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    Friday, October 03 2008

    Same shirt?!
    These are the DAYS of my week, for September 29-October 3:

    This week was interesting and is progressing quickly. It was the week for shockers. Nicole and Sami both found out they were pregnant, with EJ's child and Caroline was arrested for allegedly murdering Trent Robbins. I don't think I've seen a storyline quite like this in soaps, with two women pregnant by the same man. Have any of you? If so, I'd love to hear which show did it and a little about the storyline! EJ's got some special kind of sperm that he can impregnate a woman so quickly! Who's next? Chelsea, Stephanie, Melanie…Is this a new DiMera plot? A new convoluted storyline to make all new DiMera heirs for the show? I actually think that what'll happen is that Sami and Lucas will pawn off the child as his in order for Sami to protect her child from Stefano and his madness. Oh bore. Monday and Tuesday's shows are an indicator of this. Lucas is a stand up guy, and there is a lot of love and history there. He's single, (Did you see Philly kissing Chloe?! Yep, he's single.) so I can see this happening, however, I'd like to see the show go forward instead of backward. These storylines are too… soapy to me. I think EJ deserves to know the truth, but I can see that Sami would be terrified that Stefano would use the new baby as another soldier, as John calls the kid. (Oh my…Johnny is adorable!) I felt EJ's frustration this week and I dig the way he sees Sami exactly for who she is and isn't afraid to tell it like it is. I respect that, but I don't respect how he told Stefano that he didn't love Sami, while he trashed her to smithereens. What kind of person does that? He needs therapy. That was horribly dysfunctional, even said in anger. Who would deny loving someone that they truly loved, even in anger? Any mentally healthy man would have kicked her to the curb long ago. Y&R looks better and better this week, while Days has kicked up the dysfunctional mansion scenes a few more notches these past few weeks. It's so unappealing to watch. As far as I'm concerned, EJ said he didn't love her, so he doesn't love her. He said he was infatuated with her, so is this obsession? Stefano trained him to love his way, after all. I think that this scene with EJ unloading on Stefano was about foreshadowing what'll happen with the grandchildren and Sami's pregnancy. After all, she does overhear this conversation! ** TEASER ALERT** Next week we'll see Steffie reading to little Johnny, training him all about his special brand of loyalty and how to gain power. Sick and twisted! No wonder Sami is terrified to tell EJ she's pregnant with his kid. This writing is more like JER's writing, don't you think?

    Alcoholic Nicole was told it would be almost impossible that she'd be able to have kids, but miracles do happen on soaps and in real life! I wasn't too concerned about that, but I'm not sure I like where they're going with this. I thought they were focusing on relationships and not going for that old JER writing? Nicole and EJ are cute together but they barely know each other. They're not even dating, so wouldn't it be more realistic if she considered having it, then thought about giving it up for adoption or aborting? That's reality. That's what women go through in situations that are not ideal, unless they adore children. She doesn't like kids at all! And what's she waiting for? Tell him you're pregnant already, Nicole! Please, oh please don't turn Nicole into one of those! I abhor the thought of the show turning Nicole into a weepy flake who buys into the notion of happily ever after….or that a baby will make everything perfect.

    New couple or no?
    Stephanie & Max:

    Steph and Max had sex, got dressed to go to Salem PD, and put on identical shirts. See photo. Who looked better? It's never a good thing when couples start dressing alike. Was that a wardrobe mishap? By the way, I still have yet to receive all your questions, answered, by the wardrobe team.

    Same 'do: I still don't care for the new 'do' on Stephanie. I prefer the extensions. Now it looks like she's going along the same route that Hope and Chelsea did with that cute backwards bob thingy! Bring back the extensions. And where did her cute clothes go?

    Melanie & Philip:

    Mel went to Philly this week to ask for his help in solving the murder of Trent Robbins. This should mean that she didn't do it, or that she's trying to cover it up. I don't think she's that smart - no offense, but we only see party girl, don't we? Briefly I wondered if the show would pair them up, but I quickly pushed that concept aside, especially when we learned that Philip, who only used Chloe for a booty call, was suddenly in love with her. Eh? Where did that come from?

    Trent Robbins Murder Storyline:

    See, this is why I need you guys! Though I agree that he's a shady character as a board member, hdwatsonbc says, sadly, it didn't occur to me that Mayor Mariano could be a suspect on our list! Alanurse opened a thread to discuss that possibility on Wednesday. What are your thoughts? I think she's absolutely right. The rat is likely looking for a way to get rid of all of the cops in Salem PD and replace them with his own, though likely not as bumbling, they'll do his bidding. She thinks he could have stabbed Trent himself. I think this is very likely and we'll add him to our list.

    Another peek at our suspects, subject to change!

    I don't think Nicole did it, unless it was self-defense. See what Trent did to Caroline, during her flashback? For those who missed out, she tried to call the police on him and he threw the phone across the room. Pretty violent, but would she stab him there and then go to Shawn's grave to tell him the sordid details? I'm not convinced. She's finally getting to show off those acting skills. Who knew?! She's so cute. I don't believe Max did it, either. He'd never let his Ma (ugh, detest that they call her Ma) go down for a crime he committed.

    Stephanie - Maybe she was sick and tired of Max's constant negativity and wanted to end it by killing his arch nemesis father, Trent?! Stranger things…

    Melanie, as I've said, she's looking for help from Philly in clearing her name, so either she is being crafty by covering her tracks, or she's innocent. She accused Max of killing Trent and Max accused her of the same. Hey, they barely know each other, so that's to be expected!

    Mayor Mariano! I suppose the Mayor could have had goons do it in order to get the Bradys in trouble with the law.

    Claude, as we know, wanted money from Trent. He didn't pay up, and Claude threatened to kill him. It's likely that Claude could be the killer, or one of Claude's hoods, like perhaps Alex Mendoza, who comes to Salem as "the killer", on October 17. Which killer? Trent's killer?

    Nick may have had another reason for having bruised knuckles. He could have met up with Trent and decked him for saying something nasty. I can't see Nick being a killer. I also mentioned Steve, but nothing this week has led me to believe there is anything to so I think he should be taken off the suspect list. I added a poll - if I missed a few, please let me know by commenting below!


    Kate found out she may have lung cancer. Last week I mentioned that there was significance in Daniel trying to hold Kate's hand, twice, during a conversation about her biopsy for possible lung cancer. I stick by this. I never said that I liked it either way, because I'm reserving judgment. I don't dislike them together, and I'd love if Kate got into a romantic storyline. If there was nothing between Daniel and Kate, I feel the show wouldn't bother with the two being paired in a Doctor/Patient sense, and they wouldn't have shown this hand holding… not once, not twice, but again, just before Kate was being prepped for surgery. At that point, she held his hand, too. They laced fingers. I know they're friends, and friends can hold hands, but you can't ignore a finger lace, whether you liked seeing it or not!! Plus… I have some insider info that shows that things will progress in that direction, but please don't shoot the messenger!

    What's in store next week? Just a brief glimpse, Sami wakes up next to Lucas, and thinking he's EJ, starts making out with him! He kisses her back… and for the rest, please check the Spoilers. Then I'd love to hear your own thoughts for this week!

    - Christine

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    Posted by bghwme at Friday, October 03 2008 02:52 PM

    I agree that the wardrobe department as well as the hair-do department need to take a look at the "looks".

    That stiff flat-top of John's makes him look like Frankenstein, but maybe that's intentional. No wonder Marlena wants to divorce him. That makes her the bride of Frankenstein!LOL

    Sami's hair as always looks great, even when she's pregnant. And Kayla's cut is very nice on her, but looks like she's due for a trim.

    Nicole's hair looks better when she puts it up. Cute and elegant, but they need to give her a better cut so it doesn't look so messy when she wears it down.

    Stephanie has beautiful hair, but there is so much more thay could do with it, like get it out of her pretty face.

    Chelsea's hair could be so cute, but that bobbed in the back; long in the front stuff just looks weird, and does not suit her.

    Philip needs a good hair-cut and a lightener. It's just too long and greasy-looking.

    One day, I noticed Lucas's hair was almost down to his shoulders in the back; but the next day it looked like it had been trimmed. Still needs just a little bit of trimming.

    Sorry, but I think most of the hair is just all wrong. I like neat and elegant.:)

    As for clothing, please put good old John back in those pullovers and jeans. He is so hot in them. While they are at it, they could just bring good old John back all together. Perhaps Old John could emerge just for a few minutes and talk to Marlena. Tell her a special memory that only she and John share. Like with the medal, or the Coma dream. Then, New John emerge and not remember what he just said. Marlena just needs something to happen to restore her hope.

    I am glad that both of Philip's girls left town. I still want a story line where he ends up with the adopted mom of his son, pocket, or Tyler, or whatever his name is. Philip deserves to be happy with his own little family.

    As for Trent's murder, I still think most of the evidence leads to Nicole, but ***spoiler alert***I read that there's a new woman character/witness in town who sheds light on the connection between Melanie and Nicole. Not sure what that means exactly; but I take it that neither one of those girls actually did it. I think there is a lot more dark stuff in the past for both Melanie and Nicole.

    The Mayor..nah. The spoiler I read says that he goes to visit Stephano and gets shot by a killer...sounds like a whole new story line to me.

    I am so tired of the Sami, Lucas, EJ triangle...wouldn't it be cool if Nicole ended up with Lucas?

    I don't care much for either Kate or I don't care what happens in that story line just as long as they keep Chelsea away from that jerk.

    Does John know yet that Trent Robbins was murdered?

    Posted by ziona at Friday, October 03 2008 06:27 PM

    Thank You Christine for the post. I don't know what Days writers are thinking, but I really don't care who killed Trent because he didn't build a fan base and do they think we care. I don't even want to mention about the Kate/Daniel thing, to me it is very disgusting, because the Kate we knew wouldn't do that to her grandkid. Now they want us to believe this, I don't think so, again thank God for primetime, GH and OLTL things are getting interesting in these shows, so I don't have to bother with Days of Nicole life.

    Posted by treasure7 at Friday, October 03 2008 06:31 PM

    I am just not looking forward to seeing anything between Kate and Daniel. Daniel and Chelsea have a strong connection that just can't be ignored. I think when he was holding Kate's hand he was thinking of Chelsea and what he has with her. Really I think that he is just being kind to Kate, she has cancer.

    Posted by Cobie at Friday, October 03 2008 08:23 PM

    I'm liking Nicole exploring her maternal side. I've always thought there was a lot there under the veneer. I'm curious to see where they take her. The whodunit is something I'm ff'd. And I'm not shooting the messenger, but I am seriously turned off by both Daniel and Kate. I just can't stomach it, and I can't watch AT ALL. They've ruined my happy place and the only reason I watch the show.

    Posted by Sharea at Saturday, October 04 2008 03:50 AM

    In your Poll of suspects you forgot to put Victor. He did not like Trent for yelling at Caroline so Victor called his goon Nico to put a hit out on Trent.

    Posted by danseafan08 at Saturday, October 04 2008 03:09 PM

    Thanks for your thoughts chrissy. I don't care about Daniel and Kate either. I want Daniel and Chelsea back together. Daniel and Chelsea look the best together, they have better chemistry, they nail every scene they do, their eyes light up just at the sight of each other or the mention of each other's name and they show the best emotion and have the most intense scenes that I have ever seen!!!! I want this couple back together. They are one of the best pairings this show has had in a very long time!!!!

    Posted by daysfan2582 at Saturday, October 04 2008 03:15 PM

    Thanks for posting your thoughts as always chrissy. I agree with the dansea fans. Daniel and Chelsea have a lot of fans and I'm proud to be one of them. Danseafan everything you said I agree with 100%. I have every clip saved of Daniel and Chelsea and I re-watch those a lot especially since the show is rather boring without the two of them on together and no matter how many times I watch these two together its so evident that they have amazing chemistry. They are both great actors and they are both assets to the show and they truly are one of the best pairings on this show and I have been eager to see more of them together since day one and I still want them together!!!!

    Posted by passionsfan2582 at Saturday, October 04 2008 03:24 PM

    Yes thanks for your thoughts each week. I miss Daniel and Chelsea being together and I too want them back together and I hope soon. I am really missing them on this show. They really have brought change to the show and I have been very anxious to see their story since they first met.

    Posted by mondschein at Sunday, October 05 2008 02:02 AM

    I just don't understand why the show feels the need to end Daniel/Chelsea pairing. Why do they think their story/romance was wrong and pairing Kate, the grandmother, with Daniel is right? I really would like them to explain that to me why they think that trash is better! Further more I would like to know why they completely ignore the Daniel/Chelsea fanbase, because that's exactly how it feels to me. With this kind of writing right now they are destroying Daniel for me. I just want Chelsea to be happy for once but if they are going ahead with Daniel and Kate it will Chelsea hurt even more. Having a grandmother doing that kind of thing to her grandchild is very hard to stomach. Kate can go to hell for all I care. All we wanted was for the show to not destroy what Daniel and Chelsea have. Was that really to much to ask for?

    Posted by rockstar at Sunday, October 05 2008 02:11 AM

    Watching Kate & Daniel makes me want to GAG!!!!!!!!!!!
    Daniel's place is with Chelsea....
    DOOL let Daniel find his way back to her!!!

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