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    Friday, December 05 2008

    Cute, but I already miss her crustiness. (
    These are the “DAYS” of my week from December 1-5:

    It’s long, so let’s get right to it…

    EJ, and the DiMera threats:
    EJ couldn’t get the prognosis of Nicole or their baby from Dr. Baker, due to a little thing called a physician’s oath, so he does what any DiMera would do and threatens the doctor! That odd character, Doc Baker put EJ in his place by telling him that he should just talk to Nicole, if he wants to hear the prognosis! This scene I originally thought was showing EJ in a controlling light and mistrustful light, but I realized later that EJ truly cares for Nicole and is simply trying to ensure she and their baby is healthy. Next week, Stefano will council EJ to marry Nicole. I think Stefano should stay out of it. Just because they’re having a baby (not really) does not mean they should marry. He’s so old fashioned. I’m glad he’s back on canvas. Matt and I (of Matty’s Musings on Soap Opera Fan and Guiding Light news writer on were discussing him early Wednesday, wondering why the show brought him back if only to back burner him so much. Now I see that he’s back and involved in a blood diamond storyline. Fantastic! I’m thrilled and it was all very exciting on Friday. Hoping this means more of that to come.

    I think it’s odd that they don’t have an intercom system in the manse. Stefano asked Mary, the maid, to go find EJ for him. Is that really in Mary’s job description? And Mary’s too nice. I’d like to see her a little crusty sometimes. Make it interesting. I miss John’s manservant, Rolf.

    Marlena’s big yap:
    I disagreed with how Marlena reacted to John saving her from the killer. She carried on that he could have hurt the kids? Er, so could the killer have! Johnny wasn’t even there. Nobody was there, so she should be thankful she’s alive. Because of John. Later on in the week, she stepped over some boundaries when she told Brady that John was going into therapy. That’s not up to her to say. This set the scene for her meeting later in the week with Dr. Taylor, who is really nice and seems to look up to Marlena. Marlena's line was very odd, upon meeting this Doctor, when she expected Dr. Kenneth Taylor, she says to Charlotte, "That's impossible! Dr. Taylor is a man!" Yes, she was surprised, but it was a ridiculous line, especially for a psychiatrist to use. She was jealous and imperious around Dr. Taylor. John, of course fed into it. He seemed to tease her and kind of flirty with Dr. Taylor, in his own way. I think Dr. Taylor's going to help John. Not that it's a newsflash. I mean, these two are gone in a month, so something has to give, right?

    Chloe and Lucas got engaged:
    Rush, rush, rush! Still, it was a fun scene, between friends. No chemistry. No spark. I find that for the most part, Chloe is insincere. Break them up, please.

    Chloe was as shocked as Kate was to find out that she’s a match for the bone marrow transplant, but since Chloe’s still on drugs for her cancer, that’s impossible for her to take part in this. It would compromise her immune system. But Dr. Dan, mystery man, may have found a way around this. Is this all done to make Chloe and Kate pals? I just don’t know where they’re going with it!
    Lucas’s lines have kept me sniggering lately. When Kate calls Chloe a venerable woman, Lucas perks up and says, “That means you’re one tough cookie.” Chloe didn’t even give him a dirty look!

    Nicole and Kate are sooooo scientific!

    Extra, Extra, this just in: Cancer is caused by bad Karma:
    Both Kate and Nicole cried bad karma during the week. Of course, this is scientifically impossible! I cringe whenever I hear it. If I were Daniel or Brady, I’d have this advice….Kate the cancer may be from second hand smoke inhaled over the years. Nicole, you lost your fetus because of scarring in your uterus and because the fetus was not viable…You K-mart clad bim. Read a book!

    Bad screen cap, but she still looks good. (
    Kate’s cancer storyline is not interesting in the least, because it’s only shown once a week or so, which doesn’t give it time to resonate. It doesn’t help that none of her friends are visiting her and that she’s in full evening makeup at all times. How are we supposed to take her seriously? I’m losing patience with this.

    Nicole the hysterical feminist?
    Her miscarriage scenes rocked. In fact, 68% of you voted that those sad scenes with Nicole's baby loss were the best scenes from November 24-28! She went off on Stefano and EJ, when her secret was threatened and Stefano flew in an obstetrician from Zurich! Stefano’s line "I thought caring for your unborn child would trump your hysterical feminism.” I found that line a little offensive, but Stefano is an old fashioned geezer, so what more can we expect? Nicole as a feminist, well, she’s no Gloria Steinem. She’s perhaps more of a post-feminist.
    When EJ finds out that she is lying, he will never forgive her and yes, I bet that he will leave her. If this was meant to be, she wouldn’t have to force it. Doesn’t she realize she’s dealing with a DiMera? I’m wondering how he’ll react when he finds out the truth about both of his children?

    Nicole and Brady, BFFs:
    While I like these two in scenes together, I’m already bored of their never-ending conversation about her secret. Nicole is still hiding her miscarriage from EJ and Brady, the only one who knows about this, other than Brookville hospital staff, is trying to get her to come clean. Since he’s straight out of Narcotics Anonymous, he’s trying to help Nicole with her alcohol dependency. Dude, I say just run. RUN! I don’t think she needs help. She’s doing alright on her own. In fact, she’s got a new idea, thanks to adopted Max. She’s buying her time until she can buy a baby and pass it off as hers! Just when is Sami due, anyway? Before hers would have been. Months before, but we’re not supposed to realize this so, shhh!

    What would be their name? Rami or Safe?
    Rafe will be around after the safe house story ends. Does that mean these two will get together? If Sami would grow up, it would be fine. He’s a fun character. They didn’t argue as much this week and seemed to grow closer. Not unusual. Two people thrown together in a safe house are bound to bond, eventually. I loved the scenes with Hilda, who brought Sami photos of her kids, though I’m a little upset that Hilda’s likely not going to be crusty anymore. Why does every character have to be nice? Dreadfully boring. Sami’s going a little wacko, being cooped up like that. Did you see Friday’s show? Hilda asks if she can get Sami food. Sami says, “I’m not hungry.” Then, she turns to Hilda and in the same breath asks, “What have you got?” I’m a little “eskeerd”!

    It’s alright to ignore that pesky Physician’s Oath:
    Daniel, who is still much of a mystery, finds Chloe and Lucas outside Kate’s hospital room and tells them that they’re going to kill Kate’s immune system and rebuild it from scratch. She needs a bone marrow transplant; he says….and then he admits that he hasn’t told Kate this yet! Doctors often do this on soaps. It really should only happen for a reason – when somebody’s listening in and can report it. Otherwise, it just takes us away from the story.

    Melanie, Philip, Stephanie:
    Melanie is living with Maggie and they’ve had a very slight bonding session on the pier, when Melanie admitted she wanted to do something nice for Philip. It was a great scene. Melanie is interesting, because she’s got so much more going on inside her that we still don’t know about. She didn’t know what to do for Philip and got super excited when Mags suggested testing to be Kate’s marrow donor. She seems to have been raised by a pack of wolves or herself, and knows nothing of what humans are to do. Good thing Mags is looking out for her.

    Now, where does Stephanie live? Anyone know? The cocoa in the park scene with Kayla and Steve were random and didn’t fit. Couldn’t she have told them at home that she’d like to help Philip? I think she’d like to help herself to Philip.

    Max and the box:
    I forgot completely about the box, since it was weeks ago since Trent’s will was read. Max needs to be a man and simply open the freaking box. Spoiler…There’s a toy inside it from Trent, which is a bit of a disappointment.

    And on that note, I’m out of here! Those are my thoughts for this week. Agree, disagree. I’m cool either way, but I’d love to hear your thoughts. Sometimes hearing a different viewpoint makes us see things differently. As you can see, I need help on the Chloe/Lucas front, still!

    - Christine Fix

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    Posted by dayslover4life at Friday, December 05 2008 12:00 PM

    A toy! Thats it! He was afraid of a toy? OMG! That is dissappointing.

    Posted by Arlene J. at Friday, December 05 2008 01:16 PM

    Personally, I am starting to like the idea of Sami being with Rafe. There's just something about this guy, I hope the show keeps him, what a "hottie"!

    Posted by Chrissi at Friday, December 05 2008 02:01 PM

    I know, I feel bad at even spoiling it but I was expecting something more. LOL I won't even tell you how it all goes down when he opens it.

    Yeah Rafe's cool. I like him better than EJ and Lucas! He has all the good lines lately while Lucas gets silly ones. I just feel for EJ right now and think he...yes, even though he has a sordid past, deserves better than two liars!!!

    Posted by bghwme at Friday, December 05 2008 03:18 PM

    I think there is more to that toy than meets the eye, but we just don't know about it yet...

    I hope both Hilda and Mary get to stay on the show. Mary reminds me of the "munchkins" in the wizard of oz, and her comment to Nicole about crying at the drop of a hat when she was pregnant reminds us that the hired help have lives too.

    While everyone was focusing on Sami being sad because she can't be with her family, and it's Christmas and all that...seemed like on one was thinking that Rafe will also not be with his family. If the killer is not found, Rafe will be spending Christmas with pregnant Sami. Does Rafe even have a family? Other than sister Theresa, Rafe has mentioned no one. Is Rafe an orphan? Does he have a wife?

    I liked Sami's lines today. "I'm better at being angry than I am at being sad, so don't be nice to me!"

    Looks like Rafe can't hang out at the DiMera mansion anymore, so he will have to do his eavesdropping elsewhere. Perhaps at the pub where Nicole hangs out. Yay! Maybe he will run into pretty, pretty Chelsea.

    I kind of liked Hilda showing her softer side today. To me, it's just a lesson for Sami that you cannot always judge people by first impressions. Sami doesn's always make a very good first impression either.

    It would be fun if, when the assassin story line is over, Hilda resigns from the FBI and becomes Sami's nanny. Who would be better to help protect the children from the DiMera's than a rough and tough ex-FBI agent? She could even pretend that she is the grandmother of Sami's new baby and is raising her grandchild..or something. That way, we could be spared a baby-switch story!

    I still don't want Sami to be with Rafe in a romantic way. At least not until Sami gets her life somewhat straightened out. She still needs to get home to her family, and she needs to stand on her own 2 feet for awhile. She needs a house, and a job, and a nanny...

    Sorry, but I really hate Daniel. Hope he gets written out of the show because he makes absolutely no sense and does not fit in anywhere!

    Posted by mj55912 at Friday, December 05 2008 07:19 PM

    Its a joke with Katie and cancer, just throw her off the show! Now Sami in a safe home is interesting hopefully Rami and Sami will get together and he takes the child, and EJ and Nole gets together..and Lucus boring....
    its also boring with Marlene and John Black now, Stennine needs to get back with Max...
    Put some excitement in the show, let Sami and Rami get together and nicole steal sami baby and raise it..

    Posted by AlaNurse at Friday, December 05 2008 08:02 PM

    Chrissi, this is first time I have ever seen your comments available. I really enjoyed your humorous comments. Esp. "you K-mart clad bim". and "shhhhh, we're not suppose to know." You remind me of Dustin's comments that I used to read about Passions. lol Keep this up, I really enjoy hearing you talk for us, as the writers seem to think we are all uneducated,(thought I'd throw that one in) "K-mart clad bim's." Yes, I am laughing too.

    Posted by dhstes1973 at Friday, December 05 2008 08:35 PM

    I like the post from bghwme about Hilda being Sami's nanny. That would be so funny. Scenio - "Hey grandpa Stefano, Auntie Hilda won't let me play with the new gun you got me for my birthday" says 8 year old little Johnny.

    Posted by Kerriwyn at Saturday, December 06 2008 01:16 AM

    Uhm, actually Dr Baker's inability to tell EJ about the miscarriage has NOTHING to do with the Hypocratic oath. It's the HIPPA laws that prevent divulging private information. Something Dr. Dan space-oid should lose his lisence and be tossed in prison for ignoring.
    I think Rafe is BORING. I am so tired of these "good" guys that are just generic. Like Generic-Eric was. He could be Eric, only with dark hair and were-wolf eyebrows. :/
    Sammi's desire to go to the convent is so clearly about the orpahange, I mean, first time she was there it came up in conversation. It's a stupid idea though, Sammi would not only never give up her child but having 3 kids who are already at the mercy of the Dimeras (hi, they're Dimeras, they can get you anytime, anywhere) as well as one child who IS a Dimera which she apparently has no problem abandoning TO the Dimeras to hide out in this safe-house pretty much fly in the face of her sudden need to abandon yet one more child. The writers really need to wake up.
    Not to mention, if Nicole found out that she could have Sammi's baby I would think she wouldn't WANT it?! Okay, so it might look like EJ, but really, she despises Sammi so much I can't imagine her not being naturally revolted at the thought.
    If they don't get rid of the Johnson family, every one of them, I'm going to have to puke. Stephanie has been lousy since she showed up and I'm even going back to the first actress they had portraying her. Gods, how is she STILL AROUND? Talk about ZERO interest. Blech. Max is interesting but surely, not with her. I happen to not be someone who thinks every person needs to have a strong relationship at all times. Phil's been doing great without one and I think Max is boring when he's paired up. He has a lot of character and history to explore, let him hang around with his sister, Melanie and they can dig into some of those secrets. (Really, Melanie, I donno WHAT it is, but I really like her!)
    Stick-hole...what is going to happen there? Well, her world will assuredly come tumbling down. Apparently not before she tries to kill someone though, because, let's face it, that's her M.O. Maybe we'll luck out and Brady will actually be offed. The sooner the better on that score.
    Chloe and Lucas are...ugh. I only like Lucas when he's mad. I never like Chloe. Or Kate. They're getting rid of John and Marlena, yet look at this list of grievances I've just aired! I don't understand these PTB. I'm only a life-long fan of the show.
    We DO need a new character, but it's got to be someone who can bring a crazy plot-entwining story. Bring Celeste back to help with the clues. (but really, let's not do the odd bon-fire in the park thing, that was just silly)
    I think they can do some more Colleen visitations to Sammy. She's quite troubled and needs some real guidance, not some crazy church which wants to take a baby from a good mother. (well, aside from the writer's making her abandon her child to the very people she is afraid will corrupt it) ::rolling eyes::: Melanie's mom story should be interesting and maybe through that we can get a new character that will be twisted enough to get all our favorites off to some island. (metaphorically speaking, not a real one, we've only done that what, 20 times?! lol) But I mean, don't you miss Robo-John and Hope? Masterfully penetrating psychological wonder, Marlena? I'd love to see EJ in that mix with Sami as well. Nothing was better than when EJ was guilt-ridden yet CHOSE to go against his father for the love of Samantha.
    There are just so many stories they COULD do and places they can take our Salemites yet instead they're treading water and making really disastrous choices with the characters who can't seem to remain constant for a month straight as well as casting. Lame duck generics are for times when everything's copacetic, which hasn't been the case in Salem for far too long.
    I truly wish TBTB could hear my screams. Salem has been a refuge every day for 25 years of my life. I'm only about to turn 31. The forecast for the future looks mighty dim at this point and I really never thought I'd be faced with the idea of life without a soap opera. Yet, I'm rather certain, should things continue being so poorly managed, that's just what will happen.
    Oh yeah, and bring back POOKIE! WTH, Nicole's miserable, I think she would at least confide in her baby.

    Posted by 2boyzrule at Saturday, December 06 2008 07:16 AM

    Thank you Chrissi for the update! I'm with you on several things. First, Chloe and Lucas just need part ways. I'm not getting anything from them. Your so right about Kate and the Cancer storyline. Either become a real player and play or wrap it up and be done with it because for me I'm just not buying it. Kate looks to perfect (clothes, hair and makeup) to be ill, where is the realism?? And for Karma, I think I just know just what kind of Karma Kate will be getting too!! I can't wait for that!! You mentioned Kate's friends, well if you count the day she played Nice Nice with Anna at the pub that is the only friend I can think of. Oh, and Tony so anyway, I'm so over it, please move ahead Days! As far as Nicole, Ari was fantastic- she more than rocked it out for me! I was so sad, my heart was breaking for her. She had me crying all during her scenes. She needs to tell EJ the truth because lying to a DiMera is just oh so wrong! It was great seeing Stephano again, I hope that means more to come from him! Gotta love to hate him! Which I do!! Rafe and Sami are very good together. I still want Sami with EJ and as for Rafe, I have my own ideas of who I think could rock his world. Max, yes, be a man and open the box. Almost forget, where does everyone else live?

    Posted by meerkat1 at Saturday, December 06 2008 11:59 AM

    Great thoughts, Chrissi!

    The DiMeras – EJ’s going to Dr. Baker behind Nicole’s back reminded my of the dark-side EJ, but you are right, he really ended up doing so because of his concern for the baby, although I’m not sure how concerned he really was about Nicole. Loved Stefano’s imperious attitude; it’s so in keeping with the DiMeras. It was great that Nicole was in his face about it. I did not see that as feminism at all; it was merely Nicole protecting her dirty little secret. EJ, however, was quite concerned, as well as amused, by Nicole’s rant. His concern had everything to do with her threat to keep EJ away from the baby. Great scenes all around.

    John, Dr, Taylor and Marlena – I really loved John’s expressions as Marlena and Dr. Taylor were having their initial conversation. Could Marlena have been any more condescending? And yes, she most certainly was jealous and imperious. I’m going to like John’s interaction with Dr. Taylor; he is most definitely up to something, such as using the good Dr. to make Marlena jealous.

    Chloe and Lucas – snore!!! It really shows that this couple was forced on us, as there was no time to really develop a romantic relationship. Absolutely zero chemistry! You are spot on – Chloe does come across as insincere. I have been looking for the right word in regards to Chloe, you nailed it.

    EJ and the two lying females – when he finds out what Nicole and Sami have done to him, it will push EJ right back to the dark side. After all, becoming a nice, caring person sure didn’t get him anywhere; it actually turned him into a boring character.

    Hilda – she is a great character with both her nice and crusty sides. I hope they keep her around for a while. I would love to have her meet Rolf!!! Where has he been, anyway?

    Melanie and Maggie – much to my surprise, I really liked their interaction. It appears that Maggie is starting to understand that Melanie really has no life experience and cannot handle routine situations. I think these two may end up bonding. They work well together and maybe we can delve more into the Melanie character. I hated the character for a long time, but she is starting to grow on me.

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