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    Friday, January 09 2009

    Enough with the tears and whining. (
    These are the "Days" of my week, for January 5-9:

    I'd like to call this week "Something has to give." More and more, the show is losing viewers. True, the show finished with pretty good ratings in 2008, but is it only because we're soon to see the last of Jarlena, and fans are all scrambling to watch their last shows? Who knows.

    This week, Philip and Stephanie had one date and they almost had sex. I did a poll on this and a whopping 57% of you said that you didn't want them to have sex so soon! Philip backed off and I was glad for it. Both of them need to cool down before jumping into sex, if they're going to get to know each other and find out if they're a match. If it was just to be a sexual relationship, I'd have no problem with it but these days, we're seeing way too many mishaps in the couples department on this show. Chemistry's there one day and fizzling the next. Before we become attached to how cute they look together, let's see if they can stand being around each other for more than just a few weeks.

    We’re seeing more of Bo’s visions, courtesy of a bump on the head during Christmas. In a recent poll, I asked you all what you thought of his visions and most of you said you loved it. 51%, in fact and I include myself in this. Those who appreciated JER’s creativity will enjoy this. Bo’s vision of Theo was well done. Lexi blamed herself for Theo, but it could have happened to any mother. I don't think I can take all of the crying, though. So what's to come out of this surgery? Some are speculating that Theo will no longer have Autism. If they don't start telling the story with more interest, they may as well kill it. Many noticed that Theo went in for surgery but didn’t get shaved. Oh well. Kate went through cancer looking like a supermodel, so we may as well lower expectations. That's possibly where I am, at this point. Today, anyway!

    Speaking of the lovely Kate. She dumped Dr. Jonas this week, in what was a pretty decent scene! Their goodbye was well done and her reasoning was quite understanding, yet they really were never in any 'relationship' other than sexual, to begin with, were they, so why the big goodbye? Oh, right, so that Doctor Love could have a dalliance with Chloe. What to say about that? Chloe caved. Daniel's a sexy man, so if she's more into him than she is Lucas, she should end things with Lucas now, before the party. To tell you the truth, I don't think I care who she goes with. This storyline doesn't really interest me. Two of the least popular characters shouldn't be together. Not just that, but we have no bloody idea who Daniel is, so why do we care what he does? Fix the characters and they'll attract more interest.

    Nicole's dialogue this week with Dr. Baker and Brady has driven fans around the bend. There is an end in sight coming on January 27, when Nicole's baby is born to Mia. Check out the comings and goings for more. More lies, you see, which makes a different type of dialogue! Two days later, Sami's baby is born, so just think, we'll have a new set of dialogue to complain about! Or not.

    Nicole went to see Mia without her pregnancy padding this week. That's going to bite her in the arse, isn't it? She's going to show Mia the DiMera mansion, but will she be wearing the pad? I’m confused. And the thing is, I keep remembering that Stefano and John both have the house wired with security cams. How come Stefano doesn't know about all of this yet? I have a feeling he will, soon. Monday's show gives us a little foreshadowing. To himself, Stefano says he finds EJ's devotion to Nicole admirable, but a liability! Uh oh…

    Speaking of EJ, Sami and Rafe weren't annoying this week. It's obvious that they're getting closer, but is this romantic or friendly? You be the judge. I don't have much to say about these two, though I'd like to give a shout out to Hilda for Monday's show. "Watch out, Hilda!"

    Touching on EJ a little… not that way! *wink* Did you see how he flirted with Chloe? He has always liked her and seems to like Lucas left-overs! Poor unlucky in love, Lucas. Maybe Will needs to be brought home to give Lucas something to do? They could age him. Your thoughts?

    John remembers. (
    It was good to see Marlena chatting with and getting advice from Maggie. I can't recall how well they know each other, but whatever. Marlena never did have a good feeling about Charlotte, and she'll do some digging that may or may not turn up anything crazy.

    I didn't care for how predictable things are or how easy things seem to happen. Kate breaks up with Daniel and the next day, he's practically (excuse my French) boffing Chloe, and earlier in the week, John walks in to the pub, tells Charlotte that he’s ok with being hypnotized and of course, Marlena overhears. Too easy. Too obvious. Try harder.

    I just asked you for your thoughts on Charlotte - today - and already, 58 % of you told me that you think she's hiding something and don't like it! For those who said she's lovely and a good doctor, you'll be surprised by what's in store. I knew I didn't like her from day one. But I did like that she got John to recall seeing Marlena that time on the pier. That scene always makes me teary. I know what’s going to happen and why these two are going to leave Salem and I wish it was different. Bad enough they're leaving…. More about that next time.

    Abe and Lexi: More crying for Lexi, who feels tremendous guilt about not looking after Theo, when in fact she was doing what any normal parent would do. Abe was there to console her, but I don't want to talk about them. Let's discuss Steffie! Stefano showed just how much he loved Theo this week. He even called EJ to get him to come to the hospital to be with family while they waited for Theo to get out of surgery. We found out a little more about why Stefano does what he does, when he called the doctor from overseas to show up. He told Lexi that this was his way and he needed to do something to help. I thought it was really sweet, though Lexi didn’t, for obvious reasons. (He's controlling and nuts.)

    Part of me wonders why the writers decided on this type of storyline. They’re not having a load of luck telling this story the way that many feel it should be told… I'll leave you with that. I don't want to get started!

    Instead, I'm off to have a fantastic weekend and hope you are, too.

    Until next Friday, Christine Fix.

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    Posted by Used2bminer at Friday, January 09 2009 02:24 PM

    BRAVO Chrissi! Very well done!

    Posted by 2boyzrule at Friday, January 09 2009 05:02 PM

    Chrissi, your title said it all for me "Something has to give". Yes, it certainly does. Your update was spot on to what I've been saying and feeling about this show. I just don't understand this show anymore. I've been a viewer since Bo and Hope first met many moons ago. Days has such a talented cast, I just don't see how the "dots" are connecting right now with their storylines. I'm just hoping for more, they have a talented cast it would be a shame to waste it all.

    Carolann, ITA on your comments about Daniel and Chelsea. They have everything I think a great couple is founded on if you look back at all the great ones Steve/Kayla, John/Marlena, Bo/Hope- they had a "courtship" not a "lustfest", they had build up and drama and angst that tore them apart but in the end it was their love that brought them back together in the end. Well, Days, what gives.. because Daniel and Chelsea had something amazing and want them to be reuinted!

    Posted by ConLou at Friday, January 09 2009 08:18 PM

    Chrissi, I agree that Philanie should get to know each other a little before jumping in the sack, but I can see these two together. I also like the Bo's visions storyline. Of course Theo will be "cured" of autism. It's a soap, not real life. However, Kate's cancer and quick recovery from her chemo treatments and her transplant is an insult to all cancer survivors.

    Today I was glad I work and tape DOOL because I was able to fast forward through Danloe. They are just disgusting. Dansea was great even if he is too old for her. He deserves Nicole. Chelsea needs someone new, and I think someone like Rafe would be great for her. Max should stay a friend.

    Lumi should happen again, and this time work out. Remember that Steffie had something to do with the twins' paternity test, so maybe Johnny isn't really EJs. Wouldn't that be great. And EJ wouldn't know about this new son. Would be just punishment since he moved on to Nicole so fast.

    Hate this new, caring Kate. She is better vicious.

    Melanie also needs someone but I don't see any of the current cast for her. Maybe bring Rex (and Cassie) back for her.

    Don't know why I even care. I have watched all these years, since the beginning, but without Jarlena I will probably leave also.

    Posted by daysfan2582 at Saturday, January 10 2009 11:22 AM

    Great post Chrissi. Love reading your thoughts as always.

    I agree, your heading says it all. "Something Really Does Have To Give" because as fan of this show...I am COMPLETELY disappointed with the direction of this show and I say enough is enough!!! As a fan, you understand that the job is tough and sometimes important details are left (big and small), we also understand that good stories take time and storylines have to develope so with that said...Yes we do understand the position the writer's are in and the impending urgency of the show to be "safe" but here are some things that we as fans DO NOT understand!!!

    First, important details being left out (big or small). Examples of this, Kate's cancer storyline, she truly did look like she was "red carpet ready" in EVERY hospital scene even when she was diagnosed with Omental Torsion...heck she was even painting her nails before she was discharged. I will budge a little on that one because even though she was in the hospital and had surgery, it was not as severe as i will budge on that one but only a little bit. Onto her cancer storyline. This was just horribly done from the start, she was diagnosed with cancer and all the things you expect to see from a cancer patient was not shown in fact not even so much as the hair loss that is just one of the many things that would of made it seem more real, her behavior/attitude...she has continously mistreated Chelsea throughout her "daniel experience", she was also more worried about doing Daniel than her own as you see, it was just horrible to watch!!! She showed no compassion, no remorse, no guilt, no nothing the entire time...Another example of the important details being left out is...At victor's, why is Kate drinking alcohol so soon after having surgery and having cancer at that??? Wouldn't a true cancer patient be advised not to drink alcohol??? Another thing, theo, he had brain surgery yet he was not shaved??? These lack of details tend to make the storylines seem meaningless in a sense!!! Ok onto the Austism storyline...Austism is a very touchy subject with some individuals and If I read right, the head writer, Dena Higley has a son who has been austistic since he was 3 years old therefore this is her creation. I think overall the autism storyline is doing ok...I get a sense that Dena and the show wants to portray it but they want to cautiously portray it due to the sensitivity of the subject (thats truly amazing because Cancer is a sensitive subject and very serious just like austism, why no more thought given to that storyline, why was it not treated with sensitivity and caution, I wonder???) so with that said...I truly hope now that Theo had to have brain surgery that the show doesn't portray that as a "miracle" for Abe and Lexie, i hope they don't intend to portray him as being cured from Austism because that would be so wrong on many levels. I read in the 2009 soap preview of what is to come in salem on days and it says Abe and Lexie gain new ground in their with austism and Theo...could that mean that by releiving the surgery from his helps him some how??? Who knows...once again, i hope they do not intend to cure him of austism just because he had brain surgery!!!

    Ok the Sami/Rafe/EJ/Brady/Nicole/Mia storyline...gosh who else is going to be added to this!!! I think this is one of those typical storylines that we all expected, a storyline that we sensed the outcome before the story became indepth...why....because its another recycled storyline...two women being pregnant with the same man's child, one lose's hers and becomes desperate to hold onto that man so with fear of losing that man, she starts lying and schemeing doing everything she can to hold onto that man even if that means buying/adopting a baby and if that plan fails...well...she quickly finds another option...anything but the truth!!! In doing so, the lies grow deeper and more people become involved. So with that said, I think....know not think...I know a lot of us expected that Nicole will get Sami's baby...its perfect right...what do you know the baby belongs to the plan is perfect, sami's blonde, she's blonde, the father is's a miracle right!!! So again...we all expected this to happen...the one thing we didn't expect is that Sami is actually going to give her baby up...the Sami that I know and the Sami that I have watched since she was a teenager would never have an abortion and she certainly would never give her up child!!!

    Kate ending her "so called relationship" with Daniel...that was the highlight to my week but surprisingly I was not thrilled and I didn't find that scene enthusiastic at all!!! First and foremost, there was nothing to end...they had one thing in it...there was no relationship to end...maybe in Kate's head she had a relationship but thats certainly not the way it was all about the sex...So my point is...that scene was was a waste of air time that could of been given to someone else!!! Kate's comment "When you love someone, set them free" Ok that was just hysterical...where was the love in that wonderful relationship...a relationship that we saw so much of, oh yes, their wonderful dates and deep conversations over dinner...oh i'm sorry...there was none of that....oops my bad...I had a flashback to Daniel and Chelsea...they were the ones with deep conversation, wonderful dates and feelings of love who had more in common than lust/sex!!! Oh and by the way, the comment kate made to chelsea about "I'm sorry but i don't se where that is any of your business" Tell me has Kate really turned over a new leaf??? I think not...Lucas/Chloe and the others may buy it I certainly don't!!! How about the other comment she made to chelsea when Chelsea asked how Daniel was doing... I beleive Kate said "Oh well you know, with a woman like me, Daniel is just completely devastated" Ok, could she be anymore full of herself...lets get real...Kate is a fool and she is fooling herself by thinking every man wants her, thinking she is irresistible...could someone please set her straight??? and why do Chelsea like that...once again this is just more reasons why she she needs to go...For a woman so sure of herself...why does she constantly dance around the "real issue at hand" when she and chelsea are together!!!

    Daniel/Lucas/Chloe wow where do I begin with this one. First of all, i hate to see Lucas hurt again...the truth will come out and when it does he will find out but lucas did say he would fight for Chloe...thats interesting. I like that Chloe is being reluctant in a sense, i like that she told Daniel "this is not about love" its sex...So true Chloe...thats what all the fans are saying. I don't think Lucas and Chloe are completely, 100% in love but they do care about one another...I really think Chloe loves the stability that she feels with Lucas that sense of security that he has provided to her. So as I have said many time and will continously keep saying...Daniel and Chloe are "sexually attracted" to one another...they share nothing else, they have barely interacted with one another and they most certainly have not had those meaningful deep conversations, they have had no dates and they share no common ground...So when this comes to a head...which is hope is very soon...I hope that Daniel gets hurt...I hope he is jolted back to reality and I hope he feels the pain that Chelsea did...I hope he goes gets on the track to self-healing and fights to win Chelsea back!!!

    As for the rest, I am loving Bo's visions. I think there will be potential for him to start seeing things before they happen as opposed to what he's seeing now...remember he said, i wish i could of prevented them...I also feel that he will start having visions of other people now that Theo is ok. Should be very interesting. As for Phillip and adult of Phillip to wait for sex...I still say...they won't last and Steph will end up getting hurt...He is interested in Melanie as well. The key thing you said here chrissi is that they take the time to see if they can be with each other...see if they can develope and stand being around one another!!!

    As for the ratings going up...I think we all know why that is...The ratings showed a slight increase...thats because of the anticipation of Marlena and John reuniting...Its certainly because of Kate's cancer storyline or her relationship with Daniel or Chloe and Daniel fooling around or Steph and Phillip and fooling around or even max and chelsea becoming great buds because the people are mismatched!!!

    Posted by bghwme at Saturday, January 10 2009 03:47 PM

    SOMETHING'S GOT TO GIVE...You got that right. Geez! It's like someone just came in and trashed my program. This is not the Salem or the Salemites I used to know.

    There are no happy endings, no true enduring love, no life lessons learned. Everybody is just flailing around and hopping from one bed to another.

    I think I mentioned in an earlier post that I think Satan's back in town or maybe the writers are just possessed.

    I think I know why J & M end up leaving town too, and I'm not likin' it one bit!

    Posted by nubby at Wednesday, January 21 2009 08:50 AM

    Nicole needs to come clean about the baby with EJ. I think that would be the best thing to do . Marlene and John needs to get back together . I love them .

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