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    Hans Dry Get Drunken.

    Friday, September 27 2013
    Sonny plays matchmaker with Cameron and Gabi, Chad gives Abigail a sweet gift, and EJ comments that Nicole has changed.

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    Posted by nocnie at Friday, September 27 2013 07:37 PM

    The slogan is not Hans Dry Get Drunken. I think he said eins zwei get drunk. But it is german and it is eins zwei drei zaufen. Wich means 1,2,3 drink.

    Jennifer should watch a soap called days of our lives, maybe she learns something from it. But she is a mom and she will protect her kid. And try to safe it.

    Posted by zuzu61 at Friday, September 27 2013 08:15 PM

    bearigan.. I'll fly up and meet all of you, saving us some time. We need to get there ASAP.
    r/t your, "Posted by bearigan at Friday, September 27 2013 11:27 AM" post.. ha

    Posted by zuzu61 at Friday, September 27 2013 08:19 PM

    Posted by littleguysmom at Friday, September 27 2013 11:30 AM

    Is it November yet!!!!!!! Lololol. can't wait for these s/l wrap up. Hope are next s/l have some adventure to them and drama. Who am I kidding not with these writers. Maybe our next s/l will be who stolen Ciara bubble gum. Then we will have all the suspects Theo, Johnny, Ali, Sydney and Parker. Lololol. At least we would get to see the kids. Now I would be all for that s/l lololol.
    This ties in to your & bearigan's AWESOME posts first thing this morning!! LOVING it and I SOOO agree!!!

    Posted by zuzu61 at Friday, September 27 2013 08:19 PM

    OMG.. Nicole looked CLASSY today!!

    Posted by zuzu61 at Friday, September 27 2013 08:21 PM

    Posted by ceelo at Friday, September 27 2013 11:34 AM

    I am waiting till brady got his brain..
    lol.. What a WONDERFUL Day that will be ceelo. haha

    Posted by zuzu61 at Friday, September 27 2013 09:09 PM

    Posted by condesabays at Friday, September 27 2013 12:34 PM

    bearigan, a road trip, what a great idea! I'll bring along some Garrett's Chicago popcorn mix, cheddar and caramel blend for anyone who has the munchies......LOL
    GREAT!!!! OH YEAH.. We'll have the munchies, cause I'm bringing the DONUTS!!!!
    I'm pretty sure LGM's baking some too.. Unless LG chews up the main ingredient.. lol
    We'll all sound like "9-5" Movie, making our plans for the writer's, etc...

    Posted by kayhan at Friday, September 27 2013 09:11 PM

    Show was good today especially the Will/Gabby/Nick scenes and Will/Sonny scenes. Will was on fire today. I do not blame him for being upset at seeing Gabby with Nick. For all That Nick put him through (blackmail and threats) and him taking a bullet for Nick a few months ago and then for him to walk in on that - well at least they were still dressed! - and then for Will to find out that Sonny has known about them and kept it from him. I understand why Sonny kept it from him but Sonny should understand why he would be upset about it. I just hope that Will and Sonny can get past this and not let it split them up. I do not like to see them fighting. Wonder who will interrupt their fight on Monday? EJ? Nicole? Maggie? Guess we have to wait and see.

    Posted by zuzu61 at Friday, September 27 2013 09:14 PM

    amld.. So sorry.. Yes. We'll pray for Cathy. GOD CAN so ANYTHING. Praying for a miracle.
    Adding her to God's "Miracle" request list.
    In Jesus Name.

    Posted by zuzu61 at Friday, September 27 2013 09:17 PM

    I hope Sonny spills it all to Will. No holding back. She can't keep Ari away from them. Not with her history.

    Posted by zuzu61 at Friday, September 27 2013 09:20 PM

    I could have sworn that I posted a comment this morning Complimenting bearigan and LGM on their AWESOME comments and saying I would be gone most all day. But it dang sure didn't post. UNLESS I was dreaming! haha.

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