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    In our 'Days Of Our Lives' News Room, keeps you up-to-date with the latest Soap Opera news on the net. We also feature interviews with the soap stars, as well as local appearances by the actors and actresses.

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    Friday, November 30 2012

    Stop. Whining. (NBC)
    Deconstructing "Days" from November 26-30:

    This week showed us that there isn’t a single Salemite left who has ever heard of boundaries, they tend to go spastic when anyone under the age of 30 gets knocked up, they’ve never quite understood the meaning behind "It’s none of your business," but by the end of the week, they were asking for forgiveness left, right, and center.

    Baby on board.
    Rafe’s overprotective nature had him riding Will’s ass hard about Gabi’s "abortion." Will should have just come clean. Why hide it? Nick too came down really hard on Gabi by jumping to conclusions and blurting out accusations. I thought he was going to publicly flog her for a minute and all she could do was stammer while Will grew a set and blurted out the truth. Maybe she thought it’d come between them and didn’t want to ruin a good thing but was the ‘good thing’ ever really that good if she was feeding him lies?

    Sami still owes Gabi an apology for going behind her back. "I hope you understand why I had to go to Rafe," is not an apology. I wish Gabi would have called her on it. Instead, she didn’t even get mildly dismayed upon realizing Sami blabbed to Rafe and Nick. Sami told Rafe out of selfishness in order to "make progress" in their "relationship" and Rafe didn't even mind that she used his sister. Yeah, the one who he's always trying to protect? It’s pretty disgusting. That whole clinic scene was just ridiculous. Gabi’s not a teenager and doesn’t need her brother to tell her what to do. For that matter, neither does Sami need Rafe on her ass. Let me rant about that for a while...

    The protective vibe is such a turn off.
    Though I understand Rafe’s jealousy and concern over learning that EJ is Sami’s boss, he should have reeled it in considering he and Sami are not an item and cavemen are not sexy. She even had to remind him that Gabi’s issues took precedence over theirs yet he still kept nattering. Red flag.

    Speaking of the protective type and red flags, Nick's getting weird. He just wants to belong to a family. Um doesn't he have one? And really? He's already trashing the father of Gabi's child? Couple of red flags this week. Should Gabi marry Nick? Vote.

    Pawn, real attraction or both? (NBC)
    Unlawfully yours.
    I’m torn between being giddy that Marlena’s acting so out-of-character and feeling concerned for her new-found nuttiness. My jaw dropped when Brady coerced Kristen into allowing Marlena to read her private journal, even though it’s likely that Kristen wanted this to happen. They’re nothing but pawns in her game. Still, it was shocking to see such a violation and Marlena of all people participating in it! Good reason not to keep a journal. What if Kristen had naughty videos on her tablet? I love that Kristen actually asked Brady to protect her from Marlena.

    Nothing is sacred anymore. Kristen went to confession and Brady eavesdropped on that. Father Tobias seemed to hang on Kristen's every word. It's not every day that a DiMera confesses. It was like watching a soap unfold for him. When he started to list the Ten Commandments, she broke out in hives and sneered! I thought she was going to burst into flames!

    Course we all knew for certain that Kristen set the confession up when Brady found her with her door open, weeping ever so softly...

    Is it truly over?
    Devious versus devious. What a shame to break these two up. I love Kate with Stefano and will miss their banter.

    Last nerve.
    I swear I already blathered on about how I’d like to see less of Daniel and Jennifer and let’s now add Maggie to that list. All the angst and whining is making my head spin!

    Random annoyances:
    Does every woman in Salem have to have a child, or a burning desire to have a child? Some women adopt, some are never able to have kids and guess what, some women don't want children at all.

    I almost asked if everyone in Salem was required by law to be Roman Catholic until Nicole talked about not having any real faith. I'm not interested in seeing a conversion. Not everyone in the world is one religion and in fact, some have no religion at all. Just looking for a little reality injected into my soaps!

    In's interview with Greg Vaughan, the actor says, "It wouldn’t look good on my character if he was already breaking vows and frolicking in the sheets quite yet."

    Take a look at Matt’s SOF Musings. A taste: "EmoChad is gone. Now he has the snake in the grass DiMera do."

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    - Christine Fix

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    Posted by Chrissi at Friday, November 30 2012 01:52 PM

    I didn't mention it but I guess Bo's still picking Ciara up at her school? No word on a return of course for those wondering. If there ever is we promise it'll be in our comings and goings!

    Posted by Florentine at Saturday, December 01 2012 10:34 AM

    Hi Chrissi, I saw Father's face, he couldn't get enough of Kristin's confession...Seemed like he could hardly wait to run back to the Tent at Mash, and tell Hawkeye, Klinger, Hot Lips and the rest of the gang all about it.. LOL

    Dr. Orange, could he get any more Orange, it is actually ugly...Wonder how long the "delayed cure" will take, but in the meantime we have to go through all the Maggie, Nicole, Dan rage about the poor Hands, and then bingo, "Cured"

    I read that Santa Stefano will have lots of surprises when he comes back to town. Hope he will make Kate, sooner or later, his Mrs. again. Those two play well of each other.

    Marlena, what is going with her, she is fast becoming the Shrinking Shrink...LOL
    Kristin couldn't have written a script better for Marlena to follow, than what Marlena is doing all on Her Own.
    Wonder what Roman would have done with Marlena, if Kristin actually had called the police, breaking and entering and taking private property and then the physical stuff...that could have been interesting IMO.
    Nick, what is he all about, at times he is really creepy, and does throw his wait around to much, telling people what to do.

    Maybe Bo has been/will be Kidnapped by Stefano or whoever and held on some island, so he can Not snoop into the DiMera business as he sort of planned on doing... Stefano has eyes and ears everywhere...
    Of course Rafe does Not want Sami working in the same office with EJ.
    He knows just how "hot" things can get, remember the Heat Scenes between Him and Carrie..
    What would Rafe do, if Carrie walked in right now, how quick would he drop Sami...My inquiring minds does wonder...
    As always Chrissi, I do enjoy your site very much,
    and Matt is not to bad either...Tschau

    Posted by stjarna at Saturday, December 01 2012 10:55 AM

    Hi everyone.

    First- the photo of Jen above- yes, stop whining, Jen. Well, unfortunately the Dannifer story is commencing. Annoying the whole pairing is.

    Apologies and forgivnes- They should apologise if they really mean it. Also how about thinking before they act, well Not gonna happen, I know.
    Nicole apologise to Jen- seems too soon, imo. Not realistic.
    also, Nicole going into Jen's house like that- very creepy.

    Nic-Gabi-Will. Keeping the babby-daddy under wraps- not good idea- but there you have it.
    Proposal- well, I guess it's Nick, and he has an agenda. Will being the father bugs him. Also, imo, to him it is from a religious standpoint.
    Remains to be seen how that commences.
    Nick weird- very.

    Cavemen are not sexy!!! Seriously, NOT! What are they doing with this Rafe character????!!!!! His behaviour is appalling! Very bad. He needs anger-managment classes!
    Also- the way he was abusive towards Samantha, demanding she needed to account for thing in her professional life- ridiculous and very abusive! What woman would want to be with such a man!!!
    Super red flag!

    Kirsten- the snake of a daughter. say no more. Someone compared her to Medusa, the Gorgone. That says it all,imo.

    And, yes, other religions should be mentioned, represented somehow. I like that Nicole mentioned she is of no faith. As that's reality too.

    That's some of my very short musings.

    Posted by stjarna at Saturday, December 01 2012 10:59 AM

    Just something more- Carrie returning to Salem would be great- to rattle the cage- but that won't happen.
    Yeah, how would Rafe react- would he drop Samantha as a hot potato.

    Posted by Florentine at Saturday, December 01 2012 03:46 PM

    Of course I meant to spell weight, not wait, around by Nick...
    boo ya, mistakes do happen...Chrissi, Florence is saying good night....

    Posted by Chrissi at Monday, December 03 2012 08:06 AM

    Thanks for reading and responding!

    LOL Florentine wasn't that funny? He was leaning in... yes, yes do go on...the gang at MASH would have loved to hear Kristen's confession.

    The Shrinking Shrink. I like that. I too wonder if they should bring Roman into the mix. It could get interesting.

    Oh my good point. If they had Carrie return things could get pretty crazy too.

    Thanks - so glad you enjoy the site and Matty!

    stjarna, it really was creepy when Nicole just slunk up behind Jenn. I was surprised Jenn didn't scream!

    I'd like them to get Rafe back to the way he was before. I don't like when they write him as controlling. He's got some other great sides that are nicer to see. They do this with EJ and Rafe every so often I notice. It's written so people will be upset with Rafe I gather so that it's easier for those to want her paired up with EJ. They did it with EJ in the past to get people to like Safe. Back and forth!!

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