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    Friday, October 19 2012

    Moving storyline. (NBC)
    Deconstructing "Days" from October 15-19:

    Stefano spent the week convincing a reluctant Kristen to return to Salem, there was a fast progression in Caroline’s gloomy Alzheimer’s storyline, John had sexy nightmares about another woman, and there were a few confrontations. All in all it was quite depressing.

    Rafe told Sami to wait for him at his place while he went to the hospital to check on Nicole. Instead of heading home or out to a friend’s or getting a life, Sami stalked him all day. EJ randomly dropped by Rafe’s place for no apparent reason, supposedly drunk, though I couldn’t tell, especially since he was quite sober moments later. Sami let him drive off drunk afterward not even concerned for his or other people’s safety because she was more concerned with what Rafe was doing. She’s like a child who is told to go to bed and doesn’t because she’s afraid of what she’ll miss.

    The plight of Jennifer Horton.
    Is anyone that likable in Salem right now? So many fans hate do-gooder Jennifer Horton, who is over-the-top with her anger and bitterness like an obsessed stalker over Daniel. I don’t care for her one way or another and haven’t for a long time but I don’t blame her for the baby’s death. Nobody knows why the baby died but she sure didn’t help Nicole’s stress levels by always being in her face.

    Kristen’s odd return.
    It’s like none of the writers could figure out a way to get Kristen back to Salem so they started grasping at straws and someone in a meeting blurted out, "Let’s send her back to do damage repair for the DiMera clan." Everyone murmured, "Yeah, whatever, that sounds fine. Is it lunch yet?" The problem is, Kristen doesn’t even know or care about "Brad or the other one." I really would have loved for her and Stefano to have gotten together a few times to discuss where the hell she’s been all these years and how she escaped the harem and why she’s dressed like a cast member of "Dynasty." Instead, she dropped into Salem and EJ actually thought she was Susan. He turned her away, even though as she pointed out, he has nobody else except maybe the random children of University Hospital to befriend him.

    It was interesting to me that Kristen daydreamed about a passionate scene with John as he had a "nightmare" about their passion. One would have thought John would be dreaming about all the nasty things she did to him instead of their romance. Is this a sign of what’s to come? Another freaking love triangle? Vote on who you want together: John & Marlena or John & Kristen.

    I realize Sonny isn’t going to really have a storytelling evening at the café, and that this was brought up in some lame attempt to have John remember his past with Kristen but I loved the idea and think it could put some fun back into the show if he really did have a story night. Course we’d need Jack Devereaux back...

    EJ's only friends are cute kids? (NBC)
    The "Sanctimonious Hypocrite."
    Sami learned Rafe’s not the White Knight she thought he was. He’s rather grey, really. Somehow over the last four years, she didn’t notice this. We only see what we want to see I guess and really, who isn’t a sanctimonious hypocrite at one time or another on this show? So now her perfect White Knight’s not so perfect and she also just now learned that he gets off on damsels in distress, not just her in distress. That was probably the funniest part of the week and though I can understand why she was so angry with him for keeping this secret, she has forgiven people for far worse. History tells me the writers will be leading each fanbase on for a while, which only makes me enjoy the show less and less.

    History has a funny way of repeating itself, doesn’t it?"
    I think EJ meant that the writers have an annoying way of repeating themselves. EJ wants Rafe to pay for hiding the truth about his baby from him but what about Nicole? EJ’s had it in for Rafe for ages because of his jealousy for Rafe which is a waste of EJ’s time but like Stefano, this war will never end. Frankly, though what the threesome did to EJ was cruel and wrong, it all started because EJ threatened to take Nicole’s child from her. Maybe he should have kept his mouth shut and Nicole might have been less apt to keep it a secret. And Rafe... is it obvious to everyone else that he agreed to keep Nicole’s secret at least in part because it was payback for the whole RoboRafe debacle? Instead of having the writers going on about grief sex on Thursday’s show I’d have preferred to see EJ and Rafe finally get into it over RoboRafe. That’s the problem though. Each time there’s a new set of writers, nobody plays off the history of the show.

    Laughter’s the best medicine?
    Caroline’s Alzheimer’s story sped along and because it was a secret in Salem, this meant half the town started finding out. Caroline has been a ray of sunshine in a dark place which is admirable. Though nobody has said so, I suppose it's obvious we're losing Peggy McCay in addition to Peter.

    Is Nick eskeerd of a little gay love?
    Nick was pretty distant after hearing Will is gay. Many theories include him too being gay, him being raped in prison or that he’s a bigot but he also could be just taken aback because last time he was in town Will was straight.

    Dustin's Thoughts on Days. A taste: "I am now feeling a bit sorry for Jennifer given she's been arrested for the death of Nicole's baby. I don't feel sorry enough to want to see her with Daniel, though I'm sure that is where this storyline is headed."

    Take a look at Matt’s SOF Musings. A taste: "What really burned her grits was that Rafe might actually be a bigger hypocrite than she is and he deprived her of her favorite thing in the world: grief sex."

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    - Christine Fix

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    Posted by Fan22 at Friday, October 19 2012 11:16 AM

    I'm sorry but ej isn't jealous of anyone, nor should he be! Ej had every right being mad! How would you feel if someone tried to keep your child from you, twice? It was not rafe's business-period! Rafe running around town trying to prove he's the better person, noone is the better person when the end result is a dead child!

    Posted by holdingonfordearlife at Friday, October 19 2012 12:06 PM

    I agree with Matt's SOF Musings...A taste.........just
    what I said yesterday................she is about the
    biggest hypocrite I've seen...along with her ejwells
    toy!!! And..oh yes...he is jealous....if it isn't
    about him................he see's red!!! And if it isn't
    about her...............she has "grief sex"!!!

    Posted by Chrissi at Friday, October 19 2012 12:32 PM

    Of course EJ should be angry Fan22, and he has every right to be. I've never disputed that but yes, there is jealousy there. Obviously! He loves Sami and doesn't want her to be with Rafe. Anyone would be jealous! And so nobody thinks I'm taking sides, Rafe is jealous of EJ. I always have to remind people I like both characters but I see them for who they are!

    Yes Matt was hilarious today as usual Holding. So funny and all of a sudden everything is about grief sex. Uh boy!!

    Posted by Fan22 at Friday, October 19 2012 12:41 PM

    Every opinion is just that an opinion and here's mine, you ready? Ej is not jealous of Rafe nor should be! Ej has every right to be mad on both times; it wasn't his fight! It wasn't about protecting an innocent child, it was about getting over on Ej! It's always about Ej!

    Posted by Fan22 at Friday, October 19 2012 12:48 PM

    Sami will always go back to Ej and why? Because they are perfectly matched, because noone can make Sami feel like Ej, as we all know from episode where Johnny went missing!

    Posted by Florentine at Friday, October 19 2012 02:06 PM

    EJ had every right to be upset with the Trio, for trying to keep his son away from him.
    Wasn't once enough, by what Sami and Rafe did to him.
    What Nicole did to him .....
    No wonder the guy gets upset, all the women in his life, all they do is lie to him and try to whithold his children.
    But boy, let EJ get unhappy about this, all hell will break loose. It's not only EJ at fault, there is plenty of blame to go around. I don't like it when anybody messes with children's paternity.
    I do not like Rafe, never have. He always has that smug look on his face, no matter what scene he is in.
    Of course, Rafe wants revenge on EJ, every chance he gets, and yes, he does have some reasons, but I draw the line, when all he ever does, is use children to get his hate across. If he is the man, a lot think he is, find another way to settle your scores with EJ, but stop denying the man his children, Karma could be a b....
    From the moment on, Nicole started to deceive, knowing hers was a High Risk Pregnancy, she started all her Own Stress on a daily basis. EJ would never have told her, he would take his child from her, if she had been honest and told him it was his child, but she wanted to be separated from him, or whatever. He would have protected her and that child... in every way, because his love for the child would have been greater, than trying to get to Nicole... hind site.... to bad. All this Just My Opinions.
    I want to see EJ and Sami back together, If, that is, If EJ still wants her, after the mouth she had about him.
    Don't make it easy for her, EJ, let HER pursue YOU, maybe she will realize, just what you mean to her, when she realizes she might not be able to have you anymore....

    What Makes Rafe so different, when he was upset about "His"
    BABY having died, he wanted Sex... Funny,
    but when Sami and EJ thought their baby was dead and they had sex, the word was,,, How could anybody think about Sex, when your child just died....Funny how some react so differently, when it comes to different characters....

    Posted by Fan22 at Friday, October 19 2012 03:49 PM

    Very well said!

    Posted by lilyofthefields at Saturday, October 20 2012 02:56 PM

    I can't find sympathy for most of the characters which makes it so hard to root for anyone. EJ is always jealous of someone or something. His actions are a result of wanting the woman, wanting the money, wanting the power - that someone else has. Like a spoiled brat who doesn't get his way. I feel badly for Nicole losing her child and I think EJ should have been told he was the father but it's so hard to really fight for them because they did this to each other and would gladly (and still do) ruin anyone's life whether real or imagined gets in their way. Rafe was an idiot for saying he was the baby's father even if his hatred for EJ is totally understandable. Sami is Sami so no real need to go there. Jennifer and her over the top behavior was so annoying to watch. Of course she didn't kill Nicole's baby since he was dead before they even fought and that was nothing more than an accident in which Jennifer was trying to get away from Nicole but still, had she not been so obnoxious with Nicole to begin with, the fight wouldn't have occurred. And Daniel, what in the world would have made him go to Nicole's aid in the first place? After being lied to by Chloe, he , of all people should know what kind of wrath that would cause in EJ. Why on earth would he risk his career when Nicole is hardly a "victim". I know people like to cut Nicole a break because she always seems to be the poor underdog and I must admit I have too in the past (and even feel heartbroken for the loss of her baby). But just when I get sucked into her pitiful self she turns around and whams someone else to get what she wants. It's getting hard to watch a show with so many things that just don't make sense.

    Posted by Florentine at Saturday, October 20 2012 04:55 PM

    lilyoftheleftfield, wow a long name,
    I like a lot of what you said,
    however I do like EJ. Adore watching him on screen. I know his character is all over the place, good, bad,whatever,
    but I enjoy watching him.
    He did not deserve to over and over again have the truth withheld about HIS Children.
    Rafe better hope, nobody ever will put Him through that kind of pain.... that only a parent knows ..
    Nicole, another story, don't even want to go there... now she lied to EJ about Jennifer, what if EJ in his pain and need for revenge was to do some real harm to Jennifer,
    would anybody blame Nicole, or would EJ be again the only bad guy.
    Nicole, you have set so much bad stuff into motion, using different men to put their lives and reputations on the line for you, and now letting Jennifer take a wrap for killing your already Dead baby... And yet, so far Nicole can do no wrong... hope the truth comes out pretty soon.
    I hope Nicole learns, that all the lies and using people will never get the happiness she to dearly longs for.
    Rafe, watching him is the most boring thing on screen, at least for Me, no problem if others enjoy him.
    I like bad boy EJ and bad, bad Fatha Stefano,.. looking forward to seeing the Familia, Stefano, EJ, Chad and Kristin, and hopefully soon, Mrs. D.. Kate all together in the Mansion, plotting, scheming, loving and whatever else they do so well.
    Truly sorry however, that Nicole and EJ lost yet another child. They both would have been good parents, and we have seen that in the past, no matter what, they love the kids,
    if only they could learn to love thy self a bit more..

    Posted by Chrissi at Monday, October 22 2012 08:37 AM

    How have people reacted differently to Rafe and Sami having almost-grief sex Florentine? I haven't read much of the forums to see. Can't see why they'd see it any differently.

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