafe and Nick, and he and Jensen did give each other that lingering look at the hospital before EJ followed him into another room. Could EJ’s plan have been to get Jensen to kill two birds with one stone? Is this story really over?

    Random thought: Hope's a machine. She killed Jensen and didn't even look back. I'm not sure if that's a good or bad thing.

    Ew! No! (NBC Universal Inc.)
    A shooting and a birth.
    The Smith Island scenes played out very well. Very exciting. Nick (Oh my Blake Berris can act!) was tortured over what Jensen would do to Gabi and the baby and then Will of all people, showing another side of Nick – the one we knew before the drugs and Trent’s murder and before the homophobic garbage. Now that we know Jensen raped Nick in jail, perhaps we can at least understand where his bigotry comes from.

    It was a nice touch to have Sonny and Gabi discussing their feud over the horrible things she did to Melanie in that rodent infested shed. Having Gabs feel such remorse while giving birth could go a long way toward changing the way some fans feel about her. They both did well considering their surroundings, those rusty ole scissors Sonny found to cut the cord, and Sonny being very little help though doing a decent job with the delivery anyway!

    Sonny’s profession of love to Will at his bedside was very endearing though we could have done without Sami and Lucas eavesdropping on such a private moment! It just went on and on and they kept on eavesdropping. Weirdos! I digress, the shooting will likely make WilSon, the most stable couple in town, closer than ever and I’m anxious to know how this will affect Nick and Will?

    EJ told Maxine that he’d recommend to the board that she get a raise because she decided to pull a Brady and go against hospital policy. It’s a stupid policy but to reward someone for going against the rules? The thought was sweet though it was pretty bizarre and smug.

    Brady, Kristen and John.
    Poor dumb Brady. Poor dumb Kristen. Doesn’t she know that living a happy life and being in love outweighs any revenge she could take on John? And really, John couldn’t have helped the way he felt about Marlena 14 years ago or that he felt nothing for Kristen. She has selective memory about the events that happened back then and actually deserved more than just to be dumped. Besides, would she rather he stayed with her knowing he loved someone else? Oy. Did anyone else want to hurl watching John and Kristen kissing? He was so creepy. And the big question is, will Brady see that text in time?

    Nicole's mortification.
    Nicole's been trying to keep her feelings for Eric under her hat but she outed herself quite easily with Brady. Now what?! She was also so sweet to Eric when he needed someone to listen about the issue with the permits and the bishop having nothing to bless if he doesn't get them sorted. I also noticed he's smiling more and his hair is looking good these days. He's oozing more sex appeal. I wonder if that was the plan to hook us. If so, it's working!

    It’s been enjoyable the way the children are being written in lately. Johnny got to show his naughty DiMera side by stealing that photo of Kristen paying off Sy from Ciara. He soon felt contrition and spilled it to Marlena. Will Marlena figure out what that photo of Kristen and Sy is about?

    It’s also been an eye-opener knowing how Ciara has been affected by Hope being kidnapped off and on throughout her life and watching her cope with Bo’s disappearance.

    Those are my thoughts on this week's Salemites. I'd love to hear yours.

    Don’t forget to Vote in the 7th Annual Sudzies Awards and be sure you read Matt’s DOOL Musings. A taste: "He got easily distracted and wandered off to search the bushes with his dead reptilian eyes."

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    - Christine Fix

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    Posted by Chrissi at Friday, May 24 2013 11:41 AM

    I hope everyone enjoys the blog this week. I wrote some of it with a huge migraine. Whew. Not easy but glad it's over.

    Posted by JavaGurl at Friday, May 24 2013 02:15 PM

    Thanks Chrissi. I've had maybe 5 migraines ever (lots of headaches though) so I don't know how you did it. I can touch type without looking but the migraine aura makes it so painful and uncomfortable, I have to lie down with my eyes shut.

    I don't watch the entire show and sometimes miss bits and actually I'm happy to miss certain parts lol but this is very helpful. Thanks again.

    Posted by Florentine at Friday, May 24 2013 05:00 PM

    Good comments Chrissi,
    as for the migraine, try drinking Gatorade, some swear by it... so give it a shot/chance, nothing to loose.

    I can't understand what is going on with John,... it seems harder and harder to watch what he is doing... I am trying to understand...
    Seems to me, that man has very twisted feelings, that not even he is aware of ..... is his plan to sacrifice himself .. by sleeping with Kristin.... in order to save Brady,.. but in the same moment, throwing Marlena under the bus, hurting the woman he claims loving more than anything...
    and then I hear, he is leaving town....
    This SL, give me a break, but I am not quite getting it... yet... maybe later.
    I think big part of Kristin knows, stay with Brady, he loves you, you love him, have a Baby and live a happy life.
    But that nasty little devil part, needs to get her revenge, maybe, she needs to closure of some kind, even if it costs her ... her Happiness with Brady...She will get it, but it will be to late...
    However, if they can redeem Nick, (God, what a great actor he is), they can do something with Kristin, we all saw how torn she got .. as her games went on.
    After she finds out, that Revenge .. did Not give her the closure she was looking for, she might realize, just what she threw away... Brady was good for her.. hope the Writers will keep on working with this SL... I like it.

    Stefano, wow.. another "Stupid DiMera", and I love Stefano.. his Pride got in the way, when Kate cheated on him with Ian... old Italien Pride,.. sure, Kate should Not have cheated on her husband, that is Never right,
    but maybe now, sooner or later they will get back together.
    I liked Kate and Stefano, and IF, Kate did love Stefano as much as she used to tell Everybody, there might be a chance yet.
    After all, .. Rafe and Kate.. in the long run, no..
    Sooner or later, Rafe needs a woman, make a life and have children...etc.

    Hope, bang, bang, Jensen Dead, just another day at work...
    She never even blinked, though Broad, ha, ha, that one is.

    EJ and Jensen, big ?... is there anything to that look they did exchange at the hospital...

    Nicol and Eric, not to interesting right now...

    Dr. Dan and Jenn, still boring, .... now it is JJ coming between them... did they run out of women after Nicole and Chloe... still same old same old, boring.
    I would like to Chloe come, the old sweet Chloe, that saved Kate's Life, and have Dr. Dan and her start all over again, to give at least one child a loving and stable home.
    Parker needs and deserves that, after all he has gone through so far... He lost "Father Phil" and now "Mom Chloe" is also gone, and he is left with a set of brand new
    "Mom and Dad", aka Jenn and Dan, and now a nasty, revengeful young man.. JJ...
    No wonder everybody is so messed up in Salem.. but that is our soap, and we love it...

    Sorry, this is so long, but since the Comment Section is still closed, what is one to do...
    Chrissi, any Idea, how much longer you guys are working on the clitch...will it ever be fixed, LOL, just noticed, your name is Ms. Fix... to funny.
    Happy Holiday Weekend to everybody.
    I just wish the rest of the "Posters" from the Spoiler site, would come on here and use this forum in the meantime... Tschau

    Posted by Doris JJ at Saturday, May 25 2013 09:32 AM

    Good Blog Chrissi!
    I am one that thought EJ was behind Rafe’s beating. I still think he had something to do with it. I also noticed the look they shared and EJ has his little smirk when he turned and walked away. Why does he want in Rafe’s room so bad? I also think that Sami loves Rafe more then she is saying. When she was after Kate again, I wanted Kate to just tell her it is none of her business who Rafe is with since she dumped him for EJ When they tell Jonnie, I wonder if he is going to ask to go see Rafe. Now that should blow the top off EJ’s head.
    I will be surprised if EJ gets to take Stefano down. I think that someone in Stefano’s organization will notice some changes going on. EJ is so smug and I really can’t stand his character.
    Nick did play a wonderful part this week and figured that is what Vargas was holding over his head. Nice that Vargas was so nice to Nick when they got to the hospital and he was pouring out all the sympathy to Nick he could. Just being sarcastic! Did he really need to tell Nick at that time he still owed him?
    Wow, Sami’s mouth enters a room before she does! When she attacked Nick without knowing what was going on was typical Sami. She just walks around town telling everyone else all of their mistakes but she can’t take any criticism for her own mistakes, which are plenty.
    Don’t like what is going on with John and Kristen but I hope he gets the results he wants. First I read where Marlena was going to give the photo to Brady, then I read where John is going to get it; either way let Brady see what she did. I’m tired of the way they made Brady now, so I hope he goes back to the level headed person he was. I would like him back with Nicole. I don’t like her new hair color, she needs to be more blonde it looks nicer on her.

    Posted by Sudsgirl123 at Saturday, May 25 2013 07:11 PM

    Does anyone know the song playing for will and sonny when will is in the hospital? It's just guitar but I can't place it?

    Posted by allmylovingdays at Sunday, May 26 2013 08:42 AM

    SO there's some sort of issue with this site? i thought it was just my computer than changed the font but lately i am posting on the daily recaps and my post disappears. and what is this 'spoiler thread area you all mention'

    issi, any Idea, how much longer you guys are working on the clitch...will it ever be fixed, LOL, just noticed, your name is Ms. Fix... to funny.
    Happy Holiday Weekend to everybody.
    I just wish the rest of the "Posters" from the Spoiler site, would come on here and use this forum in the meantime... Tschau

    Posted by allmylovingdays at Sunday, May 26 2013 08:52 AM

    I hope you are feeling better Chrissi.

    My thoughts on the show this week of course are nothing but praise upon praise for Sonny. He was comic relief when we needed it then he was the best best boyfriend ever that a person could want. I was cheering and crying when he was at Will's beside.

    the last two days of the week to me were very much a let down. the possible cliffhanger will they or won't they --just is full of all sorts of YUCK please please don't and then MarMar finding the photo -other than she might recognize this man was a possible patient to be that she let slip through her fingers how damning is it.

    Loved my EJAMI fight and make up. I don't think the evidence was damning either and so what Hope -detective Hope Brady was accusing -as we can all see she sucked this time big old lemons and yeah her apology wasn't even that because all could say was i was wrong -this time, whatever Hope go take care of your daughter.

    Stefano and his sadness and anger towards Katerina. He thought she was better than this and it disappoints him that she is wallowing around and even throwing out stupid words about ' i found my conscience' whatever katie whatever wonder he felt ill. I know I did too.

    Posted by Chrissi at Monday, May 27 2013 07:17 AM

    Thanks so much for the comments!

    JavaGurl, thanks for the support with migraines. I can touch type too but omgosh these were killer. I was so sick.
    Hi Florentine – Gatorade. Thank-you!! I will try adding that to my list of things to use if it happens again! Love the comments and it’s totally fine if they’re long! Mine are long!! Ironic isn’t it. My last name and I can’t fix the comments. Actually I don’t have access to that part of the site in order to fix those. If I did, they'd have been fixed a long time ago. I feel bad that the Dev team has so much work to do with all of our sites from SK. They fixed a few other issues but I don’t have an ETA on those. It's odd since the other comments on SOF are fine except for the spoilers section. I'm very sorry for this. It bothers me, too.

    Hey Doris JJ – Yeah we never know – maybe in the coming weeks we’ll hear whether or not EJ was involved. I like to think that he’s still a bad boy!

    Sudsgirl123, we just call it the sexy guitar music. It’s not available for us I do not believe.

    AllMyLovingDays – we’re talking about SOF comments but that is not good if you are losing a post. Have you tried refreshing to see it CTRL F5 should do it. If not, let us know – send a note to so we can look into it more. And thank-you. The weekend was good – no headache. I cried during Sonny’s bedside talk with Will too – made my headache worse. Haha! And my friends with kids were laughing about my silly ‘creeper’ comments with Lumi watching Sonny talk to Will. They say they’d have done the same thing. I was arguing that it was a private moment. :P

    Posted by kayhan at Tuesday, May 28 2013 07:02 AM

    Great recap. The first four episodes of the week were fantastic. Friday's episode was a total snoozefest. Of course, it doesn't help that I do not care at all about John and Kristen's "plan" - stupid if you ask me. I say let Brady and Kristen get married and see what happens. Let Brady live with his mistakes. He needs to learn what is important to him. If Kristen is using him, then he will get his heart broken and move on. If she really does love him, then they live happily ever after (or how ever long it lasts on a soap opera).
    Loved Sonny and Gabi during the child birth scenes. He was great. I hope they will be able to maintain a friendship for Will's sake and of course Arianna's. I know she should have to own up to her part of last summer's stalker/kidnapping of Melanie, but the writers may have decided not to pursue this now. I think they will redeem Nick's character as well. Blake Berris did a fantastic job this week. I felt sorry for what he went through in prison with Jensen, but I still do not think that should explain why he is homophobic and hateful towards Will and Sonny. I hope that what Will did for him will help him to at least be civil to the boys and also rescind those legal papers and restore Will's parental rights to Arianna and also that Will is listed as the legal and biological father on the birth certificate. I am looking forward to Will's first meeting with Arianna and I hope it is Sonny that is holding her when he finally gets to meet his daughter for the first time.

    Posted by Florentine at Tuesday, May 28 2013 04:57 PM

    kayhan, liked what you had so say, I agree.

    Well Chrissi, the spoilers on DOOL Dustin's site, still not fixed, LOL Ms. Fix, I know .. not your fault...
    so I guess I am posting my feelings here now and then.

    Stupid John, wow his plan did backfire big time, and like it or not, He did get to see, that Kristin really seems to be in Love with Brady and that she is finally over her Revenge Needs...., but he will be leaving town, and will take the Truth/Knowledge with him.
    Maybe when/if he comes back he will let his Son in on that Secret.... Kristin really does love you, Son....

    I hope, that sooner or later, Kristin will be forgiven in the town of Salem, just like so many other bad people, like Nicole, Sami, EJ, you name them, they have done it, incl. Brady, he sure was/is no saint either..
    "Poor" Marlena, I almost feel bad for her, what a jerk John turned out to be, I am not buying his crappy excuse about seducing Kristin to save Brady...
    I think that John had his own un-resolved feelings for Kristin yet. Lordy, got to go for now, we are under Tornado Watch.... Later.....

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