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    Days of Our Lives News Room, Daily Updates & Cast


    A word from the Recap/News Writer of Days of Our Lives

    Days Of Our Lives first aired in 1965 on NBC. The storyline focuses on the trials and tribulations of the Horton, Brady, and DiMera families and other residents of the fictional town of Salem. Soap opera fans are invited to read in-depth daily recaps and updates, as well as the latest-breaking news about the actors, actresses, and the show. We provide the latest spoilers on the net and invite you to join and engage with others in's message boards.

    Days of Our Lives Daily Updates

    Days Recap: Sexy guitar music plays as Will and Sonny reunite
    Friday, July 03 2015

    Sonny does some soul searching, Xander is let off, Nicole tells Eric how she feels and Daniel asks Nicole an important question.
    At Mandalay, Aiden hates to ask but he tells Hope he needs information... She assumes it's about Clyde Weston and says Clyde and Stefano took a meeting. That's not what he was going to ask about. She put a guy behind bars and he needs information about him. She grins and they kiss and talk about how glad they are to be together. They discuss his representing Clyde when someone walks up... » read more

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    Days Recap: Sonny realizes Will rushed into marriage too soon - 2015/07/02 » read more

    Days of Our Lives News Room

    Days Weekly Spoiler Video: Abby's late
    Friday, July 03 2015

    Now she's sick about it...

    Next week, Abby realizes that sleeping with her boyfriend and her ex was probably an even worse idea than she'd thought. » read more

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    Days Spoiler Video: Sonny takes responsibility - 2015/07/03 » read more

    Star of the Week

    Kate Mansi (NBC)
    Name: Kate Mansi
    Character: Abigail Deveraux
    » read more

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