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    Days of Our Lives - NEWS ROOM

    In our 'Days Of Our Lives' News Room, keeps you up-to-date with the latest Soap Opera news on the net. We also feature interviews with the soap stars, as well as local appearances by the actors and actresses.

    Joseph Mascolo Speaks Out on Leaving Days of our Lives.

    Thursday, May 15 2008

    Joseph Mascolo (NBC) previously reported that Joseph Mascolo’s option was not picked up on Days of Our Lives, which means he and Stefano will not be seen in Salem anytime soon. While it’s sad for fans of the dastardly DiMera, the news was even harder to take for the actor.

    As told to Soap Opera Digest, Mascolo, who has played Stefano on and off for 25 years, didn’t hold back when it came to his feelings about being let go. “As much as I love Ken Corday (Days’ Executive Producer), I am so deeply ashamed of what he allowed to happen to one of the greatest characters they ever had in Stefano,” he sighed. He continued to express his disappointment over his return to the soap last year by saying, “I wanted to make sure it was going to be done right and that the new writer would be at least worthy of it. And so I said okay and they had Stefano in a wheelchair more than they had him on his feet. And that whole story about the background that I thought could have been interesting? They turned it into a comic strip and it went on forever. It was all wrong.”

    Mascolo furthered his dissatisfaction over leaving by pointing to the missed opportunities following the reveal that John is actually Stefano’s brother. He also says in the article that he feels “double-crossed” by the show because he trusted they would restore Stefano to the powerful character he once was, but instead they took him off the canvas.

    Fans of Days and Stefano in particular, will recall that he came to Salem in search of his son Tony in 1982 and has terrorized the good people of Salem ever since. Over the years, Stefano’s evil deeds have included kidnapping Marlena several times over and opening her soul to be possessed by the devil, brainwashing John Black more than once, changing his nephew Andre’s face to look like Tony’s so they could plan multiple murders and pin them on Roman, bribing a judge to convict John of killing Tony (which of course he didn’t do) and countless other sinister deeds. He has probably “died” more times and in more ways than any other soap opera character, but as we all know, the Phoenix always rises!

    Most recently Stefano returned after recuperating from receiving John’s kidney, which EJ had forcibly taken. While recovering in Salem, he was busy reprogramming the once presumed dead John, who he instructed to kill Colleen Brady, but we all know how that turned out! To avenge the loss of her husband and all of his evil deeds, Marlena injected Stefano with a drug that has left him in a vegetative state ever since.

    As for a possible return to Salem, the veteran actor joked, “They would have to come on bended knee.” Mascolo did however tease that he has received other job offers and indicated that he would like to get back to working in the theatre.

    Now that he’s no longer working on Days, could one of his offers be a return to The Bold and the Beautiful as shipping magnate Massimo Marone? We’ll have to wait and see, but while we do know Mascolo and Stefano will be sorely missed on Days, we have no doubt we’ll see the actor again soon.

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    Posted by ricoebefan01 at Thursday, May 15 2008 04:57 PM

    I so hope that he goes back to playing the AMAZING Massimo Marone on B&B. That character has been greatly missed. I guess we'll have to wait and see.

    Posted by dolfanforlife at Thursday, May 15 2008 05:02 PM

    Shame on the writers after 25 years of great acting not got even give Joe M. a decent ending. That is just sad and disrespecful to a wonderful actor. Did his 25 years mean nothing to Days? He meant alot to his fans anyway

    Posted by dessha at Thursday, May 15 2008 05:51 PM

    I am deeply saddened to hear of Joseph being let go. Last time when he left, I refused to watch the show. I was so disappointed with the direction it was going without him being there. He is such a wonderful actor and I began to watch Bold and the Beautiful just because he was there instead even though he was a different character. Sometimes, I thought it would be funny if Massimo's character would have ended up being Stefano in disguise. I can't believe the writers. I hope they do come back to him with both knees bended and kiss his feet to have him come back. They don't know talent when they have it thrust in their face. When I was a young girl, I watched DAYS with my grandma and I can remember when Stefano came to town. I think until the writers get their act together I will return to being a DAYS viewer again. I hope that many others take my lead and protest this outrage.

    Posted by Chrissi at Thursday, May 15 2008 06:45 PM

    Sorry for such bad news, guys. All I can say that I know that it's storyline related for Days. They really need to and want to be true to the storyline. Don't forget that they've a new head writer and anything goes. We've been here before and it's always sad. I adore his acting, adore the character and I'm glad they left things open.

    Posted by Sweetness24 at Thursday, May 15 2008 07:15 PM

    Salem Needs Stefano and there is only one Stefano. Don't burn your bridges Ken. Joe is very correct in his saying that the storyline on the vindetta was turned into a "comic strip". So disappointing, besides horrible the way it was done. The storylines now are very lame and the ratings are going way down again. You have great Vet actors who just need some great storylines. Intrigue and romance. No more whiny kids that jumb from bed to bed. Hope to see you back in Salem soon Joe.

    Posted by sunnyshadow at Friday, May 16 2008 07:06 AM

    Even though Mr. Mascolo portrayed an "evil" character, he is an excellent actor. It is really wrong that Days' writers and/or producers did this to this fine gentleman. I wish you all the best Mr. Mascolo. I do hope they bring you back with them on bended knees.

    Posted by catmandu03 at Friday, May 16 2008 07:51 AM

    I have been a faithful Days watcher literally since I was born and the show started. I think it's a true shame what they have been doing to the long standing characters and these crockpot storylines lately. It's no wonder the ratings have slid so badly. I remember when the show was right up there in the ratings with Y & R. What happened?? Get a clue guys! Stop letting all the great actors go and bringing in these ridiculous story lines such as what you've been doing with Ava. I'm glad you're once again letting Victor be Victor, but bringing Nicole back and ousting Belle and Shawn and even Shawn senior as well as Stefano, what were you thinking? I haven't watched the show in over a week due to not being able to go home at lunch, and all I've been able to do is read about it, but it doesn't seem like I've missed much. I'm recording today's episode, but it seems to me the storylines aren't moving much, and I'm probably going to be able to catch up with everything I've missed all week with just today's episode. What's going on? Bring back the show I know and love. I know you can!

    Posted by roses4880 at Friday, May 16 2008 01:48 PM

    So sad for Lisa and Stefanos Sweetheart...she so looked for her sweet Stefano to return...maybe that's why they had John take the picture of him down. Sad, sad, sad...oh well maybe he'll be back to shake up things on B&B...Stephanie sure could use him now....

    Posted by BillyDelyon at Friday, May 16 2008 05:35 PM

    What a joke, and a horrible way to treat Joseph Mascolo, who has added so much to this show over the years... The way they (Dena Higley) choose to take him out was and is a disgrace. A drug induced coma?


    Chalk it all up to New (actually old) Head Writer Dena Higley. I thought she did a horrible job in '03 when she had the reigns briefly. (Well, she's been around this show forever, but when she's been promoted to Co-headwriter, or as has happened more than a couple times been bounced up to headwriter, she has not done well at any point in charge with lame s/l's left and right, she has been a huge disappointment in this 20+ year fan.)
    She loves triangles (Ej-Sammi-Lucas, Ava-Patch-Kayla) which from what I read in the spoilers, it sounds as though she’s (higley) all ready to get that first trio all ramped up again, lovely, its not like they haven't already killed that S/L, Lucas (with ankle bracelet) living with Elvis and Sammy & the twins in the DiMera mansion. (just the thought of it makes me want to bang my head against the wall)

    She was head writer at OLTL for a bit, and she brought that show to new lows. With seriously dumb s/l's. Triangles all over the place, story lines milked to death, Drug Cartels/Mobsters. Heck, she even brought some of the crap she pulled over at OLTL over here, the Ava-Steve-Kayla s/l, triangle, mobsters daughter with mean mobster dad, egads!


    Thanks Dena. For taking one of the greatest characters to grace this show, and putting him out to pasture so you can work your Elvis Jr Sammi Lucas lameness..

    About the only thing good she’s done is bring John back (by fan demand).

    Elvis Jr is no Stefano. Not by a long shot.

    Posted by MimiB at Friday, May 16 2008 10:01 PM

    No, chalk it up to NBC not wanting to renew Days' contract next year! They are wanting to lose the fan base that has been around for 40 years - if not more! This way they have a legitimate excuse to cancel the one and only show - besides The Today Show - that has stood the test of time here on NBC. Shame on NBC and all they stand for! If Days is cancelled, NBC will no longer have a leg to stand on! They will lose the fan base they have incurred over the years. We "older" fans will have our say if they succeed in cancelling Days of Our Lives, and NBC will NOT like it! (Just when they tried to kill Marlena!) Stefano is the only staple that Days has besides Frances, Deidre, Peter and Kristen, (not to mention Bob, Susan and Suzanne) and they don't seem to care about the fans anymore, just ending the 2nd longest running soap in television history! We can only pray that another network will pick them up and make them the longest running soap in history! God bless Joe and the rest of the cast of Days of Our Lives! My grandparents are rolling over in their graves, along with my mom!!! God save Days from extinction!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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