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    You Didn't Sell Tickets?

    Wednesday, July 10 2013
    Rafe has another strange reaction to Sami, EJ asks Chad to move in, and Eric has a flashback.

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    Posted by littleguysmom at Wednesday, July 10 2013 07:42 PM

    Sorry about the double post I hit post I didn't think it posted and I hit post again. Lololol.

    Posted by littleguysmom at Wednesday, July 10 2013 07:49 PM

    Ceelo we are in the same time zone lololol. Well time for me to say good night, sweet dreams, sending prayers to all, God bless. Talk to everyone tomorrow.

    @ladybelle a special prayer coming your way as always. Take care. And hope your night is restful.

    Posted by ladybelle at Wednesday, July 10 2013 08:01 PM

    good night, little my friend.

    Posted by kayhan at Wednesday, July 10 2013 08:31 PM

    All My Loving Days: Rafe did not know Gabi had the baby, so when Sami mentioned Arianna he was probably thinking of their sister, Arianna, who was killed several years ago.

    Sami mentioned to Rafe "I'm glad I had that gun" and he had been dreaming of Sami pulling a gun on him and shooting him, so I think that is what got him upset so that the machines started going haywire (his heart monitor and BP).

    Chad came to the hospital and told Kate about EJ taking over DiMera Enterprises. I think he was going to tell Cameron as well, but Cameron dismissed him because he was on call and couldn't be bothered with personal stuff.

    Posted by ladybelle at Wednesday, July 10 2013 09:22 PM

    kayhan,I'm thinking the same way you are. Rafe hasn't heard that Gabi had her baby and it's name is Ariana. He just woke up so his mind is a little fuzzy. He kinda heard things they were saying I believe when he was in the coma. I bet Kate won't tell anyone that he thinks Sami shot him. I hope nothing is wrong with Chad.I hate that he is leaving the show.

    Posted by bearigan at Thursday, July 11 2013 04:03 AM

    Aye yah yah, Kate is all up in Rafe's situation isn't she. How is it her and Gabi are the best of buddies now. IMO the part where Rafe is freaking out because he sees Sami. Then we had to suffer through Gabi running her mouth like she knows something and she only repeats after Kate. I wish for this storyline to be over with soon.

    It is fun watching EJ in the house, but I just couldn't wrap myself around the time he and Chad were talking, just seemed very fake to me. It is not like Chad ever spent a whole lot of time with Stefano or EJ for that matter and when did they start getting along so well. Still with the couple of little disappointments totally intriqued with our show right now.

    Posted by bearigan at Thursday, July 11 2013 04:08 AM

    Amen to your comment allmyloving days about the dress Nicole had on. I thought it was so cute too. Loved her hairstyle also. Then the convo between her and Brady about babies, yes indeed bittersweet. If only Nicole could have become a mommy, wonder what.

    Posted by bearigan at Thursday, July 11 2013 04:15 AM

    How is Kristen going to like Sami being the Lady Of The Mansion and probably telling her what she can and cannot do. Gosh she may even tell Kristen stay outta the kitchen girl and your allowance is going to be cut in half.

    Posted by bearigan at Thursday, July 11 2013 04:17 AM

    I also want to thank you AMLD's for your play by play. You do a fantabulous job and I have come to look forward to reading it even if it is after I have watched the show cause I get to read your funnies too.;

    Posted by bearigan at Thursday, July 11 2013 04:33 AM

    Oh my gosh LGM, you could be on to something about Nicole adopting her very own child that Cameron took from her because I still believe there is something crooked about him I have never believed for one minute that baby died and remember she had him around the same time Kristen (evil person) came back to Salem, who really would like to have a child too. I thought it would the baby Brady and Kristen adopted if it got that far, so glad it didn't. I hope they don't write it again that Nicole gets miraculously preggo and loses the baby, that would just be way too much. If Sami can continue to have babies why can't others. Oh then there is Hope too that had another child when Shawn D. was what about 16 or 17.

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