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    Friday, March 29 2013

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    Posted by lilyofthefields at Saturday, March 30 2013 04:24 PM

    Blackmailing is the theme for sure and they are all so lame. The latest one with Chloe and Jennifer (as if this is even remotely interesting anymore)is just as bad. All Jennifer has to do is tell Daniel and let him decide whether to tell Chloe he knows. He can either fight for his child and stay with Jennifer or he can pretend he doesn't know and break it off with Jennifer so he can be with his child. That way the decision is on him not Jennifer and she won't have to break up with him without telling him why which would be just as cruel to him. Chloe would never know she told if they don't tell her. And really DNA DOES matter. And totally off this subject but it is getting harder to watch when even the characters you like have become so unlikeable -- John has turned into an unreasonable, mean jerk. Marlena is a wimp, Brady is just too stupid for words, it just goes on and on. I don't feel anything for most of the characters anymore.

    Posted by Chrissi at Tuesday, April 02 2013 09:30 AM

    Stjarna - I feel Hope is in limbo because she hasn't gotten to open up about where Bo is, and she doesn't have her own storyline. She's a vet so I feel she should be shown more. That'd be fun to get Patrick Lockhart back! The actor and I have discussed this. He'd be open to it!

    Wow - allmylovingdays, I wasn't on drugs or anything during Friday's episode. What a thing to say. Just because we don't agree on what constitutes exciting doesn't mean you need to say I'm on drugs. Better to just agree to disagree rather than say something like that.

    lilyofthefields - I feel the same. The storylines are making me feel nothing for all characters. I'm turning to the bad ones for fun even more. Like Anne. Haha and Vargas.

    Posted by lmb1315 at Tuesday, April 02 2013 09:31 PM

    deedee- Your comment made me laugh so hard! It is so true- how dumb can she be? She is not only buying Nicks lies but she is not even thinking!

    I didn't feel bad for Nick at all. In fact, I am having a hard time waiting for him to get taken down. Blake Berris does a fantastic job because I cannot stand Nick.

    I know I am probably in the minority here but I am on team Chloe. Mainly just because Jennifer is so boring. When she is on, it is like watching paint dry.

    Nicole has been my fave for so long. I really wish she would get some sort of happiness. Preferably a child.

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