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    In our 'Days Of Our Lives' News Room, keeps you up-to-date with the latest Soap Opera news on the net. We also feature interviews with the soap stars, as well as local appearances by the actors and actresses.

    Answered! : Days Of Our Lives Wardrobe Questions!

    Thursday, March 27 2008

    Bespectacled Sami!
    Oh no! It's not another wardrobe piece, is it?! As always, if you send in your wardrobe questions to me at the contact us link (it's below), I will talk to my 'lil pal at Days and request answers.

    Chastity G wants to know, "Sami wore a long dark coat back in February, after the plane crash when she and the family were waiting at the hospital. That coat is beautiful and I would love to know where it is from.

    Hi Chastity, that coat was from the February 21st show - sorry it took a while for me to respond but it takes a little longer when I do not have an exact date! I was able to find out that the coat came from designer Vivienne Tam. You can find her designs at stores such as Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus and Bloomingdale's!

    Jennifer H asks, "Can you please tell me where I can find the white coat that Belle was wearing on the 12/26 episode."

    Yes! On the December 26, Belle was wearing a white coat at Alice’s house and it was an ABS dress by Allen Schwartz. You can find her designs at Nordstrom and at ABS STYLE. You may want to turn off your speakers before you go! Their site automatically plays music, though you can mute it!
    Susie S asks, "Where did Stephanie Johnson (Shelley Hennig) get that royal blur coat she is wearing lately?"

    That was purchased at Nordstrom. This was a hard one to find again, because I didn't have a date so I apologize for the delay! Shop Nordstrom online if you like or visit one of their stores and browse away.

    I received a ton of emails from Linda W, Vivian P, Christie H, …. Who all asked about the groovy eyeglasses that Sami (Ali Sweeney) wore on the February 29th episode. I knew, as soon as I saw them, I'd be inundated with emails so I took a good photo of them to send to my pal at the show. Hope you're not too disappointed but these were actually Alison Sweeney's personal glasses! No idea where she purchased them from. Sorry!
    Kristina J asks, "Can you please tell me where Belle (Martha Madison) from Days of Our Lives got her earrings that she wore on 3/7/08? They were gold hearts with a pearl on the bottom. Thank You."

    I'd like to but unfortunately the show isn't sure where they came from. Sorry, Kristina. Feel free to print off a photo of them and take it to your nearest jewelry store. If you're really in love with them, you can also get a jeweler to create a similar item… I did this once. As well, I purchased a cool reproduction necklace that Jennifer Lopez wore in Monster-in-Law… so just because we don't know where it comes from doesn't mean you can't have it!

    Caroline D asks, "Hiya, not sure if I have sent this at the right place but just wanted to ask Chrissi if she knew where Deidre Hall got her necklace she has been wearing on the show during the past week? She had it on while in the DiMera mansion, it was like a two part necklace with a cross... Thanks!"

    Cool piece. I remember it but when I snapped a photo of Marlena, the necklace was cut off! Someone didn't have good reflexes! (Me… I write and watch at the same time, forgive me!) Marlena wore it the week of 19th of February. (It took a while for me to get the info as I couldn't recall the date!) My Days pal was not positive because I couldn't get a photo of it but to her it sounded as though it was from Kristian Alfonso's jewelry line, Faith Hope Miracles. She says, "....many of the actresses accessorize with her pieces."

    Sami's coat worn February 21- Saks!
    Donna W asks, "I wanted to know about the dress Sami wore to the DiMera mansion the day John Black called them all over. It looked like black and white floral from far away, but when I studied the recap photos up close, perhaps the flowers were a light pink? If this is the wrong place to put my wardrobe Q&A, please let me know! Love your site!"

    I hate when this happens. I asked but I couldn't find out where the dress came from or who designed it, Donna, so sorry. They kept flashing around that day and I didn't get a shot of it either. It was pretty but barely seen so… better luck with your next question. Just because I didn't get this one doesn’t mean they won't know the answer to your next!

    Emily M asks, "I would like to know about the hair color that Shelley Hennig has recently had done on Days. Can you tell me what products and colors were used? Can you send me any pics of her with her new hair color? I would like to show my stylist."

    Yikes. This was a tough one but we got it! They tell us that it's a Wella product called Kolestone Perfect. Check their site or find their products through your hair stylist. Shelley's tresses are kept up by Matthew Holman, the show's stylist! Did I mention I've been daydreaming while writing this? I'd love to hang out in his chair for the day and see what he can do with my mane!

    Amy B asks, "Where can I get the shirt that Sami was wearing March 4, 2008? It is so cute!"

    Oh dear. They’ve no idea, unfortunately. I'm sorry and you know what? I was away on business during that show (actually I was flying thorough Dallas during the show, to be precise!) so I don't even have a photo… sometimes it helps jog their memory if I do so I take partial blame! Maybe next time I'll be able to find out an answer for you, Amy!

    Meleta H asks, "Where can I obtain the lovely long pearls worn by Anna with her beautiful blue suit? This was worn the early March episodes?"

    Hi Meleta, Classic pearls for classy ladies! Anna looks fantastic in them, doesn't she? My pal at Days says "The pearls worn by Leann are probably 10 years old, so Wardrobe is not sure where they are from." Sorry about that, Meleta. What I suggest is you print off a photo of her from my updates and take it with you to a larger jewelry chain to see if anyone can help you find something similar. Course if you bring a friend and make a lunch date out of it, that's much more fun!

    Gail P asks, "I sell Cookie Lee Jewelry and have seen several items on the actresses that look like these Lee pieces. Can you tell me if they wear this jewelry on the show?

    No, they don't, but I can see why you'd wonder that. I like that Urban Emblem Necklace on page 9. Do I get one complimentary just for saying Cookie Lee Jewelry on twice? I'd be ever so grateful! (Kidding) The ladies usually wear Kristian's (Alfonso, Hope)Hope Faith Miracles line or old pieces the show has had for ages, or sometimes the ladies wear their own stuff.

    Oddly, I cannot find the email from someone who asked us where the white gold cross that Hope wears on the show comes from. She's been wearing it lately, since Bo's hospital visit. If you're reading, it is a Fleur de lis drop necklace from Kristian Alfonso's line. See above for the link to her store. I adore those pieces… No wonder everyone and their sister wears them on the show! Freakishly low prices too - and no, I don't get a cent for boosting her site, I just like the items!

    I love writing these pieces for you but I have to admit, I'm always left wondering if anyone has purchased any of the items that they write to me about. If you have, or your friend has written to us and has purchased any of the items, feel free to write me a note. Let me know how things turned out!

    If you're interested in finding out where an item comes from on the show, please don't leave a question below but instead, email me at the contact us link and I promise to try to help!

    Christine Fix
    Days Of Our Lives News Writer/Reporter

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    Posted by blkblt at Sunday, March 30 2008 06:58 PM

    Kate, Lauren Kaslow always looks spectacular. Where are her clothes usually from. I can't think of anything specific but she always looks terrific!

    Posted by The_Linds1981 at Friday, April 04 2008 07:43 AM

    I want to know where they purchase Ava's (tamara braun) shirt from the 3/04/08 episode. I love love love it!!!!

    Posted by Chrissi at Tuesday, April 15 2008 11:23 AM

    Send in those questions! I gather them from the emails!

    Posted by Larissat at Wednesday, April 23 2008 07:55 AM

    Sami wore a fantastic necklace I believe on the day of her marriage to EJ. Where can I purchase that necklace?
    Thank you.

    Posted by addisons_momma at Thursday, May 01 2008 05:17 PM

    I would love to know where the pretty red blouse came from that Sami was wearing one day the last week of April when she and E.J. confronted Victor about Brady's disappearance. I loved that! I don't exactly remember the day, but maybe you can help me anyways. I've been looking everywhere for one like that since I saw the show. Thank you.

    Posted by ckwhite007 at Monday, May 19 2008 10:48 AM

    Hello! I would like to know where I could get or who is the designer of the tracksuit Sami was wearing in episodes May 14 & 15. The episode with EJ & Nicole in the steam room. The suit has white and blue tie-dye like around the sleaves and around the waist. I appreciate all your help! Thanks!

    Posted by DOOL 27 yr fan at Thursday, July 31 2008 08:27 PM

    Marlena wore a gold necklace that had circles of varying sizes and covered her chest. She wore it for almost a whole week a couple of months ago. It was after John had moved into the Dimera Mansion. Can you find out where that necklace came from please?

    Thank you very much!

    Posted by dnshaugen at Monday, September 22 2008 09:38 PM

    i've been trying to do some research to no avail. this site seems the most up to date with comments. i love the shirts / blouses chloe wears on days.. does she have one particular designer? where can we get them.. the tunic style. lower cut top (but not too low) and "flowy" bottom.


    Posted by SMFK at Monday, October 05 2009 03:51 AM

    Last week Kate wear a flower embellished mustard yellow cardigan over a ruffled halter top. Where did they come from?

    Posted by Janice Fay at Saturday, September 24 2011 11:52 AM

    Can you please tell me where Nicole got that beautiful ice blue (royal blue) spaghetti strap, short cami two-piece dress that she wore when Tango dancing with E.J. in Chea Rue restaurant (9/21/11 episode). It was absolutely gorgeous! Thank you

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