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    Friday, September 26 2008

    Nick's with Mel, who will Chelsea end up with? (
    These were the "DAYS" of last week - My thoughts for the week of September 22-29.

    Our week started out with a bit of a surprise - for those who don't read spoilers. Hope was selected to become police commissioner by Mayor Mariano. I think he's crooked, (love it) and I think he only asked her because he knew that she'd refuse. He wants one of his own goons as police commish. Let's face it, Hope hasn't had much of a career. She's mostly been a good mum who has worked as a cop 'on the side'. It's great to see her back in the swing of things but you can't throw her into a big job like that without any real experience as an officer. The thought of her as police commish is ludicrous. She thought so to. So now that she has declined, I figured the Mayor would bring in one of his bad guys. (When the Mayor himself called me a few days ago, I thought he was offering me the job. Kidding… he called to let us know about a golf tournament he was in. Read about that here. He did say that his character is indeed a bad guy. Still, I could do just as good of a job as Hope, Roman, Abe, Bo.. wait. Bo? I smirked when I found out that Roman talked Bo into applying for the job. As if he'd get it. [rolls on the floor laughing] His track record isn't exactly clean, especially as of late. He's a rule bender. That's what we love about Bo and the rinkydink Salem PD! Withholding evidence for brother Phil doesn't a police commissioner, make. But we believe, because we watch soaps, so we must buy it. This will make for good drama between hot-tempered Bo and the ever relaxed yet bad to the bone Mayor. Mayor M reminds me a little of Stefano, with how relaxed he is, and meanwhile you can see the gears grinding in his head. It seems as though he's going to try to make sure Bo doesn't get the job, but my guess is that it won't work. That's the beauty of this storyline.

    The show told me earlier in the week that Galen Gering and Eric Martsolf are coming to the show. Galen was Luis Fitzgerald and Eric was Ethan Crane on Passions. This was an odd one, because I'd asked Eric about this rumor a year ago and then again, a few weeks ago. He hadn't been asked at all until recently. Then… today (Thursday) his publicist contacted me and says she and Eric were laughing over my asking them this twice in one year, because they only just signed a few weeks ago with this. They're positive I have ESP! I wish! I explained that "somebody" on the inside doesn't know how to keep mum! Galen will play and FBI agent - I can totally see that. Eric will play Brady Black. I see that, too! The thing is, the cast is big enough that I'm not sure we need more cast members. Brady will return to tie things up with Chloe, who I'm certain is going to make her way back to Philly. And frankly, that's the way it should be. Lucas needs someone who wants kids… he and Chelsea aren't related, are they?

    We didn't really care for how things ended with Linden Ashby's character, Paul Hollingsworth, so we contacted him for an exit interview of sorts. Turns out that he felt the same way that Lori and I felt, about his storyline. “It was set up to be a juicy thing and it just kind of felt like they dropped the ball or just turned away from it. And once they fired Kristen (who played his daughter Morgan Hollingsworth) I thought, well it’s got to be over.” It started out as juicy, but the show had other designs and decided to end that storyline and end the characters. I get that in daytime, there is no real security, and I'm usually ready for what comes next but not at the risk of the storyline. I really wish we could have some security - stability that we know we can count on. Instead, we're always feeling concerned that someone else will be dropped by the show. I see this in our message boards all the time. On Y&R, they have kept most of their cast for years. We're not sure why the two shows differ. The reason why I bring up Y&R is because I want DAYS to succeed and that's one show that has stayed number one for a long, long time.

    Linden discussed what we're all thinking…that soaps can’t be afraid to kill people off and to let them stay that way. “Once a viewer gets tricked, it’s very hard for them to come back and commit,” he said, referring to the Melaswen storyline on Days when they brought several characters back from the dead at one time. “There’s no consequence to anything. There’s got to be consequence.” And there is no consequence, quite often. It causes us to feel as though we can't invest on the show again. I really want Days to succeed and get back on top, but I don't see it happening soon. Read more about what Linden says about his exit.

    Woe is me

    Poor Trent. I'm wearing a black shirt and black sweater. I'm in mourning! Roscoe Born is gone from Days. Tsk tsk. I know, you're all laughing at that or you're appalled with me! Well, all of you except for Matt, who just messaged me on ICQ, after reading my Thursday's update, early, and said, "My poor Trent." The actor is so fine and I love this character. How many Trent fans do we have out there? I can't count the number of times that Trent was threatened in the last few weeks. This is going to be a good whodunit storyline, I think. I understand the need for a short term villain, and I understand that storyline dictates but he is such a great actor. This show needs more of that.

    Trent was killed Friday. Stabbed in the back. By whom, we don't know. we started our list here. We've got a list of who could have "dunnit" including Nicole, Melanie, Max, (his loser kids!) John, Caroline, Marlena, Nick, Bo, Steve, Stephanie, Claude and Victor. I think that's it. So far. I'm not really sure Bo could have done it, considering he was with Hope and two other cops, at the time of the stabbing, so I'll probably knock him off the suspect list, if you all approve! (I need you guys!! I need your help in finding the killer!) Whoever did this is a horrible person, to allow innocent, sweet, God-fearing Caroline to take the rap. Though she was found with Trent last, I don't think she did it. I want to knock her off the list as well. Remember, when she saw Trent, she told him she thought they were through. She asked what was wrong with him. She was shocked about his stabbing and taking the knife out of his back showed she didn't want him to suffer (though, she should have left it alone. It probably caused more internal bleeding, don't you think? Just wondering. Doesn't matter, as he was almost gone anyway.) Caroline doesn't really have it in her to kill, does she? Whoever stabbed him didn't hang around long enough to check his pulse, so I can't see how it could be Claude or one of Claude's goons, because it certainly wasn't done. I mean the job isn't done until the guy has no pulse, right? So is it more of an amateur knifing? A weak stomached person? A weak armed person? Did someone interrupt them? Voices, perhaps? I mean, the guy was meandering around the graveyard afterward. Ugh. Suffering. What do you think happened?

    A moment of silence for a great villain. (
    Steve was investigating Trent's past. Maybe he found something that would incriminate him. Maybe Trent found out he was being investigated and tried to kill Steve, but Steve instead killed Trent? Where were you, during the knifing, Steve?

    Earlier in the week, Nicole said to EJ, "I wouldn't worry about that. Trent's not going to make it to the stand," she said, ominously. Now that could be that she thought about killing him, or that she did kill him? Where was she while this was happening?

    Nick's hand was all bashed up from "something". He lied about when it got bruised, too. Interesting. But I'm not sure he'd kill Trent. Or am I? Where was he during the knifing?

    Max has scratches and bruising all over his back. And no, it's not from Stephanie, during sex. *rolls eyes* I'm not even going to go there. Max could have killed Trent. If not for himself, for his sister. When he was at the cemetery doing whatever it was he was doing, what did he say or do to Trent and did he end Trent's life?

    Melanie could have killed him. We don't know much about her. She's new and we don't know how long her contract is for. It'd be easier for the show to have the least cared for character kill. Julie and Maggie already don't like her. Neither does Chelsea. Just where was she and why does she have Trent's magic wallet? Notice she has opened it two or three times and each time, she pulls out the lot of it. It keeps refilling. Where do we get ourselves one of those?

    So was sociopath Trent beat up by half of Salem and then stabbed by someone else? Were they all in it together? Beating him, scratching him, stealing his wallet, basically, getting rid of the 'ol SOB that I loved.

    Matt (Of Matt's Musings on Soap Opera Fan [hilarious, truly] and I discussed how it could be Claude who killed him, but wouldn't Claude have done the job right? Seems like the work of an amateur to me, but then again, what do I know? I'm not a murderer!

    I love the way the show set things up for the murder. We don't get to see what happened to Trent just yet! Very cool.

    Last thoughts on this… what exactly did precious, sweet and innocent Caroline confess to, when she spoke to Shawn at his gravesite? She made a bad batch of clam chowder and Nicole really isn't preggers as we… thinks she is? *wink* Or did she stab Trent in the back. Nah.

    (Check out Matty's poll on our sister site, Soap Opera Fan Blog!) He has a lot of great things to say about Trent, and he's not too happy to see Roscoe Born go. I have to say, I agree 100%.

    tête à tête

    Anna and John had a tête à tête at the pub about his impending divorce with Marlena. I can't say anything bad about Anna. I'm sorry. She's just so darned cute and I thought it was really sweet that she's trying to save her friend's marriage. John though, started seeing double and keeled over and passed out. She brought him in to the trauma center and Kayla examined him. He had a seizure and convulsions and he refused to stick around for more tests! Not good. Rolf told Stefano that John would die, because of what they did to him. Stefano seems to have lost interest in John though. Er. So have I. Steffie wants a new pawn. Could it be Marlena? His once "Queen of the Night" turned into a pawn? I can hardly recognize Stefano. Never thought I'd see the day that he wanted revenge upon Marlena! I don't want to see another pawn, though. We've been there far too long. He already played with John and Steve. Let's leave it at that and think up new ways he can be destructive.

    Nick sure told Chelsea off on Thursday. Will surprises never end?!. I had to hand it to Nick. I didn't expect that from him! See the video clip here, if you missed it. Nick gets a backbone. I felt bad for her, but Nick's a good friend to be so brutally honest with her. Because of this talk, I don't see a future for Nick and Chelsea. Nick's all about Mel, who is proving to be a good little actress! I see a future for them. I don't see much of a future for Nick and Daniel. Sorry Dansea fans. Chelsea won't listen to him, she won't talk to him, he's getting nothing from her to show me that she's going to forgive. I think he should be cut some slack, but that's just me. I loved Kate's speech. She basically told Chelsea to get the hell over it. They made a mistake by lying and withholding information. What bothers me about Chelsea is that she said she thought Daniel was "the one" - so why isn't she listening to him and trying to work past it?

    And don't shoot the messenger, but we can't ignore this past week. Did you see how Daniel kept trying to hold Kate's hand as he tried to tell her she had lung cancer? She pushed him away, obviously, because she doesn't want to hurt Chelsea, but let's focus on Daniel, here. He tried a few times to hold her hand. A doctor doesn't do that. A doctor doesn't care as much as Daniel. And I've always thought Kate had feelings for Daniel that she didn't show. She's the queen of self preservation.

    Afternoon Delight

    Stephanie and Max can spend every afternoon in bed. I'll still want to fast forward their scenes. She cut her hair?! Why? It was so unbelievably gorgeous! Or was it extensions? Either way, it looked great and I'll mourn it. I don't dig how obsessed with Max they write her as, to get a point across. "Where were you, earlier?" She's always asking him that. Can't a guy take a break from her without her asking where he is? She used to be so much fun, and I'd like to see that part of her return. This isn't really true to who she was when she first came to Salem.

    We get it. Chez Rouge is GREEN

    Maggie and Mickey and going "Green" again. Boring. I compost everything in my house. I mean, everything. I recycle everything possible. I take any Styrofoam to the depot, use canvas reusable bags and love being environmentally conscious. I like conserving energy, water… you name it. I'm practically vegan, but I don't talk about it - only to vegetarian friends and rarely. If I do, it sounds more conversational. More honest, if you will. One of my girlfriends and I discussed last night how we are horrible vegans who, while we chatted, ate a piece of chocolate (not vegan) and drank cow's milk. Booo! We suck. Soy milk just isn’t as good and I detest rice milk. I'm trying. We discussed how horridly guilty we felt about our cravings for non-vegan foods. That's honesty! On Days, talking 'green' sounds fake to me. *shrug* The dialogue has to be more easy going for me to get into it. Why couldn't somebody berate themselves for leaving on a light or something? Still, it's good to see these two and good to see more of Julie and Doug, which we'll see more of next week.

    These are my thoughts. Now "gimme" yours! Agree or disagree, I'd love to hear what you think. We'll work on this whodunnit story together and maybe we'll work things out before Salem PD does! That won't be too difficult!

    - Christine Fix

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    Posted by firebird85 at Friday, September 26 2008 02:30 PM

    Great Blog Christine.
    I agree with you about Trent - he was a great villian and will be missed. I hope to see him on another show that will properly use his talents.

    The same with Linden Ashby's Paul character. Another great talent gone.

    I know alot of people like Daniel & Chelsea but I always felt Daniel had more chemistry with Kate.

    Look foreward to seeing Brady come back to Salem.

    Have a nice weekend!

    Posted by danseafan08 at Friday, September 26 2008 07:11 PM

    I agree Carolann, i am for Daniel and Chelsea as well. Daniel and Chelsea were created, they started their story then it totally got screwed up so with that said.....if "whoever" started their story can re-write it and mess it up surely than fix it and thats what I want to see.....and on a side note here....i have been seeing very interesting previews on both ABC and CBS for shows such as one life to live, all my children and general hospital.....and they are beginning to look like thats the direction I need to turn to. As a loyal fan of Days for over 15 years I just cannot get behind a Daniel and Kate pairing......I just can't!!!!!!

    Posted by bghwme at Friday, September 26 2008 07:38 PM

    Sorry, but I never did want Daniel and Chelsea together. I remember him promising a dieing Bo, who recognized that his young daughter had a crush, that he would keep their relationaship strictly professional. I think he should have left town when he said he was going to.

    Instead, he stayed in town, slept with Chelsea's grandmother and who knows who else; then started pursuing a relationship with Chelsea. He is a womanizer, and Chelsea does not need to be hooked up with the likes of him.

    I hope the writers stick to their guns and create much better story lines for her. I hope she forgives her grandmother, and maybe Daniel too. They cannot help who they are. She does not, however, need to have a relationship with him just because she forgives him.

    Just like Nick forgave her or at least, did not hold a grudge, but that does not mean that he has to have more than a friendly relationship with her.

    Posted by ziona at Friday, September 26 2008 08:04 PM

    Sorry Christine this time I don't agree with you, but I still love your board. I think it will be wrong to go with Kate and Daniel. What i don't get is Kate knew about Billie and Nick and she still did it. Heck you have to give the girl a credit for even getting up from bed. Can you imagine how Chelsea can feel, she will think something is wrong with her if her boyfriends choose to sleep with her mom and grandmom.I hope TPTB will fix the story, if not I am out. I will be enjoying my primetime and maybe get even a hobby.

    Posted by Cobie at Friday, September 26 2008 08:05 PM

    Chrissie - I don't know if we watched the same show. Yes, I saw Daniel trying to hold Kate's hand, but I don't think there was anything there other than concern for the news he was about to give her. He just talked to Chelsea about trying to work things out. Why would he turn right around and continue a relationship with Kate? I agree that she's holding her feelings back for him, but I don't see them reciprocated. If they do go to a KAN pairing, then this 20 year Days watcher is going to GH.

    Posted by passionsfan2582 at Friday, September 26 2008 08:15 PM

    I agree with all the pro dansea posters. Thanks for posting your thoughts Chrissi. I too cannot and will not watch a Kate and Daniel pairing.......the woman is suppose to have cancer either she's going to die or shes not going to die either way she is suppose to have cancer and instead of worrying about how she looks or worrying about her business or worrying about hooking up with somebody....shouldn't she concentrate on her least thats what i would do. Days you had it right by pairing Chelsea and Daniel!!!!!

    Posted by daysfan2582 at Friday, September 26 2008 08:41 PM

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts chrissi. I don't support and I will not support a Daniel and Kate pairing. This was chelsea and daniel's story in the beginning and thats the way it should be plain and simple....and i'm sorry but compared to a daniel and kate pairing and a daniel and chelsea pairing.....hands down....i would much rather see a chelsea and daniel pairing and although I want a dansea pairing I can take a step back and look at daniel with kate and i'm sorry but i don't see the chemistry between them in their scenes together and they look like a mismatched couple much like chelsea and nick did. I see a friendship relationship between nick and chelsea. Daniel doesn't look at kate the same way he looks at chelsea....theres a certain look he has and its just not there when kate's around. Hands down....chelsea and daniel are by far one of the best pairings that days has put together in a long time and thats what i will tune into see....not daniel and kate!!!!!!!!!!!

    Posted by bghwme at Saturday, September 27 2008 05:10 AM

    The one thing that bothered me about the Trent story line was the way he was getting pounded on all the time. Especially by Max. In the real world, you do not hit your father no matter how old you get or how angry you get. And, the Trent guy, he never raised his hand to anyone. He was a sleazeball and verbally abusive and all that, but he never fought back physically, and never threw the first punch.

    Seemed like every time Max came near him, he just punched on him every time. Then, when John punched him; he didn't stop there. He just kept kicking him. I think either the actors or the writers got carried away with that. The guys must really enjoy the fight scenes or something.

    Seems like every time a woman on the show falls in love or hooks up with a guy, they turn her into mush. Stephanie being just one case in point. They need to let Stephanie have some adventures of her own other than following Max around or crawling into his bed. They had an opportunity during the Paris setting. Instead of throwing her into jail with Max, they could have let her be the one who rescued Melanie or something....

    That's another reason it's good that Chelsea is not hooked up with Daniel. It would just turn her into mush. Just let Chelsea move on and have some great adventures.

    I am more interested in the John/Marlena story line right now. I hope that John survives his latest encounter with Stephano and that he and Marlena get back together; but I also hope they do not turn either one of them into mush.

    I think Victor is involved with the Trent thing up to his eyeballs.

    Posted by 2boyzrule at Saturday, September 27 2008 06:33 AM

    Thanks for the update Chrissi! We agree on a few points- yes, I liked Roscoe Born. He was a great villian and had so many skeletons in his closet it kept things interesting for me. I do feel Linden Ashby got the rug pulled out from under him with his s/l. It could have been so much more, too bad! They once again let another great actor go. Oh well, moving on! I enjoyed Nick's convo with Chelsea- he spoke straight from his heart, holding nothing back. She needs to listen to him and learn how to forgive. I personally didn't see anything wrong with Daniel wanting to hold Kate's hand before telling her she had or thinks she has "cancer". I see no chemistry between them, and I still believe Chelsea and Daniel will be together in the end. I have to think like another poster - are we sure we are watching the same show with Chelsea and Daniel??

    Posted by at Saturday, September 27 2008 08:50 AM

    I never said I wanted Kate and Daniel together. I just said that it's likely to happen. Chelsea is moving on, the show is showing Daniel trying to hold Kate's hands. They wouldn't show that unless there was a good reason for it. Remember, I'm also talking from what I know will come.

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