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    Friday, December 12 2008

    Two responses. Icky, (
    These are the "DAYS" of my week for December8-12:

    It’s almost Christmas, and many are asking if Alice will return. I’ve no idea, haven’t asked yet, but I assume they’ve already taped these scenes, because I already know what’s to come. I’m doubting she’ll be there, but we can expect Julie and Doug and Kristian Alfonso’s son will play a part as one of the sick children at University Hospital, during the reading of the Christmas Story! All good times to come, I think….. It seems to me as though the writers have been getting used to the characters and creating new relationships to build upon, and that’s why the plots weren’t that great. I’m not pleased with how they’ve taken a great actress like Ali Sweeney and turned her character into a sobbing wreck. Pregnant women are not that annoying. I have seen a bit of a shift in the show again, this week, which is for the better. There are also improvements in the younger set, with budding relationships.
    I loved Monday’s show. Sami and Rafe got along. They shared a moment when Sami gave Rafe her finger to show him the pin prick she received when she was trimming the tree with popcorn. I gather it lends to the possibility of a future love interest, but I can’t see how Rafe would be attracted to such a horrible mess that is Sami, at this moment. Once EJ called, Sami’s week went downhill. EJ called to say goodbye to their past and hello to his future with Nicole. I’m one of the few who thought that it was a good thing and important scene. It has kicked things up, given this boring storyline a kick in the arse and will give Sami one, too. Maybe it’ll end soon. Perhaps now, she can admit she’s in love with EJ and fight for him, against Nicole. I wonder how EJ can move on so quickly without Sami, considering how he feels about her. Then again, did he ever actually say he loved Sami? It’s been so long, I forget. Sami has never, ever said she loved him, but her actions and childish rants show she does. The pain Sami felt was obvious, but trashing Nicole was immature and done with no class whatsoever, making me dislike her character more.
    Sami admitted she’s selfish and doesn’t want her kids to do well without her. I’m shaking my head. I get that she’s extremely heartbroken but she should be happy that they’re fine while she’s away. It will make things easier upon her return.
    Rafe was stabbed and I was surprised, because I figured it would be better for this killer if he simply followed Rafe home, to Sami. No? How is he supposed to find Sami if Rafe dies? Not that he will, but still…

    Chax, Melsea…which is it?
    Another important scene that I blithely poked fun at last week due to my ignorance was Max and his box from Trent. See, I don’t think Trent would have left him this toy. Trent was a bastard, and I can’t see that he’d have hung on to this dog all these years. Still, it was a bit of closure for Max. I liked seeing Max with Chelsea during these scenes and want to see more of them. They’ve both grown and I think it’s time for a more adult relationship for both. Sorry Dansea fans, that ship has sailed. Sorry Stax fans, it isn’t going to happen. It’s a shame that the show teased you like that.

    The killer isn't too smart? (
    Nicole is one scary chick but she doesn’t annoy me, she entertains me. She almost drugged recovering drug addict, Brady, making viewers feel for Brady, and showing Nicole’s desperation once again. Not sure that Brady’s supposed to be keeping secrets and hanging out with toxic people if he’s in Narcotics Anonymous though. This storyline is reminiscent of the 1990’s when Kristen Blake Black also lost a baby and used a pregnancy pad until the end of her pregnancy to fool John Black. She had Stefano help her to get a baby to pawn off as John’s, only Stefano actually had sex with the baby’s mother. Guess who that produced? You guessed it! EJ DiMera. Susan Banks, his mother, was the woman hired to produce a baby for Kristen. That secret room is still around at the DiMera mansion, if Nicole’s thinking of storing Sami there! Though I disagree with Nicole’s schemes and lying, bringing in Kelly this week made for some interesting scenes and I’m looking forward to Dr. Baker coming back to Nicole, demanding yet more money, in the future!

    Dr. Feelgood
    I liked the crazy scene with Lucas jumping into the water after Chloe accidentally whipped her engagement ring into the Salem river! That was a fun scene and made me think I would look for a way to like these two. Thankfully, I won’t have to, because it seems the show has other ideas. A Dr. Dan and Chloe sandwich. They’re hot together. There’s no denying that, but could the show find a better place to start things up, rather than in a creepy way in an examination room? He can’t keep away from a damsel in distress, can he? Candi (Y&R news writer) and I were messaging each other during those scenes, saying things like, “Where can I get me one of those exams?!” But in all reality, it was freaking disgusting to have such a hot couple start off an attraction while in an exam room. Why don’t we just have him rape her and pair them off? (My little Ejami joke…) Seriously, can they get better stuff? Meanwhile, Chloe is supposed to be marrying Lucas, buts she’s obviously fighting a little attraction for Dr. Dan, who I thought cared for Kate….the guy is seriously odd. What else is odd is Daniel suggesting that just because Chloe’s systolic was up 10 points that they might have to call the whole surgery off! As if! Writers, we are not morons, so please don’t treat us as though we are.

    Kate is voted the world’s most gorgeous cancer patient:
    Get rid of the storyline already. Just end it. I don’t care what you have to do. It’s a bore and unbelievable. Lucas to Kate: “I’ve always been proud of you.” What? When? In between the many times you disowned her? Just friggen end it and give Lucas better lines.

    Titan Enterprises:
    What a lot of fun that place is! Give me more! Melanie locking Stephanie in the vault was hysterical, and more so that she unknowingly locked Philly in there with Steph. The chemistry between these two is fantastic and the scene where they almost kissed was HOT! I also love that Melanie’s going to be in the middle, only because we’ve already seen that Philip has a soft spot where she’s concerned. My only beef is that Philip’s payroll system is incredibly slow! If Melanie wants money, she should ask for it. Just ask to be paid a portion of the cheque, earlier. It was fun to see Kayla wander in for a bit and Chelsea show up to pick up Philip…all very well done – and connected together. Love that.

    John, Blondie and Dr. Taylor:
    I want to like Dr. Taylor, but my loyalty to John and Marlena is making it difficult. We interviewed her portrayer, Sandra, a few days ago and found out that the show is planning on teasing us with Charlotte and John before we get Marlena and John back together. She also tells us she has no contract with the show as of yet, but that getting one will be based on fan interest in her. I’ll poll you on her once we’ve seen her in action more. John was cute when he told Charlotte that he wants to find a way to get Blondie back in his life, and Marlena was sweet to have jealousy of the beautiful Charlotte, who gets to give her John therapy! What a great scene with two great actresses, Marlena and Kayla, who both understand what it’s like to have a DiMera brainwash their men! Kudos to the show for this.

    It was fun to see Tony and Lexi for five seconds during the show last week, but the scenes with EJ and these two were just forced in there, it seemed. They didn’t fit for me, but I’ll try not to complain, because I love me some Tony.

    Bo falls off a ladder:
    Matt and I were stumped when we read that spoiler a few weeks ago. We even laughed. “That’s a spoiler?” Of course, now, I see that Bo has fallen unconscious and it must tie in somewhere…so I’m interested, and frankly, seeing them at home, trimming their tree, was a lot of fun! I hope that Hope quits her job and does something else. I’d like to see her less serious and them back in the sack, more.
    Overall, though I was a little cranky at times with some of what’s happening with the show, I was, overall, very pleased and even impressed with the show this week. I haven’t seen it so good in a while. I’m looking forward to next week and that’s a rarity. That’s a good thing. Have a fantastic weekend and don’t forget to pick up those last minute gifts. You’ve only got 13 days until Christmas! (I still have two more gifts to purchase!)

    Happy trails!

    - Christine Fix

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    Posted by bghwme at Friday, December 12 2008 05:17 PM

    Hi Christine. As usual, I mostly agreed with your post.

    FYI, I read on another site that Alice will not be making an appearance this Christmas. She was just not up to it this year. She will be missed.

    I'm looking forward to see some Days magic and miracles this Christmas. Especially concerning John and Marlena.

    Sami and Rafe:

    I'm thinkin' that the last thing either one of these 2 want to do right now is fall in love. Even if they do, there is too much going on right now in both of their lives for them to actually realize it.

    I'm not sure Sami ever did really love EJ. I think she developed Stockholm syndrome because he had her trapped for so long. He also used little Johnny as leverage for keeping her at the DiMera mansion. I can't see her ever really trusting him, especially if he becomes his father's "soldier" again. Without trust, there is nothing.

    Her life is a real mess right now, and until they write her with some kind of strength of character, she will never get it under control.

    Stephanie and Max:

    I think these 2 really did love each other. Perhaps they always have. Max was really there for her when she needed him, and she tried to be there for him...but she should never have betrayed his trust, even if it was for his own good.

    Perhaps the both of them still had some growing up to do before they were really ready for a comitted relationship.

    I still can't see Phillip with someone so young, whether that be Melanie or Stephanie, but then again; I think Hope was quite a bit younger than Bo when they got together.

    Dr. McMuffin:

    I cannot understand, for the life of me, why they are writing him as such a disgusting character. I had a bad feeling about him from the beginning. I could see the word JERK written accross his forehead.

    I hope they do not ever involve Chelsea with him again. I am one of the few who did not want that to get started in the first place. He's a wolf!

    I also hope they give Chloe some strength of character. The one woman in Salem who recognizes that even though you might be in love with someone, as a human being, you can be physically attracted to someone else. You have a choice. You do NOT have to act on those attractions.

    And, a guy who would lead a young girl on, take her out on a date and make her think you care for her, all the while sleeping with someone else; while carrying on a flirtation with yet another gorgeous just plain no good for nobody!

    And, a doctor who would "feel up" a patient during an examination has some real ethics issues. Hey Charlotte! Looking for another patient?

    John, Blondie, and Dr. Taylor:

    I would rather they not "tease" me with John and Charlotte. I still haven't gotten over them putting John in bed with Ava. I hated that! Just keep Charlotte as caring and professional, but full of respect for Marlena. I hope she turns out to be Marlena's niece or something.

    If Marlena is a little bit jealous, that's OK. It just means that she still loves him.

    Gorgeous Kate:

    I am still not sympathetic to Kate's character. I don't like her, I don't hate her, I just don't care about her. They should have given her a good story line ages ago. Made us like her, made her a hero..something. Then, I would care whether or not she dies of cancer.

    Chloe and Lucas:

    I still cannot see the 2 of them together. It seems to me that he belongs with Sami. If Chloe ends up breaking his heart, then she better never say anything bad about Sami again.

    One more thing. Very few of us really want another baby-switch story line. I so hope they do NOT go there with Sami's little baby.

    Posted by daysfan2582 at Friday, December 12 2008 05:53 PM

    Chrissi, I wanted to know, why would you say that the show has teased us Dansea & Stax fans??? I have notice from time to time that you say in your blogs that you have a hint of what is to come down the road. So I'm curious, is Shawn Christian staying with the show & where exactly is this ridiculous storyline between daniel & chloe actually headed??? I can't honestly see the show having daniel & chloe In an actual relationship & even with me being unbiased, I see nothing(between daniel/chloe & daniel/kate)... but sex. If you watch all of the past scenes as well as the most recent scenes you can clearly see a drastic change in daniel & in how he & chelsea interacted. From the looks to the body language to the demeanor the enthusiasm, the chemistry & the kissing...non of that compares or will ever compare to kate & chloe!!! Also what about Chelsea & Stephanie...clearly max & stephanie loved one another & have not openly dealt with their break-up & their feelings!!! I had reservations about max & steph b/c they were technically family & now they have her with phillip & they chelsea & max, max & chelsea already went there in the why revisit that??? What about Rafe??? Its clear that sami has feelings for EJ & poor lucas...I have always been a lumi fan...who knows they could probably revisit that later but for now I think ejami is the story now!!! I have watched the show for over 20 years & I have been very very disappointed with the way the show has been written for the past several months, although there have been some improvements, it still has a ways to go!!!

    Posted by 70chevylady at Saturday, December 13 2008 07:02 AM

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    Date: [Fri, 12 Dec 2008 16:21:35 -0500]
    From: Christine patterson



    Posted by dtroy at Saturday, December 13 2008 10:40 AM

    Okay, very little peaked my interest this week again. With that being said here is my opinion on a few things...

    I still love Nicole and have wanted some of the old Nicole back but trying to drug Brady was not what I had in mind. I did like that she felt guilty for doing so and came clean to Brady about it. I'm still hoping for her to end up with Sami's baby, yes the baby switch has been done many times before but I think this is exactly what this story line needs to spice it up.

    I am not liking any of them let alone any of them together. Daniel has been turned into a very creepy character. I thought there was some serious sparks with him and Chloe but after the exam scene, I changed my mind very quickly. PLEASE...PLEASE end this horrible Kate's cancer story. I fast forward through every scene involving this story. Get Kate back to ruining her kids lives or something, anything but this.

    I really enjoyed the scenes at Titan with these three, it was the only saving grace this week. I am liking Melanie more and more. I like that she was checking out Stephanie's wallet but did not steal from her this keeps her a little on the bad side but likable. Phillip and Stephanie are starting to grow on me. Stephanie could use a relationship with a guy who does not treat her like a doormat.

    I am sad to see John & Marlena go but I have to admit, I have started to become bored with them in the past few months. I love Charlotte I want to see her stick around for awhile. I would like to see if her and Rafe would have good chemistry together.

    I miss Bo, Hope, Steve, Kayla, Lexi, Abe, Tony & Anna. Please give them something to do and get them back on the screen. I would take these characters any day of the week over Daniel, Kate, Chloe, Lucas, & Chelsea. I know stick these last five characters on the Cruise of Deception and sink the darn boat.

    Posted by Kimber21 at Saturday, December 13 2008 10:42 AM

    **** spoiler alert** im in canada so i see it a day ahead of you guys.. all i have to say is ill be very dissapointed int eh wirters if bo really is physic now from when he fell off the ladder and hit his head.. its just getting crazy..

    Posted by Chrissi at Sunday, December 14 2008 06:01 PM

    Thanks bghwme. I think they'd have told me by now if Alice was coming, so that's why I assumed not. :P I'm mostly concentrating on Friday and my Christmas holiday to bother asking. That's SO bad!!

    Loved your thoughts!!

    70chevylady: LOL Yes, there is a toy called the Laughing Penguin. If you google it, and hit images, you can see!!!

    dtroy: I miss all the same characters as you as well!!

    True, Kimber, Bo's got this psychic thing going on now. Odd!!

    Richteam: True, EJ did say he didn't love Sami. I know that, but part of me wonders .... not sure I want them together or not, but the writers always force these relationships upon us so fast, it makes us wonder if there are lingering feelings!!

    Posted by Chrissi at Sunday, December 14 2008 06:12 PM

    I forgot to answer the questions from daysfan2582!

    I really only meant that the writers had Stax together and they had a bit of a following, but now they're going to have to get used to Stax not being together, and that causes some fans to want to stop watching. The show has done this too much and will affect their ratings.

    Chelsea and Max are getting closer, so we can expect to see something grow from that.

    Same with Dansea. They also had a bit of a following - even more so than Stax did, and they suddenly pulled them apart, so Dansea fans may feel teased and not want to watch again. They have to stop playing with the fans. It's BS.. peeves everyone off!!

    I'm not sure where Daniel and Chloe are headed just yet, but know that Rafe is sticking around Salem.

    Posted by daysfan2582 at Monday, December 15 2008 03:59 PM

    Thanks Chrissi for replying. I do hope that the show wise's up and puts Daniel back with Chelsea!!!!

    Posted by LUMIFOREVERANDEVER at Thursday, December 18 2008 11:40 AM

    The ejami rape joke...LOLOLOLOLOL...Too funny!

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