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    Friday, February 22 2013

    Reunion coming? (NBC)
    Deconstructing "DOOL" from February 18 - 22:

    This week we've the usual storylines being featured, a little drama and humour interspersed, but we're still no closer to learning where Bo's been. Some observations...

    Afternoon delight.
    There were no bells or whistles for Kate and Rafe’s mid-afternoon sex romp which was how it should be for two people who don’t have a need to or want to discuss what their bedroom antics mean. It’s refreshing. I guess they each got a taste of something they liked, but boy was the scene short.

    Lucas, Lucas, Lucas.
    Maybe Lucas needs a little ‘something something’ to take the edge off. We’re seeing a little too much bitter Lucas and not enough humourous Lucas to balance this guy out. He’s into everyone else’s personal business trying to protect Jenn and Sami, but went way beyond being a protective brother by telling Daniel that Jenn doesn’t want him in her life. Jenn got it from all sides with Lucas’s rant and lie to Daniel and then Chloe informing her she and Parker moved in with Danny-boy. The one person she didn’t get it from was Nicole.

    In love already?
    Nicole jumped from a lusty attraction to love, all in a week for Father Eric. Is it just a transfer of love for Daniel, and was Daniel just a transition from EJ? All week Nicole was trying to get the priest out of her naughty fantasies. It didn’t help that she bumped into Nu-Sydney - who incidentally looks as though she could pass as Nicole’s daughter, not Sami’s, which in itself is exceedingly interesting. Nu-Syd’s adorable. It took a bear hug from her to remind Nicole not to hold on to people so tight and then EJ who is sometimes civil and other times spiteful to her, gave her that last shove she was looking for to leave town. I’m not sure why she cares what EJ of all people thinks and I doubt she’ll leave after walking in on the robbery.

    Chloe ramped up her game.
    Chloe finally came up with a decent scheme to get Victor to give her the boot. She was pretty funny ranting at ole Victor about duct neglect, and blah blah blah but the joke was on her. Now she has to live at Daniel’s place without him. Course, Maggie, her oversized hairdo, and Jenn saw right through it as well as Daniel, but what’s a guy to do – kick his kid and the mother of his kid to the curb? What planet is Jenn on asking him to cut all ties with the mother of his child? That’s not Jennifer! She must be terribly desperate. Don’t these ladies know that there’s nothing you can do to stop love? I don’t know that it’ll happen for Chloe and Daniel but with Jenn and Dan being at odds; it sure makes it easier for Chloe to get her claws into him.

    Has Sami met her match? (NBC)
    Who snickered when Chloe accused Jenn of having no charisma?

    Who does Daniel belong with? Vote!

    Brady’s proposal.
    I’m not sure how to feel about Brady’s proposal to move in with Kristen. I’m not sure how to feel about this coupling at all. He’s really spoiling her revenge plan by being so loveable I guess. I don’t know whether to feel sorry for her just a little or laugh my arse off. Laugh it is.

    Hold on tight to that mistrust.
    John was downright cold to Marlena on the phone yet in spite of his rudeness and unwillingness to give her a chance, she kept her head held high and got the upper hand with Kristen. This turn of events made for some fun scenes with Kristen going off the deep end in her motel room.

    Rhymes with Nick, starts with a P.
    Rafe was right to tell Nick that starting a marriage based on lies of omission is the worst thing to do for him and Gabi and Gabi’s too young to realize what this union is going to cost her. My issue with Gabi is that she has heard anti-gay comments coming out of Nick’s mouth twice now and has brushed them off. Love really is blind in Gabi’s case. This isn’t out of character though. Her inability to see reality has shown itself a few times like when she faked her own stalker and allowed Andrew to kidnap Mel. What’ll be her next trick?

    Gabi's been stressed out, tired, and as Kayla said, dehydrated, so we can't blame Sami solely for Gabi's contractions, though it still doesn't bode well.

    It was plain to see how much Sonny still loves Will when he rushed from the cafe still in his apron to support Will, and it was a nice touch to have Sonny find the letter addressed to him from Will, talking about second chances. I smell a reunion next week.

    Resident virgin.
    Abby dropped off dessert to Cameron and nurse Britney took it saying she’d give it to him. "It’s the least I could do after accusing him of sexual harassment." What the hell? Who says that?

    Check out Matt’s Matt’s SOF Musings. A taste: "Abbigate continued to fizzle as she confirmed for Dr. Doogie that her chastity belt was still intact."

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    - Christine Fix

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    Posted by Chrissi at Friday, February 22 2013 03:25 PM

    I should make note that I don't know if Sydney's Nicole's kid. That wasn't a spoiler. In seeing how similar Nicole and Nu-Syd were in looks I can't help but go there. You know soaps. Anything can happen!

    Posted by Doris JJ at Saturday, February 23 2013 09:33 AM

    People have been saying for a while that Nicole's baby is still alive so it could be her.
    I agree, Lucas has been one angry dude for a few weeks now. I love it when he tells Sami off, she is really over the top again. And I do blame a lot of Gabbi's pains on Sami. She can't just come in and talk to someone, she comes in with both guns blazing and just screams and points fingers. I just want Will to tell her all the things that she has done and to back off or she will never see her grandchild. I sure wouldn't want it around EJ.
    I don't like Rafe with Kate because I'm not a fan of Kates and really don't trust her. I hope they don't make this a couple but I do agree, they hardly showed them in bed but we had about 15 minutes of EJ and Sami with the music, the candles, mood music the whole thing. I almost called my husband to leave his office I was so moved.
    I like Chloe with Daniel; I do not like Daniel with Jennifer. I see Jennifer no different then Chloe only she is considered this good girl (saint) and Chloe isn't. Abby and Maggie butt in other peoples business all the time and no one cares because again they are good people. Chloe lived in foster care for years and had to learn to take care of herself. Jennifer had a silver spoon so she expects everything her way. My vote is still for Chloe. I have concerns if Will will be a good father. He isn't showing signs of maturity on the show and the baby needs to stay away from Sami, she doesn't raise her kids anyway, the family does. I don't like what they are doing to Nick and I sure hope the writers change him back to the nice guy he was.

    Posted by lilyofthefields at Saturday, February 23 2013 07:38 PM

    I really am confused that there is so much support for the way Chloe is behaving. Although I have never been a huge fan of Jennifer and find her boring as well, I can't figure out why she is considered over the top or as bad as Chloe. Although her demands are harsh and she is considered paranoid, who wouldn't be after going several rounds with Nicole and now with Chloe. Relationships are hard enough but how many out there can honestly say they could survive a Nicole in their lives let along Nicole and Chloe? I mean really, at every turn she has to watch her back and every moment they are committing some act to destroy her relationship. What person can honestly say they wouldn't react the same way or just give in the towel? Life is too short to have to fight like that every day. And besides, being
    paranoid means you imagine your demons and we know she is not imagining anything here. While I totally feel sorry for what happened to Chloe and I do believe she was treated really badly by Daniel when he found out about Phillip, (which by the way is a trait of Daniels as well - man is he judgemental in everything!), she could have gotten a whole lot further by not being so devious and nasty. Since when does that get anyone anywhere? She would have had a lot more people on her side including Daniel had she gone about it differently.

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