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    Days Of Our Lives Poll: Who Is EJ's Father?

    Friday, April 20 2012

    Stefano's heartbreak. (
    Are we sure Stefano's not EJ's father?

    We finally found out what Alice wanted Stefano to know. EJ's not his son - but wait. Paternity tests are switched all the time in Salem. Why wouldn't Stefano have another one run before he automatically assumes he's not EJ's dad? wants to know what your thoughts are on this shocking news. Please vote in our poll and leave us a comment on who you think EJ's father should be.'s Primetime Dish includes interviews from the cast of "Being Human," "Vampire Diaries," and "Eureka!"

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    - Christine Fix

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    Posted by dedee at Friday, April 20 2012 03:06 PM

    I do not think that John is EJ's father, that would be insane.however I think if stephano is not his father than he is Tony's son and was raised by stephano, which would make him Stephano's grandson, and he would still be a Demira, that would make more sense, than John being his father. they should get rid of Gabi she is so boring, with her childish I'm going to get the guy I want attitude. Rafe should tell Carry the truth, Nicole should be with Ej, and Sami and Lucas should be together. It is going to be interesting to see Madi/Kate working together, Sami should really take Ej's offer and work with him, she will need someone to help her with those two wolves on her hide. Can't wait to see the Stephano/Ian/Kate round, it is going to be hot to see what old Stephaon has planned for them. Chad and Melanie are so good together, Gabi needs to get a life, Will should tell his friend Chad what Gabi is up to. So glad to see Bo back, I knew Hope's love would bring him back. Hate to see Lexi ill, hope Ej really give's it to Stephaon when he finds out what Stephano did to her, and when Celest finds out, can't wait to see what she has in store for Stephaon, its going to be interesting when Stephaon finds out she is back. gotta love DOOL! its getting hot!

    Posted by snanax4 at Saturday, April 21 2012 02:29 PM

    Too many people are too quick to accept that a child is not theirs before they get appropriate tests done. Stefano is willing to toss his kids to the street every time he gets something crossways. I wouldn't have a child in Salem without testing and watching that test from start to deadend finish. lol How many have been switched now?

    Posted by Paki1 at Sunday, April 22 2012 06:21 PM

    What if Ej is just a person they passed off as Susan and Stephano's kid. Maybe Alice helped Susan to hide the real EJ. So who knows who EJ really is. That would make more sense I would think.

    Posted by N_My_Opinion at Saturday, April 28 2012 10:50 PM

    If you will remember EJ and Sami's backstory. Sami is a mirror image of Colleen and EJ is the image of Stephano's dad, Santos. For this new development to work, Ej would still have to be a Demira....John is also Santo's son..and Kristen and John were involved at the time EJ was conceived....because Kristen was gonna pass him off as Johns anyway..although I would have to say it would be ironic if EJ was the Son of John and the Real Princess Gina. I always wondered if Greta ( princess Gina's daughter, was Johns as well )

    Posted by N_My_Opinion at Saturday, April 28 2012 10:52 PM

    OR...If some of Maggie's eggs were used in EJ's case as well.....hmmmmm

    Posted by LMcC1 at Sunday, June 17 2012 12:19 PM

    It should be either John or Stefano. Remember Stefano and John are half brothers. And their father (Santo DiMera) looks exactly like EJ. And remember John and EJs mother Susan were together when John thought Susan was Kristen. And who really believes Stefano's dead? Not me. Side note: They should bring Eileen Davidson back to DOOL now that she's not going to be oh Y&R. The writers could do a lot with Susan and Kristen now. And I liked her roles better on DOOL than Y&R. Eileen really showed what she can do on DOOL with Kristen, Susan, the nun and all the characters she played. They should bring back Peter too. He could shake things up for Jennifer and Jack. Oooh all that would be good!

    Posted by LMcC1 at Sunday, June 17 2012 12:21 PM

    It could be Tony too. But John would make a better story.

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