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    The Dull One.

    Friday, January 25 2013
    Father Matt counsels Nicole, Daniel's frustrated, and John and Marlena share a tearful goodbye.

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    Daniel hangs up on a call with Chloe after telling her Parker is settling in at his place. Nicole arrives with a gift. She's happy for him and blames herself for everything that went down. He disagrees. She's about to tell him about Chloe when Maggie arrives. Nicole goes. She cries outside. Maggie puts Parker down for a nap and Daniel displays frustration over being a stranger to Parker. Maggie calms him by reminding him how relations need time to flourish.

    Chloe drops by Jenn's office uninvited. She notices a photo of Jack and Jenn on Jenn's desk and worries Daniel's her transition person and that Parker will get hurt if they don't work out. Jennifer rolls her eyes. Chloe brings up hooking and wants to explain her reasons. Jenn's not really interested and doesn't hold it against her. Chloe bemoans letting people ruin things for her with Daniel. Jenn can see Chloe wants Jenn to give up Daniel. Chloe brings up "someone" telling her Jenn asked for the number of CPS. Jenn denies it and is called away for a meeting.

    Arm in arm, Kristen and Brady show up for their board meeting at the rectory. Eric cancelled it and asks them to step down from the board. Kristen offers to step down if he lets Brady stay and leaves. Brady and Eric get into it. Eric judges Brady, calling him tacky. Brady doesn't like being judged by a priest so Eric rips off his collar and says he's speaking as a brother. Brady doesn't even care that John and Marlena's marriage is falling apart because of his selfishness. They yell some more and Brady walks out.

    Marlena meets John at the cafe and is stunned to learn he's leaving town today. He says his meetings were bumped up. They bicker about the Kristen and Brady situation, and he can tell Doc still has no faith in him. They argue and Marlena clings to him in tears. They share a passionate kiss. Kristen almost walks in on them but hides and watches as Marlena begs John not to go. He's not sure what's ahead for them but he'll return. He leaves and Kristen jumps up and down grinning.

    Nicole spots Father Matt at the square and he offers to lend an ear regarding what's been happening in her life. She brings up a dilemma with "the dull one" and "the scheming one" fighting over a man she cares for. What should she do? Father Matt doesn't think she's being objective. It's not her business. She should focus on someone else's needs.

    Kristen rushes after John to gloat about his and Marlena's spectacle at the cafe. John tells her to go to hell and leaves. John runs into Brady at the square and tells him he's leaving town and why. Brady tells him not to return on his account because he's not leaving Kristen.

    Nicole finds Eric's collar on the desk at the rectory. Eric tells her what happened with Brady and Kristen and how it's tearing their family apart. Nicole's shocked that the world's most devoted couple is separating all because of Kristen. Nicole gets an idea and decides to take a break. John turns up to say a heartfelt goodbye.

    Kristen returns home to call Stefano with an update. Stefano thinks it's time to dump Brady now that she has her victory but she doesn't have everything she wants yet. He wonders if that's all there is to her dating Brady. Kristen reassures him and they hang up as Nicole drops by.

    Brady finds Marlena a mess and crying at the cafe. He's sorry that all this is happening because of him. Marlena blames herself and he asks what she did.

    Back at the hospital, Maggie visits Jenn, who says she and Daniel made up but Chloe's been trying to make her look bad in order to get him back. Maggie thinks Chloe blew it but they should keep their eye on her.

    Chloe picks up Parker at Daniel's. Since Parker is having a hard time getting used to being with a virtual stranger, she suggests they move in together.

    Sneak peek!

    Brady has to break up a fight.

    Marlena confronts Kristen once again.

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    - Christine Fix

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    Posted by Spring is near at Friday, January 25 2013 11:11 AM

    Just now watching show I taped for today, but heard some of it. More calming today, post more in a few minutes.

    Posted by The Engineer Mom at Friday, January 25 2013 11:34 AM

    No one commented on how awesome it was to see school girl Sami and middle school boy EJ in bed and in lingerie on the phone being super cute with each other? EJ was so yummy curled up in bed calling his girl to say good night AWESOME!!!!

    Posted by Chrissi at Friday, January 25 2013 11:48 AM

    I didn't comment about it in my blog either but it was very nice to see some light-heartedness coming from them. He was giggling like a kid. It was pretty funny. I almost expected him to run over and...

    Posted by The Engineer Mom at Friday, January 25 2013 11:56 AM

    LOL, exactly Chrissi!!!!

    Posted by Fedup 2011 at Friday, January 25 2013 12:01 PM

    Brady is a JERK AND A SELFISH ONE AT THAT........

    Posted by wash_08 at Friday, January 25 2013 12:10 PM

    The Engineer Mom

    Yes, EJ was gorgeous wrapped up in his bed. Is he back at da mansion? I'm glad he's taking it slow. Just hope the writers don't screw this up. Read where Sami is with one ex but the other is not totally out of the picture. Give me a break!

    Posted by The Engineer Mom at Friday, January 25 2013 12:27 PM

    wash_08, I hope by that they mean that Rafe is not out of the picture because they are forever bonded by the baby! That is the only thing I will accept!!!!

    Posted by makesmehappy at Friday, January 25 2013 12:58 PM

    I didn't comment specifically on EJ and Samantha’s phone conversation although I LOVED it! I was still speechless from the scenes in her living room!!! (Even had a cramp in my finger from the Rew-Play buttons!!)
    But I posted this earlier: (sorry for those who already read)

    Posted by makesmehappy at Friday, January 25 2013 07:46 AM

    So EJ has a lot of self-control! Another thing that makesmehappy!

    No kidding, isn’t it perfect that he doesn’t want to have consolation sex with Samantha anymore? I mean, he’s through with going at it as a reaction to pain, hurt or frustration. He is showing maturity that Samantha herself has not shown in a long while. And it was obvious in her face and through her body language yesterday: she is slowly but surely understanding what being true to your feelings really is. And experiencing real love as well.

    I was hoping for great dialogue. But EJ stopping this make out session says a whole lot more about his love for Samantha than anything else. He’s already made it clear he’s here for her and has told her he loves her many times. Now more than ever, he is showing it through his actions (or inaction!!).

    There still are many things to be discussed between them. Although EJ is anxious about what she says she needs to tell him in person, Sami seems to have finally decided to be honest with him. As much as he has been with her.

    Posted by holdingonfordearlife at Friday, January 25 2013 01:05 PM

    See the rose colored glasses are back on today!!
    I roll in the floor laughing here...........doesn't
    take much to excite some folk!!

    Nothing ever lasts!!! Not in Salemville!!

    And Brady.....he is going to be one lost...sad...brat
    when he gets off his high horse.....why is it that
    people do not seem to realize...WORDS can hurt more
    than a slap!!! Or even a cut!!! And what he said
    to his uncalled for!!! I wish Kristen
    would throw him under and back over the cotton bus
    and then she can leave town on it!!! Or the horse
    she rode in on!!!! DANG!!!

    Posted by makesmehappy at Friday, January 25 2013 01:05 PM

    Can I also add that the EJami "almost" love-making scenes were quite realistic. I mean as much as it can be when an Adonis and his beautiful lady make out! I loved that she was barefoot and that her hair was all messed up when they opened the door to Lucas. It reminded me of my late teenage years when mom and dad would come home and I had been “studying” with my boyfriend!!!

    I loved the EJami gaze that was so meaningful.

    And I loved that he kissed her hand when he resisted the belt unbuckling!

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