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    Hans Dry Get Drunken.

    Friday, September 27 2013
    Sonny plays matchmaker with Cameron and Gabi, Chad gives Abigail a sweet gift, and EJ comments that Nicole has changed.

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    Posted by ldiablo at Friday, September 27 2013 02:43 PM

    Sonny some kind of friend you are WTH do you hate poor Dr. Cam so much you
    want to hook him up with the maneater sGabbi. Whats wrong with you BRO?
    Well Willy if it was me and I came home to see the mother of my child suck-
    ing face with a nasty dirty goat Somebodys arse would be hurting. This is
    a total disrespect sGabbi is not paying rent or even doing her share of
    watching her kid. If sGabbi wants a booty call get a motelroom I sure the
    nasty goat can afford $50 bucks. Or she could have gone to her room unless
    she is sleeping on the couch? I guess the writers feel since its been a few
    months they can rehash the same old story with poor innocent Nicky. I see
    it didn't take long for nasty goat to bring up the anti-homosexual trump
    card. Instead of finishing overdue s/l TPTB want to recycle the same old
    stupid and boring(DANNIFER) storys like reusing teabags for the hundredth
    time. Has anyone noticed how old psycho K is looking lately or has her
    botox worn off? Time for an overhaul for her and maybe rotate them tires
    and a full detail is needed toute suite. What a joke sGabbi and the nasty
    goat are if the writers or TPTB had the stones I would love to see nasty
    goat in the heat of the moment call sGabbi MELANIE by accident LOL. Wow
    psycho K really had me going there with the sappy music and her blank
    stare at Dum dum Brady ahhh. I was crying from laughing so hard this
    woman has done everything this side of eating small children and now I
    am to believe she has changed and in love! I do not know but I swear I
    have seen this before with Dr. Cam and Chaddy ooh thats right it is the
    Dannifer story all over again and again. Yeah I am to believe Fr. Eric
    is on to psycho K please how many times have TPTB played this same game
    over and over again

    Posted by breathtaking at Friday, September 27 2013 02:55 PM

    the other person she got money from was Dr. Baker (nic)

    Posted by breathtaking at Friday, September 27 2013 03:03 PM

    Kristin needs to be hanged by her toes.

    Posted by breathtaking at Friday, September 27 2013 03:33 PM

    *******************SPOILER ALERT****************

    Kristin wants her drive back, she orders someone to go after Marlena.

    Posted by littleguysmom at Friday, September 27 2013 04:11 PM

    Darn internet I finally got back in after 3hrs. Grrrrrrrr.

    @breathtaking I wonder who will watch the video first. Can't wait for Kristen to down, and I hope it's in front of alot of people. Lol. Is it November yet.

    By next week we should be seeing change in wardrobe and hair. Hope they start dressing them according to the weather. Cross our fingers that they are better then the last ones we had.

    Posted by ldiablo at Friday, September 27 2013 04:57 PM

    I hate to say this but LGM I think the sick TPTB will have little Ciara be
    the first person to view the porn video of psycho K. Ofcourse she will be
    sitting in the kitchen area wearing her pajamas and be aged to 40 years old
    and have that evil looking grin on her face. Just like when she was holding
    on to the photo of psycho K and her greedy henchman. The only way to des-
    cribe it would be like seeing the cat sitting under the birdcage with
    feathers in his mouth trying to look innocent! Totally off topic I have
    just seen the coolest tv commercial ever it is a sears commercial about a
    guy turning pesky squirrels into coupon clipping good boys? At the squirrels
    stage a coupe against the evil human UNREAL!

    Posted by littleguysmom at Friday, September 27 2013 05:13 PM

    @ldiablo lololol by the time Ciara is 40 Kristen should be pushing up daisies. Then then the video won't do anyone any good. Lol.

    Posted by littleguysmom at Friday, September 27 2013 05:23 PM

    Still having internet trouble. So I will wish everyone a goodnight, sending healing and spiritual prayers for all in need, God's blessings on everyone. Until tomorrow.

    Littleguy sending kissy And snuggles.

    @Jomar where are you hope you and zuzu area okay.

    Posted by ladybelle at Friday, September 27 2013 06:13 PM

    Bearigan have a wonderful weekend.Hi Little,ZuZu AMLD,Breathtaking,Engineersmom,Jomar and all posters.Holdin ,hope you are doing okay.
    Idiablo,I agree with you 100% let the goat take her to a motel and no one will see them. Sonny has been taking a lot of crap for Will. Will better be glad he has Sonny and that he loves him.Abs acted like she was jealous of Cam and Gabi. I don't believe that girl knows what she wants.Yes,finally I think Eric knows it was Kristin,now to get Brady to see that. Why does EJ want Chad to move in? I guess that's what Srefano wants.

    Posted by zuzu61 at Friday, September 27 2013 06:55 PM

    I've Not even had a chance to see today's episode yet!! Hopefully sometimes around Midnight I'll read all your comments!! But it's ok. My Grands, daughter, etc are here and will be leaving tomorrow, so I'm getting in as much love, joy & happiness as possible.
    I sure do miss my Days family. But I'll have all of you all week, huh!! (Smiley Face)
    IF.. I don't get back tonight, Good Night & GOD Bless ALL of You!
    Nighty Night LittleGuy!! God Loves You too, Little Buddy!

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