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    You Blew It, Lady.

    Friday, February 22 2013
    Sonny supports Will in his time of need, Maxine helps to calm Gabi down, and Sami feels guilty.

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    Posted by bearigan at Monday, February 25 2013 05:38 AM

    Sleecat, first I want to commend you on your strength. I am guessing you are pretty young and to have had to deal with the things you have dealt with and still going strong tells us all you have a strong character. Gosh, my friend, how horrible to be going through all that at once, but I am so happy you had the support of your family, friends and neighbors to help get you through and of course the love of your beautiful, handsome son. I thank God too that he was there for you and hoping that with the strength you gained and the knowledge you gained from this experience will keep you on top. Never ever let anyone tell you that you are not good enough, there is not one single person on this beautiful green earth that God created for us that is better than another. God has no favorites and loves us all equally. Though some of us may not have a higher education, live in a fancy mansion, etc still does not mean we are not equal cause we are. So my thoughts to your mother-in-law that needs to mind her own business is go check yourself out first before judging others. As for miscarriages, I have known a few ladies that had them and then after a D&C they got pregnant right away and finally carried full term. So to all the ladies that have had this problem, my heart goes out to you and I thank God that you had beautiful little babies after that.

    I find it so good that there are so many different opinions on here about nearly every character on Days. Sami is a perfect example of that, there are those that hate her, those that love her and those of us that are just ok with her. As far as her actions with Gabi, IMO they have come out of left field. We go from Sami being all lovey dovey with her and Nick and supporting the marriage as well as planning the wedding to screaming at Gabi. I understand she wants this paternity test for Will’s protection, but gosh they just brought it up what a few days ago and its not like you can just drop in at the hospital and demand it be done right now, these things have to be scheduled. Then there is the fact that I have not once heard Gabi delaying it, she was just acting like a normal first time Mom and asking important questions, so you can’t blame the girl for that. I think Sami went way overboard but when doesn’t she. Personally, I was glad that Will treated her the way he did, she needs to know when to step back and I am pretty sure he would like to fight some of his own battles and expects her to give him some credit that he can take care of some things on his own. Usually Sami’s rants blow up in her face but she is one of those that will never ever learn. Still though she brings so much to the show.

    The scene in the hospital room when Maxine was comforting Gabi was just the best. I loved too the fact that prayer once again has been brought into the program. 25yearsofdays, you stated you were not a Christian but the comment I read, it was my opinion that you have a very strong faith and belief in Christ so I am guessing maybe you are a Christian or at least taking the steps towards that. I just adore Maxine and love how they write her to be such a kind hearted good advise giving woman. But yet like others has said she is strong and can hold her own even with Stefano as she has done before.

    The Wilson scenes I was ok with, but I am not sure I want to see them back together. I just think Sonny may be too worldly for Will and Will has a tendency to be very naïve sometimes. I am hoping the writers really think about the baby storyline and find a way for Gabi and Will to continue to work together and co parent this child. Will was just adorable when he was talking about the things he wanted to do with his little girl. I too wish they help Gabi find out about the real Nick and what his agenda is. I think Nick does care for Gabi in his own warped way, but love Nah, don’t think either one of them knows what real love is, I think right now it is just two people coming from a very bad place and understands what they have done was bad and hoping they can come back from that. Actually, they too deserve a second chance and it is not like they are the only ones that has done bad. As far as Will finding out what Gabi done to Melanie as well as to herself, she did talk to Will about it so I am pretty sure he is clued in somewhat.

    With the exception of Kristen and Brady on Friday, I thought Days was awesome, good writing and great acting.

    As for those still talking about Nicole’s baby, I have to wonder if we have heard the last of this. I still think Stefano had something to do with this baby being taken from Nicole and deceiving her again.

    Wow, come to think of it there have been two miracle pregnancies, Chloe and Nicole. I thought neither could conceive, whoops someone messed up didn’t they.

    Have a fantabulous day everyone.

    Posted by bearigan at Monday, February 25 2013 05:41 AM

    Looking forward to this week except I see a short viewing last night and see that Chloe is still working on Daniel. No real storyline for her and what a shame. I too wish like someone else commented that Jennifer would use her investigating talents and have proof. She knows how to do just that and I thought also that Abigail wanted to go into investigative journalism. Bring it on girls, lets see the toughness come out.

    As for Kate, I agree I think she is like a snake and knows when to strike and that is what she will do with Nick.

    Posted by bearigan at Monday, February 25 2013 05:46 AM

    Oh, sleecats, your son is normal. Those that are born like that has so much to offer. I have a cousin that some like to say she is not normal because she does not function like most of us do, but I could never have the love she has. Her love is unconditional and never will you hear her judge, there laughter is great and they are just the most wonderful and you have to know that God has a special place for them in heaven when it is their time to go be with him. There is nothing that angers me more than for someone to put down a child or person that has a disability and I certainly do not understand how a grand mother could do that. She IMO does not deserve to spend time with your child if she acts so childish. We all should live humbly.

    Posted by Mustangsusie at Monday, February 25 2013 06:10 AM

    No wonder the ratings fell again all the stupid stuff they are putting on. WHERE is Sami and EJ when they were on the ratings went up !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DUHHHHHHHHHH that should tell them something............... Thank goodness for my dvr or I couldnt watch it either !!!!!!!!!!!! Waited to long to watch them finally get together and now we dont see them hardly whats up with that ??????????

    Posted by sleecats at Monday, February 25 2013 06:45 AM

    Thank you Bearigan God bless you too. I m not very young I m 38 years old arleady lol. even after everything that happen. She is still my husband's mom. When she had an operation to remove the lumps on her colon. I brought Matthieu to visited her at the hospital and also I help clean her appartment when she came out of hopital so she can recuperating at home. She is still Matthieu's Grandmother. I never disrespected my mother in law , I m a sensitive , I used to not said anything when she always criticize me because i didnt wanted conflict but now I speaked and stand up and not let her push me around . but I dont believing to be disrespectful . She is always going to be my husband mother, but if she is out of line , I let her know and I will not let her talk about Matthieu like that. I always tell matthieu , you are intelligent, you are special and you are love.

    Posted by sleecats at Monday, February 25 2013 06:54 AM

    like in the movie " helper" when the maid said to the little girl , you are someone important and you are special and I always let my son know that also I tell him that he is someone important , you are special and mama love you and proud of you and I try to always encourage to do his best and when he didnt feel like he cant do, I tell him , you can do like any body , you just to try, I have confident in you. just do your best. I dont allow my mother in law to put him down anymore. and I tell him to speak up to Mamie , which grandma in her " when she tell you are not normal again, you tell her, you are important and you special and your mama and papa and little sister love you very much.

    Posted by sleecats at Monday, February 25 2013 06:57 AM

    Mamie is "grandma " in french.

    Posted by Spring is near at Monday, February 25 2013 07:10 AM

    SLEECATS - God Bless you and yours! My God, I am almost in tears reading your posts and what you have been through. I too was totally stressed out during my first pregnancy by my own mother who was evil and yes I said evil. She did everything she could to make me loose the baby and I was married. I have two beautiful kids now and they are raised and I am a "gram", and she never saw my kids for fear she would abuse them mentally and physically. This was before the age of "Dr. Phil" and everyone told me "But she's your mother". I guess I was the first to ever do this but to this day I would do anything to protect my kids and grandkids. She is dead now, but my kids are healthy and I swore I would never let her hurt them the way she hurt me - if she had done that today she would be in prison for life. But back then, it was all behind closed doors and nobody dared talk about it. Thank God we have come a long way now. As far as your baby boy being "retarded or slow", I agree with Bearigan, every child is special, and I would not let ANYONE under ANY circumstances berate my child, mother or not. Just because we share DNA, that does not make it o.k. You are VERY strong and I have so much respect for you, but DO NOT, PLEASE ever let anyone tell you because this is "family", you need to stay connected! If a stranger did that to your precious child, I would hope you would punch them (not literally) but you know what I mean, so why let the mother in law, or whoever do it? Again, I commend you, HUGS and PRAYERS. I never told anyone publicly what I just shared on this post, EVER! And I'm 59 years old!! I went to shrinks and shared horrific stories and they told me I was exaggerating or just making it up, that really!!! helped me. I guess this board is more than just posting about our soaps. I consider this board my extended family. It's been very therapeutic for me in many ways and I enjoy everyone and all the bantering and laughter. More after today's show. God Bless you SLEECATS. We need more strong women like you.

    Posted by bearigan at Monday, February 25 2013 07:33 AM

    OT: Spring is near, I can so relate to you and what you shared with us about your Mom. One of the reasons, I live here is because I could never live around my Mom and her hateful bitter ways. So much of my childhood is put somewhere and even my older brother and sister cannot remember some of the things. Thank goodness we had grandparents that loved and protected us. My grandfather just came and got us when we were little because we were at home alone at night, hungry and filthy while she was out partying. That is all in the past, she is still alive and I visit with her but I do not allow her to make me feel guilty and I too became determined to not make those mistakes with my children. I wanted them to feel loved. My mom was famous for telling me I was a cross-eyed bit$h and would never amount to anything and neither would my children but guess what we are all strong and healthy, and I don't ask my mom for help. She would complain if I did. Plus I never wanted her to care for my children so it was good that we were 300 miles away. But we can take from that heartbreak and do better. I too am 56 with grands that are so beautiful. I too am thankful for this board.

    Posted by Spring is near at Monday, February 25 2013 07:40 AM

    BEARIGAN, I always felt a close connection with you on this board and at first I thought it was because we are fellow Michiganders. Now I know why. Sharing with "friends" like this is more therapeutic than any shrink, no offense to shrinks out there, especially "Marlena", LOL. I am near Traverse City, and I was thinking just the other day, maybe we could meet sometime. That would be awesome. Other posters did that last year, can't remember which ones, but I guess they really enjoyed it! More later, got to run errands and take care of business.

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